Monday, January 31, 2005

Quickie post

Just wanted to ramble a little bit - I'll try not to make it long. I stitched today on my magnet :-) It went pretty quick - still not done but all that's left are some stitches here and there and some backstitching. I realized that if I sit in front of the computer less that I have a lot more time to do other things.

I found out today that my Halloween piece made the finals in the Silkweaver's Stitcher's Showcase Contest - too cool for me. Maybe next year I'll win something hehe. Here's the link to check out my Halloween Piece out - I think had I finished the first part and framed it I would have had a greater chance of winning but just being mentioned is cool for me. I think that's all I wanted to mention really - just wanted to boast instead of ramble but I'm allowed right?

Well must go now, would like to stitch for an hour before going to sleep to get up for work. Wish I could stitch on the train in the morning but it's so crowded and on my way home all I want to do is just sit there and pretend I'm at the Bahamas as I stare at the advertisements ;-)
Good Night!!!

Sunday, January 30, 2005


I'll start off by talking about Ana - she's a trip. She makes me laugh everyday. Today I was eating chocolate and I know chocolate is toxic to dogs and so does she. Well she doesn't know that it's toxic just when I'm eating some not to beg. Well a teeny piece fell on the floor and you know who was the first one to scoop it up. I'm wondering how long she's been waiting for that moment to happen and if she had a blog would she blog about it...

Right now she's on her back rolling around with her rope in her mouth. She looks so cute. With Kobe you had to play with him in order for him to play with his toys, unless it was a bone or something, with Ana she's pretty happy playing with them by herself. Another funny thing she did today was looking out for my mother before entering her room. I went to sit down on the edge of my parents bed and my mother was in her closet. Well Ana always comes in when my mother is not home, both my dad and I let her but my mother doesn't want her in there. Well when my mother is home she sits at the door and looks in. Today she sat but looked around to see if my mother was in there - you should have seen her stretch her neck it looked so funny. She didn't see my mom so she came in but once she saw that she made a mistake she ran back out and sat down quickly.

Ummm payday was Thursday - the gov't took most of my money which made me sad. I hate taxes but then again I doubt anyone does so I'll just join the club. Ummm was able to buy my iPod and while shopping for my iPod I fell in love with a watch so I stopped shopping and am now saving for it. It's all my cousin's fault for taking my to look at watches since he figured it was time for a new one - it really is but I was kind of intimidated by the store - then I tried on the watch. I figured by the end of next month I will be the owner of a Breitling :-D It was actually the cheapest watch I tried on which is good for me that I didn't like any of the others none of them caught my eye the Breitling - oh how I love it so. It's beautiful!!!!! I am going to do some DVD shopping today and may get the dock for my iPod since it's only like $30.

Well I must shower, Kelly is about to come over with a new puppy. Not sure what his plans are for it. He's always getting homeless dogs and finding them homes but as always it starts off that he's keeping it. TTFN!!!

Smiling Ana Posted by Hello

Ana  Posted by Hello

I've been meaning to upload these pictures since my Ana post but haven't been able to. Anyway here is my precious little happy dog.  Posted by Hello

Wednesday, January 26, 2005

As promised some Ana stories...

My Ana
As mentioned before Ana is an attention hog. Pay her no mind and she cries. Everyone that meets her loves her and those that don't love her right away usually end up loving her. We went to Starbuck's once and she made people pet her. It's like if you don't pet her well then she'll pet you, it doesn't matter she's getting attention either way. When she wants attention at home she'll just walk up to you and stare, if that doesn't do it then she'll do a slow way, next is the turn around side wag, and finally she'll just go under your hand and make you pet her.

She's not really my dog but I say she's mine. Kobe is my dog but since he's living at Kelly's house now (he and my dad did not get along) Ana came to live with me. I think she's happier here, Kelly's voice was to strong for her. He couldn't talk to her without her thinking that she was in trouble, so really if you ever heard him talk to her now it's in this baby voice. When Kelly first got her I hated Ana, I called her every name in the book - dumb, stupid, ugly, a bitch (and even though she is one in doggie world I didn't mean it that way.) If you were to see us today, you would swear that I loved her from the start. But like I said she always ends up making her enemies her friends. My mom hated her too, but only because she feels animals shouldn't be in the house, now the first "person" she says hi and good night to is Ana.

Ana could be the perfect dog and in many ways she is but she has her moments where you just want to shake her. She's evil at times but in a nice way, if that's possible. She's housebroken but if she's mad at you she will have an "accident" but always in a place where it's easy to clean - that's the nice thing about it hehe. I know she does it out of spite so I yell at her. She only does it when I go out and don't take her. I mean I can go out but if I'm gone the entire day, come back, give her some half-ass attention you better believe that she'll have a surprise for me when I get home.

Ana is quirky. She has these things about her that you don't understand. Like when she adopted the stuff mouse and tried to nurse it and keep it warm. Thankfully it has gone from being her baby to her best friend so she's not so attached to it anymore and will leave it.

