Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Hello, Hello!

I'm in a good mood today. Maybe because it was still morning when I woke up :)
I haven't called the hospital yet, so that's my only downer, but to even things out I did call my old school, they are having this Adelphi Uni transfer person there, so I scheduled an appointment to see if I get accepted for the RN to BSN program. I fI do get accepted then I plan to start this fall.
I spoke to my cousin and the more I speak to her the more I'm glad that my mother is my mother and my aunt is my aunt. Not that she has a bad mother, because she's a great mother, just when it comes to money she's hmmm I don't know what she is but my mother is the total opposite. Maybe it's a good thing or maybe it's a bad thing. When I was in college (like my younger cousin is) I use to get a $1750 check a semester. My cousin gets a little less but also gets a check. Well when I got the check my mother wouldn't expect anything from me. It was my money and if I wanted to give her some then fine, if not then oh well. It's like that with any unexpected money that I get. Well with her mom it's like oh you're getting this check, this is what you're going to do and this much is going to me AND I expect you to buy me a present too. It annoys my cousin and everyone else who knows about it, family wise. She called me this morning to see what she should do. My mother says it's fine to give her advice but make sure it's nothing rebelious - I'm a rebel in my mother's eyes and it's kind of true. Well for once I partially agreed with my aunt! She wants my cousin to buy a computer for her and her brother, which I think is a good thing. She doesn't want to and of course I partially agree with her, she feels that her mother should be the one buying it for them. I told her although that might be the case and some parents DO buy their kids computers, her mom isn't going to, so she might as well get the computer. Plus she can get a nice one from Dell for a good price. I also told her to try and make her mom go 50/50 with her.
I also don't like that her mother has so much say in what she does - she's 18!! I know she's not an adult and still needs her mom because God knows I needed my mother at 18 and still do, but she's not allowed to make her own decisions or mistakes. I really feel she's going to resent her mother in the long run. At her age I could have went to my mother with any problem I had without fearing that my mother would fly off the handle or not support my decision, she can't. Her mother makes her dye her hair a specific color because she wants it not because her daughter wants it. My cousin wanted to darken her hair and wanted me to dye it, I told her no way! Her mother would have a heart attack!The only way I do it is if her mom buys the dye and I see her paying for it. My mother laughed when I told her but then shook her head because it's so true. Hmmm now thinking of it maybe if my mom did tell me what color to dye my hair yesterday's fiasco wouldn't have happened LOL.
The only thing that upsets me about this entire check thing is that I could understand if she was made to do these things because the financial situation in the house wasn't a good one but it's not, and that's what no one understands. I think it's wrong. I'm sure there's a lesson to teach her by doing this but so far I don't see it, because so far she's just getting pissed at her mom and making her look bad by complaining about her. Again I say I'm glad my mother isn't like this. If she were it would make me hide things from her and probably not look forward to my first paycheck because after Uncle Sam robs me she'll be next in line. And I'll probably NOT want to help out once I start working, I'll probably want to get away from here ASAP but then again that's me not my cousin...

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