Thursday, July 31, 2008

If I could do a perfect cartwheel...

I would! Guess what I managed to finish on the train to work Tuesday night??? Little House Needleworks - Home of a Needleworker (Too!)
Stitched on Country GrainVintage Country Mocha 32ct Linen
Crescent Colours Belle Soie Silk Floss
(conversion by Mary Kathyrn)

Please excuse the wrinkled fabric, it's been in my bag since Tuesday. I would have posted a picture yesterday but I went to the zoo right after work with Kelly, my cousin, her husband, and my god-daughter Isabel. Once I got home I went straight to bed and zonked out! It was fun, I rode a camel for the first time and hung out with Isabel who is the CUTEST! I love her so much :-)

I figured since I still have one more day in July I should pull out my Red Thread Snappers to start July but I really would like to stitch something Halloweeny or my CC/CC Thread Packs dilemma dilemma!

Well thanks so much for the comments on the last post (and all other posts!) I appreciate them so much :-) TTFN!

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Pictures Galore

I have an update picture of Home of a Needleworker (Too!) seriously this piece should be finished by now! I'm not stitching on my Red Thread Snapper this month because I'm afraid if I put this down I will never pick it back up again. I'm still enjoying stitching on it so *yea* but I am so ready to have this finished and off of my Q-Snaps.

A while ago my partner for the Summer Exchange Round for F&S received my stitched piece. Since I went back to work blogging time is slim so this is my first chance to share with you guys what I stitched for her. Here's The Trilogy's Summer Tree (with my signature square.) Keeping with the theme of birds in the mail this is what my partner (Laura) stitched me... I LOVE IT! It's Halloweeny and she finished it into a basket lid so I was able to display it right away instead of putting it in my pile of things to finish. Thanks Laura!!!

In June and part of July the mailman was *not* good to me. Two of my exchanges went missing and some of my packages were marked certified but weren't so instead of leaving them in my mailbox I had to go pick them up at the post office (I go to a different post office because the one my neighborhood is assigned to is a mad house!)
Well since they weren't certified they weren't in the certified location of the post office and hence "lost" *sigh* well after waiting about an hour they were finally found. My exchanges, sadly, never showed up. I feel horrible about it but both of my partners were nice enough to restitch and resend. I think my mail is back to normal...atleast I'm hoping it is. Yesterday my HoE Freebie Exchange arrived *yea* Edda stitched me a wonderful pinkeep! I love it! One of my "small" basket ideas is having one that's a dog/pet theme and while I haven't stitched any of the charts I bought for the basket I now have the first one to add to it. Right now it's in my other basket but I love it. Thanks so much Edda!!!
Here's a picture of the entire package she sent me :-) I've been playing a lot with my camera...I don't think I'm getting any better but I may have developed a lens fettish. Thankfully the ones I want are expensive so I can't go out and buy them all at once. I just added a Canon 17-40mm F4.0L to my teeny collection. I took a picture of the entire width of my room and realized I live in a box! I took my camera to work to take pictures of the nurses so we can have a board with our pictures on it like other floors have (we have one but I've noticed only the day shift nurses are on it *grrr*) It's been busy at work so I didn't take many pictures and I won't share them with you for obvious reasons but I will share a picture I took this morning of Ana with my new lens...I think it looks sharper but I'm even newbie-er than a novice, if there's such a thing, so what do I know LOL.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Mini Happy Dance!!

I just put the last stitch to that blasted house on Home of a Needleworker (Too!) It took me so long to do it that I thought it would become a UFO for real haha! Now to do the rest *sigh* No picture of the house because I have to get ready to go to work but believe me it's done wooooooooohoooooooooooo!

Friday, July 11, 2008

Happy Mail :)

Thanks to Google Reader I was able to see a blog post on my stitchy friend's blog that then vanished into thin air. She sewed together the most wonderful quail pin cushion so since I couldn't comment on her original post I commented on another post. A few days later, on her blog, she wrote that she was going to give a quail away to her stitchy friend for noticing the missing post. I got excited but then thought, "Well what if someone else told her first *gasp*" Today, after my nap I went downstairs and found a box on the coffee table and this was inside of it!Some close ups!

Lisa thanks so much for this! You really don't know how much I love's the one of the prettiest things I've seen and you are truly creative!

Since we're on the topic of birds...these pretty little things also came in the mail earlier this week.
Cute no? The pictures aren't the greatest, I just sort of snapped them quickly but I love them! They were made by Barbara and can be bought at her Etsy Shop. She still has one there just in case you'd like to own one.

Last picture for the night is of my stitchy corner. I'd like to add more to my basket and I'd like to get a taller tree so my birds can be seen better.

