Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Chillin with my bitch...

Why the crude title you ask? Well some background info before I get into it. Today Kelly bought me the new TI CD (TI is a rap artist) and well I like to listen to rap most of the times, rock music is my second choice/love. Well it's a pretty good CD but he has one song titled (you guessed it) Chillin with my bitch. It's a pretty good song, sort of mellow, I like it but want to know when did the word bitch become a term of endearment? I think if I didn't like the song the reason would be because of the word. I'm not one to flip over the word (I know some fly off the handle when the word is said towards a female) but I don't think I would like to be called by a love one a bitch. When Kelly laughed because I liked the song and then asked why and I told him it's because that's what I'm doing today he didn't take it too kindly LOL. Funny enough though, I do think I know someone who doesn't mind being called a bitch by a SO, sad I know but I'm not too sure if I actually know the person or have just watched too many ghetto fabulous flicks. So if your reading this and don't mind for your DBF, DGF, DH, DW to call you a bitch PLEASE leave me a comment I would love to talk to you!

Ok enough of that, let's get to some happy talk. Last night I spent an hour writing in my blog only to have the server tell me some fatal error has occurred and to try again later *blah*
I'll try to sum up what I wrote and then continue. I wrote about being a procrastinator and how if God came down from Heaven and ask me for a favor to be done today chances are I'd do it tomorrow, I've been saying I'm going to my school to ask for a letter of recommendation everyday and everyday the day comes and goes. Well yesterday I finally wrote my request and today I took it in. I saw one of my clinical instructors, I laugh inside when I see her because as kind as she was with the patients, she was so hard on us students. I guess I can understand why she had to be that way but she makes me nervous.

Well my dad has now been dubbed "The Dream Killer." I won't be going to my open house tomorrow since it is in a hospital in the Bronx which is about 40 minutes from where I live but can take up to 2 hours in traffic, I know this first hand since I go to the Bronx on weekends but only drive during non-traffic hours. I guess he does have a point about when the weather gets bad and the $8 round trip toll blah blah blah but he's still a dream killer. I'll call a couple of places tomorrow to see about a hospital closer to home. At this point I just want a job. I saw a pair of North Face gloves and matching hat that I oh so wanted but no money to buy them with, they would have looked great with my coat :)

Ok more happy talk, mail day was great today!!!! Yesterday I wrote about how Silkweaver sent me the wrong order and how it was a mistake well done. Well I ordered the LK Acorn Scissor Case, I saw it stitched by someone in my group and just had to have it especially since Silkweaver had it for $10, well instead they sent me the Ho Ho Ho case. Initially I didn't like this but after holding it in my hand I decided that I liked it and wanted to keep it, I actually just reordered the Acorn Scissor case, I think my Lindsey Gingher Scissors would like nice in it. I have my Cassandra and Leah in the Strawberry one. I hope Lizzie Kate makes one to match my Leah's because I hate to have them together. I'd also like to get the not so new but still new Olivia's - yep I have a scissor fetish can't wait until I start working so I can buy lots and lots of scissors *insert evil laugh*

So now that I have sidetracked let's go back to my mail day. It was great! I took advantage of Down Sunshine Lane's Thanksgiving Sale (DSL is by far the best INS I've encountered
www.downsunshinelane.com) and while coming out my car I was happy because I thought I could start expecting it to come in tomorrow well to my surprise the mail came early and on the coffee table laid my package!!! I'm happy :)

Well now that I have bored you to death with my ramblings I'm going to stitch, if last night's blog would have posted you would also know that my stitching commitments are tight and I must become a stitching machine overnight hehe. It's no biggie I love to stitch :) Ok now let's cross our fingers and hope I don't get an error message, this is too much writing to lose! And now I will press publish post will it work....

Sunday, November 28, 2004

So I've been busy...

...yea right! LOL

Well since I've last blogged some days have been eventful and some have not. The only crappy thing that sticks out is that I had reformat my computer and lost all of my files. As always bittersweet, my computer runs faster and I don't have much junk on it but I lost all of my cross stitch files which is a major bitch! I had lots of L*K patterns and HIH patterns and they are all gone *tear* I did manage to burn my L*K patterns on a CD so it's not that bad, I just have to look for it. I also lost my pictures, my music, my Sims 2 game! You never know what you had until it's gone because today I received my San Man Originals Newsletter and it said that all Halloween Freebies have been taken off the site, well of course I no longer have these!!!! *sigh* I did print out the ones I wanted to stitch right away so not all is lost. Oh well, I'll get over it one day so enough whining.

No job yet but then again I couldn't really go on any interviews because of the holidays. Everyday I change my mind about where I want to work at. I was going to take the lower paying hospital job because of the quality of the orientation but today I woke up feeling like if I passed all of my clinicals then it can only mean I'm competent and don't need an intense orientation because I should know the basics already right? Plus they aren't going to throw my onto the unit to be on my own so I think I want go with the higher paying job. I don't know I'm so confused in regards to where I want to work.

Thanksgiving was cool. I spent it at my aunt's house and my cousin's bandmates were there. Lots of laughs. I also met my little cousin's girlfriend that night. He's 15 and yeah they won't get married and will probably break up in the future but knowing that he's made such a fine choice makes me sooooo happy. This girl has to be the one of the sweetest girls on the face of the earth, if I had a son this is the type of girl I want to be brought home to me. His mother, of course, was hating. I really don't know what is wrong with her, I think some of the thoughts that my family has are really wrong and I'm so happy that although I was raised by them I did not turn out to be one of them.

