Wednesday, December 01, 2004

Play Lotto - Get Free Liquor!

So all day I have been thinking about something whitty to blog about and now that the day has ended I have only come up with a sign that I saw earlier today - but I'll write about that a little later. I had a headache a few hours ago but had some ice cream and *poof* I'm cured :)

Umm today's events consisted of accompaning my cousin to the dermatologist and making a few phone calls to prospective employers and have lined up several interviews for the week to come, hopefully I find somewhere I want to work, I wish I weren't so picky!

Saw something funny today and boy how I wish I had a digital camera to share it with you. There's this liquor store around here - I hate it. I remember my dad would take me to it when I was younger. (Background info my dad is a recovering alcoholic, hence the reason he would take me to a liquor store) Well anyhoo, I was always under the impression that liquor stores by law had to close on Sundays, maybe I was wrong because this one is opened on Sundays 12pm-9pm. When I first saw this, I think during the summer, I chuckled and shook my head. Well today I pass it while walking to the train station and again they had a sign on the outside that was like whoa! This sign said "Buy lottery tickets here and get free liquor." Can you believe that?!?!?! I mean that's like the biggest enabling I've ever seen! I was so curious as to what the fine print is. I mean a lottery ticket is $1 the least so what are they giving people a shot of cheap liquor in return? Or is it a trap? Gambling is addictive right? Ok so are we now trying to screw up the society by getting these gamblers hooked on something else and vice versa? Messed up world I live in I tell you, amusing but messed up indeed.

Well happy talk now - I think everytime I blog about something that I find disturbing I'll counter it with something happy like Cross Stitching :) Ahhh my love! I was actually sad when I went to the doctor with my cousin since I couldn't bring my stitching. I'm working on a RR and refuse to bring it out of the house since something can happen to it and then on my other project I'm working on I have too much invested in it to bring it out. Kelly once left his bookbag on the train with my Q-Snaps in it and his stitching project that was looking so great that I now have this fear that the same will happen to me. Well I'm 2/3 and 1/2 of the way done with my Lizzie Kate RR confusing right? Well the flip it has 3 blocks and I have 2 done and I have 2 sides of the border done. I'm hoping to get half of what I have left done tonight if I can get off this computer on time. I'm still debating on whether I should place an order or should I just make myself realize that I don't have it right now to place another order. I do have lots of coins laying around that I can cash in and I should have a nice amount but I'm too lazy to do that. Plus what I usually do is sell my change to Kelly for an inflated amount LOL. I know I'm evil but it's not like he doesn't know I do it what's even funnier is that most of the change I get from him when I go over to his apartment LOL.

Well off to stitch I go! The quicker I get what I have to get done the quicker I get to stitch on something for me me me!

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