Ana is very playful. When she's in a playful mood you really have to calm her down because she runs around here and bucks like a horse. As playful as she is she won't share her toys with humans. If you take them away from her and try to play with her with it she will very nicely take it away from you and hide it. You can't even get upset about it because she's really nice about it.

Ana is loveable. Don't like dog kisses? You will love them from Ana even if she has the worse breath in the entire world. She loves to snuggle at bedtime but at the same time as soon as you fall alseep she will lay as far away from you as possible and of course you never know it because when you wake up poof she's snuggled up to you again.

Ana gives you lessons the hard way. You discover she has seperation anxiety by coming back to a house which leads you to believe someone has broken in. You know dogs hate strong gum because when you offer them some they start to sneeze and turn their heads but with Ana you discover that she's special because she chewed the entire pack of gum and now when you roll her over she has gum all over her chest and you have to cut patches of her fur off (btw this happened last night.) Of course you can't stay upset with her because she's Ana :-D

Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Hello hello hello :)

Long time no blog :)
Work had me busy, well not busy but because I get out at 8-8:30 and it takes me almost an hour to get home as soon as I get here it's pretty much take a shower and go to sleep to wake up for the next work day. Working 3 days in a row wasn't as bad as I thought it was but once Sunday came and it was time to come home I wanted to run out of there.

Many of you know that New York got bombarded with snow this weekend. It was suggested to me to stay in the hospital and sleep there but I didn't want to and decided to come home. Other nurses wished me luck and it was greatly appreciated but I don't think I needed it because it took me the same amt of time to get there as on a regular day, except for Sunday but I think that's because the trains run slower on Sunday. Ummm I like work, I may even love work but don't want to jinx it. I do feel out of place sometimes but I think it's because the people on the day shift are a little older than me and are all Filipino, so sometimes they talk their language and I don't understand. I'm going to see if my cousin's husband (he's filipino/chinese) knows any of this language so he can teach me. The night shift I think might be different but the way the day shift talks about them it seems like they don't do what they are suppose to do and leave everything for the day shift to do. My cousin told me both shifts talk about eachother in every hospital so not to pay it any attention. I love my cousin, she's a RN too and always asks me about my day and tells me not to worry because with time comes experience and she was once a slow worker like I am now. What takes a "normal" RN 5 minutes to do take me 10 but only because I still second guess myself. I am up to taking care of 4 patients by myself now, much different when I was in school when the most I would get was 1.5 (I would share a pt with another classmate.) Next time I go back (Thursday) I think they may up me to 6, which isn't bad except for documenting - I write so sloooooooow, it takes me forever. And of course me being who I am, I don't think I'd be able to sleep at night if I would write sloppy LOL. At nights I think I'll have more time though so maybe I shouldn't worry yet.

Payday is Wednesday but I won't pick up my check until Thursday. I'm starting to re-think it because sometimes I buy breakfast and even though I get to work 20 min early I still don't have time to eat it so when will I find time to pick up my check? I think I'll take an extra trip to the hospital to pick it up. If the cross stitch store was open on Wednesday I'd take a not so quick trip out there but it's closed but maybe I can do some shopping instead :-D

I've upgraded my cellular phone plan so now I have unlimited web services. It may be a waste of money since I talk to no one LOL, but if ever anyone wants to IM me my AIM is Mia61075, I'll try to get more screen names on different IM programs so I can perhaps turn into Ms. Popular hehe. Oh I do have a MSN screen name which is the same Mia61075 and if my Yahoo is still working that would be Katep6500 (for Kobe hehe) I've been playing around with my phone and it's been taking up all of my time. I'm still trying to download a new wallpaper and ring tones, hopefully today I get it right. I'm thinking of getting GPS for my phone, it sounds useless but when I went skiing we managed to get lost and my cousin's gf got us there by using her phone so HA! it's not that useless. I'm contemplating on getting a new phone with the bluetooth thing and windows so that I can do more stuff in April, technology is amazing once you think of it. I'll never be away from the internet!!!!!

I haven't stitched much which is still sad. It's going on February and I still have only 2 finishes under my belt. I just really haven't felt like stitching. It's like I do but then to think of cutting floss and threading the needle - it's just too much for me. I think because what's really stopping me is looking through my DMC floss to pick out what I need. As mentioned before I need a better system. I actually like to waste money because I'm thinking of going out to buy the floss that I need for my projects which I know I already have at home. I should instead buy floss away bags and store my DMC floss like that, we'll see I guess because then the new problem is how do I store the bags? In a box? And where will I get such a box? *Sigh*

I really have much more to write about but I think I'll stop. I know long blogs can be overwhelming to some of those who read them and so far I don't think I've written anything juicy so I'll stop boring you :) I do have some Ana stories that I'll share maybe later? I just wanted to stop in and say hello...

Thursday, January 20, 2005

Work Tomorrow...

