Monday, February 26, 2007

Happy Dance!!

The over one stitching is done and so is all of the regular stitching!!! *happy dance* This is my first finish of 2007. Next step is to make it into a flat fold *shudder* LOL. I have a week off from work in March but many of the days are already planned so not to sure if I can do it then...well enjoy the picture, also included are pictures of Ana. Tonight is my only night off in between my work days and I haven't slept yet so off to bed I go - if I can resist the urge to look through my stash and find my next project!

Fond Hearts - Blackbird Design
Stitched on 30ct Winter Frost by R&R Reproductions
Using all recommended WDW threads

The top two pictures are of Ana in her coat in the snow - I practically had to push her out the door to take these pictures.
This is Ana's "is she done yet?" look.
I never get a good picture of her actually sitting and looking at the camera so today after I took off her coat she decided to "pose" for me :-)

Friday, February 23, 2007

Some Stuff

I had planned to stitch all day but, of course, whenever I plan something it never goes in that direction. So instead of stitching I went to cut my hair. I had to fight with the lady to cut my hair shorter than she wanted to. I don't know what's wrong with these people sometime. My hair grows back very fast and whenever I go to get it chopped off their eyes get huge like saucers and ask me why...and you know what's funny? She ended up cutting it shorter than what I wanted LOL. Right after I went to buy a bigger TV for my bedroom - I'm upgrading from a 13" to a 23" but am still contemplating IF I should just get a 32" for my bedroom, it's only $200 more but I don't know if I have the room for it. I guess once the TV comes in I'll decide. I also went coat shopping for Ana, we got Kyle a coat last week and I just don't think it's fair for him to have one and not Ana. She doesn't go out for long periods of time like Kyle and really doesn't need one but I got it for her anyway. It's red and is trimmed in silver reflector, it looks very nice on her. I also got her a new leash and collar to match - I'll take a picture of her once I get home to my camera.

The over one stitching isn't as bad as I thought. It's going much quicker than I thought it would. I did get to stitch this morning before I left the house, but last night is when I made a real dent into the wording. I know I said last picture would be the last "progress" picture but I just have to share...I think progress pictures really help me out and give me that extra push I need to finish things. Sorry for the crappy picture but I had to scan it since I'm not home.

I also made a beaded scissor fob tonight :-) Annette made me one for Christmas and I loved it so much that I wanted another one hehe. The beads I got at AC Moore and the lobster claw clasp I got off of Ebay. It's too small to go onto my Gingher Scissors (it's 16mmx8mm) so I don't know what to do with I give it away or do I buy a smaller pair of scissors?? I think it would look nice on the Dovo Ladybug scissor, no? The little charms I also got at AC Moore and they say Imagine, Live, Laugh.

Well I'm off to sleep for a little while. I've been having a hard time staying up at work so I'm trying to do something new with my sleep schedule so I can stay up at work again. TTYL :)

Sunday, February 18, 2007

Lazy Weekend

I finally got two days to myself to sit around and do nothing. I sort of enjoyed it but at the same time I got antsy, maybe I'm one of those people that need to do something. I did go to Target today to buy some things that I thought I needed but when I got there I realized I don't need anything LOL. I did return my humdifier to Bed, Bath, and Beyond, the digital one that I bought the other days was just too complicated for me so I exchanged it for a manual one which is working just fine now.

I stitched for the most part of the day, I stopped to blog a little because I'm getting to the point where all that over 1 stitching comes into play and I hate that it takes so long to do so I'm procrastinating. Here's the last progress pic I offer...after this hopefully the next picture you see is of it finished :-)
I ordered a bunch of goodies from the market and am waiting impatiently for them to come in. Thankfully I ordered from DSL so my things should be here this week. I love Amy for that reason alone hehe. Too bad Monday is a holiday :-(
My cousin is here spending my lazy Sunday with me, we've seen two movies together and now we're listening to John Mayer. I love that I'm close with my cousins! There's always someone to hang out with at times. Well I'm off to go back to my stitching.

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Happy (Late) Valentine's Day!

