Monday, November 22, 2004

Nothing new

So I haven't written anything this entire weekend so I guess I'll have to update. Nothing new has happened. My house is still a mess, I still have no job, I have no TV, and I'm still living in one room which is driving me crazy.

My dad, however, is working on my room right now as I type, so hopefully I can change atleast 3 things before the week is over. It's funny how he works but it can get on your nerves. He is a MAJOR complainer, I think my complaining gene comes from him, although my mom, being a mother, can give him a run for his money. Well anyway, he says he likes to do handy jobs because they de-stress him, but hearing him with the Oh God's and Oh Sh*t's, and *enter complaint here* and you would think he hates it. I just want him to finish up so I can put things back into order. I'm going to throw away lots and lots of things and I'm going to love every second of it. It's not that I have lots of junk but every year fall/winter I do spring cleaning and throw away the junk that I thought I needed and has accumulated through out the year.

Stitching wise, I think I'm in a slump. I want to stitch really bad but because of this mess I can't. I stitched yesterday while cooking which was cool, I felt like an adult LOL. I didn't learn how to cook until early last week. I know it's a shame but really I never had to learn. I'm a real spoiled brat and I'm proud to say that, not many people get spoiled and I think that sucks.

Well I'm off to brush my ANAmal, hehe. Pitbulls are low maintenance but not her, she gets flakey if I don't brush her daily. She goes for surgery on the 20th of December, we are finally getting her spayed but she has to stay overnight. I cried when Kobe had to stay overnight, I don't know how I'll react when I drop her off. I hope she doesn't get too sad, she cries when I leave her to go to the corner store, I don't want to imagine how she'll react to an entire day. I hope that the staff there will baby her if she cries. Our vet is sending us to the humane society since they'll do it for free. I love our vet, he is the only service provider that actually tries to save you money and has great service. The humane society is cool too. That was Kobe's first vet, I had to change because after he was neutered there it was a bitch to get him to go back into that office, I would have to carry him fighting into the office then the examination room. It wouldn't have been bad if he weighed 12lbs but he's 55lbs and strong. He still fights me when I take him to Dr. C but just when we go to the exam room so I make Kelly carry him LOL.

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