I swear these two days went by too fast. Is this how it is for the person who has things to do? When I was off it felt like the days would drag but now that I have a job they seem to zoom by. Well atleast these two days weren't stressful or busy. I did have to make myself get out of bed this morning since I feared not being able to get to sleep at a decent time tonight and being tired for tomorrow. I'm a bit nervous about work, tomorrow will be my first full day on the unit. It's pretty scary, Tuesday I had a nice nurse to show me around but tomorrow I'll have a different nurse and when the nurse told another worker who I'd be paired up with she said that she shouldn't be the one to be my preceptor which made me feel like this lady is probably not patient with newbies. I hope that I'm wrong but with my luck I guess we'll just have to see (don't want to jinx myself.)

Today I did end up meeting Kelly in the city. We went to the comicbook store where he bought me some comics. It's actually a series that he's reading and had in his hand and I asked him to get them for me after I read the latest issue and he did. So now I guess we can talk about Sam and Twitch. The store only had 8-12 so I still need to read 1-8 once Kelly decides to lend them to me. He said I could borrow them but I figured I needed my own since he's pretty bitchy when it comes to his comics and God forbid I do something to them, I just don't want to hear it. I can understand though, it sort of like that with my stash.

I still haven't started anything new to stitch but I did walk around today with something kitted up. It's by The Trilogy and I think it's called Snow Treats or something like that. I didn't get a chance to stitch up Kelly's snowman this year but still feel I have time and this is what I chose to stitch for him, just hope I get to finish it. I think I'm going to WVAS in Jersey next week to buy some stash and I'm pretty excited about it. It may have to wait though since I don't know what my schedule is like and I found some nursing reference books that I'd like to buy to d/l into my pocket pc so that might end up taking my stash money plus I'm not sure if I want to start saving my money yet, I may want to splurge my first few checks on me and if I decide to do that then I can afford to do both. I want to buy a new pocket pc but I don't know how wise it would be to do so since I only got my current one maybe not even a year ago. Oh my now that I think of it I don't think I'll be buying a new one since mine is still brand new, I think my father bought it for me in April/May. I remember that I had my red spring coat on so it can't be that old.

Well just wanted to write something, I'll stop here - I don't have anything interesting to write plus I have to iron and pack my bag for tomorrow. Talk to you all over the weekend!

Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Two finishes for me!!

As you can see I've been stitching today :) Don't know if I'll stitch tomorrow or when's the next time I'll be able to post another finish here. I'm still feeling guilty that Christmas Medley has become someone of a UFO and am still too lazy to take out the floss needed for a RR that I have sitting here on my desk. I don't mind looking for the floss it's just cleaning up the mess that I make that's keeping me from looking. I need a better system for my DMC floss. Putting them on bobbins sounded like a perfect idea but the time it takes to actually put them onto the bobbins kills me. It's not bad if you buy 1 or 2 skiens of floss but after being in floss swaps for years I have so much that it may take me months to get organized. I could pay my cousins to do it for me like I did once but that backfired because I ended up redoing most of them because I didn't like the way they were done.

Umm I think that's all from me tonight - I can't believe that my blog will be short for once. Oh my must think of something to blog about so I can extend this! LOL Oh I have one thing - got into an argument with Kelly about his beard. He wants to go out tomorrow and I told him if he shaved sure we could go out. Before I continue I'd like to say I am not shallow it's just that he looks like a bum and he wants to go out to eat. He sometimes gets into these moods where he doesn't shave and let's his beard grow and sometimes I can handle it but sometimes I can't and this time is one of those times that I can't. Before I would want him to cut it all off (I really hate the beard) but I've learned to compromise and ask him to trim it and shape it up he doesn't have to cut the entire thing off, I just want it to look neat. Oh I hate this beard so much I wish I could explain it in words how much I hate it. I really hate when he gets in these moods. I wonder if I have things that I sometimes do that he hates? Oh I got it - he probably hates when I ask him to shave LOL. Any veteran wives/significant others out there with some tips on how to trick him into thinking that he wants to shave when in reality he doesn't?!?! hehe

Well I'm going to bed - would like to stitch but don't have the heart to start anything new tonight. Maybe tomorrow morning I'll look for something new to stitch, hope I have some fabric on hand!

This is from the 2003 Just Cross Stitch Ornament magazine. I will try to finish it into an ornament and it will be donated to the St. Jude's Hospital Tree. This is the second ornament that I have stitched and hope to stitch some more. The button is one that I added but the pattern really called for a charm that I have but didn't have the heart to donate (I guess I'm cheap hehe) This is designed by Lizzie Kate. Posted by Hello

This is From My Heart from The Stitchworks. I won the kit in a Bingo game from one of my Yahoogroups. Should have been a quick stitch but it took forever since I haven't had any time to stitch. It's really much softer then the scan shows. I did change the fabric from plain white to SWs Dusk. This is my official first finish of 2005. Now onto a RR. :) Posted by Hello

Sunday, January 16, 2005

I'm Baaaaaaack :-D

I'm back from my weekend trip and thank God it's a three day weekend for me because I came back with the wickedest (is that word??) cold ever!!!!! The sore throat that I had which I thought would just remain at just that blossomed last night and now I'm all stuffy and runny and feeling just plain icky.