All of my little cousin's are starting to have boyfriends/girlfriends so it can only mean I'm getting old. I have a cousin who is like my little brother and realized 2 nights ago that he will be going to college next year! I remember walking around with him and all of my friends were saying how cute he was. I was like 13 and he was maybe 5. He has a girlfriend too and he's such a great boyfriend and I'm not just saying that because he's related to me hehe, I'd like for my daughter to bring someone like him home :)

Oh my room looks so pretty! It's still not done and I'm still sleeping on my mattress which is on the floor but tomorrow we get the molding for the floor and my dad will work on that this week then all that's missing is my crown molding and I can start fixing up the room. I wish I could cross stitch some nice big things to decorate the walls with but my attention span for big projects is very low. But I love my room! It has personality, unlike the rest of this house.

Well now that I have bored you with my update I'm going to stitch, I have two round robins that I have to work on plus I have my friends gift to finish up and I'm so close to finishing it but have hit a rough spot, the sheep's head is all one color and I so hate "block" stitching, but I'll get through it I saved it for last so it won't become a UFO.

Monday, November 22, 2004

Big Change!!!

No I didn't land the job deal of a life time - LOL. But I was able to move my mattress back into my room. So now there is walking space in my computer room, I have a TV, and I can clean up somewhat AND I can get to my precious stash!!!!! I'm still on the floor but so happy that I can clean up. :) I'm off to watch tv and throw some things away.

Nothing new

So I haven't written anything this entire weekend so I guess I'll have to update. Nothing new has happened. My house is still a mess, I still have no job, I have no TV, and I'm still living in one room which is driving me crazy.

My dad, however, is working on my room right now as I type, so hopefully I can change atleast 3 things before the week is over. It's funny how he works but it can get on your nerves. He is a MAJOR complainer, I think my complaining gene comes from him, although my mom, being a mother, can give him a run for his money. Well anyway, he says he likes to do handy jobs because they de-stress him, but hearing him with the Oh God's and Oh Sh*t's, and *enter complaint here* and you would think he hates it. I just want him to finish up so I can put things back into order. I'm going to throw away lots and lots of things and I'm going to love every second of it. It's not that I have lots of junk but every year fall/winter I do spring cleaning and throw away the junk that I thought I needed and has accumulated through out the year.

Stitching wise, I think I'm in a slump. I want to stitch really bad but because of this mess I can't. I stitched yesterday while cooking which was cool, I felt like an adult LOL. I didn't learn how to cook until early last week. I know it's a shame but really I never had to learn. I'm a real spoiled brat and I'm proud to say that, not many people get spoiled and I think that sucks.

Well I'm off to brush my ANAmal, hehe. Pitbulls are low maintenance but not her, she gets flakey if I don't brush her daily. She goes for surgery on the 20th of December, we are finally getting her spayed but she has to stay overnight. I cried when Kobe had to stay overnight, I don't know how I'll react when I drop her off. I hope she doesn't get too sad, she cries when I leave her to go to the corner store, I don't want to imagine how she'll react to an entire day. I hope that the staff there will baby her if she cries. Our vet is sending us to the humane society since they'll do it for free. I love our vet, he is the only service provider that actually tries to save you money and has great service. The humane society is cool too. That was Kobe's first vet, I had to change because after he was neutered there it was a bitch to get him to go back into that office, I would have to carry him fighting into the office then the examination room. It wouldn't have been bad if he weighed 12lbs but he's 55lbs and strong. He still fights me when I take him to Dr. C but just when we go to the exam room so I make Kelly carry him LOL.

Another quiz!!!

Discover your Zodiac Personality
Discover your Zodiac Personality @ Quiz Me

Absolutely right! Only I don't tend to stress just over analyze :)

Friday, November 19, 2004


where do I start? I went to the open house today and the next orientation isn't until January which is no good for me, I need a job ASAP. Plus they want to put me in Geriatrics/Telemetry and those are two fields I want nothing to do with. What's funny is that whenever I go with something I don't want to do I usually succeed with it. For example: Nursing, I never wanted to be a nurse I tried to avoid it for an entire year and a half, but now that I am one I like it so maybe in the long run I'll like Telemetry *ugh* LOL Not everything was bad though - they do have onsite BSN and a MS program which can't be any greater and the salary wasn't too bad either, actually is was pretty good. And's it's close to my house by car, it only took me maybe 15-20 minutes to get there.

I'm glad today is Friday. I'm going to call 2 hospitals today to schedule interviews and I don't have to worry about them telling me to come in tomorrow because it's the weekend. I'll have to remember to not schedule anything for Tuesday because I have that other open house. I'm so not use to waking up early that I'm so sleepy, but I can't take a nap because I have a few errands to run.

So today's hospital went from the "Oh I'd like to work there" to the "eh" list. I'm off!!!!

Thursday, November 18, 2004

Well I went to the job fair and everything went well. I narrowed it down to 5 hospitals that I'd like to work at and took 2 off of my list. The people that were their representing them just didn't do it for me. Tomorrow I'm going to an open house hopefully and to another one on Tuesday. I'm also calling tomorrow to schedule an interview at my first choice hospital - they give you Pet Care Insurance!! My mother laughed when I told her that was the reason I wanted to work there. It's not really insurance but a savings program. Of course that wasn't the first reason I wanted to work there, they also have 100% tuition reimbursement, which is something that I like since the other hospitals are only offering a few thousands and the school I'd like to go to is $9k/sem.

