Wednesday, December 31, 2008

I'm a car owner :) (long and boring probably)

Wow that was fast! I've been looking for a car since November but became serious about it on Saturday. Sunday the dealerships I wanted to go to were closed and since I worked Monday night (or was suppose to more on that "tragic" night later) I thought I wouldn't have time until after the new year to look. I start school on the 5th and would have liked to have my car before then so I wasn't too happy about it. Late Sunday night I made the decision to wake up early Monday and go look.

With my little list in hand of all the cars I was interested in (within my price range and used because on Saturday I realized a brand new car was out of the picture for least the kind I wanted) I went to the dealer and met the NICEST car sales man client adviser. I know they're suppose to be nice to you but I've met a few that were "eh." The first one I dealt with at the VW dealer was nice but wasn't so encouraging and once he saw that I was hesitant wasn't so to him! Anyway while looking at the cars on the lot I saw one that was not on my list and not in my price range, of course I don't need to tell you that was the one I wanted LOL. I still asked to look at it and of course that was a mistake because I did not want to look at any other cars on the lot. We went upstairs and "crunched" some numbers and after the breakdown I noted that maybe I could afford it, I would just have to eat tuna fish and sardines for a while LOL. I didn't leave any money down on the car but did do the paper work to see if I was going to be approved for everything. I didn't think I was going to get approved but once I got home he called and told me I was *happy dance jig* I didn't leave anything down on the car but told him I'd be back on Tuesday and if the car was still there then it was meant to be (I didn't think the car would be there btw) I spoke to my mother who was in love with the 0.9% financing and the fact that they would make the first 2 car payments on the car. She was not too happy with the price though. I told my cousin about the car and whether he'd be able to come with me on Tuesday to look at it to make sure it was ok, it should be because it's a CPO but I wanted to make sure. My only worry was car insurance and whether I would be able to afford it.

I've gotten quotes in the past when I wasn't too serious about car buying and the insurance companies wanted to charge me (hold on to your seat) around $6K a year for full coverage. I've never had car insurance before so that was the reason for such a high price. I went to Allstate to see what they could do for me and because I never had car insurance they said they couldn't give me a policy and it would be hard for me to get a policy any where else. It made me a little sad and frustrated because it made no sense to me. If they wouldn't give me car insurance and no one else wanted to give it to me then how was I suppose to get it so that I could get car insurance in the first place?!?!? Right away I thought well I guess I won't be getting this car since I saw it as a "bad" sign. Well I went home to talk to my father about this disturbing discovery and to see if he could insure it under his name and it seems that I do have car insurance and have had car insurance since I started driving 11 years ago under his policy (this is a good sign btw I'm happy again!) He tells me to call his insurance company and see what they would charge me. I did and the people there tell me that it would be (hold on to your seats again) $2788 a year for full coverage! Can you tell that it's another good sign??? *more happy dancing*

Now I'm the type of person that does not like to get so much good news in one day because I always feel something bad was going to happen, like my the car would be sold by the time I got there Tuesday. Well instead of that happening when I was going to work that night some stupid a**hole tried to rob me on the train. I was running late to work so I was in a rush and not paying attention and when I was about to get on the train I felt someone pushing me and when I stepped aside to let whoever was pushing me get on the train this stupid guy tried to take either my bag or my phone. We struggled for a bit, he pushed me to the ground, and kept yanking at my bag. There was another guy on the platform and could you believe he did not help me?!?!?!? I yelled at him while I was fighting with the one robbing me if instead of standing there he could help me. I swear that guy was such an SOB and I hope if anything like that happens to his family member a real man is around to help not some sorry excuse like him. Thanks to me coming from a family where the guys are a bit rough with the girls (and the fact that this kid was like a twig) I was able to defend myself. I grabbed and twisted his "sensitive" parts which made him not so happy and let go of me. While he was about to run away another guy grabbed him and the cops were called. I swear to you I could not look at this kid in the face because I seriously wanted to punch him for 1. Making me even later than I was to work 2. Dirtying my white nursing pants and 3. Trying to take my stuff. He tried to act tough but once my cousin showed up (I called home right away for my mother to send someone) he was quiet as a mouse. It was funny because apparently my cousin was on the way to my house to return a wrench that my father had lent him so once he gets there he has this HUGE wrench in his hand and is waving it around and banging it on the train fence. In my head I'm like who the hell brings a wrench? It reminded me of Anchorman when the news stations have a brawl and someone had a stick with scissors taped to it. I ended up not going to work that night because the police officers wanted to take me to the precint for my statement. I lost a nights pay which is no bueno since I was about to buy a car. A few good things came out of this situation besides me not getting hurt (I am sore from fighting) and him not taking my stuff and that was I could now go to the dealer early in the morning instead of the afternoon and since I only had 3 hours of sleep since Sunday and didn't know how I was going to last through a night's work I was able to get that much needed rest :-) I work again tonight and my father wants me to drive to work but I don't think I am. I know most people would have a problem with what happened but I'm a resilient person and am fine with getting back on the train.