I just realized I didn't wish everyone a Happy V-Day yesterday - please forgive me! Well I didn't think my gathering would have been so nice but honestly, I think everyone had a good time. We ate and played pictionary which is always fun. First guests arrived at 6pm and the last one left at midnight. I was hoping it would have been over before then but it was fun so I didn't mind. Ana had a ball! With over 15 people here to pet her she was in Ana Heaven! I have pics of course and have put them in a slide show so ENJOY! Oh here are some single pics of Ana also - accidentally she matched the tablecloth which was nice. :-)
Ana with her V-Day outfit
Ana begging for whatever it is my dad is eating. You can also see how the kitchen/dining area looks before the decorations were added.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

It sounds bad out there!

I woke up to crunching noise this morning...I was hoping it didn't get too bad because I'm having a small dinner gathering at my house tonight and if the weather is bad well all that's going to be here is me, my parents, Ana, and a lot of food!

I slept all day yesterday - we were suppose to watch The Departed on DVD last night but it ended up being the guys watching it while it watched me. I was so cold last night that I had Ana lay on top of me on the couch - literally! She got tired of it though and left me twice but when we went to bed guess who wanted to snuggle? I surprised I was able to take her weight while sleeping, she likes to believe she's a little lap dog but she's about 54lbs and is so oblivious to it.

I woke up early enough to do some last minute preperations but with this weather all I want to do is stay in bed and stitch. I may just lounge here for a little while longer, we'll see.

I had to put my Roots concert tickets on Ebay this morning, I can't make the show :-( So if you're from NYC or will be in NYC on Sunday March 11th, are reading this, and like the Roots check out the auction. I put them at a discount because I really don't want to lose all the money I spent on them - a little money I don't mind :-) TTFN and stay warm and safe!

Monday, February 12, 2007

An Update

I've been trying to stitch as much as I can, believe me I have but it seems like something always pops up. I had 4 days off last week and although I stitched I don't think I stitched enough. Yesterday was my only day off (this month's schedule sucks!) so today I'm busy running errands and then I *must* take a nap before going to work since I'm up so early. I wouldn't really need a nap if I'd be able to take my break at work but the last 2 nights they have been leaving only 2 nurses on the floor due to the census being too low and I wouldn't like to be left on the floor with 16 pts to my self so I wouldn't do it to anyone else...

Last night before I pulled out my stitching my cousin called to tell me my other cousin was in the ER so of course my stitching took a backseat and off we went to the ER. My cousin is ok - some kids tried to take his iPod and one of them punched him in the nose so they thought it was broken. I did stitch a little while in the waiting room but not as much as I would have had I been home. My plan to stitch once I got home was ruined since as soon as I got comfy in the bed to stitch I fell asleep hehe. Anyway enough of my complaining of not being able to stitch. I have to wash my hair so in that 90 minutes of waiting for it to dry enough so that I can go out I'll stitch :-) I have my next project lined up - I should stitch on Dollhouse next but this one is small enough where it won't take too much time away from DH. Did anyone see the picture of BNs new
Christmas House?!?!? I think it's toooooo adorable and I really don't "do" Christmas designs.

Anyway here's my progress on BBDs Fond Hearts

Maybe I can finish it in 2 plans for it are to make it into flatfold BUT I'm going to try to make it myself ha!

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

I did it!

I've been wanting a star tattoo on my foot for the longest. Last week my cousin and I were suppose to on Sunday but we rescheduled for yesterday. While he was getting his I was chickening out LOL but I ended up doing it. I think my next tattoo will be a tiny stethescope but not by itself maybe incorporated into something bigger where you really have to look to see it. I was laughed at by my cousin when I told him but I think it's cute and it will some sort of meaning.

My cousin felt left out about not getting a tattoo yesterday so I made her one this morning with a Sharpee marker and just had to share LOL. Excuse my pale legs - I need some sun hehe.

