Friday, April 29, 2005

Drumroll Please!!!

Ta-Da - it's done :) I had plans on finishing it yesterday but Kelly called and the plan went to hell. I guess I'll drop it off next week to be framed, since I work the weekend. I'm going to start working on a SAL I joined. I think it will last 6 months of so, if I'm able to I'll stitch in between but I'm a slow stitcher now so maybe not. Oh well off to take a shower TTYL and thanks for looking!!! Posted by Hello

Thursday, April 28, 2005

Out of Hibernation

Don't know how long I slept last night but I'm finally up AND still a bit sleepy, but I refuse to sleep any longer. I know I put in atleast 12 hours last night LOL.

I had what a bad day at work Tuesday night. Had a patient that screamed all night long and wanted to climb out of the bed - she was so bad that the shift before mine restrained her. I knew I was in for a long night. Only good thing about it was that I learned how to put in a foley because she pulled her's out TWICE! She really pissed me off too because when she pulled it out the second time she handed it to me smiling - I wanted to strangle her really. I know it was that she was confused and the fact that she was russian speaking only didn't help *sigh* Well as soon as the morning hit guess what she does? Fall's fast asleep! I was like why couldn't she sleep on my shift?!?!?! Anyway it's over now and I hope I don't have a night like that one in a long time!

My stitching weekend, as you can probably tell, wasn't really a weekend. It was more like a day. I'm still close to finishing but still so far away. My goal is to finish it by 11-ish so that maybe I can rush to my not so LNS and pick up my framed piece and drop this one off to get framed, as well as the last piece I finished.

Well I'm hungry, I didn't eat yesterday thanks to my long nap - I call it that because my cousin and I were suppose to go out to get food and I told him let me take a nap first and then we'll go hehe. Hope he ate LOL. TTYL!!!

Tuesday, April 26, 2005

I'm sick!

Or atleast I think I am :( My head feels stuffy and I feel hot inside. And I have this urge to sneeze and I can't plus my throat feels scratchy and on top of it all I have to go to work tonight *sigh* TTYL I'm going to eat but really want to just go to go back to bed.

Sunday, April 24, 2005

Stitching weekend

I have decided to make this a stitching weekend for myself. I only have these 2 days off from work before I go back and they usually go pretty quick. To be honest I think I like working the weekend and having my off days during the week because I get so much more time to do things.

Anyhow, I don't want to say but at the same time want to say that I might be done with my Ladybug Cottage this weekend :) While my family was here, I chose to stitch and talk with them and it wasn't all that hard either. I've satin stitched my entire roof, something I wanted to leave for last but didn't, and now all I have to do are the vines on the corner, some more satin stitch, backstitch my sun, and pop on some beads. Sounds like alot but it really isn't. If I feel like it I may even fix the mistake I made but most likely I won't - I really don't care about it. I'm not sure what to work on next. Usually I have an idea but 2 days ago I put away ALL of my stash and have nothing out to entice me. What a silly move to make I tell you.

Well I'm off - for some strang reason I can only stay up late at work and now as soon as 1 am hits I'm falling asleep like I'm a little old lady hehe. Will hopefully post a picture of a finished Ladybug Cottage tomorrow some time!

Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Would normally scan this at night when I'm done with my stitching but have a busy evening planned so don't think I'll get to stitch on it anymore so here it is - my progress as of now. Would like to get it done before Saturday but don't see it happening or maybe... Posted by Hello

Tuesday, April 19, 2005

The Princess

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This is Ana playing with her toy - it's funny sometimes because she loves to roll around and uses her paws as hands. I'll see if I can get these pics to be less fuzzy - more to come...

AS of today this is my progress. I have laundry to do so I'll stitch while I'm waiting for it to get done while watching TV - I'm in heaven :-P Posted by Hello

Everything but

I'm doing everything but what I'm suppose to do at this time. I woke up thinking I would clean off my desk and put all of my stash away and have found like millions of things I rather do, hence me blogging.
I bought a new phone - it's ok I like it. It feels so much different than my old phone - the screen is HUGE compared to the other phone and it's much brighter. I can do some cool things with it but it's really a waste since I don't know many peoplle with nextel's and the ones that do don't have these enhanced features since they just have a regular plan :( I've been taking pictures of Ana daily, once I figure out how to get them out of the phone and into the computer I'll share - she's such a cutey :)

Not much has gone on in la vida de Mercy - shopped yesterday and bought some books. My mother's leg is still in a funk and she's on bedrest, as per her acupuncturist so I bought her some books en espanol, she's grateful for them since all she does is watch TV all day. Not sure what's on the agenda today. Probably more shopping. I hear it's going to be 80 degrees today *yuck* I hate anything over 72-ish. I hope it's not like summer 80 but a cool 80, if not helloooooo Ms. Cranky!