I wanted to go to the quilting store afterwards but ended up going to the comic book store instead. Tomorrow we go to the quilting store, but most likely not because I do not want to ride the subway for a while. It truly is convenient but today it took me 2 hours to get home! The normal time from 34th street to my house is the most 40 minutes. The service on my line was suspended because some train got stuck. I had to take a different train and then take the bus. I wanted to beat all of the after school crowds but ended up being in right in the heart of it. I would like to know if these kids parents were around would they still act the way they do and if I ever acted that way?

I saw some peaceful protesters in the city today - I love peaceful protestors, they don't scare me as much. There is this group called the Israelites and they are scary. Atleast they scare me with all of their hatred talk. Well anyway, I've always seen the Falun Gong protesters in the city but have never actually stopped to talk and read the material they give out. I'll have to do more research on the cause - from what I read it's pretty sucky what is happening in China in regards to the Falun Gong situation. I just don't understand why the government is against this spiritual way of life, it doesn't seem like a cult, so why is it so wrong?

Well I'm tired and my feet hurt. I'm off to relax - after I check the mailbox for stash :)

Wednesday, November 17, 2004

I'm sad and ready for tomorrow...

Well I'm ready for tomorrow. Have my shoes polished andmy suit ironed - thanks to both of my parents :) I conned them into doing it. I figure I'll get my last moments of being spoiled in before I get a job, because once I do get a job it will be their turn to be spoiled. I even packed my transcript and social security card just in case. I do bet you that someone there will ask for something that I don't have.

I'm sad I think. It's not as bad as it was before. I usually call Kelly when I get like this but this time I rather deal with it by myself, I don't know if it's a good thing or bad because I feel by doing so I'm hiding my feelings which can only be bad - right? I'm in one of those moods where you're sad and want to do something about it but at the same time don't, maybe it's because I don't know what to do. I hate feeling like this...


Well tomorrow I go to my big job fair. I've printed out 25 resumes which should be more than enough since I'm only interested in 13 of the hospitals that will be there. I thought it would be easier to go to one place and interview many times in one day then to go on many days. Sijjad said he would go with me since some schools will be there as well, but I'm not too sure if he'll come since he works tomorrow night and needs sleep. I need to get to bed early tonight since I have to wake up at 7am so I can leave my house at 8am - yep it takes me an entire hour to get ready but now that I think of it maybe I should wake up earlier because I know that tomorrow will be the day that Ana wants to find that perfect place to use the bathroom because if she doesn't the world will end LOL.

It's 2pm here but I think I should start getting ready for tomorrow. I'm wondering if I should get my nails re-polished. I usually get a manicure every 2 weeks and went last week so I'm not sure. I definitely still have my hair to wash and straighten and of course I have to find out if the shirt and shoes I have go with my suit - I hope they do because if they don't then I'll have to go last minute shopping and I hate last minute shopping.

I started on my friend's baby gift last night. So far I have a line and 2 letters of the alphabet done. I'm missing 2 skeins of floss that it calls for and don't know when I'll be able to go get them. I gave away a bunch of floss to my best friend last month and I think I gave her the colors that I needed - I knew that was going to happen! Oh well she got to stitch and that's what matters. I'm also looking for another ornament to stitch and think it might end up being San Man Originals Kisses From Heaven. I stitched it last year for Kelly and it's so cute. I try to stitch him a snowman every year so far he has 2 and since I've been stitching for that long I haven't fallen behind once hehe.

Glory Bee's Snow from the JCS Chrstmas 2004 ornament magazine. I'm stitching ornaments with a Yahoo group I'm in for St. Jude's Hospital for next year. Not sure how I'll finish this but I'll finish it somehow. Posted by Hello

Monday, November 15, 2004

I fell today...

..and I'm hoping that a week from now it's funny. I've been teasing Kelly about it because it's his fault, he did feel bad about it and has been my servant since the incident. We were outside playing with Ana and I decided to play box with him. In the middle he picked me up and spun me around. Well he got dizzy and fell making me fall with him. On the way down (I swear it was slow motion) I was thinking "awww man we're falling and he's going to get hurt because I'm going to fall on him." Well if that's the way it would have happened I wouldn't have a splitting headache right now. I landed and banged my head on the grass - thank God I missed the concrete by a few inches. I thought I would have to go to the ER, that's how bad my head felt. I kept telling him I needed a CT scan and probably had a concussion so I wouldn't be able to do any heavy lifting thanks to him. I really just laid there for a while which I think scared him. I did get over it though. Sometimes I think I'm a drama queen but it really did hurt. He tried to tell me that it couldn't hurt that much because I didn't fall that hard, I told him I'm not a 5 year old who just skinned their knee so it wasn't going to work.

We did make it to the craft store to get my Aida *yea pain all gone* LOL and to his grandmother's house. He asked me if I wanted to go out to dinner but I told him that someone dropped me on my head and had a headache so I couldn't hehe. Well of to try to stitch and maybe con my dad to untangle the cable wire in the basement so I can pull it through the walls and bring my tv inside the room with me.

