Thursday, November 18, 2004

Well I went to the job fair and everything went well. I narrowed it down to 5 hospitals that I'd like to work at and took 2 off of my list. The people that were their representing them just didn't do it for me. Tomorrow I'm going to an open house hopefully and to another one on Tuesday. I'm also calling tomorrow to schedule an interview at my first choice hospital - they give you Pet Care Insurance!! My mother laughed when I told her that was the reason I wanted to work there. It's not really insurance but a savings program. Of course that wasn't the first reason I wanted to work there, they also have 100% tuition reimbursement, which is something that I like since the other hospitals are only offering a few thousands and the school I'd like to go to is $9k/sem.

I wanted to go to the quilting store afterwards but ended up going to the comic book store instead. Tomorrow we go to the quilting store, but most likely not because I do not want to ride the subway for a while. It truly is convenient but today it took me 2 hours to get home! The normal time from 34th street to my house is the most 40 minutes. The service on my line was suspended because some train got stuck. I had to take a different train and then take the bus. I wanted to beat all of the after school crowds but ended up being in right in the heart of it. I would like to know if these kids parents were around would they still act the way they do and if I ever acted that way?

I saw some peaceful protesters in the city today - I love peaceful protestors, they don't scare me as much. There is this group called the Israelites and they are scary. Atleast they scare me with all of their hatred talk. Well anyway, I've always seen the Falun Gong protesters in the city but have never actually stopped to talk and read the material they give out. I'll have to do more research on the cause - from what I read it's pretty sucky what is happening in China in regards to the Falun Gong situation. I just don't understand why the government is against this spiritual way of life, it doesn't seem like a cult, so why is it so wrong?

Well I'm tired and my feet hurt. I'm off to relax - after I check the mailbox for stash :)

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