Wednesday, December 29, 2004

New WIP Picture

I know I said I was going to work on Heart In Hand's Christmas Medley but the threads for this came the same day the buttons came and I just had to start it. I'll get back to CM after this one hopefully. I thought I would be able to finish this tonight but now that plan looks like it's going to hell, I have a mild headache and I don't know what's causing it. At first I thought maybe I needed to loosen my hair, then I needed to eat something but nothing has worked so I'll probably take something for it - I hate taking medicine :(

Well anyway this is 3 days progress, last night I had "the halls" done and showed it to Kelly - he liked it. My response to him was not to like it too much since now I'd have to find someone who's last name was Hall so I could marry him LOL.

Like I said I'll go back to CM after this and then I think I want to stitch one more Christmasy thing before I stitch on my two winter projects and it's Shepherd's Bush A Merry Season. I'd really like to stitch more ornaments for the St. Jude's 2005 tree and hope to have 12 done before they are due (one for each month or days of Christmas!) I have 2 "future" ornaments printed out and sitting on my desk they just need to get kitted and stitched up.

Well I'm going to lay down and maybe stitch a little. I have a load in the washer machine so I can't sleep yet. I don't mind though, I love doing laundry! Hehe - crazy right?

Oh before I go - I ordered new buttons for Yule LOL. It's not that it's bothering me I just want to see if the small buttons would look nicer - wish they had a medium size. Kelly said he loves the way it looks with the buttons it has now but I just need to see! Hopefully when they come in I won't care how the other ones look. Like I keep on saying the ones it has now grow on me everyday - I hope I can get this framed when I start working because I really like looking at it. OK I'm gone!

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Tuesday, December 28, 2004

Here's something petty...

I never sweat the small stuff. I don't care most of the times, whatever someone says about me is "whatever." Today something happened that I can't brush off and I'm hating it right now. I have a friend, we've been friends for a long time. I've known her since first grade, so I think that's 17 years, give or take a year. When it comes to guys my friend isn't the sharpest pencil in the pencil case. Usually I just tell her what she wants to hear, but on a few occassions I've told her what I really thought, that she needs to smarten up and stop dumbing out. I never bring up any of her problems since it's the same old bullshit with her and it's usually little kid stuff that I rather not be bothered with. Well today she IMed me and asked me for my opinion on things, then she goes behind my back and tells the guy she's messing with that "people" are nosey and when he asks who, she tells him me and a mutual friend of ours, that we give our dumb f-ing opinions to her like she cares - HUH?!?!? WAIT A MINUTE!!! Didn't YOU ask US if we saw what you wrote and what we thought about it. I really couldn't believe that she told him that.

What's even funnier is that she sent me the entire conversation that she had with him. I mean did she forget to edit it?!?! I know she can be shady, but honestly I never thought she would be like that with me, especially not when it comes to guys. Whatever though, she'll just keep getting treated like a doormat and I'll just watch because next time she asks me anything I'm not sugarcoating anything for her. Maybe if I start hurting her feelings she'll treat me like someone who knows how to treat a friend.

I know I say I hate my family, but whenever something like this happens I'm so glad that I'm close to my cousins and that they're my friends. Sometimes it makes me feel weird that I have no friends that aren't related to me but atleast they don't act shady, so I guess that's all that matters, plus I have Kelly who's a great friend when it comes to the friend portion of our relationship and I have a few online friends. I just think it's messed up you know?

I thought Ana was doing better but of course something had to happen today. I called the vet and he seemed not to worry but I think I'll get a second opinion. She started spotting and I don't think it's normal. The vet said to just watch her but I think it's getting heavier which sucks since my uniform money will go to vet bills. It's ok, Kelly always helps out.

Well Roseanne is about to start and I need to stitch since I haven't stitched like I'd like to in a while so I'm gone - until the next time I have something to blog about.

Monday, December 27, 2004

Yule Finished!

So this is how my Yule looks with its buttons. I'm having mixed feelings about it. It's like I like the buttons but feel that they may be too big or maybe the colors are too bright for the floss. I don't know but if you have an opinion regarding my buttons please leave it, I'd greatly appreciate it regardless if it's bad or not. I've asked all of my cousins and mom and have gotten the same "It's ok" answer. I swear non-stitchers are so not helpful at times. The cousin that does stitch is sick and I'm not going near her until she's feeling good for about 3 days since she still may contagious LOL.

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Sunday, December 26, 2004

I've added another update pic on my Yule piece. Next time I post a picture it will be officially done since I am now just waiting on the buttons to arrive. I hope I ordered the right ones though since if they don't fit the space I'll have to go back to stitching the lightbulbs and I really don't want to do that.

