Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Tuesday afternoon ramblings...

Ok so the excitement still hasn't worn off. I haven't told everyone I know just the important ones. Again I'm weird like that, I don't need everyone to know like others, just the important ones. When I first met Kelly and we would go out, he wouldn't introduce to everyone he knew, while I would get pissed like he had something to hide, he would tell me they aren't important enough to know you, I guess I understand what he means now.

I honestly can't believe that I'm a RN now. I'm waiting for my license to come in the mail so I can take that nice diploma like paper out with my name on it. I think I'll frame it. Reflecting on the pass, I don't know how I made it. If anyone knew me when I was 18-20 they definitely knew I wasn't going to graduate from college. Now not only have I graduated from college but I'm a Registered Nurse!!! Might not seem so luxurious to some but hey - I made something out of my life that I, and everyone who loves me, can be proud of. I was a bit paranoid last night. I always think when things are going so right that I'm going to die LOL. You know like those people you see on the news - everything in their life is going perfect and BAM some freak accident occurs.

Today is voting day. I'm waiting for my cousin to get home to go vote. It's her first time voting and she's a silly type excited. I'm glad that she is though, I love her so much that when she's happy it makes me happy. She's like my little sister, just wish she would stay little forever. Makes me feel old watching her grow up. I can still remember when she didn't speak English and would go around saying "Que is you doing?" She's gonna kill me for writing that but she'll get over it hehe. I use to hate her when we were kids - she stole my spotlight LOL. Well I'm going to stitch and wait for her to get home. I always thought the MTV voting campaign was a bit harsh. But now that the day has finally come I must quote them, since after thinking about the issues that I feel will affect me are important and might as well be life threatening I'll must say go out and VOTE OR DIE!

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