We went to the Poconos to "ski." We actually didn't ski although I think I would have wanted to had I had enough money so instead we went snow tubing, which was fun. The trip had it's ups and downs since I come from a very moody family! But in the end we all love eachother. Umm I think we plan on going back sometime in February and I *hope* I can drive my own car there since 9 people in a mini van just don't fit the way we thought we would. Plus I think I'd like to stay somewhere else, although where we stayed was surprisingly clean, I mean we like walked in our white socks and our socks stayed white, I can't even do that in my house (not that we're dirty people or anything.) Oh I am officially anal. I have little things about myself that does not allow me to be around alot of people, I get this obsessive feeling of cleaning everything and straightening up. Like everything has to be a certain way for me to feel good or something. I had to make an announcement about the toothpaste and how if you use it please use the flip top instead of the screw top and please oh please clean the tube. I just hate it when the toothpaste gets all over the opening and then it cakes up *argh* it drives me crazy!!! Another thing that drives me crazy is when people don't fold their clothes! I shared a suitcase with 2 of my cousin's to save space and my cousin Jay would just throw his clothes in the suitcase and then Cristy would fold her pants weird, it was like huh? that's not how you fold pants! The back pocket must be showing, it's like they just roll them into a ball. Maybe it's just me though because my mother, Kelly, and apparently my cousins do it this way. I wonder if my dad does it - if he doesn't then I may take the anal crown away from him because he's one weird little man when it comes to things like this.

I have a new movie to add to my top 5 movie list - Napolean Dynamite!!! I saw it like 3 times this weekend and now we go around saying - IDIOT...God - whenever someone says something dumb. I don't know what it is but my cousins and I can memorize a movie like our lives depended on it. I'm still quoting Elf whenever my cousin gets upset to cheer her up. Gabby if your reading this - there's a horrible noise coming from the evil box underneath the window it sounds like this eeeeeeeeeeeegh yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa ;-) Oh I also saw Anchorman, (finally my dvds are coming out of the shrink wrap lol) but I was watching and packing so I could concentrate on it but I love the part where the all get together like gangs and then the hispanic news cast comes out to fight with them, my cousin told me that one of the weapons were scissors taped onto a stick and although I didn't see it I still laughed like crazy.

I'm glad to be back, I missed Ana. When I called home I asked my mom to put her on the phone so I could talk to her LOL. Next time she comes, although I don't know if she can handle the car ride. When I got home my cousin was bringing in the bags and I was cleaning out the car and she came running out bypassed my cousin (he's only her 3rd favorite person in the entire world) and almost jumped into the car to greet me - my other cousin closed the gate before she could get out though. You should of seen her run out, she was really happy to see me. My dad apparently has been spoiling her at meal times, I hope tomorrow when I feed her she eats because the extra treats before, during, and after dinner are coming to an end. I also hope she eats what I feed her. He's been giving her burgers, fries, and baked ziti. She gets none of that with me, well maybe on the weekends but not too often, it's usually a little chicken and gravy mixed in with her dog food. Alfred the fish was still alive when I got home too. My mother asked me if I wanted her to feed him but I could picture me coming home to an empty vase so I told her no. He did seem a little starved and down. I gave 2 extra pellets so he should recover. I still have to find a peace lily so I can finish his home but I can't find any. I'm about to take apart the one we have in the living room and put half of it in his tank, but I'm sure one will turn up soon.

I made dinner Saturday night, like by myself without my mother looking over my shoulder :-D I did have to call my mother to ask her some questions but other than that I did a pretty good job, I was even complimented! The menu consisted of pork chops, smashies (mashed potatoes), brocolli and cheese for me, and macaroni and cheese for the anti vegetable people.

Stitching wise - I got some of that in but not alot. I wish I could get out of this slump and I'm sure I will but I'm not getting over it fast enough. Maybe some stash shopping will help me. I'm planning a trip to NJ to touch some stash once I get paid. Don't know if I can buy alot because I need to buy an iPod for my train rides. Music makes me happy and wakes me up so it's really a must and I have to buy shoes for work and some more uniforms. I found out that I can wear color scrub tops and all I bought was white soooooo I need more uniforms too, plus there are more things that I need for work, like more white underwear - I hate white underwear, makes me feel like I'm a little kid. I remember going underwear shopping with my mom when I was like 5 and I wanted the ones with the drawings and bright colors and she would tell me no you can't have those they're bad for you (meaning the dye on the the underwear) and I would end with boring white underwear *yuck* once in while I would get a white pair with like really really light purple or pink flowers on them, but of course I hated flowers back then too so they were no fun. LOL it's funny the little things you remember from your childhood.