Anyhoo back to the car. I'll make it short now I feel as if I wrote too much hehe. We went on Tuesday, the car was still there, I test drove it, I loved it, my cousin said it was a good car and haggled with the guy, he brought down the price and threw in a "free" alarm. I left the deposit to hold the car and signed papers. Thanks to my cousin I do not have to eat tuna fish and sardines and on Friday I go pick up my Certified Pre-Owned 2006 Jet Black with black leather interior BMW 330xi with all the bells and whistles. I'm a car owner and it doesn't feel as scary as I thought it would be. It is definitely an upgrade from my mother's old Ford. I kept telling my father I have 4 working power locks and windows and AM/FM stereo hehe the radio, rear driver's side window, and driver's power lock in my mother's car doesn't work. I'm so happy and can't wait until Friday :-) When I first went to the BMW dealership I was so intimidated, it's HUGE! Don't believe me check it out for yourself I almost didn't go in but I'm glad I did :-) Have a great day!!!

Saturday, December 27, 2008

It's been a while...

This is my token "OMG, I can't believe it's been a month since my last post" post LOL. I've been busy with school and the holidays, plus I haven't been stitching so I didn't have much to write about since this is suppose to be a stitching blog. I finished with school over a week ago and since the holidays are done I have a few minutes to spare to blog.

First let me start off by sending some *happy* holiday wishes! Christmas is over and I hope everyone had a great one and I think this is the last day of Hanukkah so hopefully it's a great one for those that are of that faith...I made up my own little holiday committee at work so I got to put up a Christmas tree on our floor (that got knocked over by a gazillion stretchers) and got to light the menorah on the first 2 nights. So *exciting* I just hope I did it right the one night I needed a Jewish patient to ask there was not one around. This year was a good one, I was done with all of my shopping by the 6th and everything was wrapped and under the tree by the 22nd. I asked for two things and ended up getting them both :) Kelly got me my Dodo charm necklace and my cousin got me rechargable battery station for my Wii Controllers - I also got a suprise gift from my cousin's gf which I loved! She got me The Office DVD I just need to find some Office fanatics to play with me.

I've lost my stitching mojo and it doesn't seem like it's coming back any time soon :( It's so bad that I don't even want to buy stash *sigh* But I did see those Halloweeny L*Ks and I must purchase them as soon as I have the feeling to spend some money...which may be no time soon because after being a 1 car family I'm being forced sort of to buy my own car :( I should be happy but I'm not. I'm weird...big "adult" purchases make me sad - I'd like to stay young forever and it doesn't seem like God agrees with that plan. Next thing you'll know I'll be "forced" to move out *shudder* hehe. I'm actually not being forced but I feel bad that my mother has to take the bus home from work because I need the car to go to school. It takes her sometimes over an hour to get home and usually it's 15 minutes by car. So I now must take my measly savings and buy a car.

School wise; I'm happy it's over! I ended getting an A+, B+, and a B. I go back on Jan 5th for winter session to take Chemistry. I hope I do ok in it. My brain is tired from the Fall and my body is tired from work. It's hard working and going to school full time. The outrageous thing about it all is that I'm considering looking for a part time job...I'm laughing out loud even as I type it. I hear school nursing is easy and since I did the orientation for it last year I feel like I can do it twice a week until I start the Spring semester. I could always quit if it proves to be too much right? Plus it all depends where they send me...some children can be evil and I don't want to go too far from home. There are 3 schools within walking distance of my house but what are the chances that they send me there. I'll call them Monday to see.

Well that's all from me...sorry there are no pictures to show :( Until next time!