I haven't blogged in quite a while. I've had stuff to blog about but everytime I sat down to write all that I had to write about just flew out of my head like, believe it or not, now. I don't want to bore you with the specifics on the holidays so I won't. I got money and I spent it with family. The money I got I can't spend on anything that I want because I need to pay for a parking ticket and need to buy uniforms for work *blah* I really would like to buy some clothes though since I did my yearly closet clean out Thursday and threw 2/3 (if not more) of my clothes away. I regretted it the next day but the old really had to go. Oh I dyed my hair and I LUV the way it turned out. It's like a not so dark but still dark brown. I love it for real. Kelly says it's too dark but I really love the color. It's still lighter than my real color which is starting to make me wonder how dark is my hair.

Ana is doing alot better. On the third day she jumped on the bed and last night she was really playful. She still has problems getting down the stairs and jumping off the bed but with time she'll get back to normal. She's also following me when she can. I have to buy her a little hoodie or something because when I bring her in from her walk her ears are ice cold. I'd like to get her little boots too but last time I put them on her she freaked out and I had to return them. Atleast I think we returned them, they still could be at Kelly's house.

Well I'm going to stitch or play Sims. I do have 2 RRs that I have to complete and one of them looks REALLY quick to stitch so I may really work on that then play Sims but we'll see. Oh I started a new project for me and hope to finish it up before 2004 is over - HIHs Christmas Medley. It looks like it will take a while to stitch because the chart is so big but it's really a quick one I think, they just charted it big. TTYL :)

Another Yule Update

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Wednesday, December 22, 2004

I bought a gift today!!!

This makes me so happy :) I was all gloomy because I couldn't afford to buy any one gifts this year and while waiting on line for my mother today someone left this BIG thing of jelly beans on the side and I was staring at them and then I remembered that Kelly had sent me on a hunt for jelly beans like 2 weeks ago and I bought them for him :) I was so happy, I atleast wanted to get him a gift and if I buy small gifts I want them to be meaningful and this was perfect. I still have a snowman to stitch for him but don't have the fabric or fuzzy thread yet. As long as I give it to him before February I'm good. I think he's bringing my gift tomorrow, not too sure. We are going shopping so he can buy my cousins some little things. He told me to order some things for myself which was nice but I'd still like something that's a surprise, you know? I can understand why he tells me to get my own gifts, I hard to shop for. One year he bought me this pretty watch and I complained that although I liked it, it had no numbers and how was I suppose to tell time on it, the next watch he bought me was wonderful but no second hand so I can't put it to everyday use. I don't know what I'll get for myself, probably some stash or this quilt kit that I was looking at on Ebay, we'll see...

Ana is doing much better today. I think it hurts when she poops and I feel so bad about it but there's really nothing I can do. We took 2 super slow walks but when I took her off the leash she sped up a little. I left her for about an hour today, I thought since she was sick she'd just stay in my room and not miss me but when I came home she was downstairs with my dad. He told me she came down crying and the only way she stopped was when she climbed on the couch next to him. He did say she had a hard time but she did all on her own so that's good. She ate today too, it was funny because at first she sort of just layed there with her head in the bowl. Yesterday it took her a long time to get up the stairs and today she's climbing them much faster, going down is another story though.

I went to sleep last night at 9pm and didn't wake up until 1pm this afternoon. I slept gooooooood. I was so tired last night it was unbelievable. Tomorrow is another early day *sigh* I just looked at the letter I received from the hospital that has my schedule and stuff and I'll be working 7:15-3:30 for the first 3 weeks which means that I'll probably have to wake up at 5:15am every morning for 3 weeks! That's unheard of in Mercyland. I know for the first few days it will be hard but I'll get use to it, then I'll have to get use to being a night owl again but that definitely shouldn't be hard to do.

Well I'll stop here - I have to dye my hair tonight and straighten it for tomorrow's ID picture taking. I get my ID tomorrow, maybe I'll post it maybe I won't. It all depends if I pull a Chandler LOL. I'm so not photogenic!

Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Quickie Post - I hope...

I'm so tired! Yesterday and today have been so hectic compared to my do nothing days which will soon be in the past *tear*

I took Ana to get spayed yesterday and missed her alllllll night! I picked her up today and I swear she was upset with me. She did wag her tail but she wasn't her usual happy self. At one point she looked so pissed that she looked like she wanted to push or bite me LOL. I guess she's in alot of pain right now because she went inside her cage when we got home and hasn't come out. If it's not pain then she must be really sensitive to the anesthesia. She does wag her tail when you bend down to look at her so she's coming back to normal slowly. I won't be able to sleep with her tonight again or probably tomorrow night also because she can't really hop onto the bed. She hasn't eaten since Sunday night and won't eat until tomorrow because she's been throwing up :( Good news is I gave her some water at 6pm and it's 8:30 now and she's been able to keep it down so I'll keep her water out so she can drink and tomorrow I'll give her the first meal since Sunday. She smells very mediciney and I hate it. I know it's the antiseptic that they probably cleaned her with. They shaved her belly and I know it's going to itch like crazy when it grows back. Oh she did have an ear infection and they gave me meds for that, just a cream and an ear wash, which is great because I don't feel like putting pills down her throat, I hope she's comfy now I put lots and lots of blankets in her cage. My poor baby - I wish she would know that I did this for her own good and loved her. I hope I'm not coming off as some crazed dog owner and I'm pretty sure if whoever is reading this has pets then they understand.

