Sunday, November 14, 2004

Sunday evening ramblings...

I'm now officially living in one room. It makes me want to throw everything out and just leave the essentials. My queen size mattress is on the floor in my computer room so if you want to walk around you'll have to literally walk on the mattress. I know Ana is in heaven. She likes to be my shadow but also likes to spend the day laying down in bed and I usually lose out to the bed. The good thing to this is that my dad will work faster when painting and finishing my room. He said that moving my stuff wouldn't be necessary if I woke up earlier since he claims he can only paint during the day. My easy solution to that was to wake me up early - I have no problem waking up early, I figure I can go jogging or something, but he doesn't.

Talking about jogging - I need to lose some weight. I don't know if my scale is broken but I've gained about 5 lbs this week! Well maybe these past 2 weeks. I still see it as bad. So starting this week no unnecessary eating or late night eating for that matter. I think that's what does it to me. I eat at like 2-3am while watching Roseanne. Since I don't think I'll have a TV at night this week I should be able to cut the eating out. I cleared a spot for my tv but don't think the cable for the cable box will make it. I was destroyed for a moment but then realized I have like 5-6 dvd's that I haven't seen and are still wrapped in plastic that I can watch on my computer. My screen is a 19" so it will actually be better since the TV in my room is a 13" LOL. I also have stereo surround here so I'll have something to do :)

Tomorrow I have my appt with Adelphi. I hope they tell me I'm accepted and can start in the Spring. Not that I'll go in the spring but it will be nice to be eligible to go. Thursday is my job fair, I didn't want to work at a agency initially but I was talking to my cousin today and she has invited me to go skiing with her in December and if I get a job at a hospital I don't think I'll be able to take off like I would be able to at an agency. I don't know yet though so again we'll see.

I joined another cross stitch group. I actually didn't join but re-joined. I look forward to it. I haven't been stitching as much as I'd like to, so I'm hoping that this group will inspire me in some way. I'd actually like to re-join all the groups I was in but the email would be insane! Three for now is good for me I hope. I honestly think I need a good stash spree to get my stitching juices flowing again, just can't afford it right now. Well I can but I have lots of other important things to do right now which make me not be able to afford it. Kelly would take me shopping but I felt so bad on Thursday when we went shopping. I realized that he really spends all of his money on me. Not that it's a bad thing because when I had a job and he was in school it was vice versa but it was like ok if you want that then I'll leave this and won't buy myself anything. He actually did have the money for both things but didn't want to spend it. He's so funny, today he called me after talking to his grandmother and told me that he just found out that his grandfather was half jewish so maybe that's why he was being cheap on Thursday (no offense to Jewish people).

Ok I've rambled on enough. I don't want to bore anyone tonight. I'm considereing playing Sims right now but I don't know if I'll be able to. I had to put my keyboard on my suitcase because I can't pull out the chari to my desk to type LOL. I wonder if my mouse will reach? Off to check!

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