Thursday, February 28, 2008


My plans for the past 2 days were to stitch until my fingers fell off but I didn't. Last night I took my grandfather to the ER because he was wheezing, had labored breathing, low grade temp, was weak and in pain. They admitted him, he has pneumonia, is anemic and received 2 units of blood today. I didn't go to see him but my mom did and she tells me he doesn't look so great. They were just beginning to start his transfusion so I figure tomorrow he should be a little perkier once it's all done. *sigh* I had plans on stitching in the ER thinking my aunt would stay at his stretcher side but I ended up being the one standing and giving the info so my stitching stayed in it's bag on the stretcher LOL. Anyway I did get to stitch before we left and here's what I got so far: In other the UPS guy brought me this *squeal*

I've been wanting a nice bag to carry my stash in and when I saw this I thought it might work. I figured if it didn't I could always return it. Well anyhoo since I was going to my not so LNS in NJ today I thought I'd try it out and OMG it's PERFECT!!! I love it so much! It has a pocket for my cell phone and wallet (things I'm forever losing in my current stitching bag) and it's spacious enough that I can put a few projects in. My 10"x14" mesh bags fit in it very nicely unlike my other bag.

Tomorrow is Leap Day...I work *blah* but in one of my groups someone said since it's an extra day that we only get every 4 years we should take advantage of it and do something out of the ordinary...something like splurge on a little stash OR start a new project! Like I said I work so I decided to do it today haha. I bought 6 charts and some fabric, 2 of those charts are things I want to stitch for Kelly. I can't wait to start one so I may start it after midnight OR I may start CCN Summer Garden - decisions decisions!

Well I'm going to blow dry my hair so I can then stitch until my eyes get sleepy. TTFN :-)

Monday, February 25, 2008


When I was gathering stash for the 2008 Halloween SAL (which I'm during horrible at keeping up) I bought Mirabilia's Halloween Fairy. It's a pretty fairy and I've been wanting to start it but the fabric that came with the kit was just blah. After seeing Juls' I knew I had to stitch it on the exacton same fabric she's stitching it on. I received the fabric in the mail on Thursday and on Saturday I put in the very first stitches in her. Here's my progress so far Isn't she lovely??? The fabric is Picture This Plus' Midas Touch in 32ct Belfast Linen. I really love it! I wish I didn't work tonight because I do not want to put her down. I know I could never stitch her on the train so it will take me a while to finish her but I'm off Tues-Thurs so hopefully nothing gets in the way of my stitching! TTFN I'm off to finish eating dinner and then get ready for work.

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Brightneedle Finish

I didn't have time to iron this so excuse the wrinkles but this is my latest finish. Most of the stitching took place on the L train but I finished up the border here at home today. There's a mistake in the border that I just couldn't fix no matter how many times I frogged but even if you stare at it you really can't see that it's off. I haven't decided if I want to finish it as a flatfold or if I want to send it out to get finished as a flatfold. The name of the design is "Made for Each Other" and it's a small gift for Kelly...I love giraffes, I love him and he loves me so it's just perfect.

I know Valentine's over but I'm still stitching for it :-) Here's Lizzie Kate's Be Mine Valentine.
I'm using the Shepherd's Bush conversion and have the fabric to make it into a pillow like they made. This was my home project but now that my train project is done I'm going to throw this one in my bag to work on. It's 7 count so even though it's a dark fabric (navy) the holes are definitely big enough so I can do it on the train.

I managed to make it to Lazy Daisy Stitchery on Monday for the Nashville Party. It was fun and later on in the week I received an email from them that I won the raffle they held *YIPPEEEEEEEEEEEE* I don't know what I won but it's stash so it's a good thing LOL. Kim and I met for the first time Monday *hi Kim* and it was fun :-) We bought lots of goodies and since I stitch so fast (I'm being sarcastic) I should be ready to go stash shopping again soon haha! I was going to go today after work but as I came in through the door my mother was on her way to my grandparents because my grandfather wasn't doing so great. Well I decided to go with her after she gave me the run down and when we arrived (they live 3 blocks from us) I was sort of happy that I went.

My grandfather isn't doing so great. Age is catching up to him or rather it's caught up to him. I've seen young 89 year olds but he's not one of them. He needs someone to stay with him and take care of him. When we got there he was wet and his mouth was so dry, I felt so bad :( My family doesn't help either talking so loud in front of him of how bad he's getting. He's hard of hearing but if you've been around Hispanics you know how loud they can get while using their "inside voice" LOL. Anyway I cleaned him up, my mother did his laundry, my aunt that lives next door to us made him breakfast and cleaned his room and my aunt that lives with him disappeared when we got there *sigh* After today though I think they're going to find an agency to find some help for my grandfather.

Well thanks for stopping by, reading this far, and all the past comments :-) I'm going to start something new. I joined a biscournu exchange so I might start stitching that but there's 3 projects screaming out to me so I don't know what I'll start. TTFN!

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Heart of Love Finish

I just put the final stitches in this one. I like it for the most part, I don't like that the heart is stitched in GAST Cidermill Brown...YUCK!