I've woken up both mornings at 6am. I'm so not use to these "normal" people hours. I'm going to bed soon and won't be stitching tonight. Yesterday was my interview and I was told that I would get a 2nd call from a nurse manager to interview with her. As much as I'd love to work at this 2nd hospital I doubt I will because if I don't get called in time for the Jan 10th orientation date then I have to start working for my first hospital. I went to fill out a massive amount of paperwork and give massive amounts of blood for my physical today. Could be why I'm so tired.

Well I'm off. This didn't come out as short as I wanted it to be but maybe it's shorter than my past blogs :) Buenas Noches Blog Readers!!!

Oh quick comment today I saw my first choodle and it was the cutest little dog on the face of this earth! The guy who adopted it was so happy with her and kept on talking to me about Zizi (the choodle) and it made me so happy and of course now I want a teeny dog :) Ok now I'm really gone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, December 19, 2004

Ok so let's get to the non stitching business. I couldn't come up with a snazzy blog title so I think this one will be title-less.

I went to the party last night, wasn't that bad. I hung out with my cousins and left early so I was happy. I don't know if I mentioned it but we planned a ski trip 2 get togethers ago which was cancelled at the last get together (my grandmother's dinner party) and is now back on. I hope we do go, I haven't gone anywhere since I started nursing school I think. We even have a cousin who hardly does anything coming with us. I think he's starting to come out of his shell because he said that he'd come with me to the city to see this band play. Could be because it's an all girl band night and he's a guy? :-P But it's all good because he was suppose to be my hang out buddy when we were younger and because he was so shy we never properly hanged, but we can make up for lost years especially since now I'll actually have money to hang out.

Kelly is going to start looking for a new job. He hates the job he's at now and I don't think I blame him. He's under payed and over worked, but then again who isn't? I'd like for him to go back to school and become an electrical engineer or something, he's not too sure about that plan and it's never too late to return to school so we'll see what the future holds for him. He'd actually like to become a car mechanic which is fine with me, but when I did my oncology rotation there was this car mechanic on the floor who's cancer was contributed to him working on cars and smelling car fumes, so I worry about that. But then I think if it's destined for him to get cancer and die he'll get it from whatever, the fact that male african-american's are at high risk for almost everything just doesn't put me at rest though. Maybe I'm just paranoid or something, I don't know, let's change the subject.

Ana goes for surgery tomorrow and it's suppose to snow tonight. I'll have so much fun driving into the city in the morning, if it sticks. I also have my job interview tomorrow which I'm excited about. I just won't know what to do if they do offer me a job. I mean how do I tell the other hospital I won't be working for you afterall. *Sigh*

On a happy note, I'm going out to eat at my favorite not so fast food restaurant today :)
It's called Rolling Roaster and it's goooooooooooood. It's a burger and fries place and to my knowledge there are only 2 so if you're ever in Brooklyn go check it out - it's in Sheapshead Bay on Emmonds Avenue I think. I know it's on the corner of Nostrand. The other one is in the city and it's new and it's on 11th and 2nd. It's really tasty, they make everything on the spot so you have to wait for a little while and you'll probably spend more than McDonald's but it's worth it trust me!!!!!!! Well now that I have the motivation to get from in front of this thing and get dressed I will. I love to eat there I really do - listen to me sounding like a greedy but really this is 2nd on my list of what I LUV to eat (steak is number 1)
Bye-bye blog readers!!!! *mwah*

Buttons on Order, Floss on the way...

...this is what I have to show you on this fine day :) LOL can you believe I came up with that in 2 minutes last night! I'm such a geek sometimes. Well it's almost done, there's nothing else I can do until my floss comes in and I actually order the buttons which should be on Monday/Tuesday, but I won't be able to order them until Wednesday night :( I really like it - I wish I would have used the DMC it called for the stars but instead I used WDW Whiskey - doesn't look too bad right? After getting this done at 2am I immediately started on HIHs Christmas Medley, another cutie IMO. I don't have much done because I wanted to do a little reading before falling asleep. I have like a 1/3 of the tree done.

