Thursday, June 28, 2007

A teeny finish :)

Here's Bunny Hop over one. It's really teeny and I love how it looks. I hope I can finish both into a pinkeep and scissor fob and have them look nice. Well I spent the morning cleaning up and now I'm off to stitch for a few. Stay cool :)

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

One Day Finish!

I just started stitching this about 2.5 hours ago and it's done! I don't think I've ever had such a quick finish...granted it's only 23x23 stitches LOL. I'm going to stitch it again but this time over 1 and hope to start it at work. I plan on finishing them into a pinkeep and a scissor fob and they will be gifts so hopefully they come out nice and it won't be too hard to part from them. The pattern is an old Brightneedle freebie that I bought from a freebie book they published called Small Samplings and the pattern itself is called Bunny Hop.

Monday, June 25, 2007

I thought this would be this month's finish but now that I look at it realistically I know it's not. I may not even have a finish for this month, I did order the new Lizzie Kate so I *may* have one who knows. Anyway here's the latest WIP picture of my BBDs piece. On another note, does anyone watch Army Wives? I like it! I didn't think I would but I do :-) I'm going to see if I get some sleep now so I can have a full day tomorrow instead of me waking up at 5pm only to go back to sleep and going back to work the next night. TTFN!

Monday, June 18, 2007

Update Time!

Today I did something I haven't done in a long time - I stayed home! Although I've been wanting to stay home for a while can I tell you that I'm bored. I don't know what to do with myself LOL. I did go out for a few hours earlier to run some errands but that's about it. I've been stitching, so that's a plus but really I wish I would have done more before going back to work tomorrow.

I'm finally done with my house on my BBD *yea* I'm working on the roof now, which shouldn't be too tedious - there's only so much stitching with one color that I can stand for! Atleast purple is prettier and the roof isn't as big as the house. Once I'm done with it I'm going to stitch on The Big Zipper for a while. Here's where I'm at with it:

I've been trying to not shop as much as I use to so I can save some money, and I'm actually doing a good job at it. It's amazing how much I saved in a month. I was so proud of myself that I decided to buy myself a "way to go" gift LOL. When it comes in I'll share a picture :-) Hopefully it comes in next week when I need a pick me up, all of my work days are sort of squished together so it'll seem like I'm working a whole lot more, plus I'm seriously thinking of doing some OT so I can save more and pay off my credit cards quicker.

Well I'm off - I need to walk outside or something before I go crazy LOL. TTFN

Friday, June 15, 2007

Picture Time

Here are pictures of my two WIPs. The top one is Bent Creek's Big Zipper and the bottom one is Blackbird Designs Awake The Dawning Day. I have to say I like working on both of them and wish I had more time or could work on them at the same time. I worked on Big Zipper today - it stitches up pretty quick, I probably would have had more done but this nasty frog came to visit me and we all know how that goes. I'll probably work on ATDD tomorrow (today) I'm close to finishing the house and then I can work on the roof. I've actually almost used one entire skein of WDW Pebble. Once I get the house done and maybe the top vines around the house I'll start stitching my Calico Cats.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Bookmark Exchange!

I received my bookmark exchange from Lisa today! It was a very nice package. First off she wrapped it in brown wrapping paper - this is something I've always wanted...a package wrapped in the brown paper LOL (I know I'm weird.) Then she stuffed it with lots of goodies! You see the pictures of Ana with her bandana? Well, she made it! How cool is that??? The fabric is also the same fabric of the pillow *and* the backing of the bookmark, also made by Lisa. Everything is sooooo pretty! I really need to do more exchanges! Other things sent are 2 packets of tea, a book (Dead Giveaway,) a packet of needles size 26 (my size) an "M" notepad, a teeny *pink* bag and a cute card, which both Kelly and my cousin loved. After the 15th shot
Ana was nice enough to cooperate and take a decent picture, I guess she had thoroughly inspected everything by then. I really loved everything I received, wish this exchange wasn't over LOL. TTFN I need a nap, I feel like I haven't slept in days!