Another wonderful morning!

I love cold weather, it puts me in such a great mood. It's not that cold here unfortunately but it is cold for the average fall/winter hating person. I went to my admission interview today and well I didn't get in. Apparently if I want to go back to Adelphi I have to re-admit (not transfer) through my old major's department (psychology) and then do an in house transfer to Nursing. I guess I'll set aside a day to go up to Adelphi and do whatever it is I have to do. I did pick up another application to another RN to BSN program though so I'll get that in the mail soon.
I woke up at 8am today and I honestly have forgotten what it's like to be up so early. This lady at the college transfer office had to tell me something 3 times before it registered LOL. Right now I'm waiting for Kelly to come pick me up. I think we're going to visit his grandmother today. I wanted to go to the quilt store before going there but remembered this morning that it's closed on Monday's :(
I really want some fabric to make a quilt and play with my sewing machine. I probably won't be able to do so until my rooms get back to the way they use to be but atleast I'll have something to look forward to.
Ana has been in 7th heaven all morning with the mattress on the floor. There is a tiny space between my mattress and the bookcases that she can wedge in and I think she's comfy since that's where she slept last night. She also doesn't have to get out of bed to drink water and if you know Ana then you know that is a major plus in this lazy dog's life.
It just came to me that I need to buy some Aida fabric for some ornaments and I just found this really cool pattern last night to make a cross stitch stuff animal that I want to make for a friend who is having a baby. It's really nice, I just hope that I can finish it. I don't usually stitch on Aida - I actually hate it but it's easier for me to sew in into something than it is with linen. Annabelle evenweave is good too but I don't know where to get any of that unless it's online and I need the fabric now :) Ok I'm happy!! Talk to you blog readers later on!

Sunday, November 14, 2004

Sunday evening ramblings...

I'm now officially living in one room. It makes me want to throw everything out and just leave the essentials. My queen size mattress is on the floor in my computer room so if you want to walk around you'll have to literally walk on the mattress. I know Ana is in heaven. She likes to be my shadow but also likes to spend the day laying down in bed and I usually lose out to the bed. The good thing to this is that my dad will work faster when painting and finishing my room. He said that moving my stuff wouldn't be necessary if I woke up earlier since he claims he can only paint during the day. My easy solution to that was to wake me up early - I have no problem waking up early, I figure I can go jogging or something, but he doesn't.

Talking about jogging - I need to lose some weight. I don't know if my scale is broken but I've gained about 5 lbs this week! Well maybe these past 2 weeks. I still see it as bad. So starting this week no unnecessary eating or late night eating for that matter. I think that's what does it to me. I eat at like 2-3am while watching Roseanne. Since I don't think I'll have a TV at night this week I should be able to cut the eating out. I cleared a spot for my tv but don't think the cable for the cable box will make it. I was destroyed for a moment but then realized I have like 5-6 dvd's that I haven't seen and are still wrapped in plastic that I can watch on my computer. My screen is a 19" so it will actually be better since the TV in my room is a 13" LOL. I also have stereo surround here so I'll have something to do :)

Tomorrow I have my appt with Adelphi. I hope they tell me I'm accepted and can start in the Spring. Not that I'll go in the spring but it will be nice to be eligible to go. Thursday is my job fair, I didn't want to work at a agency initially but I was talking to my cousin today and she has invited me to go skiing with her in December and if I get a job at a hospital I don't think I'll be able to take off like I would be able to at an agency. I don't know yet though so again we'll see.

I joined another cross stitch group. I actually didn't join but re-joined. I look forward to it. I haven't been stitching as much as I'd like to, so I'm hoping that this group will inspire me in some way. I'd actually like to re-join all the groups I was in but the email would be insane! Three for now is good for me I hope. I honestly think I need a good stash spree to get my stitching juices flowing again, just can't afford it right now. Well I can but I have lots of other important things to do right now which make me not be able to afford it. Kelly would take me shopping but I felt so bad on Thursday when we went shopping. I realized that he really spends all of his money on me. Not that it's a bad thing because when I had a job and he was in school it was vice versa but it was like ok if you want that then I'll leave this and won't buy myself anything. He actually did have the money for both things but didn't want to spend it. He's so funny, today he called me after talking to his grandmother and told me that he just found out that his grandfather was half jewish so maybe that's why he was being cheap on Thursday (no offense to Jewish people).

Ok I've rambled on enough. I don't want to bore anyone tonight. I'm considereing playing Sims right now but I don't know if I'll be able to. I had to put my keyboard on my suitcase because I can't pull out the chari to my desk to type LOL. I wonder if my mouse will reach? Off to check!
I went out tonight. I always say that I don't like being around crowds but today made me realize that I do like to go out, as long as it's somewhere I like to go. I went to go see my cousin's band play at this bar. I enjoyed myself sooo much. I went to see them maybe a month ago but didn't enjoy myself so much since we left right after. Tonight we stayed long enough for me to have a few drinks and mingle. I can't wait until the next show. I love his band. It's a rock band called Leech and his guitarist kicks ass! He's also funny. The band after (Section 8 Cartel) was good too. I bought their CD - I always like to support good starving artists - plus their bass player reminded me of Kelly a little :)
I haven't stitched in a while - didn't get a chance to stitch last night because I played Sims 2 instead. I'm starting to think that I'm not stitching because I don't want to stitch what I'm stitching as much as I thought I did. I might put it up and stitch a quick ornament and then go back to it. I guess we'll see...