Friday, November 28, 2008

A New Start

Every Christmas season I pull out a few things that I'd like to stitch and once it's over they get put back away. This season I decided to change that and have already put in some stitches into my first project. I chose to stitch Shepherds Bush Merry Season because I swear I've had this project since I started stitching. I love the buttons on this piece and so far have stitched the four square borders. Here's a pic: If this is the only piece I finish before the end of the year I'll be happy! And because I *do* plan on finishing the Plum Street Sampler piece I started before this here's a progress pic:
Well I work tonight so I'm going to stitch my last 40 minutes at home away :-) Hope everyone had a great Turkey Day! TTFN

Saturday, November 22, 2008

No Stitching :(

I haven't been stitching and it sucks :( I've been reading the blogs I suscribe to and everyone is doing such pretty work that it's making me a bit jealous. Right now I have my stitching out but I also have the PS3 on...blasted video games grrrr!

Friday, November 21, 2008

A tag!

I've been tagged by Kathie! I usually don't do these but have been feeling bad for not doing it so today I'm going to do one :-) Hopefully I can list 6 random things. Here are the rules...
1. Link to the person who tagged you.
2. Post the rules on your blog.
3. Write six random things about yourself.
4. Tag six people at the end of your post.
5. Let each person know that they have been tagged by leaving a comment on their blog.
6. Let the tagger know your entry is up.
And here are my 6 things....
1. I should be done with my 2 year Biology degree in a year and a half *yea* I will then go on to get my Bachelors.
2. I love playing video games, so much that my stitching has been suffering :(
3. I still live at home with my mumsy poo and father.
4. I love Nursing but don't want to do it anymore...thanks to Administration!
5. I'm incredibly shy.
6. I've never had car insurance and now that I'm trying to get some it's proving to be a hassle!
Well I'm not going to tag anyone because I think every one has done it already. TTFN I'm off to play some Rock Band!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

I want this!

It's Shepherds Bush's conversion to When Witches Go Riding by Prairie Schooler and I love it! I had it on my mental list of things to do list but didn't find the time to call SB and see if they had it kitted up. I love the fabric they stitched it on, the mat, and frame! SB does some of the greatest things!

Tonight I went shopping and noticed how empty the stores were and when I mentioned it to Kelly it scared him. Usually at this time the stores are crowded, no? I really felt that besides us and the employees no one else was out shopping. It even felt like that in BJs and Target. I enjoyed not having to deal with the crowds but hopefully after Thanksgiving things will pick up. Or maybe everyone decided to stay home because it was so freaking cold outside! Around this time I always worry about the stray cats...I hope they find some where warm to go, my father tells me that they do but I saw a pregnant cat yesterday and felt bad for her. I know this house up the block always puts food out for them as well as another house on the corner and I also do it sometimes but where do they go to sleep? I wish I had a heated garage for them to camp out in.

Well I must go to bed now, lately I've been acting like I don't have school in the morning and have been staying up playing Rock Band 2 or stitching until 3am and end up missing or going late to class. TTFN...I have my stitching out next to me but hopefully I can ignore it and go to sleep!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Late night blog

I'm stitching Fishes and Bait by Plum Street Samplers and this is what I have so far...
This took a while to stitch and sadly its riddled with mistakes that I refuse to fix (except for one) I'm hoping that this will get finished because it's already taking too long. Well that's all I have for now...once I finish some more I'll post another update!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

I'm back!

I had to reformat my computer. I sort of knew I had to do this in order to get things in order so I was prepared! I backed up all of my files and although I didn't load them back into my laptop I do have them just in case I need them. The one thing I didn't do was back up my iTunes music :-( I didn't lose much since I had backed it up a month ago...just a few albums that I have on my iPod and can iDump it if I have to. The only problem I have (that's driving me CRAZY) is that my iPhone is no longer make myself happy I decided to buy myself a little present! I wanted to do Wii Fit so Tuesday night I made a last minute decision to buy one. My cousin and I have been bowling and playing tennis all night tonight, I haven't set up the Wii Fit yet but maybe Thursday after my test I will.

