Thursday, November 04, 2004

I'm starting to like people less and less now-a-days. I hate all the negative talk they talk. All the anti-(insert whatever) talk really kills me. I know some of what they say is true but once they start judging everyone the same way it bothers me. I don't say anything a lot of the time - I don't like to start trouble plus I fear that I may not have all of the facts to back up my argument and of course everyone is entitled to have an opinion.

Well I actually didn't want to write about anything deep but instead I wanted to write on a few not so important things. Today it rained all day I think. I like rainy days but when you have a dog it makes it hard to like them when they have to go out. It makes me envy cat people - they have it so easy - just change the litter box. I had a cat once but my mom made me get rid of it. The cousin that I mentioned a few days ago was afraid of it and wouldn't come over once I got it. Remember I told you I hated her when we were younger? Well I'll let you speculate on one of the reasons I loved this cat so much *insert evil laugh*.

Kobe hates to go out in the rain which I love because he will hold it until it stops raining. He's funny he'll actually stick his snout out the door to check if it's raining before he goes out. I sometimes have to push him out the door. He's a smart dog and people can see it instantly. Ana, on the other hand, will go out. She usually does flips when it's raining or snowing outside, today she didn't want to walk, which surprised me. I had to push her to go outside and drag her down the block for her to use the bathroom. My cousin walked with me and he had an umbrella and she truly pushed him over with her body so that she could get under. Even when we ran back home she ran at a steady pace with my cousin under his umbrella. If you were to just meet Ana, you would think she's just a dumb happy dog. She can't do things that Kobe can. Kobe can open and close a door, distinguish different toys and objects and bring them to you when you ask him, he's bi-lingual and at one point knew how to turn the computer off when he wanted your attention! Ana just wants to love you and be loved, but the longer I observe her I'm starting to think she may be playing dumb. I think she practices those sad faces she gives in the mirror when no one is watching. I think she knows who to go to when she wants a certain thing. And I know that when I come home and both her and Kobe come to greet me and she leaves me to get Kobe's rope to pretend that she wants to play with him but then leaves him once she's got him into a game to come get all of my attention is no coincidence. Ana may be smarter than Kobe I'm starting to think and that's very scary since many times I swear they work in unison LOL.

I guess I can tie in my first paragraph with the rest of my blog. Lots of people have a negative view on Pit Bulls. There's a lady around the corner who's dog terrorized my dogs yet she crosses the street when she sees me. There's another lady with 5 hotdog dog's down the block who's dogs ALWAYS growl at mine but swears mine will kill hers. And while it's true that Pit Bulls do get a bad rap from the media, I just wish that they were smart enough to educate themselves on the breed and realize that it's truly the owner that creates the monster it's not how the dog is born.

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debbi said...

What a great blog! Don't you just love your animals? As I was reading yours Jake was sitting at my side looking at me trying to communicate his needs. My dog gives me great joy ... especially at the end of a a rotten day. :-) debbi