Pretty Pretty Hearts!

I went to my stitchy date today at my not so LNS and look what they had there waiting for me! Aren't they pretty? Seeing things like this makes me want to stitch faster so I can get more things finished hehe. I don't think I need to mention that I had fun today but I did, Kelly even came with me and sat patiently while I stitched, he even bought me "just because" roses afterwards. He's such a good BF most of the times (he does have his *pish* "men" moments LOL.)

I've been stitching on BBD Awake The Dawning Day and while it seems like I'm getting no where I actually have most of the house (minus the roof) done. I should have taken an update picture to post but I didn't...maybe next time.

While at my nsLNS I bought fabric for the Calico monthly cats.
Petra is doing them all on one fabric and they look so pretty that I have to be a copy cat and stitch them :-)

Did I mention I started The Big Zipper? One night I couldn't sleep and I had about enough of stitching with WDW Pebble (the color of the house) that I started it. It doesn't seem that big anymore. I figure I'll stitch on it whenever I get tired of ATDD and go back and forth.

Well I'm off to watch Big Love on Tivo. TTFN!

Thursday, June 07, 2007

Today I decided I'd make a change and instead of laying around I'd go jogging, I took Ana with me and I don't think she appreciated it too much. We didn't go far just to the park, did 3 laps around the track (didn't want Ana to over do it) and then sat around while she cooled down and came home. I think we, or atleast I'll do it again tomorrow. I really need to lose weight; I miss being in shape.

I started watching Big Love Season 1 on DVD. It was on sale at and it's something that I've been wanting to watch for a while. It's interesting...

I've abandoned My Country Home by ED and started Awake the Dawning Day by Blackbird Designs. I'm not happy with the way my stitches are laying. I don't know what's wrong...maybe it's just me. I'm going to start The Big Zipper soon, I just don't know when. ED is also going to move to Kelly's house so I have something to stitch. Anyway here are some pictures.

Oh big news I have to share! I cooked! I know what's the big deal, but I don't know how to cook and have been afraid to do it. I figured that this is one of the few things that keep me from moving out so yesterday I defrosted some ribeye steaks, seasoned them, and broiled them and it was good! Last time I tried to cook it was a disaster so I'm really happy about it. Next up is trying to bake a chicken. I told Kelly I'm going to learn even if it kills him in the process LOL.

Well I haven't been to sleep since yesterday and I'm pretty sure I'll crash pretty soon so TTFN!

Sunday, June 03, 2007

No Pictures...

I feel lazy today, like even hitting the keys on the laptop is just too strenuous LOL.

I went to my not so LNS yesterday - didn't do much damage, mainly just bought stuff for the exchanges I signed up for in my yahoo group. I did buy myself 3 things though :-) The new Loose Feather's Awake the Dawning the Day was a must for me, as well as the fabric and floss. I also got one of those tool thingies that you pull the short threads with (I don't know what it's called) and a package of needles. Oh and I dropped off Summer Snapperland to be framed. I'm not sure how I feel about the frame's like I can never choose any framework without Kelly being there.

I haven't stitched much. I may abandon my ED for a while, I'm just not feeling it right now. I went through the stash that I have by my night stand and found other things to stitch. The chance that I start my Loose Feather's is great too. I keep pulling out the Big Zipper but JEEZ! is that thing big!!! I think my 17x 17 Q-Snaps are too small for the fabric. I'd like to start it though because there's no way I'm going to start stitching it once other pieces come out, it will seem too big for me then. I also made some fobs for my exchanges...well one fob and I had to re-string a fob I had already made. Note to those I made fobs for: If they ever fall apart you can send them back and I'll fix them. I forgot to put a crimping bead at the end so they may fall apart if tugged on. If it's too much a hassle (Cheryl) let me know and I'll just send another one made the right way! :-)

Well I'm going to take a nap or just slug around. TTFN!