Here's the entire thing. I still have the border to stitch and I'll do that on the train. I'm soooooooo happy that I can start something new. I've decided to not stitch on October Boo. The mere thought of it is giving me anxiety LOL. I don't know what I'll start next but I have LOTS to choose from :-)

Anyone get any Nashville goodies??? I went today to my not so LNS but she hadn't unpacked yet :-( On Monday my other not so LNS is having a preview party. I work Fri-Sun and will be tired on Monday but you better believe I'll be there! There's so much I want to buy - I just hope I find everything, if not I'll just buy online! Off to eat :-)

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Pictures to share!

Finally my exchange partners have received their packages and I can share pictures! First up is Shepherd's Bush Be True that I stitched for my Fair and Square Exchange partner. It's stitched on 32ct Fairy Dust Linen so I couldn't add the buttons but I think it looks nice regardless. It looks so romantic, no?

Next is my Valentine's Exchange for the Cross Stitch Forever Yahoo Group. I find it so hard to stick to the monetary limit when I join exchanges so I pretty much don't join them but who could pass up a Valentine's Day Exchange?!?!? Anyway I tried really hard this time and decided that the only way this package would be nice is if I stitched something for it. Below is Glory Bee's Be Mine Freebie that I made into a pinkeep. It was my first time making my own cording so please don't look too hard hehe, hopefully as I make more it'll get better. The front
The back
The entire exchange.

I still have 2 more things to show and as soon as I mail them off and the persons receive them I'll share! For those interested in snip-it jars I'm going to contact Kathy and will keep you informed! TTFN and Happy Valentini Day!
****EDITED**** For those that are interested in a Snip-It Jar email me (there's an email link under my profile) and I'll give you Kathy's email. Just please put Snip It Jars in the subject line so I don't delete it.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Scissor Candy

Yesterday I pulled out my Red Thread Snappers to start stitching on the second square. It looks small enough that I could have finished it this weekend but for some reason I kept finding a million in one things to do instead of stitching on it. One of those things were making scissor fobs. Two of my scissors that I'd like to start using didn't have any fobs on them. Of course before I knew how to make a fob it didn't matter but now that I do make them I just can't use one without one because I manage to lose it all the time. Here's what I made...
I found this cute frog charm at the small bead shop by my house. I know frogs are a no no but I figured if and when a frog decides to visit me while I'm stitching, it'll notice this cutie and leave me alone LOL. BTW, the fobs are much sparkly in person.
I made a stitched fob for these scissors but it was so cute once finished that I decided to hang it as a small ornament. Once I find the scissor sheaths that I have laying around here I can debut these lovelies and start using them. I couldn't find a bee charm anywhere so I had to use a drop bead. I like it, makes it look like the end of a tail.
These ladybugs have no scissor to attach themselves on, so we all know what that means right? New scissor time!!! LOL I have a pair of black scissors (the frog scissors) but would like another pair. My not so LNS owner went to Nashville and will hopefully bring back lovely scissors so I might find one soon, if not I've been eyeing the black Dovo's or maybe a nice shiny silver pair!
And here are some of my scissors in my scissor jar. I can't begin to write how much I love looking at this. I moved it by the TV (across my room) for the picture but it's usually right near my bed on the nightstand so I can look up an see my scissors whenever I'm in bed :-) I couldn't take a picture of it there because it's a mess. I have floss, fabric, patterns, and whatever else stitchy stuff you can think of piled up on it. Is there anyone else that has a hard time keeping their stash organized? Because I swear I cleaned that area up yesterday and it's back to the same mess!

Friday, February 08, 2008

Lovebird Finish!

By now you've probably seen this finished on so many blogs that mine is just another Lovebird haha. I don't know what the plans are for finishing it, I think it'll look great as a flatfold or a nice pillow but until I decide it will be put away with the rest of the things that need framing or finishing.

Today I'm going to museum to see this Water H2O = Life exhibit. I saw an advertisement for it on the train and thought that I never do anything when there's so much to do in NYC that I should go. It looks interesting so this morning I bought my tickets and will be leaving soon. TTFN and thanks for visiting :-)

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Finishes I can't share :-(

I've been busy stitching and finishing things but they're gifts so I can't share any of it :-( Makes me feel like a boring blogger. In the last week I finished stitching my square for my Fair and Square exchange and something that I made into a pinkeep for my V Day exchange in a group I'm in. Once everyone gets my packages I'll post pictures.

I've been stitching that popular Midsummer Night Designs freebie that everyone's been finishing. I feel so behind but I've been stitching my gifts and now that I'm done I can go back to my things. Here's a WIP picture

I love the colors in this one!

Since I did so well with my January goals I figured I'll try to do it again in February! It's a short month so I won't overload myself but for this month I want to finish this freebie, a Halloween piece, and the second square to my Red Thread Snappers. I also want to start something new well two new things LOL.

I'm so in love with Worlds Above by Midsummer Night Designs that I smiled when I saw the chart at my not so LNS yesterday and said to myself Hello chart! I love you so much! The other new thing I want to start (well it's already started) is Brightneedle's Pretty in Pink.

I'm off to nap! My entire sleep/wake schedule is off again. I now sleep from 7pm to 3am and am up for the rest of the day. Tonight I work and it just won't work for me to be up so I need a nap. Hopefully the nap will get me back on track. Oh before I go the mail lady just dropped this off. I think it's the coolest thing. I have milk issues but always want to eat cereal at work. Well my issue is that I'm always suspicious of milk in little cartons and now with this I can take milk from my house to work and not worry about it spoiling because of the hour it will be out of the fridge. My cousin put me on to this and I love him for it :-) TTFN!