Tuesday, May 29, 2007

My House

Thanks for all the comments on Summer Snapperland! That's the most I've gotten ever :-)

Work has kept me busy and tired so I haven't been able to blog but I'm off today and I rested yesterday so I'm here. Stitched last night into the wee hours of the morning - didn't get far but I did finish my house. And here it is...
I made a boo-boo but was too tired and anxious to get this done so I just left it. Life's too short to worry about the small things no? The name of this design is My Country House by Elizabeth's Designs and I'm stitching it on the recommended fabric (35ct Sheep's Straw Linen by R&R Reproductions - wow is it tiny!) with DMC floss.

So that's all I have to report. I'm going to see The Bravery tonight and would like to stitch a bit before it's time for me to leave so TTFN!

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

It's Done!!!!

Summer Snapperland is done! I wanted to finish it before I went to work and I managed to do so. I'm so happy that I finish it, not so happy that I go back to work tonight *groan* It's only for one night but I work the entire weekend (Fri-Sun) Well I'm going to take an hour nap before I have to get ready to leave. Thanks for looking and if you leave a comment - thanks for that too!

Friday, May 18, 2007

Hola Bloggers!

My vacation has sadly come to an end :-( I still have the weekend but we all know how quick a weekend can be. I really enjoyed my time off, I didn't go anywhere but I did get to do more than I usually do.

Wednesday's play was fantastic! My cousin's MIL saw Phantom 3 times she told me. Before going to see it I couldn't picture how anyone could see the same play 3 times but if anyone is looking for company to go see it I honestly wouldn't mind going again. The guy who plays the Phantom (Gary Mauer I think it is) is wonderful! He made me cry twice and his voice is just lovely, as a matter of fact, all their voices were lovely. Our seats were really good, there were no "tall" people in front of us and we weren't that close to the stage that we had to bend our necks to see the stage. I just finished seeing the movie, I've had the DVD for the longest but never got around to see it - the play was way better but the movie is still good. I really loved the play and I think I'm hooked on Broadway shows LOL. I'm trying to go see Beauty and the Beast before it goes off, everyone has seen it already so I don't know who to ask to come with me and don't know if Kelly would appreciate it. I guess we'll see...

I didn't do much yesterday but go to the movies. We were suppose to go to see the Mets play but I was just just too tired. I'm glad I took the day to rest, at night we went to the movies to see Georgia Rule. My cousin enjoyed it more than I did. I always laugh whenever I take him or Kelly to watch a "chick flick" (as they call it) and they enjoy it more than me.

Today I spent the day trying to stitch. I wanted to finish this before I went back to work but I don't think that's going to happen. I have all that blue (ocean) and the rest of the border to stitch. Tonight we're going out so pretty soon I'll have to stop stitching and get ready. Tomorrow my cousin's son is doing his first communion so that day is pretty much done. Anyway here's a picture of my progress:

Before I go, I've been tagged by both Cheryl and Juls to name 8 Random things that aren't known about me. So before I do that here are the rules:

1. Each player starts with 8 random facts/habits about themselves.
2. People who are tagged write a blog post about their own 8 random things and post these rules.
3. At the end of your blog you need to tag 8 people and post their names.
4. Don't forget to leave them a comment and tell them they're tagged, and to read your blog.

I'm not going to so 3 and 4 since I think almost everyone has been tagged, so please forgive me for "bending" the rules.

Ok 8 Random Things About Me...

1. I'm left handed but hold the paper like a right handed person. The way I write freaks people out LOL.
2. I give the dogs a new name weekly. Kobe was use to it and Ana is use to it but Kyle just doesn't get it yet, half the time he won't answer to Kyle, I guess it all comes with being a rescue dog.

3. I can't swim.
4. I'm EXTREMELY shy. Like "I need therapy" shy. But once I feel comfortable I'm a chatter box.

5. Kelly is the total opposite of what I was looking for and just happened to be just right for me.
6. I never wanted to be a nurse.
7. My first langauge is Spanish but when I learned to speak English I forgot my Spanish and had to relearn it.
8. I'm horrible with money and NEED to write out a budget, if I don't God only knows where all my money goes.
And lastly I leave you a picture of my Amit (Ana's new name for the week) sometimes I wish I had her life...