Friday, November 12, 2004

What day is it again?

I don't know why but I keep thinking it's Saturday. All this week I've been one or two days ahead. I hate that. This is why I need a job or go back to school. I'm really out of synch with the days of the week and don't even ask me what the date is because after September 7th (my birthday) I was lost. I also have to fix the clock in my room because it's still ahead one hour. I've even started not wearing a watch - I think that's a true sign of a bum in progress hehe.

It's raining here, it's been raining here all day - literally. I'm glad I didn't wash the dogs yesterday because I'd be pissed right now. I don't know what I do to dogs but when they are with Kelly they act like dogs, when it's just me and them they act so prissy like. Ana now doesn't like to go outside in the rain. I had to push her out the door today. I take whatever I said about her being smart back LOL. When she goes out on a day that it's not raining and you call her back she runs like lightening back inside. Today I call her back because I see she's getting TOO wet, well do you know she walked back so slowly! It was like she thought well if I don't move so fast I won't get that wet. That was my laugh of the night. I don't know what I'd do without her because the things she does are so funny.

I have nothing planned for the weekend except breaking in a new pair of PJ pants that I bought tonight. I love PJ pants!!! I wish I could wear them all the time LOL. I think my mother may force me to go to a dinner party with her on Sunday hopefully I can get out of it. Sometimes I think it's sad that I don't like to go out unless Kelly or one of my cousin's are involved, but then again these are the people I like to hang out with and I'm so shy that unless I'm around people that I have known for quite some time I won't have any fun.

Well I'm off to stitch! I haven't touched a needle in like days. I did manage like 15 stitches in last night but that doesn't count. Good Night! :)

Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Hello, Hello!

I'm in a good mood today. Maybe because it was still morning when I woke up :)
I haven't called the hospital yet, so that's my only downer, but to even things out I did call my old school, they are having this Adelphi Uni transfer person there, so I scheduled an appointment to see if I get accepted for the RN to BSN program. I fI do get accepted then I plan to start this fall.
I spoke to my cousin and the more I speak to her the more I'm glad that my mother is my mother and my aunt is my aunt. Not that she has a bad mother, because she's a great mother, just when it comes to money she's hmmm I don't know what she is but my mother is the total opposite. Maybe it's a good thing or maybe it's a bad thing. When I was in college (like my younger cousin is) I use to get a $1750 check a semester. My cousin gets a little less but also gets a check. Well when I got the check my mother wouldn't expect anything from me. It was my money and if I wanted to give her some then fine, if not then oh well. It's like that with any unexpected money that I get. Well with her mom it's like oh you're getting this check, this is what you're going to do and this much is going to me AND I expect you to buy me a present too. It annoys my cousin and everyone else who knows about it, family wise. She called me this morning to see what she should do. My mother says it's fine to give her advice but make sure it's nothing rebelious - I'm a rebel in my mother's eyes and it's kind of true. Well for once I partially agreed with my aunt! She wants my cousin to buy a computer for her and her brother, which I think is a good thing. She doesn't want to and of course I partially agree with her, she feels that her mother should be the one buying it for them. I told her although that might be the case and some parents DO buy their kids computers, her mom isn't going to, so she might as well get the computer. Plus she can get a nice one from Dell for a good price. I also told her to try and make her mom go 50/50 with her.
I also don't like that her mother has so much say in what she does - she's 18!! I know she's not an adult and still needs her mom because God knows I needed my mother at 18 and still do, but she's not allowed to make her own decisions or mistakes. I really feel she's going to resent her mother in the long run. At her age I could have went to my mother with any problem I had without fearing that my mother would fly off the handle or not support my decision, she can't. Her mother makes her dye her hair a specific color because she wants it not because her daughter wants it. My cousin wanted to darken her hair and wanted me to dye it, I told her no way! Her mother would have a heart attack!The only way I do it is if her mom buys the dye and I see her paying for it. My mother laughed when I told her but then shook her head because it's so true. Hmmm now thinking of it maybe if my mom did tell me what color to dye my hair yesterday's fiasco wouldn't have happened LOL.
The only thing that upsets me about this entire check thing is that I could understand if she was made to do these things because the financial situation in the house wasn't a good one but it's not, and that's what no one understands. I think it's wrong. I'm sure there's a lesson to teach her by doing this but so far I don't see it, because so far she's just getting pissed at her mom and making her look bad by complaining about her. Again I say I'm glad my mother isn't like this. If she were it would make me hide things from her and probably not look forward to my first paycheck because after Uncle Sam robs me she'll be next in line. And I'll probably NOT want to help out once I start working, I'll probably want to get away from here ASAP but then again that's me not my cousin...

I just finished this last night/early this morning. I really like it - it looks nicer in person than the picture on the chart. I'm now looking for something to stitch so I'm not sure what's next Posted by Hello

Tuesday, November 09, 2004

The hair saga continues...

Ok so now that I've straightened it - my hair is not so bad. I'm think the reason it was so bad is because the color I dyed it is lighter than what it was. BTW when my hair was wet my hair looked like it was orange - very disturbing! LOL. It's weird because shouldn't your hair be darker when it's wet? As soon as I dried it, it started to look light brown which made me super happy. I did not want orange hair, especially since I have to start looking for work soon. So my hair is done now and I'm happy! I guess next time I wash my hair I'll just avoid looking in the mirror until my hair dries hehe.