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Saturday, December 18, 2004

Saturday Evening Blah's

This Saturday has been pretty blah. My mood has varied throughout the day. I've been stitching in front of my computer and feel that I should stop and do something else. What it is or why I feel this way is unknown. I have a birthday party to go to that I'm dreading. It's a party that my cousin is throwing for her kids. Why does a little kid party start at 7pm - I'll never know. I always thought they should be over by 4-5pm tops. I guess the stereotype because we're hispanic fits here LOL. I know when I have kids no parties will start at 7pm and they may be lucky if they get a party, I hate parties maybe I'll take them to Chucky Cheese or something. Who knows, I have no kids now and I hear things change once you have kids so we'll see.

I can't stand family functions. I'd like to stay home or do something else. It's like I never have anything to say to them and feel like I could be home bored stitching instead of there bored in a cranky mood. I also swear that everyone acts different when the entire family gets together. I really just don't want to go, but then everyone will talk if I don't go and they'll ask why am I so anti? I would like to say it's because I don't like half of you but that's not nice. Atleast that's what my mother says - me not like my family is an on-going arugument with us that only starts when these functions come around. My cousin's are cool and I like being with them but it's the rest of them that get on my nerves.

I've been listening to the new Ashanti CD - it's pure garbage what I call teeny bopper music. I only like 2 songs off of it and one I like only because it samples an old song that I like so I'm only listening to the beat and I'm already tired of Only U. When will someone make some real music???

Ana has been acting weird. She gets spayed this Monday and I hope they do it because I think she has an ear infection. I know for humans getting surgery they would postpone it until it clears up don't know what they do for animals. I have to take her to the doctor for that ear though. She has a scratch in it really deep and I don't know how she got it. It was bleeding last night. I felt like such a bad owner because I knew something was wrong with her ear since maybe last week while I cleaning it and I never took her to the doctor. I did reclean it yesterday and she didn't yelp.I also grinded her nails, and brushed her. I think I'll wash her tomorrow since I'll probably have to wait to wash her after the surgery for I don't know how long. She's eased off the "baby" thing. She leaves it for hours at a time but as soon as she sees it again it starts up again. I'll take it with her on Monday and hope that they let her keep it with her because I think she'll fall into major depression being away from us overnight. She loves everyone but is only fine while Kelly or I am around, sometimes when she's with my cousin Jay but that's really only sometimes - if we're gone she cries and cries and cries. She sometimes cries when it's just her and Kelly and I leave, my ANAmal loves me so much :)

My Yule Sampler is coming along great :) I think I may have it done by the end of this week - would say early this week but I have some floss coming in and one of them is for my Yule Sampler. I think next will be HIHs Christmas Medley, not too sure. I know I'm not going back to my gifts until next year - I just can't do it right now. I'm selfish, I need to stitch for me, if I stitch for others too much of the time then I get blocked I noticed. I ordered the new Lizze Kate 2005 Flip-Its - actually I got them off of Ebay for $12.49. I know not a bargin but if you think about it I'm only paying $0.49 shipping which is great because other sites will tack on that $3 s&h fee and that amounts to another chart or some floss! I need an LNS and can't wait to start working because first paycheck - NJ here I come!!! LOL I'll still support my INSs though :) I love Amy's service too much.

Well my mother just left to the party and I'm guessing I should start getting ready to leave so I'll end this here. I've noticed that I write long blogs and I promise one day to write a short one but for now I hope I haven't bored anyone too much!

Thursday, December 16, 2004

My Work In Progress

I love it when blogs have pics on them - to me it makes them personal and interesting. I hate it when mine looks like all I do is write so I've decided to share my work in progress. This is what I have stitched so far. I think it's pretty good - I did most of it the first night I stitched on it believe it or not. I'm using over-dyeds but the WDW Cocoa that I used didn't have any over-dyed qualities to it so I pretty much regret using it since it looks like I used good ole DMC. I still like it and hope that I finish it. The last one that I did like this (BCs Love see here: took me over a year to complete it. I have a few mistakes on it but you can't tell so I won't say where. I hope to finish the stocking by tomorrow hopefully, don't think I'll get too much stitching time this weekend.

Well I'm off - I have 2 hungry eyes looking at me and looking at the time it is dinner time :)

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I'm Nemo :)

You're most like Nemo!

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Tuesday, December 14, 2004

So I stitched!

Yep - got over it, I think. I started Bent Creek's Yule last night
(see here:
It's coming along nicely. I found some Lambswool in my stash that was meant for L&L's In the Arms of an Angel but I figured I wouldn't stitch that anytime soon so I cut it in half and now I even have some fabric for Lizze Kate's Official Snow Guide *happy* I kitted up three projects last night including Yule and need to buy some WDWs for them. I'm not missing alot just like 2 from each project and 1 from Yule. I have everything in my shopping cart but I just can't get myself to press the "PLACE ORDER NOW" button. There's many things that I want that I can't just place an order for floss but right now all I have is money for floss. Wish I could learn that some is better than none *Sigh* dilemma dilemma LOL.