School has been going ok. I'm doing well in Biology and my computer programming class (surprisingly.) I've been studying hard core for a previous test and have another test on Thursday that I just can't study for it. My brain is fried! I walk around with the book and even sleep with it but every time I crack it open it's like *ugh*

In stitchy news I've been stashing and even stitching! I've had two finishes since my last post *yea* and I went to pick up some framing last Friday to share.
Shepherd's Bush - Best Witches
Stitched on 10ct Tula Fabric
with recommended threadsShepherds Bush - Mermaid Sampler
Stitched on 32ct Meadow Mist Linen
with recommended threads This is the Brightneedle piece I did for Kelly a while ago (the name escapes me.) I pretty much let him pick out the frame for this and think he did an awesome job. It's still here at my house but it will soon go to his house to be displayed. Home of a Needleworker (Too!) framed! I love this piece! I love the fabric I stitched it on and I'm happy I went with the silks :-)

Well it's late and I have to attempt to get some sleep. Thanks for stopping by! TTFN

Saturday, November 08, 2008

I have a virus :(

I'm in the process of trying to fix my computer because I ended up getting a virus this week. I feel so dirty saying it...I was going to mail out my giveaway prizes yesterday but I ended up hitting traffic everywhere I went yesterday (like hour long traffic each time) and wasn't able to make it in time to the PO. Monday they will go out except for Linda's...

Linda I tried to email you but it came back to me. I need your mailing address to send you the Just Nan tin and stuff. Please email me - if anyone knows Linda let her know she's won and to email me. If I don't here from her by the end of the week I'll hold another drawing with the same names and choose a new winner.

Wish me luck with fixing my computer...I'm trying to back up my files now but my computer won't recognize my external hard drive, usb's, or any blank cd/dvd's...I'm so sad :-( TTFN

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Think Pink

Lizzie Kate - Think Pink
Stitched on
Unknown Linen
recommended threads
I just finished this up and I love it :-) I've been wanting to stitch it for a while and finally got the chance to. I don't know what to stitch on next, I have tons of little projects to choose from and I want to stitch something big but right now I don't have much time to. I'm off to kit up the next project so I can stitch on the train tonight!

Monday, October 27, 2008

It's still Monday!

I was so worried I wouldn't be able to announce a winner today on my official Blogoversary, but alas I can! I'm on 2 hours of sleep so if this post makes no sense please forgive me.

Like I mentioned before I started my blog 4 years ago and never thought it would become a permanent thing. I did abandon it (and stitching) for a while when I started working as a nurse but once I found my "groove" I was able to return to both. I love that I have a place on the web where I can just share stuff and I love that people actually come to visit me. I've "met" so many others through this blog through comments and feel like I have lots of friends even though there are some blogs out there that I just lurk on and never comment on and I will try to rectify that! I hope that those that left comments and are "new" to me continue to visit my blog and enjoy it. I've had fun posting give-a-ways and hope that my winners enjoy their prizes once I get them mailed out to them. Thanks everyone for reading my blog and celebrating my blogoversary with me!!!!!

Now the winner for my final give-a-way this month is *drumroll* Linda in MA! Linda if you could please email me your mailing info I'll get this out to you next week :)

I should have had a finish to show you today *but* I've recently acquired many new iPhone apps (courtesy of my cousin who puts the awesome in awesome!!!) and have been totally engulfed with them. I'm going to try to stitch for a little bit while watching Heroes (Sidebar: Peter's dad is freaking sick!) but may fall asleep. Tomorrow is a busy day for me, because I wanted Friday off for Halloween I have to work and go to school *yikes* It's a first for me but hopefully my night won't be too busy and I won't be too tired to go to school on Wednesday. TTFN!

Edited: I knew something was wrong with my post! I forgot to include the picture of the drawing. There were 42 people (someone emailed me to include them) in this drawing so I was only able to take a screen shot with the top half of the list. Number 6 won and number 6 was Linda :)

Friday, October 24, 2008

Last Give-a-way!

I didn't take my own pictures but borrowed from the designer's website again so please forgive me! For my last giveaway I wanted to give something that was exclusive and limited and what I chose is Just Nan's Over the Top Halloween tin and needle book.
I'm kitting it up with everything (DMC floss and 30ct Linen Carrot WDW fabric) so once it reaches to you all you have to do it take it out of the bag and stitch! My actual Blogoversary is on Monday so I'll try to draw a name then. Just leave a message if you'd like to be included in the drawing and good luck! :-)

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

It's time to announce some winners!