Ok so how long do I have to wait before I dye my hair again?!?!?!

The box said Light brown and I specifically bought the type that was for dark hair so it wouldn't look brassy. If only you could see the color of my hair *sigh* It's...I don't even know what color it is. I'm hoping after a few washes it will look like something, if not next Tuesday I'm dying it again. I'm also wondering if it looks this way because I had streaks in my hair. Because really I think what's so whatever it is are my streaks. Maybe I left it in too long?

My mother laughed at me - I'm starting to notice she likes to laugh at us when we screw up. It's her way of saying I told you so. My cousin's new gf is a reddish blondish and she told me if seeing her made me envious of her hair. Inside I laughed. She did tried to make me feel better by telling me to re-wash it and maybe it will look ok.

Well I'm off to blow-dry my hair. If anything else happens worth writing about I'll write later.

Another boring day...

I'm getting tired of doing nothing - correction I am tired of doing nothing. Tomorrow I'm going to Macy's or Bloomingdale's to buy a suit and calling the hospital that I said I wasn't going to call to schedule an interview. I've realized that I am close to becoming like my least favorite people - complainer's who do nothing about their crappy situation - not that my situation is a crappy one.

On a happy note: My dad has FINALLY started my room. He's making a hole for a future ceiling lamp. I didn't want one at first but now I do. I think I'm going blind because my halogen lamp just isn't cutting it when it comes to late night stitching. My Ott Light helps but I still think I'm going blind. My dad can't start painting until he buys the molding for my room but hopefully he'll buy it soon, I'm getting real tired of the mess.

I went stash window shopping this morning - three words - OMG! I need to get some extra $$ so I can do some real shopping :) Lots of nice winter stuff out there. I think I may place an order soon - I don't like to dip into my "rainy day" money but I may - I'm such an addict when it comes to stash. I see that I'm quickly becoming re-addicted to Ebay and it doesn't help that I set it to be my homepage LOL.

Well it's time to go - I'm winterizing my hair today and it's time to rinse! Translation: making my hair color just a little darker, but I think I may be making it lighter this time - I just picked up a box at Target and paid LOL, we'll see!

Monday, November 08, 2004

I woke up super late today - it was almost 2pm when I decided to roll out of bed. Tomorrow I'm forcing myself to get up early, as mentioned before I hate that I sleep in so late. I started thinking of where I wanted to work at. And remember the place I spoke about? Well I don't think I'll call them for an interview. It's just too far from my house. It wouldn't be far if I was almost positive I wouldn'g hit traffic but in traffic a 30 minute drive can and will turn into maybe a 90 minute drive and I just couldn't take it. It would make me hate my job and I can't have that. Once I start hating a job I start slacking and of course that's not good. I signed up for a job fair that's on the 18th. It makes me feel bad that's it 2 weeks from now - I feel like I should get up now and get a job so that I can start in 2 weeks. So maybe I will call the hospital that called me back *sigh*

I decided to keep on stitching my Halloweeny stuff :) I also found some nice things to stitch for winter that are already in my stash - Kelly will like that LOL. All I need to do is kit them up and wait for the time to come to stitch them.

Sad news time: Two people that I know have had major losses in their families, both occuring this weekend. They lost their pets, both dogs, one a puppy and one an older dog. I just can't and don't want to imagine the pain that they are going through right now. So if your reading this can you just send some healing vibes their way, I'm pretty sure they can use it.

Ok so I'm sorry for ending on a sad note but I must get ready to go to the PO to mail out some Ebay auctions. I'm thinking of starting my own Ebay business but that could be just one of those things you say you want to do but don't ever do it. Have a great afternoon blog readers!!!!

M Designs "Checkered Halloween" Posted by Hello

I love the cat in this one - Kelly likes to mock this cat's face and it's so funny. He only does it for me though and I doubt he'll let me take a picture to post on here but I really wish I could share the way he looks with you. I think the cat is the reason I forced myself to finish this. I hate border's and I hate backstitch but my love of stitching and this cat have allowed me to force myself to finish this. Not sure what I'll stitch next. I know Halloween is over but I can't stop myself from wanting to stitch more Halloween stuff in my stash - I feel it's too early for Christmas/Snowman stuff. I love the Fall but nothing out there has caught my eye. I'd love to stitch SBs Leaf but feel I should stitch Sail first and I don't want to right now. It's 2am here and this is usually my stitching time so I better go choose something to stitch while watching Roseanne on Nick at Night!

Sunday, November 07, 2004

Now It's official - I'm a Registered Nurse :) Posted by Hello

It's official - I'm a Registered Nurse!!!

Ok I goofed on the picture somehow but it's fixed now look above :)

Saturday, November 06, 2004


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Thanks Debbi!!!

Guess which one is Gary?