I haven't done much today. Just bummed around and watched TV. I woke up laughing this morning when I found Ana gone but her "baby" right on my pillow almost on my face. Guess that was her way of asking me to babysit . I did put the mouse up for a while today and she did pretty good without for about 15 minutes, then she came to me crying looking up to where all the stuff animals were. I can't take her crying so I just gave it to her. She's acting a little normal - she came downstairs when it was dinner time (ours not hers) and sat around. She even tripped me when I got up from my chair. She's also walking around now. I laugh because she's a better mom with this mouse then she was with her litter. I guess a mouse is easier to take care of when compared to a litter of 8.

I think I might have been bamboozled on Ebay for the first time which sucks. I won a chart last week and I usually send payment ASAP and I haven't heard from the person yet. I've always had good experiences with Ebay so this is all new to me. I'll give it a few more days before emailing.

Ahhh I have made the decision to just order my floss. With my floss I'll have plenty to stitch until the next time I get some money and am able to order the rest. I saw the new Lizzie Kate's today and they are to die for. I hope I can take a quilting class in 2005 because certain monthly's are just the perfect size to make into quilt blocks.

Well I'm off. I feel as if I have bored myself with this post so I'm pretty sure I've bored you, my blog readers, and I'm sorry about that. I still have to finish curling the ends of my hair and then I'll stitch until I go to sleep.

Monday, December 13, 2004


I want to stitch. I've been wanting to stitch. I'm craving to stitch BUT I can't :( I think I may be going through a stitching block. It's horrible. I have 2 things to stitch that I don't want to stitch on right now and have lots of new things but no fabric, then the things I can stitch on and want to stitch on I don't have the motivation to start it in fear that I'll have too many things started and won't finish anything soon. *sigh* I think I need an LNS close to home. Usually looking at finished stitched pieces in person helps me get out of these moods, buying what I need is great too. I love the internet but sometimes you just want to go out and buy one thing and need it like NOW but you can't do that with online stores. I miss the LNS that was in LI, it wasn't close to me but it was where I would buy all of my fabric and if I needed any floss I'd go there too. Plus her walls were full of things that were stitched - I love it! Too bad it closed down in January. :(

Why can't someone in the city open a cross stitch specialty store. I'd visit and pay an arm and a leg for stuff - as long as it's convenient to get to. I want to buy some overdyed floss and did call around to see if anyone carried it. I found one needlepoint store on 79th that had GAST but no WDW and what do I need right now??? Yep, you guessed it - WDW *more sighing* I also found a place within the 5 boroughs that does have WDW BUT (always a but) it's in Staten Island which means that I might as well go into Jersey to the wonderful cross stitch store "Where Victoria's Angels Stitch" to buy my floss and other goodies that they may have. I may go visit this store in SI one day since it's close to a comic book store that Kelly wants to visit. But I'm not too keen on spending $8 on tolls when I'm not familiar with the store to know whether it's worth it and I definitely know the comic book store will be worth it for Kelly so when he's ready to go we'll go.

Well I'm going to search around to see if there's something I want to stitch. Once I have a job I don't think not having will be an issue - well hopefully it won't. I still have my student loans to pay and want to help around the house with bills and stuff, it only the responsible thing to do. I want a nice backyard to retreat to also so I may pay to get the parts that I want cemented and the rest I want some nice flowers and stuff :) We have a teeny backyard but that doesn't mean that it can't look nice. Plus when it's nice outside it will be my stitching haven. :)

Oh let me give an Ana update before I leave my blog: I thought this "baby" thing would be over by now but it's not. Every night she gives me hope that she'll leave this mouse alone since she'll leave it on the bedroom floor to go under the comforter to sleep. Every morning I hope to see this mouse still on the floor and every morning I see that she has brought it to the bed and is snuggled up with it. She isn't even greeting people the way she use to anymore since she must get back to this mouse. Yesterday she dragged part of the comforter on the floor BEHIND the bed and laid there with it. Right now she's on the bed curled up with it and only came downstairs when it was time to go out. I kinda miss my shadow but at the same time I like it that I can walk without having to watch my step - she's known for tripping people that's how close she walks to you. Oh well I just wonder if after we get her spayed she'll forget about this baby thing. I sure would like my weird, but normal for Ana back.

