Friday, November 12, 2004

What day is it again?

I don't know why but I keep thinking it's Saturday. All this week I've been one or two days ahead. I hate that. This is why I need a job or go back to school. I'm really out of synch with the days of the week and don't even ask me what the date is because after September 7th (my birthday) I was lost. I also have to fix the clock in my room because it's still ahead one hour. I've even started not wearing a watch - I think that's a true sign of a bum in progress hehe.

It's raining here, it's been raining here all day - literally. I'm glad I didn't wash the dogs yesterday because I'd be pissed right now. I don't know what I do to dogs but when they are with Kelly they act like dogs, when it's just me and them they act so prissy like. Ana now doesn't like to go outside in the rain. I had to push her out the door today. I take whatever I said about her being smart back LOL. When she goes out on a day that it's not raining and you call her back she runs like lightening back inside. Today I call her back because I see she's getting TOO wet, well do you know she walked back so slowly! It was like she thought well if I don't move so fast I won't get that wet. That was my laugh of the night. I don't know what I'd do without her because the things she does are so funny.

I have nothing planned for the weekend except breaking in a new pair of PJ pants that I bought tonight. I love PJ pants!!! I wish I could wear them all the time LOL. I think my mother may force me to go to a dinner party with her on Sunday hopefully I can get out of it. Sometimes I think it's sad that I don't like to go out unless Kelly or one of my cousin's are involved, but then again these are the people I like to hang out with and I'm so shy that unless I'm around people that I have known for quite some time I won't have any fun.

Well I'm off to stitch! I haven't touched a needle in like days. I did manage like 15 stitches in last night but that doesn't count. Good Night! :)

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