I think the medicine that I took is starting to kick in, which is great! This weekend I was taking shots of Nyquil at night to sleep and try to get rid of the cold but it didn't work. My Advil Cold and Sinus seems to be doing the trick though *yea* I swear by Advil Cold and Sinus and Neosporin. My cousin teases me and whenever someone comes to me for some problem he answers for me by saying, "Put some Neosporin on it and take an Advil Cold and Sinus." He's such an IDIOT...God hehe. But really it does work so I'll stick to it. Ok I'm going to bed now - didn't realize that it was 12:30am and I CAN NOT go back to a late schedule since I think Tuesday I'm working a 12hr shift and NEED all the sleep I can get. I might have a cool schedule though if I get my preceptor's schedule since since she's been on the unit for a while and seniors usually get shibby schedule's :)
Oh just a last note - I've been brushing up on my spanish, I'm somewhat fluent in it but I still talk spanglish once in a while and I love my language!!! It's so cool to know another language, I think I want to take up another one. Buenas noches mis amigos del internet :)

Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Another day another complaint! Actually I have been in a real good mood all day so I don't have much to complain about.

The train was SUPER crowded today - of course it was running late and the train that I took (7:15ish) was really the train before mine. I had a seat so I didn't care much, plus my cousin didn't go to school today so I took his iPod. This pervert guy sat next to me on the train - the way he was looking at the feamles on the train disgusted me. He looked like he was undressing everyone with his eyes and so not discreet about it. *yuck* I think I thought about everyone this morning which could have made my day better. I thought of my "cookie" (which is my cousin) because we're suppose to take the train together and haven't until this day but tomorrow will be our first day and I won't have to worry about pervert guys sitting next to me. I also thought of him when he told me to go to the back of the 6 train because there are more seats and when I get there no seats were available - THANKS COOKIE!!! On the 6 train this lady was staring at me as if I had an affair with her husband. I smiled at her to warm up her stare but it didn't. When I get off someone pushes the crap out of me to get in front of me - got to love NYC!!! That made me smile because I thought of my friend P and how she gets to drive to work but I don't think I envy her too much after hearing about her morning today ;-) Actually I think it was the music that made me not to upset about everything - I was listening to Sunday Morning by Maroon 5 and the beat kept me up.

I thought I got enough sleep last night but I didn't because when the speaker came in to talk about NGT's and Chest Tubes I nodded off. I did get to leave 15 minutes early again today. I hope I get out early on Friday because I am going to PA for the weekend!!! I'm happy about it BUT my throat feels funny and I hope I'm not getting sick or else my weekend will be crappy. I'm off Monday because of the holiday - gotta love Martin Luther King Jr. for having a dream hehe. I may stay an extra day in PA but not sure, I'd like to spend the day with Kelly, he has free movie tickets for some movie with Lawrence Fishburn or whatever his last name. Well anyway my throat feels funny and I knew I would get sick because on my crowded train everyone was coughing and I thought to myself I'm going to wash my hands as soon as I get to work and I did and I hope it works. Not to mention that I said I wanted a flu shot today which means that I jinxed myself for getting sick!

Kelly took me to lunch today, whenever he does little things it makes me realize that I like/love him alot. He's really nice to me. Like some of things he does, I don't think any of my ex-bfs would have ever done.

I think I have a routine so far but it's going to change soon since I'm going to 12hr/days next week I think or the week after. That should be fun - I'll work 8am-8:30pm for about 3-4 weeks and then get switched over to nights. So I have a bumpy month ahead of me. It shouldn't be too hard to switch over to nights since I'm a night owl but the days are going to kill me. Oh guess what I learned today? The IV team will be non-existent come August 2005 so I will have to learn how to start an IV *woohoo* (btw I'm being sarcastic!) I'm not afraid to do this, I mean once I get the hang of it I guess it will be cool, but I really didn't want to insert IVs. I also learned that my IV Instructor took care Julia Roberts!!! Yes it's true I am not so much closer to Julia Roberts that I anyone ever knew LOL. He took care of other famous people too but I was only interested in her hehe.

Well I'm way pass my computer time - like I said I have a routine and by this time I'm getting ready for tmr as well as getting ready to stitch for a while :) My stitching is going at a snail's speed but atleast I get to stitch now :)

Monday, January 10, 2005


Forgot to mention that I finished piecing that quilt that I was working on. I took apicture of it but my cousin lost the USB plug that connects the digital camera to the computer so until he finds it I can't share :( I also have some more pics of a quilt that was given to me for graduation by a great group of stitching friends that I've been meaning to upload for like ever - so hopefully soon I'll be able to put them up!

