Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Chillin with my bitch...

Why the crude title you ask? Well some background info before I get into it. Today Kelly bought me the new TI CD (TI is a rap artist) and well I like to listen to rap most of the times, rock music is my second choice/love. Well it's a pretty good CD but he has one song titled (you guessed it) Chillin with my bitch. It's a pretty good song, sort of mellow, I like it but want to know when did the word bitch become a term of endearment? I think if I didn't like the song the reason would be because of the word. I'm not one to flip over the word (I know some fly off the handle when the word is said towards a female) but I don't think I would like to be called by a love one a bitch. When Kelly laughed because I liked the song and then asked why and I told him it's because that's what I'm doing today he didn't take it too kindly LOL. Funny enough though, I do think I know someone who doesn't mind being called a bitch by a SO, sad I know but I'm not too sure if I actually know the person or have just watched too many ghetto fabulous flicks. So if your reading this and don't mind for your DBF, DGF, DH, DW to call you a bitch PLEASE leave me a comment I would love to talk to you!

Ok enough of that, let's get to some happy talk. Last night I spent an hour writing in my blog only to have the server tell me some fatal error has occurred and to try again later *blah*
I'll try to sum up what I wrote and then continue. I wrote about being a procrastinator and how if God came down from Heaven and ask me for a favor to be done today chances are I'd do it tomorrow, I've been saying I'm going to my school to ask for a letter of recommendation everyday and everyday the day comes and goes. Well yesterday I finally wrote my request and today I took it in. I saw one of my clinical instructors, I laugh inside when I see her because as kind as she was with the patients, she was so hard on us students. I guess I can understand why she had to be that way but she makes me nervous.

Well my dad has now been dubbed "The Dream Killer." I won't be going to my open house tomorrow since it is in a hospital in the Bronx which is about 40 minutes from where I live but can take up to 2 hours in traffic, I know this first hand since I go to the Bronx on weekends but only drive during non-traffic hours. I guess he does have a point about when the weather gets bad and the $8 round trip toll blah blah blah but he's still a dream killer. I'll call a couple of places tomorrow to see about a hospital closer to home. At this point I just want a job. I saw a pair of North Face gloves and matching hat that I oh so wanted but no money to buy them with, they would have looked great with my coat :)

Ok more happy talk, mail day was great today!!!! Yesterday I wrote about how Silkweaver sent me the wrong order and how it was a mistake well done. Well I ordered the LK Acorn Scissor Case, I saw it stitched by someone in my group and just had to have it especially since Silkweaver had it for $10, well instead they sent me the Ho Ho Ho case. Initially I didn't like this but after holding it in my hand I decided that I liked it and wanted to keep it, I actually just reordered the Acorn Scissor case, I think my Lindsey Gingher Scissors would like nice in it. I have my Cassandra and Leah in the Strawberry one. I hope Lizzie Kate makes one to match my Leah's because I hate to have them together. I'd also like to get the not so new but still new Olivia's - yep I have a scissor fetish can't wait until I start working so I can buy lots and lots of scissors *insert evil laugh*

So now that I have sidetracked let's go back to my mail day. It was great! I took advantage of Down Sunshine Lane's Thanksgiving Sale (DSL is by far the best INS I've encountered
www.downsunshinelane.com) and while coming out my car I was happy because I thought I could start expecting it to come in tomorrow well to my surprise the mail came early and on the coffee table laid my package!!! I'm happy :)

Well now that I have bored you to death with my ramblings I'm going to stitch, if last night's blog would have posted you would also know that my stitching commitments are tight and I must become a stitching machine overnight hehe. It's no biggie I love to stitch :) Ok now let's cross our fingers and hope I don't get an error message, this is too much writing to lose! And now I will press publish post will it work....


Leeny said...

LOL. this whole 'bitch' thing is funny :p i remember when i was in high school, there were a bunch of girls in my class who would go 'hey bitch, how are u?' that kinda greeting. back then, i thought it was really offensive, but of course, i was an uptight little girl back then, hee hee. i've loosened up a little, but i somehow still dont really see it as a term of endearment, to me, it's what i would use when i'm real pissed at someone, LOL. there was a joke between terrence and me though. when i got my offer from HP and found out how much i was getting paid, we joked about him 'becoming my bitch', hee hee. it's not gonna happen until i get him a skyline, wahahahaha....as if!! anyways, have fun with ur stitching, i have some deadlines to meet too!

eileen :)

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