Wednesday, July 09, 2008

The Fat Lady has sang

I go back to work tonight *sigh* My next "long" vacation is in November but I have a week coming up in September and I think in October. I hope tonight isn't busy, I get my break, and my patients are stable...and if they aren't I hope they wait until I'm done with my work before they decide to give me problems so I don't get behind in my work haha!

Two of my exchanges arrived to their destinations so I can finally share some finishes with you *yea* but first let me share this with off the Q-Snaps!
Sam Sarah Design Studio - Pearls "Nevermore"
Stitched on Silkweavers 28ct Cashel Linen "Boo"
Crescent Colours Floss
Now I wasn't suppose to start anything new but Monday night I went to Kelly's house and although I knew I packed my Home of a Needleworker (Too!) project bag before leaving when I got home it somehow walked out of the bag and stayed at his house. I was pretty bummed about it because I was really psyched to work on the windows. I had to stitch something so I started this teeny design and finished it up this evening. It was a quick stitch (it's only 29x29) and will be made into a teeny ornament for my Halloween Tree (another project that exist only in my head hehe.)

Sidenote: Monday we took the dogs to Kelly's friends house to play, they also have a Bull Terrier, and well they have a koi pond in their backyard and the mosquitos ate me alive! I have 6 mosquito bites on my left leg, 17 on my right leg, and 1 on my right arm. I'm so itchy :(

Now on to my other finishes...first up is the square I stitched for Stephanie for Round 7 of the Fair and Square Exchange. I stitched L'R de Rien's Une Poule au Jardin for her and she informs me that she likes it :) She has pictures on her blog of the extra goodies I sent and my signature square in case anyone would like to see more.
L'R de Rien - Une Poule au Jardin
Stitched on 32ct count Linen
DMC Threads

Second exchange was for the Quaker Inspired blog. We were to stitch one of the Workbasket's Quaker Animals and finish them into whatever we wanted to. My partner was Edgar and while I was excited to stitch for him I was also nervous...he's one of the blogs that I look up to :) I decided to stitch the turtle in blue for him and finished it off into a flatfold. He also has additional photos in case anyone wants to see more.
The Workbasket - Quaker Turtle
Stitched on Babbling Brook Linen (forgot the count)
Vikki Clayton Silks in Indigo Ocean

Here's the backI have one more exchange finish that I've done but I have yet to mail it out. The mail out date is July 14th so I'm doing OK. Hopefully Friday morning after I get off of work I'll mail it out. Before I go I do have one more picture to share and it's of my new stash!!!I went to my LNS yesterday after the beach and picked these up :-) I've ordered my fabric for these online last night and it has already shipped. I can't wait to start stitching these! I also joined 2 FOTMs since I have a few monthly $$ to spend and I have a very small fabric stash. Well I'm off...time for dinner and then I have to get ready for work *waaaaaaaaah*

Monday, July 07, 2008

WIP Update

So this is how far I've gotten on Home of a Needleworker (Too!) I feel like the slowest stitcher ever! It took me around 6 hours to stitch the roof. I feel like the house is going to take super long to stitch and I hope I don't get bored and then this turns into a UFO. I would really like to have this hanging on my walls some day. You can see the before picture here. I'm happy that I do have this WIP because it gives me something to blog about. I have 3 finishes to show but they're all exchanges and haven't reached their destinations...tomorrow *hopefully* one of them does arrive and I get to share it with you.

I do want to start something new but thankfully I do not have the charts to what I'd like to start. I was going to go to my LNS to buy them but they're closed on Monday so now I don't know if I should wait until Tuesday to go or order them online today. I know that I'd get them quicker if I wait until Tuesday but it's just the feeling that I have new stash coming in the mail that makes me feel better. Plus I don't know if my LNS has all of the charts that I want but she could order them for me. They would make PERFECT train projects! OMG I'm getting excited thinking about them!!! By the way I'm talking about the Country Cottage Needleworks "Sweet Treats etc." I've been seeing them stitched up on some of the blogs that I read that I now have to have them for myself. I'd like to stitch them separately and finish them off as something small for my growing "smalls" corner.

In other news, I go back to work on Wednesday and these are the last two days of my vacation. I enjoyed the first portion of it but didn't enjoy the last portion. I think it's because in the beginning I was all "Yea! I'm on vacation! Whoo Hooo!" and this last week I was "Jeez this is my last week I go back to work on Wednesday *tear*" Well it's 2am here and although I'd love to stay up to get back on my "night" schedule I'm going to try and enjoy my last 3 nights of actual "night" sleep. TTFN and thanks for the comments on my last post :-)

Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Fair and Square :-)

I don't know why I didn't post a picture of these with my last post but I should have! I received my F&S squares from Stephanie M. last week. She stitched me L*K Halloween snippet and I love it! First because it's Halloweenish and second because her signature square is wonderful! I plan to stitch the HIH Wee Pumpkins over 1 for my over 1 collection (that so far exist only in my head! LOL)