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I was seven when my sister got pregnant for the first time, she was 17. My mother wasn't too excited but with her being in the US and my sister in Ecuador there wasn't too much she could have done to prevent this from happening. When my sister was around 22 my mother brought her to live with us here in the US. At 25 she had her second child. I don't know what happened but they had to remove one of her ovaries and the doctor's told her the chances of having more children were slim to none. Since she had a boy the first time and now a girl, it didn't bother her that much since she felt she had one of each and was now done.
When she turned 31 she found out she was pregnant. My mother laughed at her - but in a friendly motherly way. Nine months later Gary was born. I remember my niece wanted to return him because he didn't have yellow (blonde) hair. Out of all of her children Gary is the "active" one.
Have you seen the plastic commercial with the little boy who's mother keeps saying "It will be a miracle if he makes it to ..enter age.." Well that's Gary. When he was 2 he use to drive me crazy with his "what is this" and "why is it this way" questions. He's always jumping off of things and getting into things. He can talk your head off in both english and spanish and believe me he really can. I never got use to him when he was 2 but then again I never really got to hang out with him. He comes over more often now that my mother is off weekends and I enjoy having him here, hearing him talk and still ask the questions he asked when he was 2. He's always smiling and laughing and making others smile and laugh. I took him to the store last weekend and it's usually a five minute walk but with him it must have taken 20 minutes because he wanted to hop over every crack in the sidewalk, I couldn't help but smile at the situation. At our cousin's birthday party he almost made the birthday boy cry because he just had to blow out the candles, making everyone laugh.
Today as he was putting his coat on to go home, he told me "Bye, I'll be right back." I can't wait for the weekend to come to have him come "right" back.

Thursday, November 04, 2004

These are my puppies :) Kobe is the white and grey one and Ana is the black and white one. Posted by Hello
I'm starting to like people less and less now-a-days. I hate all the negative talk they talk. All the anti-(insert whatever) talk really kills me. I know some of what they say is true but once they start judging everyone the same way it bothers me. I don't say anything a lot of the time - I don't like to start trouble plus I fear that I may not have all of the facts to back up my argument and of course everyone is entitled to have an opinion.

Well I actually didn't want to write about anything deep but instead I wanted to write on a few not so important things. Today it rained all day I think. I like rainy days but when you have a dog it makes it hard to like them when they have to go out. It makes me envy cat people - they have it so easy - just change the litter box. I had a cat once but my mom made me get rid of it. The cousin that I mentioned a few days ago was afraid of it and wouldn't come over once I got it. Remember I told you I hated her when we were younger? Well I'll let you speculate on one of the reasons I loved this cat so much *insert evil laugh*.

Kobe hates to go out in the rain which I love because he will hold it until it stops raining. He's funny he'll actually stick his snout out the door to check if it's raining before he goes out. I sometimes have to push him out the door. He's a smart dog and people can see it instantly. Ana, on the other hand, will go out. She usually does flips when it's raining or snowing outside, today she didn't want to walk, which surprised me. I had to push her to go outside and drag her down the block for her to use the bathroom. My cousin walked with me and he had an umbrella and she truly pushed him over with her body so that she could get under. Even when we ran back home she ran at a steady pace with my cousin under his umbrella. If you were to just meet Ana, you would think she's just a dumb happy dog. She can't do things that Kobe can. Kobe can open and close a door, distinguish different toys and objects and bring them to you when you ask him, he's bi-lingual and at one point knew how to turn the computer off when he wanted your attention! Ana just wants to love you and be loved, but the longer I observe her I'm starting to think she may be playing dumb. I think she practices those sad faces she gives in the mirror when no one is watching. I think she knows who to go to when she wants a certain thing. And I know that when I come home and both her and Kobe come to greet me and she leaves me to get Kobe's rope to pretend that she wants to play with him but then leaves him once she's got him into a game to come get all of my attention is no coincidence. Ana may be smarter than Kobe I'm starting to think and that's very scary since many times I swear they work in unison LOL.

I guess I can tie in my first paragraph with the rest of my blog. Lots of people have a negative view on Pit Bulls. There's a lady around the corner who's dog terrorized my dogs yet she crosses the street when she sees me. There's another lady with 5 hotdog dog's down the block who's dogs ALWAYS growl at mine but swears mine will kill hers. And while it's true that Pit Bulls do get a bad rap from the media, I just wish that they were smart enough to educate themselves on the breed and realize that it's truly the owner that creates the monster it's not how the dog is born.

What it is

I'm suppose to be reading "The Catcher in The Rye" so I can help my little cousin with her paper on it. I swear to you that as I read more and more of the book I say to myself "I've read this book!" Yet I don't remember any of it. I could cheat out and read the cliff notes but I never liked the cliff notes - I always feel like I'm missing something. I want to give up on helping her but then I'd feel like some evil let down cousin or something. I'd like to know when will the day come when I won't feel rushed with her school work. What do I mean? Well I don't mind helping any of my cousin's with anything - I love it, I feel like in the process I'll learn something too. Well each and everyone of them (except for her) come to me as soon as they get whatever they need help with. She ALWAYS comes to me last minute! No matter how many times I tell her otherwise. I guess I kinda enable this behavior since I always help her no matter what. But this time I'm kinda getting pissed off. Why? Ok, she got this assignment last week Monday, she tells me about it, I tell her to come to my house with whatever she needs to bring by Wednesday the latest. Her paper is due Monday (yes this past Monday, Nov 1st) Well she shows up yesterday. She has me thinking it's a little BS paper that I can revise in 30 minutes and it's not. She partied this weekend and did nothing on Friday and never read the book and then doesn't even have anything on paper! Then gets upset that I can't write it in one night. I laughed because if I didn't I would have spazzed out on her. So now I'm stuck reading The Dumb Catcher in the Rye and had to watch Igby Goes Down (which wasn't a bad movie - see I learned something LOL) and now I have to write some dumb paper. I want to tell her sorry hunny I can't do it but of course I can't :( Did I mention I hate writing papers? Because if I didn't let me mention it now - I HATE WRITING PAPERS!!!!!