Sunday, December 12, 2004

My Crazed Ana

Well I know I've shared many Ana stories but I think this one is number one in the top ten. I bought this little mouse dressed up in red mittens, hat, and green scarf for one of my exchanges. When you squeeze it it plays a little song sort of like one of those singing cards. Well I was showing my cousin and when I was done just threw it back in the bag and went back to what I was doing. My cousin asked me what was wrong with Ana because she was frantically digging through the bag. I just observed her and realized she was trying to "save" this singing mouse. I took it out of the bag and put it up - I'm pretty sure no one would like to receive a doggie chewed toy. Well we left the room and Ana stayed panting and crying. She would occassionally come to us crying - I'm guessing so we can follow her back in the room. I was dreading that I would have to go to Petco to buy her a dog safe stuffed animal when I realized that she really wanted this mouse. I realized this when I gave her other stuffed animals and even tried to make her play with her toys. Blah Blah Blah I gave her the mouse (sorry exchange partner your exchange is now minus one singing stuffed mouse.)

Well I sort of wished I never let her see this freaking mouse because she is treating it just like she treated her puppies when she had them. She will not leave it and if I take her out for a walk she rushes me back in so she can go to this mouse. She's "digged" it a little bed in the comforter that we sleep with and if you take it away from her she looks all worried and follows you without taking her eyes off this mouse. She tries to keep it warm and licks it as if she were cleaning it. I've even noticed that when she tries to move it she puts no pressure on it as a dog would do when he's playing with one of its toys. I thought this would wear off when we woke up this morning since last night she put it on the bed and went to the other side and just left it but when I woke up this morning she was curled up with it.

*Sigh* Kelly says it's normal for females dogs to do this and I've even read it myself but it's frustrating hearing her cry when this mouse it out of her sight. I guess this will just be another story to add to the Ana Chronicles one day. Right now it's bothersome since all she does is lay with this mouse and cry when it's not with her. I think the pitch of the song it plays may be the same as crying puppies. Kobe isn't here to try and take it away from her. Last time he took a toy away from her when she was pregnant and claimed a toy as her practice puppy she scared him away which was such an out of the ordinary thing for her, wonder if she'd do it now?

Well besides Ana acting like a crazed mental patient the weekend has been good. Friday went to my cousin's basketball game and they won - GO COUGARS!!! Hmmm why is it that every team is called Cougars? LOL Friday night went to see my cousin's band LEECH! They did way better without their lead singer - they let him go due to something. So now they are looking for a new lead singer, just hope the new one doesn't suck like the old one. Saturday went on a search for the new PS2 - sold out everywhere. And today I'm off to my grandmother's 81st or 82nd birthday dinner. :) I was suppose to wash my hair but have no time now so I'll be dirty haired girl until tonight when I come home to wash it. Wish it weren't cold then I could just wash and go. Well off to check on Ana and her "baby" Check you blog readers later!!!!

Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Confused, upset, saddened...

Thank God for this blog. This is something that I want to talk about but fear that I may burst out in tears if I do talk about it and I really don't need the added headache. First off this is will probably be a negative blog - nothing about it will be good and I doubt any immediate good will come out of it.

Why is it that parents have to screw up in order for a future parent to see how to treat a child or what not to do to a child? Why can't it be I treat and raise my child with lots of love so that they can see this is the way to treat people. Why is it that people see children as something they own and control? I swear I hate part of my family at times - I hate their ignorance and I hate their subsequent actions. I hate that they say one thing and then do something to counteract and make things worse. I hate that they think violence is the only way to get things solved and if I make this a beating to remember then the problem will go away. Do parents really have to make their kids hate them in order for the children to become better parents or for that matter better people?

I think I was dumb enough to believe that once a child gets older the form of discipline changes and at a certain age they are now able to make our own decisions and mistakes. I think I was dumb enough to believe that people can change. I think I was dumb enough to believe that everyone who comes from the same parents treat their kids the same way.

I don't feel that I should have bad memories from my childhood because something happened to someone that would never happen to me. I don't feel that everytime something happens I should think that maybe had I said something then certain things wouldn't happen now. And I definitely shouldn't feel like had I did say something it would have been a waste of time because nothing would have changed. I also shouldn't feel like minding my own business is the way to go because I've been instructed to or because I fear that the outcome may, in fact, cause more harm than good, and I hate myself for feeling this way and not being able to do anything about it. I shouldn't feel this pain in my heart right now. I shouldn't feel hate towards someone I'm suppose to love and I shouldn't feel that we'd all be better off with someone dead.

I'm a sensitive person - what hurts someone I love hurts me in ways that are unexplainable, it's even worse when I can't get to the person and give them the comfort they need or take them away from the situation. Certain things that happen confuse me because like I previously said I can't imagine them happening to me, can't imagine myself doing them or just can't imagine them happening period. I get upset because I honestly believe that people should be judge by what's inside not outside and you shouldn't get punished because you feel differently. I'm saddened because these things happen...

Two down - Two more to go!

