Friday, November 28, 2008

A New Start

Every Christmas season I pull out a few things that I'd like to stitch and once it's over they get put back away. This season I decided to change that and have already put in some stitches into my first project. I chose to stitch Shepherds Bush Merry Season because I swear I've had this project since I started stitching. I love the buttons on this piece and so far have stitched the four square borders. Here's a pic: If this is the only piece I finish before the end of the year I'll be happy! And because I *do* plan on finishing the Plum Street Sampler piece I started before this here's a progress pic:
Well I work tonight so I'm going to stitch my last 40 minutes at home away :-) Hope everyone had a great Turkey Day! TTFN

Saturday, November 22, 2008

No Stitching :(

I haven't been stitching and it sucks :( I've been reading the blogs I suscribe to and everyone is doing such pretty work that it's making me a bit jealous. Right now I have my stitching out but I also have the PS3 on...blasted video games grrrr!

Friday, November 21, 2008

A tag!

I've been tagged by Kathie! I usually don't do these but have been feeling bad for not doing it so today I'm going to do one :-) Hopefully I can list 6 random things. Here are the rules...
1. Link to the person who tagged you.
2. Post the rules on your blog.
3. Write six random things about yourself.
4. Tag six people at the end of your post.
5. Let each person know that they have been tagged by leaving a comment on their blog.
6. Let the tagger know your entry is up.
And here are my 6 things....
1. I should be done with my 2 year Biology degree in a year and a half *yea* I will then go on to get my Bachelors.
2. I love playing video games, so much that my stitching has been suffering :(
3. I still live at home with my mumsy poo and father.
4. I love Nursing but don't want to do it anymore...thanks to Administration!
5. I'm incredibly shy.
6. I've never had car insurance and now that I'm trying to get some it's proving to be a hassle!
Well I'm not going to tag anyone because I think every one has done it already. TTFN I'm off to play some Rock Band!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

I want this!

It's Shepherds Bush's conversion to When Witches Go Riding by Prairie Schooler and I love it! I had it on my mental list of things to do list but didn't find the time to call SB and see if they had it kitted up. I love the fabric they stitched it on, the mat, and frame! SB does some of the greatest things!

Tonight I went shopping and noticed how empty the stores were and when I mentioned it to Kelly it scared him. Usually at this time the stores are crowded, no? I really felt that besides us and the employees no one else was out shopping. It even felt like that in BJs and Target. I enjoyed not having to deal with the crowds but hopefully after Thanksgiving things will pick up. Or maybe everyone decided to stay home because it was so freaking cold outside! Around this time I always worry about the stray cats...I hope they find some where warm to go, my father tells me that they do but I saw a pregnant cat yesterday and felt bad for her. I know this house up the block always puts food out for them as well as another house on the corner and I also do it sometimes but where do they go to sleep? I wish I had a heated garage for them to camp out in.

Well I must go to bed now, lately I've been acting like I don't have school in the morning and have been staying up playing Rock Band 2 or stitching until 3am and end up missing or going late to class. TTFN...I have my stitching out next to me but hopefully I can ignore it and go to sleep!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Late night blog

I'm stitching Fishes and Bait by Plum Street Samplers and this is what I have so far...
This took a while to stitch and sadly its riddled with mistakes that I refuse to fix (except for one) I'm hoping that this will get finished because it's already taking too long. Well that's all I have for now...once I finish some more I'll post another update!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

I'm back!

I had to reformat my computer. I sort of knew I had to do this in order to get things in order so I was prepared! I backed up all of my files and although I didn't load them back into my laptop I do have them just in case I need them. The one thing I didn't do was back up my iTunes music :-( I didn't lose much since I had backed it up a month ago...just a few albums that I have on my iPod and can iDump it if I have to. The only problem I have (that's driving me CRAZY) is that my iPhone is no longer make myself happy I decided to buy myself a little present! I wanted to do Wii Fit so Tuesday night I made a last minute decision to buy one. My cousin and I have been bowling and playing tennis all night tonight, I haven't set up the Wii Fit yet but maybe Thursday after my test I will.

School has been going ok. I'm doing well in Biology and my computer programming class (surprisingly.) I've been studying hard core for a previous test and have another test on Thursday that I just can't study for it. My brain is fried! I walk around with the book and even sleep with it but every time I crack it open it's like *ugh*

In stitchy news I've been stashing and even stitching! I've had two finishes since my last post *yea* and I went to pick up some framing last Friday to share.
Shepherd's Bush - Best Witches
Stitched on 10ct Tula Fabric
with recommended threadsShepherds Bush - Mermaid Sampler
Stitched on 32ct Meadow Mist Linen
with recommended threads This is the Brightneedle piece I did for Kelly a while ago (the name escapes me.) I pretty much let him pick out the frame for this and think he did an awesome job. It's still here at my house but it will soon go to his house to be displayed. Home of a Needleworker (Too!) framed! I love this piece! I love the fabric I stitched it on and I'm happy I went with the silks :-)

Well it's late and I have to attempt to get some sleep. Thanks for stopping by! TTFN

Saturday, November 08, 2008

I have a virus :(

I'm in the process of trying to fix my computer because I ended up getting a virus this week. I feel so dirty saying it...I was going to mail out my giveaway prizes yesterday but I ended up hitting traffic everywhere I went yesterday (like hour long traffic each time) and wasn't able to make it in time to the PO. Monday they will go out except for Linda's...

Linda I tried to email you but it came back to me. I need your mailing address to send you the Just Nan tin and stuff. Please email me - if anyone knows Linda let her know she's won and to email me. If I don't here from her by the end of the week I'll hold another drawing with the same names and choose a new winner.

Wish me luck with fixing my computer...I'm trying to back up my files now but my computer won't recognize my external hard drive, usb's, or any blank cd/dvd's...I'm so sad :-( TTFN