Well I'm off I must clean, plus since my mom is out of service I have lots of laundry to do. Everytime she asked me "What will you do without me?" and I tell her "Move on and live." I don't think I knew what I was talking about, it's hard doing chores - I hate it! Off to hug my mom and show her that I appreciate her! Ciao!

Friday, April 15, 2005

Ana's a spoiled brat!

Yesterday the realization of Ana's "spoiled-ness" came to light. Yesterday was vet day for all 3 dogs, which means Kobe and Nikki had to come over. I thought it would be good so that all three of them could play and at first everything was going ok, then the dogs came in for bath's which means everyone had to come upstairs and were able to go into the rooms where she has her toys. As previously mentioned she doesn't fight for her toys and she didn't but you could really tell that she was pissed by the way she sat there looking at Nikki trying to rip her stuff animals. She even gave us a pathetic look like "please take my toys away from these heathens!" It was funny, towards the end of the night she did not want to be with Kobe and Nikki and whenever they came to bother her she would go upstairs. Even the doctor called her a spoiled brat because she sat across from us in the waiting room acting like she didn't know them LOL. You could also see that when it was time for them to go she got super happy LOL.

The doctor says Kobe just needs more attention - from what he could tell from yesterday. He's not the easiest dog, so he can't be left out during the day for fear that he may attack Kelly's roommate. Kobe's an "iffy" type dog and honestly Kelly is the one of the few that can control him. He's not evil but he really needs an "alpha" in control at all times and his roommate is anything but.

My headache, I think could be a sinus headache. Everytime I breath my head hurts a little bit more. I'm going to take some sinus meds in a little while and go to sleep. Tonight I work and I don't need a headache. I think my tiredness could be from thinking ahead and saying OMG I'm going to be soooo busy that week when will I sleep?!?! So I stress myself out. I've never done that since I started working so I'm going to try to stop and just take it one day at a time like I use to back in my worry free days.

Well my breakfast is ready then I'm going to stitch for a couple of hours then nap - so TTYL!!!

Which Rock Chick Are You?

This is cool - I wanted to be Avril but Gwen is sooooo much better LOL. Thanks Petra!

Thursday, April 14, 2005

Your Inner European is Irish!

Sprited and boisterous!

You drink everyone under the table.

I feel crappy. I'm constantly tired and I don't know why because I probably get as much sleep as a cat on my days off and on my work days I get atleast 6-7 hours of sleep, I just feel so drained! This week it feels like I have no time for anything. My cousin has a play, that I want to go to but don't think I'm going to make it because I have to take the dogs to the doctor. Was going to take them early but my mom needed the car so she won't be back until after 5pm and her play is at 7pm then of course I have to work the next three days and I just need to rest. I've had a headache that has been around for 3 days, it's sort of a dull pain which is aggravating because it's like I can do things but at the same time I can't for fear that it's going to get worse.

Last night I went to dinner with my cousin's for my now 18 year old cousin's birthday. I can't believe he's so old already. You know how some people never grow up in your head, well I think he'll be 16 for me forever. I feel old now, soon I'll be 25 that means I'll be almost in my mid twenties hehe.

Well I'm going to take a walk to the mailbox, lately our mail has been coming super early and of course all of my bills seem to not come in. Thank godness for the internet though because I've managed to be on time, instead of wondering when will that bill get here? TTYL!

My "personalized" version of Ladybug Cottage so far. Hope to stitch on this more today. Posted by Hello

Sunday, April 10, 2005

Staying Inside...

Ok I know I've mentioned that I'm trying to save money. I've realized that the only possible way to do this is to stay inside my house. I don't know how, actually I do, but I've managed to spend $700 from my check in 2 days! It's not wasted money but man, I had to work like 2 days for that! I still haven't even paid my bills. Good thing I make good money or else I'd be crying right now. I'm going to sit down and sort out my bills, I like to pay them early but I may be able to buy myself some time since they are due at the end of the month. I think it was taking Ana to the vet that screwed me over. I didn't even get her the DHLP or whatever it's called shot. I've been wanting to NOT get the dogs that shot since reading about the over vaccination of animals and just got her the rabies and lyme vaccine and the bill STILL was alot.