My First Day of Work

It sucked!!!!!!!!! LOL Just kidding :-)

It was ok - tiring but then again I get bored easily and just sitting there watching videos and listening to people talk is boring. I did doze off for like 2 sections of the presentation but I don't think I missed anything because I was able to answer the questionaire at the end. Tomorrow I have to be there at 8am which means I have to leave my house by 6:30am. I really have to get use to waking up early again, I'm going to try to get to bed at around 10-11 tonight and I should be good. I have to go to the nursing office before I go to the classroom which worries me because I don't know why I have to go. Next week I go to the floor *yea* finally some real work - I bet you next Monday I'll complain LOL. The CEO/Pres of the hospital said today that New Yorkers are professional complainers and I must say this is very true.

Kelly came to pick me up at work today and rode the train with me, which was sweet considering he has to work tonight and the train ride from my house to his is almost 2 hours. I was happy he accompanied me home, I got to sleep on the train without worrying.

I didn't lock Ana up when I left this morning, I thought my mother would but to my surprise she didn't. She said Ana followed her around all day and in the morning looked like she wanted to jump on the bed with her, I'm glad Ana didn't because she definitely would have spent the day in her cage. My mother was laughing when she told me this because Ana is not allowed in her room and doesn't go in when she's home, so she was surprised that she came in. I told my mother to be careful because Ana is a master at getting on the bed when she's not suppose to without being noticed. There have been plenty of times when I'm laying down and she climbs up and makes herself comfortable and I don't notice until much later, by then it's too late to tell her to get off because she really looks comfy. Kobe is another story though he'll jump and disturb you and when you tell him to get off he quickly lays down and turns into a rock so you can't push him off. Last night she did keep me up, she kept walking around on the bed and since I forgot to bring her water bowl in from the other room she started crying. I'll make sure she has her water bowl tonight because I need my sleep.

I stitched last night!!! I think that's another reason I was tired this morning - I stayed up stitching. I took it to work with me today but didn't feel comfortable enough to take it out during my lunch break.

OMG I forgot to mention that I feel so out of place at orientation! It's like everyone knows eachother and I'm "hey there lonely girl." Like 20 students from NYU are doing their internship there. I did speak to a few but still feel out of place. I guess I'll get A. over it or B. use to it. I do miss my friends from school though esp. Sijjad - which reminds me I have to call him.

Well I'm yawning up a storm over here so I'm going to start getting ready for tmr and am going to try to watch Dawn Anna on Lifetime and maybe stitch during the movie then off to sleep I go.

Saturday, January 08, 2005

Still tired...

I really should be in bed on my 8th dream but I'm not. At the same time I shouldn't be home right now but I am. Last night was my cousin's show, after he got done playing we decided to go to the diner and although I should have came home right away, I didn't and ended up coming home at 4:30am. Definitely not good when you have to wake up at 7:45am to get ready to leave by 8:50am. People on the train probably thought I was a runaway because as soon as I got the chance to find a corner seat and lean on the wall I took a nap. Tonight we were suppose to go see another band play and we did but my younger cousin didn't have the proper ID to get in so we went to eat instead and here I am 1:30am and I'm home. In a way I'm glad but in a way I'm not - I really wanted to see this band play, oh well maybe next time - they're always playing somewhere it seems. I'm making my little cousin go get her learner's permit or state ID this week.

I think I might start planning my first real trip soon. I want to go to the Bahamas. They have ads all through the trains and the pictures look sooooooooo nice. I don't know when I'll be able to go, I don't even know if it's worth to go for 3 nights, but as soon as I find out I'll start saving. I'm also afraid of going. I don't know if tsunami's can affect the Bahamas but after what happened in Asia seeing all of that open beach is a bit freaky.

I've been going back and forth to the hospital since Tuesday. The train ride isn't that bad if I had something to do but I don't so I get drained. The fact that I don't get much sleep at night (maybe 4-5 hours) kills me too. I don't know how I use to survive in my early years of college with no sleep because I can't do it now. I feel bad for Ana, it's like she saw me everyday for the last 4 months and now we hardly see eachother unless it's time for her to eat, get walked, or go to bed. As soon as she sees me getting dressed she goes inside her cage. I'm glad she does because atleast she's not having a heart attack like she use to whenever I left. I wish I could leave her out but I really can't trust her like I can trust Kobe. I hope it's not like this all the time when I start working.

I have not stitched all week. I want to start something new but I think I'll feel guilty if I do. It's like I NEED to stitch but don't have the motivation to stitch on something I already have started. *Sigh* I'm going to go to bed. Tomorrow I'm taking my mother to AC Moore, so maybe being there will inspire me to stitch on some of my projects :)

Buenas Noches :)

Wednesday, January 05, 2005

I'm tired...

I think I'm going to bed early tonight. I did so much today but at the same time I did nothing. Tomorrow I go back to the hospital to take my test and go drug screening, those always make me nervous. I don't do drugs but the Seinfeld episode of Elaine and the poppy seed bagels always comes to mind and I get paranoid. Friday I have to go back to the area to get my laser treatment and that always tired me out and Saturday I'm pretty sure I have plans during the day. All three nights are pretty much planned and I plan on sleeping and resting on Sunday.