I meant to post this earlier but life got in the way. I'm studying for a mid-term tomorrow and I forgot how time consuming school is. All I want to do is stitch and all I've been doing is studying. Well enough about that! Since I had 2 things to give away I did the drawing a little different. First I separated the names into two lists and then I assigned everyone a number. For the first drawing, Be A Witch, the winner is...Congrats Sherry! The next winner, for Something Wicked, is... Congrats Lisa!!! Just email me your mailing info and I'll get this out to you :) I'll post the next (and last) giveaway Thursday or Friday! And I'll mail all the prizes out the first week of November. I'm on vacation then and should have lots of time to do it :)

Becky received the Halloween piece I stitched for her last week. I finished it the same way it was finished in the picture and I think it came out nice. The bow was a PIA to make but thanks to my mom after 3 tries we got something that was nice enough to give away :-) I borrowed the pictures that Becky took (hope you don't mind Becky!) because my pictures are in my camera and right now I'm not dragging the camera out. I stitched her Cherry Wood Designs "Smell My Feet" on 30ct WDW Chartuese Linen (it's incredibly bright IRL) with DMC floss and here's the back with my favorite Halloweeny fabric. Thanks for stopping by...hopefully in my next Tuesday post I'll have a brand new finish to show!

Drawing is now closed

I have Stephanie as the last person to enter. I'll post the winners later on today after I sort them. Good Luck to everyone!

Friday, October 17, 2008

Another give-away!

Again I was too lazy to take a picture but I'm offering Shepherds Bush Be A Witch with fabric (10ct Tula) and button pack! I'm also offering this... La-D-Da's Something Wicked with floss and I'm trying to get the fabric (35ct WDW Havana) but if I can't you will have to choose your own fabric.

Just leave a comment under this post and on Tuesday I'll choose a name! Good Luck!!
***edited I forgot to mention that I will have 2 winners so please add in your comment which one you'd like to be considered for!***

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Second Blogoversary Winner is...

#11! Which is A. (Andrea) Congrats to you!!! Just send me you mailing info and I'll get this out to you :) Let me know what fabric count you'd like.
I'll post the next prize (yes there's another one) Thursday or Friday.

I'm done with my exchanges *yea* so I have lots of free stitchy time which is being hogged up by biology. I have a lab quiz this Thursday and a lecture exam next Wednesday. I sort of forgot how time consuming school is *ugh*

I haven't started anything new but I did pull out an old WIP I have most of her dress done now and her little pumpkin bag. I'll try to post a picture soon. My HoE Halloween partner Jill received the pinkeep I sent to her a while ago and I haven't had the chance to post a picture until now. I stitched her La-D-Da's Trick or Treat from Just Cross Stitch's Halloween issue. It was so HARD to part with it. I'm definitely going to stitch one for myself one day. Here's the side and the back...I love this fabric!! I wish I would have bought more.

Hopefully soon I can show you my last was hard to part with that one too!

Friday, October 10, 2008

I've been sick :(

I would have posted my next give away yesterday but I was bed-ridden with a very bad cold :( I'm better now but I have to work tonight so mentally I feel worse haha. I didn't get a chance to go to my LNS to buy the floss and fabric for my next give-away nor did I feel like pulling out my camera so I swiped pictures from Historic Stitches to show you what I have to give next :) This is Witch's Hat Scissors Case by Historic Stitches. I'm including the fabric and all floss to stitch it (32ct Black Linen and 8 DMC flosses) Here's a picture of the back of the scissor case. Just leave a comment if you'd like to win this. I think it's adorable and can't wait for some "me" stitching time to stitch this up. Now I've stitched on black 32ct linen and it's a big PIA, IMO so if you want to include in your comment if you'd prefer 28ct just include it in with your comment and if you win I'll send you that instead.

Now Katica hasn't emailed me with her mailing address so if you know her please tell her to email me. If I haven't heard from her by Tuesday when I draw a winner for this prize I will re-draw another winner for the other 2 charts. Good Luck!

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

And the winner is!

Lucky number 13...which if you count down is...Katica!!!!! I find it so awesome that 13 would be the winner for a October giveaway. Katica I tried to look up your profile info to link to your blog but it appears you don't have any :o( If you could just email me (mia61075 at aol dot com) your mailing address I'll get your goodies out in the mail for you :o) I hope this picture is better than the other last picture...I took a screenshot with my iPhone...

Also Ulla you won last time and I swear I addressed the envelope for you to mail out but I looked today and saw that I didn't nor did I save your email with your info...could you email me that info again?

