Sunday, February 24, 2008

Brightneedle Finish

I didn't have time to iron this so excuse the wrinkles but this is my latest finish. Most of the stitching took place on the L train but I finished up the border here at home today. There's a mistake in the border that I just couldn't fix no matter how many times I frogged but even if you stare at it you really can't see that it's off. I haven't decided if I want to finish it as a flatfold or if I want to send it out to get finished as a flatfold. The name of the design is "Made for Each Other" and it's a small gift for Kelly...I love giraffes, I love him and he loves me so it's just perfect.

I know Valentine's over but I'm still stitching for it :-) Here's Lizzie Kate's Be Mine Valentine.
I'm using the Shepherd's Bush conversion and have the fabric to make it into a pillow like they made. This was my home project but now that my train project is done I'm going to throw this one in my bag to work on. It's 7 count so even though it's a dark fabric (navy) the holes are definitely big enough so I can do it on the train.

I managed to make it to Lazy Daisy Stitchery on Monday for the Nashville Party. It was fun and later on in the week I received an email from them that I won the raffle they held *YIPPEEEEEEEEEEEE* I don't know what I won but it's stash so it's a good thing LOL. Kim and I met for the first time Monday *hi Kim* and it was fun :-) We bought lots of goodies and since I stitch so fast (I'm being sarcastic) I should be ready to go stash shopping again soon haha! I was going to go today after work but as I came in through the door my mother was on her way to my grandparents because my grandfather wasn't doing so great. Well I decided to go with her after she gave me the run down and when we arrived (they live 3 blocks from us) I was sort of happy that I went.

My grandfather isn't doing so great. Age is catching up to him or rather it's caught up to him. I've seen young 89 year olds but he's not one of them. He needs someone to stay with him and take care of him. When we got there he was wet and his mouth was so dry, I felt so bad :( My family doesn't help either talking so loud in front of him of how bad he's getting. He's hard of hearing but if you've been around Hispanics you know how loud they can get while using their "inside voice" LOL. Anyway I cleaned him up, my mother did his laundry, my aunt that lives next door to us made him breakfast and cleaned his room and my aunt that lives with him disappeared when we got there *sigh* After today though I think they're going to find an agency to find some help for my grandfather.

Well thanks for stopping by, reading this far, and all the past comments :-) I'm going to start something new. I joined a biscournu exchange so I might start stitching that but there's 3 projects screaming out to me so I don't know what I'll start. TTFN!


Sari.i. said...

So sorry to hear about your granddad. :(

Toni said...

hi mercy,

great finishes those giraffes are cute. I'm sorry tohear about your granddad.

Barbara said...

Love the BN finish - what an adorable design!

I'm really sorry to hear about your grandfather.

Kim said...

*Hi Mercy*! Any time you're ready to go stash shopping again, just let me know :-)

I'm so sorry to hear about your grandfather. We had to get a live in helper for my grandmother about 18 months ago. It was a hard decision but it's really good that someone is with her.

Deanne J said...

Great stitching.

Sorry to hear about your grandfather.

Sharon said...

I love your BN finish! Very cute. I haven't ever seen that before. I hope your family can find your grandfather some help soon!

Barb. said...

(((Mercy))) I will keep your grandfather in my thoughts and prayers.

Beautiful finishes as always and I love the Midas Touch fabric for your fairy. It's going to be lovely on that color.

Anonymous said...

(((Mercy))) I'm sorry to read about your grandfather ... I will keep you & your family in my prayers.
Your BN finish is too cute! I so love their designs.