Friday, April 25, 2008

Brightneedle Freebie Finish :-)

This is Humble Daisys by Brightneedle.
I changed the grey to blue and I think I may stitch this at least 2 more times in the's a perfect size for F&S and I'd like to make one into a pinkeep for myself :-)

Yesterday was Ana's birthday...I'm one of those crazy people that celebrate their pets birthday so yesterday I had a little get together for her. She doesn't get any presents but I know she loves the company. I took a picture of her with her balloon and cake and it would have been a good one if my mother didn't walk by. Ana knows what she can and can't do so once she saw my mother she wanted to jump off the chair. It was beginning to get torturous for her so I didn't get a good one that I could share. She turned 6 and we had Popeyes (one of her favs) and ice cream cake. She didn't get any cake because it was chocolate and she doesn't like ice cream. Here are some pics...

I did get Ana a present...a new fan LOL. We have one of those round ones and at night when it's too warm for a blanket but not warm enough for AC it's either aim it at her on the floor (because she won't sleep with me) or be selfish and aim it at me. Since she's the ruler of the house she, of course, gets it and I suffer. Plus for some reason the old fan either blew hot air or no air. We slept with it on last night and slept very comfortably! Of course she slept with me instead of on the floor but I bet you had I brought out the old fan she would have been on the floor.

I work tonight *blah* and haven't been feeling well (I went to the ER Wednesday...they didn't know what was wrong with me) and I'd like to rest before I have to get ready. My tummy hurts, it has gotten better, not like Wednesday where I could barely walk or move...I just hope this weekend is quiet and not crazy...TTFN!

Monday, April 21, 2008

Smell the Flowers Finish!

This should have been finished 2 days ago but I was too lazy to stitch the ladybug's head and do the french knots. Today I decided enough is enough and just did it. Here's a picture... And here's the entire thing...
This weekend we went to AC and had fun :-) I worked the night before we left and didn't get any sleep until Sunday morning. I did get cranky at times but not as bad as I thought I would. I'm dying to call out from work tonight but it's not going to happen *sigh*
I'm going to see if I can fit in a nap before I have to get ready to go to work tonight. TTFN!

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Barbara Ana Biscornu Finishes

I finally went out and bought the buttons for my Spring Biscornu and once I sewed it on I decided to put together my Halloween Biscornu. It's such a pretty day today that I decided to take pictures outside. You can't really see the button but it's a pretty white flower button. Here's my Halloween Biscornu... Here's Ana... Please excuse the ick on her eye. I wipe her eyes all the time but I guess this one managed to hide before I snapped this photo. And this is my stitching corner as of now. My Spring Biscornu won't stay here but until I stitch up more spring things and get them finished up it'll live here with my Halloweeny things :-) If I find the motivation I may finish up some more things today, I think I'd like to make some pinkeeps! TTFN

Monday, April 14, 2008

Second Freebie Finish

Ever see something you liked only to stitch it and discover that it's not "you?" Well I think that's how I feel about this This is a freebie that I found on My Aunt's Attic. I saw it stitched up in these colors and loved it but now that I'm done with it I don't quite know what to do with it :-( It's suppose to have more blue flowers on the bottom but I left those out.

I have 2 more freebies that I'd like to stitch this month. If I don't get them done I may extend freebie month into May. Who knew that freebies were so much fun?

This past weekend one of my favorite cousins *finally* turned 21. We (my cousin Cristy and I) took him out and had a great time! Last night we went to this bar which was having trivia night and out of the 6 questions they asked while we were there we got 4 of them right. We didn't know what the "prize" was when we got the first question right but were happy to find out that it was a round of shots for the table for every correct answer we gave. We cheated for 2 of the questions though and called my other cousin who I swear is a genius for the answer. He doesn't drink but I think next time we go he should come along so he can get us free drinks and drive us home afterwards, which is better than taking the train hehe. We're going to Atlantic City next weekend to do some more celebrating and I can't wait. If there's one place I like to go it's to the casino! I never win...and if I do at the end of the night my winnings are gone and I usually break even but I don't mind since I tell myself I'm there to have fun not retire :-)

Until next time! I need to take a nap...TTFN!

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Barbara Ana Freebie!

