Saturday, February 11, 2006

I've been trying to blog since Thursday and something just keeps getting in the way!

I wanted to write all about this book obsession that I have. It seems I can't stop buying books. Its ridiculous I keep telling myself, and everyone who asks me, don't you have enough books, "This is the last one I swear." My rational for buying so many books and making it ok is - if I don't buy it right then and there I'm going to forget the title and end up missing a potentially awesome read. Well anyway as previously mentioned I'm running out of space to put them, so after the 3 other books I MUST buy that's it no more books for me for a while.

I had my tooth extracted yesterday - I hope I never have to go through that again. I had them knock me out but thanks to my lifetime movie watching I can't help but think of what could have happened while I was sleeping LOL. I know I could have stayed awake but I'm chicken shit and had them give me general anesthesia. I must confess I love anesthesia, I've never had a problem with it and when I wake up it's like I've been on vacation, but yesterday I was so out of it that I think I may think twice before getting it again unless it's necessary. This morning I wake up and I'm like did I pay whatever I owed the doctor? Did I leave my debit card with them? The lady said something about spitting what was it? I don't even remember walking out of the office, plus I woke up nauseous with a killer headache and lightheaded. I don't know if it's from that, the Tylenol #3 (which btw did nothing for my pain,) or the antibiotics since I took the last pill on an empty stomach. I honestly think it's the antibiotics with the lightheadedness being associated with the codiene , I can't remember if the last time I was amoxicillin if I was able to tolerate it and for the love of me I can't remember it's brand name and was too zonk out to look it up.

To make things worse I have a pill swallowing phobia, I just can't swallow pills. When I was younger forget about it give me a pill and I could take it without water now - UH UH there's no way I'm taking it unless deemed absolutely necessary. I know amoxicillin came in a liquid form and wanted to ask for that instead but my pride wouldn't let me hehe. I'm like counting down the time until I can brush my teeth. I called the dentist's office this morning to go over the instructions I couldn't remember and apparently I can't spit for 24 hours. I feel so nauseous now that I pray I can wait that long.

I haven't seen Kelly in over a week and am missing him like CRAZY!!! Since I'm on vacation as of Thursday I had to work like a dog the last week and had no time to see him. Yesterday I told him to stay home since all I wanted to do was sleep and today he works :(

Ana's been Ana - she barked at all of visitors yesterday, so it's confirmed that when I'm not feeling well she's protective over me. Gross alert - I just let it go so much for waiting 24 hours, 22 hours is close enough right? Now my "tooth" is hurting :( But I feel much better LOL.

Kyle is proving to be a handful, even patient Ana looks at us like he's still here? It wouldn't be too bad if we actually knew how old he was then we could be like "he's still a puppy." So we're starting to think he's either younger than we were told or is going to have a long puppyhood. There's no in between with him it's either super hyper or super lazy where you can't move him to get whatever he's laying on. The good thing is that he makes you laugh. Kelly thinks he's dumb but I think deep down inside he knows what he's doing. When you tell him to stop doing something he'll just sit down and look at you like "ok I'll stop I don't care" and 2 seconds later he's back to doing it again and when you tell him to stop again this time screaming because you must have told him a gazillion times to stop doing the same thing you would think he got the picture he looks at you like "ok I'll stop I don't know what the big deal is, whatever."

Whenever he does something bad you can easily tell because Ana runs from the scene of the crime and you see Kyle there doing whatever he's not suppose to be doing oblivious to you standing over him. You can't help but laugh afterwards. It's really like whatever happened to the unconditional love and the eagerness to please that you get from adopted dogs?!?!?! Ana sometimes hides from him, she's even nipped at him a few times at first I use to stop it but ignoring it seems to be better, he gets the picture to leave her alone, that is after the hundreth time of her growling at him, which trust me is an improvement!

Well I think I'll try to get dressed and kill the time until I can wash my mouth - I think I've covered the basics, if not I'll blog more later on- TTYL :)