Ok enough about my cousin/paper dilemma. I got another call from some nursing agency, it's nice to know that I have options but I'm not sure yet where I want to work. I know I want nights and 12hr shifts so I can have more bumming out days, but just don't know where. Once my documents come in I'll decide I guess until then it's please leave a message after the beep.

It's raining her and I keep hearing this sound that sounds like water dripping but I can't find where in the house it's coming from. Of course it's driving me crazy! I'd like to find it before my father finds it or else I'll have to hear his mouth which will definitely drive me crazy! Yesterday he was complaining about something that happened YEARS ago and I finally had courage to tell him to stop crying over spilled milk! It shut him up - for like a few minutes before he started up again. I hope I don't get complainy like he is when I get to his age, it's funny because he doesn't want to be like my grandfather when he's my grandfather's age. I'm starting to think we don't want to be this way because we don't want to get old. I know since I turned 22 I started to think it was all over for me, I felt so oooooolllllllld, can you imagine what I'll feel like when I'm my dad's age? LOL

Well the time has come for me to end this. I'm going to try to start this paper, read, or stitch. LOL I say start this paper or read but we all know I really mean stitch!

Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Random news

...Provisional ballots, new this election, also prompted disaster fears because they could delay any recount efforts. Any voter whose name does not appear on precinct rolls is entitled to cast a provisional - or paper - ballot. But elections officials must individually certify them as being cast by registered voters before they can be counted.
"To a certain extent, provisional ballots are second-class votes," said Spencer Overton, a law professor at George Washington University. "You can cast a provisional ballot but we don't know if officials will count it."

From: http://aolsvc.news.aol.com/elections/article.adp?id=20041102051509990002
Now that definitely makes me feel better!

The Ghetto Vote

I really don't know where to start. Usually when I hear people say "they" don't want "us" to vote or our vote doesn't count, I suck my teeth at the ignorance. Democracy is for everyone, right? We have this democratic government to make things fair and equal for everyone - everyone gets to have a say. Well I just came back from voting and I'm really starting to think that "they" don't want "us" to vote and what's more scary is that I don't think my vote will count at all this election. It could be me being paranoid as usual but I really don't know. I have been a registered voter since 18. I've voted for in every election except for the Bush/Gore election, after seeing what happened I swore to vote each and every time after that. Well, I go to vote and my name does not appear, I had to fill out a paper ballot which I feel is going to get lost.
The chaos and confusion where I voted was unbelieveable! Lots of people there were upset and I realized this is why they feel that we don't count. Some of them even left - now is that fair? I really wonder what it's like to vote outside of the ghetto, if the confusion is as great. If things are orderly, and if the people who left this time around, who do count, will ever return to vote?
I do pray that nothing goes wrong this time around. There is too much on the line IMO for another screw up. Sure some people would love to see our current president in office again and honestly up until a few days ago I was sort of leaning towards him, but I really think I must have been on crack or was brainwashed, he is so against for what I stand for as a woman, as a healthcare professional, and just as a regular human being who happens to be a minority living in the ghetto and I am soooooo happy that I realized before it was too late.

Tuesday afternoon ramblings...

Ok so the excitement still hasn't worn off. I haven't told everyone I know just the important ones. Again I'm weird like that, I don't need everyone to know like others, just the important ones. When I first met Kelly and we would go out, he wouldn't introduce to everyone he knew, while I would get pissed like he had something to hide, he would tell me they aren't important enough to know you, I guess I understand what he means now.

I honestly can't believe that I'm a RN now. I'm waiting for my license to come in the mail so I can take that nice diploma like paper out with my name on it. I think I'll frame it. Reflecting on the pass, I don't know how I made it. If anyone knew me when I was 18-20 they definitely knew I wasn't going to graduate from college. Now not only have I graduated from college but I'm a Registered Nurse!!! Might not seem so luxurious to some but hey - I made something out of my life that I, and everyone who loves me, can be proud of. I was a bit paranoid last night. I always think when things are going so right that I'm going to die LOL. You know like those people you see on the news - everything in their life is going perfect and BAM some freak accident occurs.

Today is voting day. I'm waiting for my cousin to get home to go vote. It's her first time voting and she's a silly type excited. I'm glad that she is though, I love her so much that when she's happy it makes me happy. She's like my little sister, just wish she would stay little forever. Makes me feel old watching her grow up. I can still remember when she didn't speak English and would go around saying "Que is you doing?" She's gonna kill me for writing that but she'll get over it hehe. I use to hate her when we were kids - she stole my spotlight LOL. Well I'm going to stitch and wait for her to get home. I always thought the MTV voting campaign was a bit harsh. But now that the day has finally come I must quote them, since after thinking about the issues that I feel will affect me are important and might as well be life threatening I'll must say go out and VOTE OR DIE!

Monday, November 01, 2004

I passed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yup I did it - I passed. Major happy dancing going on here. Should get my license in the mail next week some time and then off to find a job. I'm so happy :)