I've decided to make April "Freebie Month." I've seen so many lovely freebies being stitched and have been collecting the patterns that I don't want to forget any of them so, with the exception of my Red Thread Snappers, I'm going to stitch as many of them as I can this month. The first one is Barbara Ana's Halloween Biscornu. It's a cutie and here it is! I haven't decided if I should stitch something on the back. I probably won't do it...I want to move onto the next freebie. I have about 3 that I've kitted up to choose from so I guess the next time I post we'll see what I chose :-)

Before I leave some of you guys have asked some questions that I'd like to answer. The giraffe pattern is Brightneedle's Made for Each Other and the Momiji Dolls can be bought online. If you're in the US I bought mine from Urban Outfitters and the Philadelphia Museum of Art online store. If you're in the UK then you can try the Momiji site although I don't know about shipping. I don't know if creative poppy has Barbara Ana's Spring Biscornu but I bought mine at Down Sunshine Lane and have seen it at one of my LNS.

As always thanks for reading and the comments!! Until next time...TTFN!

Thursday, April 03, 2008

Went to my LNS...

...and guess what I picked up????
Here are close-ups of them separately.

I'm giving the giraffes to Kelly, he already saw them and liked them but I brought it home to photograph.

Do you see my two tiny models? They're my newest Momiji Dolls, Kitty and Kogal. I thought Kitty was going to be my favorite but really Kogal is. She's so cute and pudgy :-) Until the next time! I'm off to stitch :-)

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

I have a finish!

I've felt like I've been in a rut and now that I have a finish I feel waaaaaaaay better. The only dilemma I have now is what do I choose to stitch next :-) It's late here (2:24am) and I'd like to go to sleep so I'll keep this short and just post my pictures...hope that's ok!

This is Barbara Ana Designs Spring Biscornu. It took me a while to stitch because 1. I hate stitching white and 2. I hate to stitch the same thing over and over BUT I loved it so much that I stuck with it and now it's done! I don't have and couldn't find the star button that goes in the center but I did find this heart and may use that. I still have Michael's to go to look for them, I'm pretty sure I'll find them there but just in case I don't I bought the hearts at JoAnn's. I'll probably make it into an actual biscornu on the train ride to work tomorrow.
And while at JoAnn's guess what I bought for my beloved scissor collection????? EMMA!!!!!!!! I've already made a fob for them and my favorite will always be my Leah's but I think they may be a second favorite of mine. I didn't really like the Bianca's but these I love :-) The picture sucks but the fob is really sparkly. I used navy, yellow, olive, and topaz crystals.
Here are some more pictures that I've been wanting to share but always forget to post...
The biscornu I stitched for HoE's Biscornu Exchange. It's the first one I've ever made. These little buggers look easy to put together but they aren't! One side came out a little wonky and I don't know why. Hopefully my partner didn't mind it too much. I sent other goodies but didn't take a picture of them.

This is a pinkeep I made a while ago...I think in February for a friend of mine. I'm not 100% happy with it but like with anything, I'll get better as I go. I saw these dolls (momiji dolls) on another blog and thought they were the cutest. I told Kelly about them and guess what? Kelly bought me a few :-) Usually I tell him about something and it'll end there but last week he told me to expect a surprise package from him and it was a great surprise when I opened the box. I bought myself another two and can't wait for them to come in.
This is a picture of my little stitching corner. It's a WIP. My cousin gave me a basket of cupcakes for Easter and once the cupcakes were gone I was staring at it wondering what to do with it. I love seeing baskets full of stitching on other blogs so I thought I'd start one myself. I was too lazy to throw out the plastic grass and the paper towels on the bottom but once I fill it up with some more stitching (Halloween stitching because it's going to be a Halloween basket) I'll get rid of it. I'm going to stitch the other little animals that came with the bee chart and hang them on my tree.
And here's a close up of the stitching...see the little dog??? I'm trying to convince people that I *need* a Frenchie but apparently no one seems to believe it :(

Lastly, thanks to those that helped me in my freebie search! I have the chart now and today I bought some DMC linen floss to stitch it with and some the new Variations thread, I haven't decided what I'll use but I'm definitely stitching that tree! TTFN...I work tonight and need to go to sleep. I hate it when I sleep all day only to get up to go to work. Hopefully I'll wake up early tomorrow and get some stitching time in! Hmmm so much for keeping it short! LOL