Tuesday, November 09, 2004

Another boring day...

I'm getting tired of doing nothing - correction I am tired of doing nothing. Tomorrow I'm going to Macy's or Bloomingdale's to buy a suit and calling the hospital that I said I wasn't going to call to schedule an interview. I've realized that I am close to becoming like my least favorite people - complainer's who do nothing about their crappy situation - not that my situation is a crappy one.

On a happy note: My dad has FINALLY started my room. He's making a hole for a future ceiling lamp. I didn't want one at first but now I do. I think I'm going blind because my halogen lamp just isn't cutting it when it comes to late night stitching. My Ott Light helps but I still think I'm going blind. My dad can't start painting until he buys the molding for my room but hopefully he'll buy it soon, I'm getting real tired of the mess.

I went stash window shopping this morning - three words - OMG! I need to get some extra $$ so I can do some real shopping :) Lots of nice winter stuff out there. I think I may place an order soon - I don't like to dip into my "rainy day" money but I may - I'm such an addict when it comes to stash. I see that I'm quickly becoming re-addicted to Ebay and it doesn't help that I set it to be my homepage LOL.

Well it's time to go - I'm winterizing my hair today and it's time to rinse! Translation: making my hair color just a little darker, but I think I may be making it lighter this time - I just picked up a box at Target and paid LOL, we'll see!

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