Noticed today at the mall that I spend too much time on the computer and that can't be good. I'm thinking of cutting back on it maybe I'll have more me time. We'll see how that works out, I may go through withdrawal or something.

Thanks guys for the congrats on the last post! Debbi I went to look at shoes today and tomorrow I will go buy 2 pairs :) I'm still excited about the job but in a tired way. I don't look forward to calling the other hospital tomorrow to decline the position, I'll make sure I do it early so that by the night time the guilt that I'll have will be gone...

I stopped working on HIHs CM temporarily and started another ornament. It's small and I need a small finish to keep me stitching.

I went shopping with my mother today. Was nice to look at stuff knowing that by the end of the month I could afford to shop again. I hope I don't get addicted to shopping again. I still remember the day I had to hand over my credit cards to my mother, what a horrible day that was LOL. My friend even tried to hold some sort of intervention when I was 19, it was really that serious!

Well I'm going to transfer my fish into their new seperate homes and then maybe stitch a little. Buenas Noches!!


It is extremely early for me yet I am up. The reason for this is that I received a call at 9:30am telling me that the job I interviewed yesterday for is being offered to *drumroll please* ME!!!!!!
I'm so happy I want to tell the world! I feel like Buddy in Elf when he storms in the father's office after his date and throws his arms up and spins around and says "Dad - I'm in love I'm in love and I don't care who knows it!" BTW I love Elf and probably know all of the words, sad I know LOL.

I start the same day as the other job, January 10th. I do have to call the other job and tell them I won't be able to take it. I was thinking of people to call to share my wonderful news with them (this time like I said I wanted to tell the world) but I realized that "my" people are either in school, work or probably sleeping :( I'm so happy!!!! I get more pay, better hours, benefits are better, and I can still stay a semi bum since I'll only work 3 days a week - 4 days for one week out of the month and everyother weekend but I'm still happy!!!! It will be easier for me to attend school and see Kelly and that's really what had me down. As much as I hated going to school I really want to go back. I've missed it so much, or maybe I've missed having something to do everyday? Hmmm...well whatever, I'm just happy :)

I have to go there today to pick up a study guide for a pharmacolgy test that I have to take tomorrow *ugh* I suck at pharm especially now that I'm super rusty. Wish it were open book then I'd definitely get a hundred hehe. I'm really super happy, I think I'll get dressed and go now. Was going to go back to sleep but I can't I want to study for my test tmr *high school girl screams* I'm soooooooooooooo happy!!!!!!!!!
It seems that things always get hectic once my vacation is about to come to an end. I really don't have anything to do this week but at the same time I have lots to do. I have my cousin's shows and shopping to do and it all happens on Thursday.

The interview today went well. Whether I'll get the job, I'm not too sure. The nurse manager told me she had one more person to interview and she wanted to give everyone a fair try. Maybe that means sorry I didn't like you for the job but I won't tell you directly, if it does then I'm sad :( Atleast I still have a job, just don't like my hours. It sounded all good at first but as I kept thinking about it - it was like OMG I really can't hang out like I would want to and when will I see Kelly? I'd really like to work at the other hospital just I'll keep my fingers crossed.

No stitching or any crafty stuff for me today. I did go stash shopping. They opened an AC Moore around here. Well not directly around here but in Long Island where I usually do my shopping. I love it - it's better than Michael's in my opinion. I bought some fabric and floss for my ornaments and also got the material's for my cousin - she's helping me stitch some ornaments for the St. Jude's Hospital thing for one of the groups I'm in.

Another plus to this AC Moore is that it's also next to an aquarium store. Don't know if I mentioned but around my birthday in September I wanted a marine aquarium really bad. I didn't get it because a. I don't have the space and b. I don't know the first thing about maintaining a salt water tank, but this store is having a FREE seminar on Saturday and Wednesday and you know who may attend :) I also bought another pet while I was there. I got a beta fish and named it Alfred. I'm so silly! I plan on making his home into a vase arrangement with an aquatic plant and putting it on my desk or maybe in the living room. My dad already killed my dream and said it would die by the end of the week. I think I'm going to get into an arguement with him soon because his little comments are starting to really bother me. He makes me want to shake my fist's at him in an angry way LOL. I don't know why he has to criticize and comment negitively on everything. Maybe it's his way of coping with me getting a job and not needing them anymore...

Well I'm going to see if I get some stitching in before I go to sleep. Nite nite :)

Monday, January 03, 2005

They called!!!!!!!!

Who called you may be asking?? The hospital that I want to work for!!!! I'm so happy, I thought they weren't going to call but they did :) Now the next step is to actually get the job. I'm so happy - when I got off the phone with them I was a bit shaky from excitement. I go tomorrow at 2pm - I won't drive like last time so now I'm regretting the time I chose to go because the train may be running funky, oh well I'll leave early like at 12 and just walk around. Of course it's suppose to rain tomorrow so I'll be walking around in the rain *grr* But there is this nice needlepoint shop near so maybe I can hang out there. They sell GAST threads so maybe I'll pick up a few.

