Monday, June 30, 2008

WIP Time

I've been really wanting to stitch this for a while. I love stitching on it and although, to me, it's a big project it seems to stitch up quickly. I'm stitching it with Belle Soie Silk Floss (thanks to Mary Kathyrn!) and it's oh so yummy! I have to put it away for a while though because I thought my Summer F&S was due at the end of July but I double checked and it's due to mail out on the 14th...eek! I still don't know what I want to stitch so I have to do some research on my partner and hopefully I have something in my stash that will be perfect. Well that's all from me for now. I'm off to do my research!

Monday, June 23, 2008

I'm in the phone booth, it's the one across the hall...

If you don't answer, I'll just ring it off the wall
I know he's there, but I just had to call
Don't leave me hanging on the telephone...

Last night I went to see Blondie. My cousin asked me a few weeks ago if I wanted to go and since I knew I'd be on vacation and needed some activities to fill up my days I agreed. I went thinking I only knew 3 songs but found out that I knew a lot more (who knew I was a closet Blondie fan??) The show kicked serious butt! I was actually surprised on how great it was. Debbie was awesome! If I could see them in concert again I definitely would. They didn't allow cameras in but I did manage to get one crappy picture with my phone! Does she not look great???? In other concert news...Modest Mouse decided to throw together a very last minute show this past Thursday (Friday morning) after playing MSG with R.E.M. It apparently sold out quickly but luckily I was on my computer at the right time and bought 4 tickets. So at 12am my cousins and I were on our way to see the show. The last time we went to see them play was didn't have that modest mouse feel that all the other concerts had. I hoped that this show wasn't like that and you know what?? It wasn't! They played for almost 2 hours and we got home at 4am...drunk and satisfied lol. I luv Modest Mouse! They even played my fAvOrItE song in the entire Modest Mouse would Dramamine!

I did manage to finish something small this Saturday too :-) It's the 6th square in my Red Thread Snappers. I still refuse to work on the border and will pay for it dearly once I get these all stitched up *ugh*

Monday, June 16, 2008

For my Smelly Kelly :-)

I took this picture in the park a week after I got my camera. I was just trying out the different settings on the camera and I kinda like the way it came out :-) I took other pictures but he was acting silly and I don't think he'd appreciate me putting them on here...

Anyway the real reason for this post is not about the picture above but of this picture below!
I finally have a finish that I can show! It's Brightneedle's Little Ones: Our Souls Entwine. I stitched it on 28ct Cream Linen (if I could have done something different I would have stitched it on a smaller count) with all the recommended threads. It's my anniversary present to Kelly which is this July 18th. I could have finished it last night but I fell asleep :(

Well that's all I have for right now...I'm doing laundry, plus I work tonight so I'm trying to multi-task with all the things that have to be done around here before I can leave
(I'm missing my mother more and more everyday LOL) Well it's only 2 more days before my vacation and then I can go to Kelly's house and he can wait on me hand and foot and I can be spoiled again hehe :-) TTFN Have a great day and thanks for the comments on yesterday's post...I appreciate them more than you can imagine!

Sunday, June 15, 2008

I've been stitching!

But unfortunately I can't show you because it's all for exchanges. I've finished the stitching for my F&S square (just need to stitch up my signature square) and I've even finished up the stitching for my Quaker Inspired Exchange (just need to do the actual finishing.) I just have one more F&S square to stitch up but since it's not due until the end of July it can wait. I would like to start something new (for me) today so depending on my mood (whether I'd like to stitch, play GTA, or learn my new camera more) we'll see what I start. Did everyone see the new LHN??? I love it and I want it! Will I ever stitch it? Probably not but I'd still like it.

In other news, my mother left for Ecuador on Friday for 2 weeks! I'm missing her like crazy which is weird because when she's here she drives me crazy LOL. My father and I are NOT getting along, I gave him a Father's Day gift but only because my mother instructed me to. For those that don't know (and not many people don't) he's an alcoholic and although he has periods of sobriety he tends to relapse during certain times of the year...Father's Day is one of them and September is another one. It pisses me off like you wouldn't believe (or you would if you ever lived with an Alcoholic.) As soon as I'm on vacation (Wednesday *yea*) Ana and I are going to stay with Kelly until my mumsy poo gets back. My grandfather isn't doing so well...I don't know why they took him to Ecuador but it was sort of a last wish for him. All of his kids are taking turns going over to visit and take care of him. When I spoke to my mother she told me he managed to break his hip (he's now diagnosed with osteoporosis) and is bed ridden. I don't know if they'll do surgery and if they don't well I told her he won't be getting out of bed and walking around ever. Getting sick as you get older sucks...

I'll leave you with this picture of Ana...I hate blogging without pictures and since I can't share any stitching with you I'll share this Photobucket it's a little dark but I'm still learning how to use the new camera...I'll get there though :-)

Saturday, June 07, 2008

A "me" update

I've been having fun with my cousins and Kelly now that they're out of school. Yesterday we had a cook out at the beach. It was a bit breezy and cold but fun and yummy! I sustained a few burns (it was our first cook out) but nothing too serious. Tonight I'm off to work to start my weekend shift :-( The temperature here is in the 90s and will be so until Monday so I really wished that I could stay inside in the AC. It won't be too bad while I'm on the train and once I get to work but waiting for the train is going to be horrendous! I hate the heat and already have a headache!

I do have one finish but I can't share it since it's for the F&S exchange and I have an almost finish which I also won't be able to share because it's for Kelly and he knows nothing about it...well since he reads my blog I guess he does now. I can, however, share this...This is the pinkeep I sent Sharon for the HoE Freebie Exchange. It's by Barbara Ana Designs and can be found here.
Here's the back. I used a red fabric with swirls and gold stars. I also used yellowish goldish pins.
I couldn't find a gold heart but did sew on a silver heart in the middle ribbon. I loved the way it came out and best of all she emailed me to say she loved it too!

I'm still learning how to use my new camera. It's pretty complicated but I'm reading and learning. I can't wait for my cousin to come back from vacation so he can show me...I learn better by demonstration. He showed me a little while at the airport but of course I forgot some of it LOL. Until next time! I have to eat dinner and get ready to go to work. TTFN :-)