Wednesday, May 16, 2007


You're probably thinking what the title of this post is about so I'll explain.
Cheryl left me a comment about the Arctic Monkeys and asked if listened to them. I didn't so I figured I'd give them a try. They're pretty good! I then went on a search for a their concert and they were playing at the Hammerstein Ballroom yesterday - of course their show was sold out but I decided to keep searching for tickets. I won 2 on Ebay, the concert was GA but you were assigned to a floor (it's 3 floors) and lucky us we were on the floor. They put on a awesome show!!! They are now on my MUST SEE EVERYTIME list LOL. I went with my cousin Jorge and I have to thank him too because 1. He HATES GA and 2.People were pushing and where as I like it - he HATES it. I couldn't bring my camera so I don't have any "live" footage and what I took with my phone just sucks but I do have some blurry pictures to share :-) Note to self: Next time they say No Cameras bring yours anyway!
I'm off for now - I'm going to see The Phantom of the Opera with my mom and cousin. I've been doing a lot on my vacation and I'm going to hate going back to work next week. I think tomorrow we're going to a baseball game, it's not a definite plan so I won't count on it. I'll try to post a progress picture of Summer Snapperland too - I'm so happy I stitched this piece because it's looking so pretty, I think it's the change of fabric - the suggested one was just too dark! TTYL!

Saturday, May 12, 2007

Three Down...

One more to go!

This square is called Whalehouse and the whale on top of the house is suppose to have a little smile and an eye but I think I'm going to leave it out, I mean the people don't have faces so why should a whale? Plus I don't want it to look too cutesy ya know? Well I'm going to start working on the border around it. TTFN!

Thursday, May 10, 2007

What can happen...

...will happen. Anyone want to join me for a pity party?

I was watching TV when I heard a loud thud, I go check my mom to make sure she's ok since she was cleaning and she was. So I ask her what was that noise and she points to the folding table in the other room - it fell. I go to pick it up and see that the iron tipped over. Well can you guess what happens next? I didn't know that my mother used the iron minutes to go and when I go to pick it up (by the hot side) I burn my fingers!!!

Obviously it's not that bad since I'm blogging but they just feel weird (hard) and I can't stitch as fast but it could have been worse. On to other things!

The Ballet was very nice! It would have helped if I knew the story of Romeo and Juliet. I know you're thinking who doesn't know the story of Romeo and Juliet?!?! But I know the story, I just don't know about the supporting characters. After reading the Playbill I was on board. My cousins made me laugh when they told me they didn't know that there was no talking. My response to them - "It's a ballet not a play!" LOL I think I'd go to see another one.

Tonight I'm going to watch TV until it's time to go to Starbucks. I can't wait to see The Office but will have to since my Tivo feels it's more important to record Grey's instead of The Office, tonight I think Pam tells Jim how she feels about him...tomorrow I'll find out when I buy it on iTunes. If My Name is Earl wasn't 40 minutes long I think I wouldn't have this problem *sigh* TTFN I'm off to watch TV!

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Four Days Later...

Won't be stitching much today so I thought I'd share an update so I atleast feel like I'm doing something that involves my stitching. I stitched the 1st square at my cross stitch meet yesterday and just stitch the boxes at Starbucks last night when I went to study with my cousin, well he studies and I stitch.

I picked up Delivering Fluers from the framers yesterday. I don't know how I feel about the frame. The frame itself is nice and outside when I was taking the picture looked nice but it doesn't look the same inside...could just be me.

Tonight I'm going to the ballet to see Romeo and Juliet. This is a first for me so I'm excited. I read on the website that you can dress in whatever you want which is great, thanks to TV I thought you had to dress up.

Well that's it from me - my vacation feels like it's moving too fast and I think it's stressing me out more than relaxing me. I'm going to get my hair washed which is something I hate to do only because I don't feel like sitting under the dryer doing nothing for an hour. I've tried to stitch but SS is too big to pull out and stitch on. *Good Idea Alert* Maybe I should kit up a small project to bring! LOL I won't but that was a good idea. TTFN

Saturday, May 05, 2007

A Mini Finish!