Thanks to everyone that commented!!! WOWSA 32 comments!!! I feel like a superstar haha. I'll post my 2nd giveaway sometime this week (probably later on today or Thursday) I left my wallet at home today so I couldn't go out to buy the floss and fabric for the picture after school(I drove home with my fingers crossed that I wouldn't get pulled over and that I wouldn't run out of gas) and right now I have a KILLER sinus headache so all I want to do is lay down and not go back out. *Sigh*

Friday, October 03, 2008

More Pictures and my Blogoversary Month :-)

So the 4 exchanges I'm in have been stressing me out but when one comes in the mail I realize how much fun they really are :-) I still have one to finish up and mail out but have mailed out the other 3 and have received all four! First to show is my Prairie Schooler exchange. This is what I stitched for my partner Becky. I stitched Rain, Rain, Go Away from book no. 139. The backing fabric is the fabric in the background. Here's the entire package that I sent minus the backing fabric.
Next is my HoE Halloween Exchange that I received from Carol. She stitched me Lizzie Kate's Hocus Pocus which was on my list to stitch and now I don't have to! She finished it off as a pinkeep and it's now sitting in my basket of smalls :-) and here's the rest of the package (Kelly already stole the soap and I *heart* the Q-Snaps!)
I did a personal exchange with Becky with a Halloween theme and her exchange also came in the mail this week. She stitched me Lizzie Kate's Bone Appetit and finished it as an awesome box! I can't wait to try this finishing now that I have a model of it in my house. here's the inside and the rest of the package
Great exchanges right???? I love exchanges but because of school as soon as my last exchange in mailed out next week I'm not going to join any for a while. The Christmas Exchange on the HoE blog looks so tempting but I can't do it to myself :-( The only good part is that it leaves more time to stitch something for myself *yea*

Now four years ago this month I started my blog. I've never celebrated my blogovesary but have always wanted to. On Oct 27th I posted my first post and like many others I never ever thought I'd be blogging 4 years later. I just started this blog because at the time everyone else was blogging and I was just following the trend. To celebrate I wanted to give out 4 gifts this month, one for every year that I've been blogging. I wanted to start on the 1st but life got in the way of me posting so I'm going to try my best to still give out 4 but in the end it may just be 3 *sigh* So for my first gift I'd like to give away... If you'd like to be considered for this just leave a comment to this post indicating that you'd like to enter the raffle. The fabric is for L*Ks Hocus Pocus and the buttons for that are included as well. The SamSarah includes the buttons and floss (not the floss in the picture you will get brand new ones those are just there for the picture!) I'll draw a name for it on Tuesday October 7th!

Friday, September 26, 2008

Finally some stitchy pictures!

But unfortunately they aren't of my stitching but of some very nice exchanges I received this week :-)

My Halloween F&S came in the mail this Monday. My partner was Terry and this is what she stitched for me. Aren't they pretty? I've never seen this before and I love it...check out the little spider charm at the corner.

I also got another exchange on Monday, my HoE Prairie Schooler Exchange. Cathy B had my name and look at the pretty pin pillow she stitched for me...and the back...and look at all the goodies she sent me...I can't wait to stitch up that needle roll, I luv Shepherd's Bush!!! And now I have a picture that I've been meaning for the longest to share with you...I should honestly be ASHAMED that it has taken me so long to share this with you. During the summer I joined the Quaker Animal Exchange on the Quaker Inspired Blog, well Donna had my name and she stitched me Quaker Mouse and finished off into the most gorgeous quilted drawstring drawstring bag. Of course I'm never going to use it but do have it displayed in my stitchy corner. The pictures I have do the bag no justice but here it is... and here's the back... Donna I'm so sorry it's taken me so long to post a picture of this...I don't want you to think I'm ungrateful but life and my forgetfulness kept getting in the way of posting this!

Now I must go and update my exchange blogs. School is still great but stressful. All the time I thought I would have does not exist. I can't wait until I go on vacation in November so I can have at least a few days for myself, a day where I can just do nothing!!!!! Right now I go to school Mon-Thurs and then work Fri-Sun *ugh* I thought I would be able to do it (and so far I am) but jeez louise I'm tired!!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

And the winner is!

I used the random number genenrator and here's what I got Excuse the crappy picture but I took a picture of the screen with my iPhone but #3 is Ulla so congrats to Ulla! Ulla if you could please email me your mailing info that would be great! There's an email me link on my sidebar underneath my little picture in my completed profile.

