Thursday, November 04, 2004

What it is

I'm suppose to be reading "The Catcher in The Rye" so I can help my little cousin with her paper on it. I swear to you that as I read more and more of the book I say to myself "I've read this book!" Yet I don't remember any of it. I could cheat out and read the cliff notes but I never liked the cliff notes - I always feel like I'm missing something. I want to give up on helping her but then I'd feel like some evil let down cousin or something. I'd like to know when will the day come when I won't feel rushed with her school work. What do I mean? Well I don't mind helping any of my cousin's with anything - I love it, I feel like in the process I'll learn something too. Well each and everyone of them (except for her) come to me as soon as they get whatever they need help with. She ALWAYS comes to me last minute! No matter how many times I tell her otherwise. I guess I kinda enable this behavior since I always help her no matter what. But this time I'm kinda getting pissed off. Why? Ok, she got this assignment last week Monday, she tells me about it, I tell her to come to my house with whatever she needs to bring by Wednesday the latest. Her paper is due Monday (yes this past Monday, Nov 1st) Well she shows up yesterday. She has me thinking it's a little BS paper that I can revise in 30 minutes and it's not. She partied this weekend and did nothing on Friday and never read the book and then doesn't even have anything on paper! Then gets upset that I can't write it in one night. I laughed because if I didn't I would have spazzed out on her. So now I'm stuck reading The Dumb Catcher in the Rye and had to watch Igby Goes Down (which wasn't a bad movie - see I learned something LOL) and now I have to write some dumb paper. I want to tell her sorry hunny I can't do it but of course I can't :( Did I mention I hate writing papers? Because if I didn't let me mention it now - I HATE WRITING PAPERS!!!!!

Ok enough about my cousin/paper dilemma. I got another call from some nursing agency, it's nice to know that I have options but I'm not sure yet where I want to work. I know I want nights and 12hr shifts so I can have more bumming out days, but just don't know where. Once my documents come in I'll decide I guess until then it's please leave a message after the beep.

It's raining her and I keep hearing this sound that sounds like water dripping but I can't find where in the house it's coming from. Of course it's driving me crazy! I'd like to find it before my father finds it or else I'll have to hear his mouth which will definitely drive me crazy! Yesterday he was complaining about something that happened YEARS ago and I finally had courage to tell him to stop crying over spilled milk! It shut him up - for like a few minutes before he started up again. I hope I don't get complainy like he is when I get to his age, it's funny because he doesn't want to be like my grandfather when he's my grandfather's age. I'm starting to think we don't want to be this way because we don't want to get old. I know since I turned 22 I started to think it was all over for me, I felt so oooooolllllllld, can you imagine what I'll feel like when I'm my dad's age? LOL

Well the time has come for me to end this. I'm going to try to start this paper, read, or stitch. LOL I say start this paper or read but we all know I really mean stitch!

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