I didn't blog last night but I did upload my latest finish. My plans were to upload and blog after I dropped my cousin off but it didn't work out. I started to stitch again on HIH Christmas Medley. I hit a lazy spot which was holding me back but I got over it. The lazy spot was that I didn't want to cut the floss that I needed to continue - real lazy right? LOL.

I started piecing together another quilt. My Christmas gifts from Kelly (2 quilt kits) came in on Friday. I was a bit tipsy that New Years night when I tried to read the instructions and felt that I was reading some alien language. But last night I re-read them and everything made sense. I couldn't get far because the headache from hell came to visit me.

I'm in my punk rock/grunge mood, which is great since my cousin's show is on Thursday so it won't be that hard to switch from the hip hop in my car to the rock that he plays in the bar. I'd like to see another band play on Friday but don't know if anyone will go with me and I think it would suck to go by myself.

Well I'm off to find something to do. Maybe I'll continue on my quilt or maybe I'll look through my things to find a magnet to stitch - I signed up for a magnet exchange which should be fun :)
Wish me luck for tomorrow!!! TTFN!!!! :)

Sunday, January 02, 2005

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Saturday, January 01, 2005

Happy New Year!!!!

Well the new year is upon us and with it comes the resolutions. This year my cousin and I were thinking of doing one that's easy so we won't be total failures and one that's not so easy. So this year we will stop smoking which is pretty easy considering we don't smoke and we'll do the classic lose weight resolution.

Yesterday was a fun stress-filled day! A day for the scrapbook/journal as my cousin and I like to say. My cousin is going to start college next Fall and I've been helping him with his applications. Mainly just sitting with him while he fills them out and driving him to and from Staples to make copies and finally the post office to drop these suckers off. I swear I didn't have that much work when I was applying for college, He has to write like 3 essays and all this other crap - I think I would have given up LOL. Well anyway we were suppose to be out of the house at 10am to get a move on things (Staples - PO - shopping for clothes) and we didn't wake up until 1pm and out of the house by 3pm. While making copies I notice that he brought his mother's 2002 W2 forms instead of the 2003 so we waste time and a trip. We come back home and make the copies here and head over the the HOT, CROWDED post office where they ran out of return receipts. We get into this big discussion how he should be the one to go ask for some more since they are his applications, he disagrees and wants to stay to write the certified slips. Fine I go, I wait, I get them, and when I come back he giggles and asks me "What are you suppose to do?" Huh?!?! You mean to tell me that discussing who would stay and write was a waste of time! LOL Well thankfully we had a third cousin with us that was able to make the line for us so not alot of time was wasted.

Next scenario, we go to the mall which closes at 6pm - we didn't get there until 5:40pm. Well atleast we were able to get shirts but we weren't able to get shoes. On the way out of the mall parking lot everything turns into just that - a parking lot. I guess everyone was trying to use the same exit but no one was exiting. My cousin swears he's a know it all and tells me to get out of my lane which was moving and go into another lane to bypass the traffic I was in. Well that ended up in me putting the car on park because that lane was worse. I never ever listen to him and he always tells me I never ever listen to him and the one time I listen to him this happens. Well maybe atleast this will shut him up for a while. Ok well after sitting there for an hour we notice that if we turn around and use the up ramp to go down we may be able to get out a little quicker. Well a little quicker turned into a lot quicker and in like 2.5 minutes we were on the highway heading home. All three of us were stunned and just said WOW in a stunned way of course. An hour of the last day of 2004 wasted LOL.

Oh and it doesn't stop there. We were out of gas when we first got into the car at 3pm but being the rebel that I am I refused to get gas until the gas light came on (let me mention that the gas light came on at the PO) Well of course I thought the gas would carry us to the mall and on the way back we'd be able to stop off for gas. Thanks to the traffic my gauge was below E and I swear prayer carried us home. Lesson to learn: Get gas before the light comes on.

Icing to our crappy cake was the car accident that I end up getting in because we were in a rush to get home because I still had to wash my hair, my cousin still had to clean his room, and my third cousin's mother was at my grandmother's house planning her funeral because she was suppose to be there an hour ago to go home, get dressed (she was suppose to buy shoes but everything was closed so she was shoeless) and then come back to Brooklyn for a party. Thankfully nothing happened to either car, eventhough the guy complained of whiplash funny comedian that he was, so we weren't delayed too much. Once at the gas station to get gas things finally begin to look cheery and my hair wasn't a mess for the party, my cousin found shoes to wear, and we managed to stay alive for the remainer of our day. Oh and let me mention that this is pretty much a norm for us on a holiday - it never fails, we always seem to get in some sort of trouble.

We are going out again tonight. This time the car has a full tank so we should be safe and no one (aka my little cousin) is on a curfew and there are no deadlines to make so we shouldn't be too stressed out. Have a great New Year blog readers!!!! I'm taking my stitching with me since I still have to add some buttons and may start something new (since it is the new year:) )