In other news I'm playing hooky from class today but not because I want to. There's a very mean fast mosquito in my room that I can't seem to catch. Well the night before it bit my twice in my arm and last night it bit me 5 times! It bit Ana as well but thank God for heartworm prevention so I know she's ok. Now why am I staying home for mosquito bites?? Well after waking up itchy this morning at 5am I covered myself from neck to toe so it wouldn't bite me anymore thinking I was being smart. Well it out smarted me and bit me on my left eye! Now my eye is swollen and I am NOT going out like this. No way no how! I hope it goes down by tomorrow. I feel bad for this mosquito once I catch it...a quick clap between the hands is not something I'm planning for it...

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

A quick (I think) hello :)

I tried to post from my phone yesterday but for some reason had problems in doing so, so here I am saying hello! I've been wanting to blog for the past week (not much has happened) but with school starting I haven't been able to find blog time in my schedule. Since it's the second week of school I'm finding more "me" time so I can post a quick post. I love school although I have to take this Health class which is totally a waste of my time. I feel bad for saying this but the instructor who teaches it is a big ditz with a capital DITZ. Yesterday someone asked about narcolepsy and she says "oh yeah that's like when you're sitting down eating and suddenly fall asleep." In my head I'm like no...that's a scene in Deuce Bigelow. And the cure for everything is "like eating healthy and exercising." Nursing students don't have to take this class so I didn't take it before but other major students do so I'm forced to sit through it if I want to graduate.

I've been stitching...I made sure to find time for that because I have many exchanges to stitch for and *happy dance* I just finished stitching one so that's 2 down 2 more to go. :) I'm going to try and update later on with snippet pictures of what I've stitched so that way my blog isn't "naked." I'm almost ready to start my BIG blog give away! I'm so excited about it that I want to start it now but must wait...or do I? I guess I don't soooooooo if you would like to win this magazine (for those that didn't run out and buy it) leave a comment and I'll draw a name next week Tuesday to see who wins it! Contest is open to EVERYONE no matter where you live so please leave a comment. You never know what may be inside the envelope with the magazine :-) More to come in October!

Edited: Thanks for the comment Shelleen :-) I know that about narcolepsy but my instructor made it seem like it could only happen when you were eating. Trust me she really is a something special whenever someone gives her an example on how to improve your life that's not eating healthy and exercising you can see in her face that it's something she's never thought of. She reads straight from the book and when asked to clarify something she just repeats what the book says. I'm sometimes tempted to ask her to put it in her own words to see if she can...

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Stuff...super long and non stitchy

I've been reading on blogs how everyone has had a nice lazy holiday weekend and that made me green with envy! While everyone was relaxing I was at work, working harder than I ever had on a weekend. I have one more night (tomorrow night) until I go on a week's vacation

This morning something funny (to me) happened that made me like nursing again. Since we only had 1 aide on the floor, we usually have 2, I had to do my own patient care. Since the aide we had was our "bad" aide it was like we had no aide at all but that's another story for another day. Anyway while I was going to change a dressing on my patient I saw that he was dirty so I figured I might as well wash him and change his bed. He's a cranky old guy who complains complains and complains. As soon as I'm done with everything he starts thanking me and continues to do so until I leave. I started thinking about how cleaning him up made him happy and in turn made me happy and started seems that in order for me to feel appreciated by my patients I have to wipe their asses LOL.

Friday wasn't a good day for the dogs. Ana got sick and Kyle had (what we thought) minor surgery. They're both better now but on Friday Ana was vomiting and had a few episodes of loose stools probably from the steak I gave her the night before. I felt bad for her because during lunch I gave her her share of chicken nuggets and she turned her face :( Now that she's better she wants to eat everything again but I'm restricting her human food intake, it wasn't fun running around finding a bag for her to barf in or having people look at us because how do you clean up watery poop off the sidewalk? Before we noticed Ana was sick we had to take Kyle to the vet for an emergency visit. If anyone owns or has spent time with a Bull Terrier then you have to be familiar with their infamous "Bully Runs." Now most dogs do have little "attacks" where they run around the house crazy but Bull Terriers have their own special way of doing it. First off they start of jumping in circles (literally jumping.) Then they start running back and forth slamming into things on purpose. Here's a small example of what it looks like.