Well as you can see I just uploaded two pictures of my latest finish. It's my part for Bonnie's Bent Creek RR. It was a fun stitch and I'm glad it was because I'm starting to miss being able to stitch for me. I still have 2 more gifts to stitch before I can even think of what to stitch next. I'm just happy that I got my RRs out of the way. I'm not sure if I'll try to finish my sheep doll or stitch on my other gift that I started last night. It looks so pitiful compared to what I have to actually stitch *sigh* I do have until February to finish this so maybe I'll finish my sheepdoll and stitch something for myself and then go back to this gift. Well it's late here and I'm going to watch what's left of Roseanne - they should really come out with the season DVDs because I love Roseanne LOL.
Good Night!!!

Bent Creek Round Robin 2 Part 2

This is what I stitched for her - doesn't it look like Kobe? Posted by Hello

Bent Creek Round Robin 2 Part 1

This is Bonnie's almost completed piece for her Bent Creek RR #2 Posted by Hello

Tuesday, December 07, 2004

Good Things Happen on Rainy Days

Rainy days can only mean one thing if you're not able to stay home and that thing can be translated into a bad day. This may be true for others but I've noticed that a rainy day is a good day, atleast for me. I took my road test in the pouring rain and passed, I took my NCLEX-RN on a rainy day and passed, and today I went on my first real job interview and got the job! It hasn't hit me yet so I'm not bouncing off the walls, but I'm happy. Actually I'm more than happy - I'm excited. I feel like I have a job and I no longer have to want for things and have to wait to get them. I feel like I no longer have to depend on anyone (which is so not true I really feel like I'll always need my mom LOL.) And lastly I feel like I'm doing something with myself.

Ok here are the details:

While it's not my dream job it is the beginning to getting to my dream job. The only down side is that I'll be making like $2k less than other hospitals start you with and for the first 6 months I'll actually get paid $4k less but I get the difference at the end of the year so it's not that bad. The nurse recruiter said the difference is like $1800 so that's a nice let's go somewhere for the weekend check or money to put towards the mini cooper fund :) I'll be working 7.5 hours/5 nights a week as opposed to the lovely 12hours/3 nights a week and I'll be working every other weekend (I expected that) but instead of going to the yucky med-surg floor I'll be going to the Labor & Delivery/Post-Partum unit!!!! (Ok the excitement has hit me - I'm happy like real happy!!!)

Most hospitals won't hire new grads for any other position except Med-Surg and you usually need a year of med-surg to go to any other unit so I'm pretty lucky that I got this position. I start in January so I still have 3 more weeks of bumming before I enter the real world. Oh I get 4 weeks vacation that I'm eligible to take after 6 months so maybe just maybe I'll be able to attend CATS this September. The only sucky part that I didn't like is that tuition reimbursement was only $3k unlike other hospitals that will reimburse you 100% - oh well I just hope that I can afford to go back to school which chances are that I will. I also hope that I'll be able to go to school since I'll be working 5 days a week. I don't want to be too tired.

I like this hospital too. Like I mentioned before it's probably one of the least paying hospitals BUT I've heard from many (my cousin included) that the orientation is great and really prepares you and that's something that I'm looking for. I've been out of school for 5 months and I feel I need a refresher course and since they are one of the few that give it I decided to apply to work there. I'm really happy that I have a job LOL. I no longer feel like I'm taking up space in the world - I'm actually doing something! I bet you in a few months I'll desperately miss my bumming days and wish that I were able to not do anything all day hehe.

Well that's all from me for now. Another good thing that happened today was that since it was raining I thought it would be a bad hair day but it wasn't LOL. I'm off to stitch - I'm working on something that needs to be stitched in daylight or else I can't see it - I'm getting old... *tear*

Friday, December 03, 2004

Finally a finish!

As the title says I finally have a cross stitch finish. Don't know what took me so long to stitch something and finish it. I am still working on my sheep folkart doll and I also have other things that I need to stitch up before I can stitch something for myself. The Lizzie Kate below is my latest finish. It's cute right??

I wanted to blog about my wonderful Kelly and add a picture of him but the best picture I had was lost with the rest of my things. Today I realized that he is the greatest. I know everyone thinks they have the greatest BF in the world and while they may be thinking the truth, Kelly is my most wonderful BF in the world. He didn't do anything specialbut just being with him today made me realize that I'm lucky. He's a cool guy. I think my cousin may have the picture on his computer so I'll have him send it to me and maybe one day I'll still blog about him. I think he deserves it :)

Umm I think instead of stitching I may play Sims tonight. My cousin and best friend have been playing it non-stop and they have such soap opera sims! It's so interesting hearing them talk about what's going on in their sim world. Hmmm is what I just wrote sad?? LOL It's like we have no lives but we do and we're happy in it and I guess that's all that counts. Although my friend would like a better job, my cousin a better school to go to in the Fall semester and me I'd like a job period but besides that we're happy and healthy :)