I just finished the 2nd square to my Summer Snapperland. I don't like this season but I think it's going to look very nice. So far I like the way the sea goes from one square to the other one. I know Spring is like this with the soil but I'll have to check if Winter is also. I'm going to work on the border before moving onto another square. I already know that I'm leaving the 4th square for last simply because I get very anxious with stitching a large space with just one color, the only thing that doesn't discourage me is that it's in blue and not white...I just can't stitch in white my stitches look sloppy.
We had a new visitor today, my sister came over with the kids and their new puppy "Precious." I hate the name btw, but it's not my dog so it shouldn't matter. Ana was excited about her, she loves puppies but Precious wanted nothing to do with Ana. I guess with her being so little and Ana towering over her she got scared. I couldn't get a picture of the two of them together but did manage to get one of her "hiding." I doubt they'll be friends in the future because Precious already has little dog qualities ie. she hates other dogs. Well with that being said I also have another addition to tell about!

I'm....the new owner of another pair of scissors!!! LOL I'm so corny sometimes. I bought the Maria's and while I haven't used them yet I did have a perfect fob for them. The picture shows them with my Jamie's which were "eh" to me until I put a fob on them and all of sudden they're beautiful like the rest of them :-)

Well that's all from me today...Thanks for the comments on my concert post!!! I'm going to a "fight" party tonight (I hope De La Hoya wins!)and once the fight is over it turns into a "poker" party. I really hate to play poker with these people...some are just way too cocky and competitive for me and let's not mention the comments that are made *ugh* I mean seriously IT'S JUST A GAME but they're my family (LOL) so I have to put up with it...in the long run they aren't that bad. Enjoy the rest of the weekend, it's beautiful here, well maybe a little too hot for me but atleast it's not raining like in some places.

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Wondeful Weekend! No Stitchy news though...

Wow what a way to spend the pre-vacation days. Usually a few days before I go on vacation physically my mind decides it wants to go early and it does, to please it I've been going to concerts on my off days (which really were only 2 days off so 2 concerts)

The Killers on Saturday were awesome. I didn't get any good footage of the camera - my cousin had one too many and I was about 3 steps behind him LOL. I feel bad for my "sober" cousin who had to take care of us until the fresh air hit me, then it was us taking care of him. I do have Sam's Town but the file is too big to upload...anyone know of another place besides You Tube that I can use?

Here are 2 videos...sorry about the quality
The Killers - Smile Like You Mean It

The Killers - Bones

Anyway the opening to the concert was great. One of the opening bands were these guys from Japan and they played all Beatles songs. The "older" people in the crowd (myself included) really enjoyed it. It was too dark to film it but the opening to The Killers was NICE!!! They had this white sheer curtain type thing where pictures from Sam's Town flashed on sort of like when the TV goes out and gets fuzzy and then once in a while confetti would get blown out cannonball style, we had crappy seats (I can never get good seats for The Killers) but we still had a good view and like I said the concert was GREAT! My cousin has a gift with making best friends with strangers so we made some new friends that night. Going to work the next night was hard, by 11pm I was almost passed out in my chair THANKFULLY it was a very night, it was so quiet that everyone was complaining how quiet it was - it was like we were waiting for something to happen that's how quiet it was.

Modest Mouse was last night, only 2 of us went since my other cousins really don't like them like my other cousin and I. Sometimes having a girls night out with it being just the 2 of us is nice. She's more like me, so we tend to have a good time whenever we hang. The seats were nice, we weren't able to go up front like at the Bloc Party concert (it was held at the same venue) but the security guard that was with us was really nice. He was like ok guys I move up and you move up and no one will ever know. The show wasn't as great as the first one we went to last year (I really think it was the seats - last time we were up front) but still nice - we danced in the aisle with the rest of the MM Fans.

Here's some MM:
Modest Mouse - Dashboard

Modest Mouse - Bury Me With It

Modest Mouse - Bukowski

I think I'm addicted to going to concerts...I was going to put myself on a concert diet but after this weekend I've decided not to. It's something I enjoy and what's life if you don't enjoy it right? Our next concert is May 18th and we're going to see Talib Kweli, then The Bravery, then The Fray, and then O.A.R. and whatever else we find in between or after :-) I'm still trying to decide if I want to go to Jersey to go see Bloc Party...I really do love them but don't know how far Asbury Park. Oh and I'm also going to the ballet on the 9th to see Romeo and Juliet :-)
Anyone know how one dresses for that?

Well I work tonight so I'm going to take a nap - my throat hurts and I hope I'm not getting sick but I'll be on vacation soon so although it doesn't matter I really don't want to spend it sick.