Anyway today I'm just going to get my hair cut and straightened and I'm coming straight home after that to stitch, no stopping off at the mall, no more surfing the web, no more doing anything that requires me buying something I don't need. I even think the next time they need someone to work overtime at work I may do it - LOL I needed a good laugh.

Well must go, my mom just got home and apparently she has twisted her ankle *sigh* I finished In The Garden Of My Heart and of course have scanned it. *Quick happy dance* Off to the next project which I'll share once I choose it. TTYL!!!!

Looks so pretty in person :) I don't like the way my initials came out but don't think I can do anything about it with the limited space. I guess I'll get use to it...on to the next project :)  Posted by Hello

Saturday, April 09, 2005

When it rains it pours

I promise that this won't be a totally depressing blog post, or atleast I'll try to not make it into one. I took Ana to the doctor today. She's in great health, but the doctor thinks she may have mites in her ears, where she picked this up from - I don't know but this is a MIGHT have mites because she could also have allergies, which is something all the dogs suffer from around this time, so I'm not to worried about this discovery. When he asked about Kobe, he's popular at the office and I love my vet because Kobe is not the nicest dog while there but my vet understands and loves Kobe anyway our past vet didn't treat him like that anyway, I told him Kobe wasn't doing too well and he's not. I've been too busy to pick him up from the Bronx to bring him to the vet in Brooklyn. He hasn't been eating and Kelly tells me his lymph nodes are swollen again, this time really bad. Today it hit us that maybe he's not eating because it hurts him to swallow :( Well I told the doctor this and he says to bring him in ASAP because he'll have to look at him b/c it may be cancer. This isn't the first time Kobe's lymph nodes have been swollen, the first time the swellen went down with antibiotics but now it's back and it's worse. Thursday we all go to the vet because Ana has to get her ears re-checked. I hope it's not cancer because if it is I'll just have to get him put down, I can't afford any treatments and it makes me sad. I don't want to even think about it, really I don't...

Well I'm off to hug Ana - atleast she's ok. I thought the vet was going to tell me she was fat and needed to go on a diet, Ana would have died if she had to eat less food, I restrict her food now. To me she looks fat but apparently she's healthy LOL. I'll keep her on the same diet, just will have to watch my parents - they LOVE to feed her. TTYL!!!

Hey hey hey there!

I'm in between periods of being in a great mood and crappy moods, don't know why. Whenever I get into a great mood I think that I shouldn't be because of a serious problem with Kobe so maybe it's a psuedo great mood. Kobe got into some trouble, I won't mention what because I can already see some ignorant person saying it's because he's a pitbull and honestly it's not. It's because he's a dog and any dog, big or small, is capable of doing what he did. I just hope things turn out ok. Kelly's pretty upset and as much as I wanted to tell him he's partially at fault I couldn't because he's so upset that he's crying. *Hug* to Kelly because that's all I can do for him right now.

Happy stuff now, I'm off from work until Monday *yeah* I was so tired last night that I HAD to take like a 40 minute nap. A nap never felt so good. Remember the nurse I was complaining about a few posts ago, well she never showed up this morning and as bad as I felt for leaving, I was not going to work past 8:30am. I should have known something was wrong when the supervisor asked me if I could work 4 extra hours. I would have if I didn't want these people to develop bad habits and start abusing me. Plus I don't think I would have survived. Working a 16 hour shift is ok IF the pace would be like the night time but mornings are so opposite from the night that I would have screwed up. I did feel bad for my patients, they deserved for their nurse to be there just in case something happened. I wondered what time this nurse got in to work?

After work I went to my not so LNS and had fun fun fun! I love it there, wish I lived in Jersey so I can go more frequently. I kitted up 4 projects and bought one Drawn Thread Kit as well as some other charts. Plus in the mail the other day I received my FOTM from Silkweaver and some stuff I ordered in March. So all I'm waiting on is my FOTM and IOTM from Dying 4 U and a order from Deb's Stitchery and I'll throw everything on the floor and roll around in it LOL I love my stash :-)

I want to stitch on In The Garden Of My Heart and see if I can get it done this weekend so I can start something new. I have an idea of what I want to start in my head but still haven't made a definite decision. Ana is getting out of hand, since I haven't had the time to run her she has all of this pent up energy and is running around the house like a horse, making noise, knocking things over, and moving the area rugs. I shouldn't complain though it's better than it turning into aggression, the only problem is that she's doing this at 2am and people are sleeping! Tomorrow is vet/park day for her. Maybe that will tire her out. Oh one funny thing (atleast to me) then I'm gone. My co-worker gave me a Jamaican Beef Patty to bring home and put it in a biohazard bag, I thought nothing of it so I put it in my fridge when I get home and my mom freaks out saying what is this?!?!?! I just had to laugh, my cousin saw it as well and starting laughing, then said imagine if you left your bookbag on the train?? It was a funny moment. Buenas Noches!!!

Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Next scan will hopefully be of it done and ready to send off to get framed.  Posted by Hello

Another Early Start

Today it was 6:31am when I woke up. It wouldn't bother me if I didn't have to go to work tonight. Don't know why I'm waking up so early, atleast this time I can say I got an entire 5 hours of sleep, so I've had a full nights sleep for 2 days. Is this insomnia?? I'm pretty sure it's not. I'm going to take a nap in a bit, was going to get my hair washed, cut, and blown out but the lady who does all of that to my hair is at the hospital with her father. Hope he's ok...

Stitched this morning while watching my Law and Order SVU DVDs - I swear all of my money goes to DVDs now. I'm going to stop that, really need to save. My cousin and I made a budget that I think I can follow, I just have to stop buying everything I want and see, should be a hard to do but I'll learn.

Dinner last night was ok, Kelly's friend wasn't as loud as he normally is so he was plesant, up until he asked the cashier at Circuit City did she have a problem dating handsome black men. In my head I'm saying he did not just go there, but yup he did. *Sigh* At the end of the night Kelly was cranky from lack of sleep and started giving me an attitude so I just dropped him off at the train station and came home. Spoke to him last night but it was more like him letting me know he got to work ok, not to talk. Didn't matter to me I was sleepy and wanted to go to bed. I'll call him when I'm on my way to work, maybe he'll be in a better mood and I'll be in a shitty mood - it's always like that one day out of the week and I guess today is the day.

Well I'm going to scan my WIP again, almost to the finish line but still so far away. No more stitching until Friday since I must work the next two days. Oh funny thing, work calls me last night to come in at 12 midnight to work. That was a hoot for me. Never would I ever do that, I feel like that would be allowing them to form bad habits. I'm off to take a nap, I'm sleepy now. TTYL!!

Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Been working on and off on this all morning/afternoon. Still have plenty to do but I can see the light at the end of this happy tunnel. The sheep are suppose to have these little "horns" stitch in black but I'm leaving them out just don't feel like stitching such a small thing and snipping thread and blah blah blah - I also took the fabric out of the q-snaps to get a better scan of it. I'm now off to get dressed for dinner tonight, although right now I much rather stay home and stitch. Think anyone would mind me taking my stitching to the restaurant?? LOL  Posted by Hello

Ta da! I think this is when I start to get antsy. I'm almost done but still so far from being done. I've already started scoping out my next project. Will work on it this morning :)  Posted by Hello

So early!

I'm up - don't know why. I should be sound asleep since I went to bed at 5am but I'm not, I'm bright eyed and bushy tailed. I'm going to stitch but just wanted to give a little hello...helloooooo blogger world!

I think I'm going out tonight for dinner with Kelly and his friend, it's his friend's bday. Dunno how I feel about, his friend is really loud and it gets on my nerves most of the time but he's a nice person, but because of his loudness I can't be around him most of the time, makes me cranky. Well that's all that is going on with me. Tomorrow it's back to the real world. TTFN!

Monday, April 04, 2005


Friday had to be the shittest work day on the entire face of this earth! I left wanting to quit and asking myself why did I become a nurse again?!?!? My patients weren't bad, they are always great - I think I love all of my patients even the really demanding ones but the nurse I was relieving was just so *ugh* I get there early so she can leave on time instead she takes her sweet time getting her work done and makes me late - then she gives me no warning that a new admission is on the way and doesn't even give me the report on this new admission. She doesn't pick up all of the orders and it just threw me off my entire schedule. I felt that I couldn't give my patients the time that I like to give them. I was just rushed the entire night. I hope I don't have to relieve her too frequently because I think I'd start to hate my job. The weekend was waaaaaaaaay better and I like my job again.

Well I guess that's all. I have tomorrow off and then I'm back to work for 2 nights. I would like to go to WVAS tomorrow but don't think I will. But I would really like to - like really. I think I just need to be in a peaceful place thanks to Friday - it still bothers me somewhat. No matter how much I pet Ana I'm still not over it LOL.

I'm off to stitch - I'm dying to start something new but want to finish in thegarden of my heart first :) TTYL!!