Ana has been itchy lately. She doesn't have fleas but I think she may have winter itch. I wish they had lotion for dogs. I don't want to wash her because it will just dry her out even more. But all of her itching is driving me crazy!!! She doesn't do it constantly but when she does it's just omg can you stop!!! I like her though because you can make her stop - Kobe will just keep on but I'm happy he doesn't have the itchy's that's how I know it's not fleas. Plus they don't go out to really get fleas and they're protected. I walked her off her leash today - I actually do it everyday (I'm such a law breaker) everyone is so amazed at how she's so well behaved when they see her but today was a different story she had so much energy I thought she would bounce off the gates and into the street. You could tell she was trying to control it but couldn't. Ana loves people and today everyone that she knows was out. I think it was an overload for her, she kept running up and down the block. I had to call her back a few times. I took some pictures of her sleeping that I'd like to share with you but I'm still waiting for my cousin to find the cord to the camera so he can upload them so we may be waiting for a while! *sigh*

I was bothering her today LOL. I think I might have been too loud for her because when I went to lay down with her she truly pushed me away and made that noise that she makes when she's complaining. It sounds like a eeeeeeeeeh sort of like a growl but it's not - it's funny she started doing it when she was pregnant and it's never left. Kelly's cousin's dog is pregnant now and she's starting to do it so it must be a pregnancy thing because Kobe doesn't do it.

Well I'm off to play sims - it's still early enough for me to play sims and stitch :) Hopefully my eyes won't too tired when I get off this thing and I can continue stitching on my Bent Creek RR. It's really cute - I'm stitching the dog in the Anima Arches pattern and this dog reminds me of Kobe - if it were mine I'd change the black to gray. I have this pattern to stitch for myself so maybe if I do stitch it I'll do it. Oh one more thing!!! Kelly stitched yesterday. We went to wash my comforter (it doesn't fit in my washing machine at home) and I went to check on it and when I came back he was stitching - he did a pretty good job but he got bored and gave it back to me. Ok will blog later or tomorrow!!

Lizzie Kate October Flip-It

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I stitched this for Sharon's RR in the RRC Lizzie Kate RR 8.

Wednesday, December 01, 2004

Play Lotto - Get Free Liquor!

So all day I have been thinking about something whitty to blog about and now that the day has ended I have only come up with a sign that I saw earlier today - but I'll write about that a little later. I had a headache a few hours ago but had some ice cream and *poof* I'm cured :)

Umm today's events consisted of accompaning my cousin to the dermatologist and making a few phone calls to prospective employers and have lined up several interviews for the week to come, hopefully I find somewhere I want to work, I wish I weren't so picky!

Saw something funny today and boy how I wish I had a digital camera to share it with you. There's this liquor store around here - I hate it. I remember my dad would take me to it when I was younger. (Background info my dad is a recovering alcoholic, hence the reason he would take me to a liquor store) Well anyhoo, I was always under the impression that liquor stores by law had to close on Sundays, maybe I was wrong because this one is opened on Sundays 12pm-9pm. When I first saw this, I think during the summer, I chuckled and shook my head. Well today I pass it while walking to the train station and again they had a sign on the outside that was like whoa! This sign said "Buy lottery tickets here and get free liquor." Can you believe that?!?!?! I mean that's like the biggest enabling I've ever seen! I was so curious as to what the fine print is. I mean a lottery ticket is $1 the least so what are they giving people a shot of cheap liquor in return? Or is it a trap? Gambling is addictive right? Ok so are we now trying to screw up the society by getting these gamblers hooked on something else and vice versa? Messed up world I live in I tell you, amusing but messed up indeed.

Well happy talk now - I think everytime I blog about something that I find disturbing I'll counter it with something happy like Cross Stitching :) Ahhh my love! I was actually sad when I went to the doctor with my cousin since I couldn't bring my stitching. I'm working on a RR and refuse to bring it out of the house since something can happen to it and then on my other project I'm working on I have too much invested in it to bring it out. Kelly once left his bookbag on the train with my Q-Snaps in it and his stitching project that was looking so great that I now have this fear that the same will happen to me. Well I'm 2/3 and 1/2 of the way done with my Lizzie Kate RR confusing right? Well the flip it has 3 blocks and I have 2 done and I have 2 sides of the border done. I'm hoping to get half of what I have left done tonight if I can get off this computer on time. I'm still debating on whether I should place an order or should I just make myself realize that I don't have it right now to place another order. I do have lots of coins laying around that I can cash in and I should have a nice amount but I'm too lazy to do that. Plus what I usually do is sell my change to Kelly for an inflated amount LOL. I know I'm evil but it's not like he doesn't know I do it what's even funnier is that most of the change I get from him when I go over to his apartment LOL.

Well off to stitch I go! The quicker I get what I have to get done the quicker I get to stitch on something for me me me!