I've been having some pretty good mail days since Friday, usually only bills come in for me. To start it off I got a pretty geat package from Emily (so glad to "meet" her online.) Stitchy/blogger friends are the greatest! She sent me the nicest things (pics below) I'm off for a couple of days and am going to try out the dog biscuits for Kyle, dunno if Ana will eat them. She's a little brat when it comes to treats. I'm afriad one of these days she'll only eat prime rib as a treat, lately she's started turning her nose up at hot dogs! Poor Kyle has such a sensitive tummy that the only treats he can get are dog biscuits, we gave him Doggie Vitamin Water (yes they make Vitamin Water for dogs) and it upset his tummy right afterwards, suprisingly Ana enjoyed it.

Next package came as a surprise. My favortie band of all time is Bloc Party. I love them A LOT. I preordered their CD (it comes out today) through this site and iTunes just in case the CD didn't come in on time - that's how much I love them. Well on Friday I looked out the window and a white box was sticking out of the mailbox. I didn't know what it was but when I opened it my Bloc Party CD was in it! So I got it a whole 4 days early haha!!! I feel so especial hehe :-) Needless to say I love it - it's different from Silent Alarm but I still love it. I can't wait to see them in March :-)

Friday was also the day to buy concert tickets. March will be concert month for me. My cousin turns the big 2-1 on the 11th so I figure us older cousins should take her out and make it special. Out of all birthday's I remember my 21st the most. I didn't go out drinking like other kids - there's nothing special about drinking when you come from a family that let you drink at a young age :-( But my other cousin took me to an expensive dress up restaurant where I ate weird food and then the next day we went gambling - I think for my cousin we're doing the drinking and gambling, should be fun for her. So hopefully March is a fun month!

Next up is the package from my V-Day Exchange partner in CSF. Cindy sent me this box filled to the brim with goodies :-) My cousin asked me yesterday to stitch something for his daughter and she sent the cutest Minnie Mouse pattern that I think will be good for her.
Now a little stitching update. When I went to get the tattoo I packed a new project. Something small and V-Dayish to start. I swear I'm never going to finish anything and all I'm going to do is have a bunch of WIPs if I keep starting new things LOL. Well anyway I'll show a picture of what I got done so far. It's Fond Hearts by Blackbird Designs. I didn't realize that there was over 1 stitching on this or else I probably wouldn't have started it but it doesn't look like much so maybe I'll get it done. I used my "This one I'm going to finish" needle magnet on it because I truly believe that I'll get it done :-)

Since stitching in public I've learned that a lot more people stitch than I thought did. Example - the gently giant of tattoo artist that I met yesterday stitched! He told me he tries every type of art form once and has stitched before. If you saw this guy you would probably feel very intimidate but he was such a nice funny person. I love people like that, makes me very glad that I don't judge a book by it's cover.

The last 3 days of work have been great too! My patients were just the greatest. They were all (for the most part) funny, nice, and needy but in a nice way which I don't mind. They were all light so it gave me time to give them that extra TLC that I like to give. If everyday of work could be like the last 3 days I wouldn't mind going to work. So I hope when I go back they are all still there and never get discharged LOL J/K. I know they're all probably gone with the exception of 2-3 but I hope the replacements are just as nice.

Ok so that's it's from me - this was a bit longish but I hope you enjoyed reading it and the pics! I'm off to shower and start my day. I plan on stitching for the next few days along with listening to Bloc Party, admiring my tattoo, and thinking of the next one to get! TTFN :-)

Friday, February 02, 2007

My Love Flat Fold

I went to my not so LNS today to buy some stuff for my V-Day exchange partner and look what they had for me. Isn't it pretty??? I was looking at it and it doesn't seem so hard to make BUT doesn't everything look easy until you actually try it? LOL Kelly says it looks nice but the little people look scary. I absolutely adore it :-) The fabric is actually grey but it shows up white-ish. Here are some other pictures from the angle.

In other news...I did some some stash shopping today and boughts lots of stuff. Atleast it felt like a lot of stuff LOL. Hopefully one day I can stitch like I use to when I was in school and I can make a dent in my stash. Until then I'm just collecting :-)

Well I'm going to bed now. I'm coming down with a cold and feel like crap. I'm trying to keep hydrated but I know I won't get better because I work the next 3 days so I can't rest. TTFN!