Well Kyle was running around and spinning when one of his dew claws snagged on the rug :( I was in bathroom but I heard a yelp and Kelly yelling to me that we had to go to the vet. Kyle was bleeding and had pulled his nail out. Kelly carried him the 4 blocks to the vet where we thought they cut his little toe off but they only trimmed the nail, cleaned it, and bandaged him up. When he came out he had the cutest bandage! How cute is it?? I swear the things they come out for pets is just ingenious! Here's a picture of Kyle looking Kyle-ish. I love his ears in this picture. Usually Ana is impartial to him but that night she actually let him snuggle next to her. I have pictures of it put they're in my camera which I don't feel like pulling out to upload pictures from it.

In happy news, I'm still excited about going to school and Kelly bought me an early birthday present Thursday. He bought me an iPhone which I *luv* and can't believe I've been without one for so long. It's the greatest! (excluding the battery life but who cares I can always charge it at work.)

Before I leave I wanted to mention one thing and show one more thing. Twilight by Stephanie Meyer is a good book and I can't wait to move onto the next book. I can't believe I've haven't start reading these books sooner! And for your enojoyment you can watch this...I find it hilarious especially the part where he says "it's me Giraffe." I crack up every time I watch it and now since I have it saved on my iPhone I can watch it all the time :-) Enjoy!!!

Sunday, August 24, 2008

All in a Moon Finish :)

Miss Crescent's Crowne - All in a Moon
Stitched on 30ct Geln Ellyn Blen by R&R Reproductions
Crescent Colours Floss

This is what I decided to stitch after my last finish. My LNS has the frame and I wanted to try a new framer so I thought this would be a perfect piece to let them frame. I'm not to happy with it because the picture on the chart differs so much from the actual piece. The fabric is more lemon-y on the picture whereas mine is mustard-ish. It's still a pretty piece though and I hope I can get it on my walls in time for Halloween when I decorate.

Thanks so much for comments on my last piece! Someone asked where I bought the pattern from and asked me to post info on it so here it is...I bought it from Creative Poppy and it's by Barbara Ana Designs (all the info is usually posted underneath my finished picture.) I've also never thanked those that gave my blog (and me) awards. I've always meant to but as always forgot. I'm not good with following up and giving out awards but trust me I do thank those that gave me an award from the bottom of my heart! I'm so happy people actually take the time out to read or even just browse through my blog :-) THANKS SO MUCH!!!

Now with that said I do have something special for you guys during my blog anniversary month which so happens to be in favorite spooky month! So please check this place in October for something special ;-)

I may not update for a while because the next 4 things I stitch will be for exchanges :( Maybe I'll just show you guys a portion of what I've stitched. I also won't have too much time for "me" stitching in between exchanges because I'm going back to school this September and I'll be working full time as well. I'm going to major in Biology and perhaps get out of the nursing field. I love nursing but there have been some things going on at work that have me unhappy with it. I figure if things get better then I'll go back to nursing and if not well then I won't. I'm excited to go back to school like you wouldn't believe...I'm looking forward to learning something new :-) Until next time!

Friday, August 15, 2008

Hallowscornu Finish

It's done! I had a really hard time putting this biscornu together. It's not perfect and uneven in some places...I don't know where I went wrong but 1) it's hard working with black fabric and 2) it's so &@^%$)! hard working with black fabric!
Hallowscornu - Barbara Ana Designs
Stitched on 32ct Silkweaver "Frenzy" Lugana
DMC floss
and decorated with
Mill Hill Antique Glass Beads (03053)

I don't know what I'll stitch next. I've joined 3 Halloween exchanges *so excited* luckily I already know what I want to stitch for all 3 and I have my Prairie Schooler exchange that I should get started on since that's the first to mail out but at the same time I want to stitch my Sweet Treats dilemma dilemma! I won't choose tonight since I'd like to go to sleep early but I know it's going to be on my mind while I sleep...anyone else think while they sleep?

Today we went to Serendipity3 to eat. My cousin saw it on the travel channel and just had to try the desserts there. The wait was crazy and the place was packed! I finally took my camera out the house so I do have some pictures to share :-)
The outside
The window display My frozen hot chocolate
My cousin and her friend and their ice cream sundae.
Kelly and his dessert...the "Can't Say No" Sundae
And me and my dessert...the Forbidden Broadway Sundae.

We all had burgers and fries, I didn't take a picture of that because if you've seen one plate of burgers and fries you've seen them all. It was nice but I don't think I'll be going back any time soon.

Well I actually just decided what to stitch and its not anything I mentioned earlier LOL. I may change my mind come morning time but I may not...good night!