Wednesday, November 30, 2005


I'm sitting here thinking of the past. And would like to know how many people would leave their friends for a potential future partner?

I had lots of friends before meeting Kelly. Kelly was actually my old BFFs cousin. The friends that I had didn't "approve" of my relationship with him. Dunno why, they never told me. After dating him for maybe 3-4 months I had to make the decision of them or him. It was pretty sucky, of course you may already know I chose him. During those 3-4 mo I saw a pretty ugly side of my friends. So although I felt that I would probably regret my decision I really didn't want to be associated with such people - they turned really ugly and I mean REALLY UGLY.

Today I sit at this computer and am actually glad I chose him over them, he's my best friend and the greatest guy I've ever met. Although when he's in a crappy mood I probably think otherwise, but right now I'm really happy with my decision. And I don't think besides the time we were having problems have I ever regretted what I chose. I know there are some out there that would swear by their friends and would never do what I did, but oh well, I guess I'm different, I feel that really you have your BFF and then you have your SO and eventually, if you're lucky your SO replaces your BFF and you have everything in one. I'm also pretty sure they aren't as close as they were since getting older and what ever I missed is nothing compared to what I've experienced with Kelly.

He's a cool guy and now I have to go and get ready because he's on his way and hates that I'm never ready when he gets here hehe. Later gators!

PS - For some reason I can't fix that pic of Ana and my cousin *grrr* so sorry about not being able to see it :(

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

To everything bad there's always something good. It's true, remember my rant and rave about the Queen of Evil and Lardass? Well there's actually a nurse on the floor that totally erases what those two do, well for the night she does once I see the Queen it's sort of like "blah." She's taking some time off next month, I think she may be taking the first 3 weeks off and Lardass is going on va-cay soooooo "Yipee!" LOL. Well back to this nurse, she is the greatest to be around. She reminds me of the old nurses that I use to work with before they closed the floor. She's so helpful (being a new nurse this is muy importante) and she doesn't make you feel like you should really know it when in fact don't. I like working with her. Last night was just a great night for me, I'm so glad I didn't call out sick. I didn't even feel like crap last night (been feeling extremely tired with a headache for the past month dunno if I mentioned it.) I don't know how long me liking my floor will last because I think the next day I work Lardass works *sigh* but I also think the greatest nurse also works too, we'll see how this balances out.

I work Thanksgiving eve and Thanksgiving day, so I'll be thankful this year for the time and a half which will aid in buying Christmas gifts this year LOL. I've been craving turkey ever since I smelled a drunk on the train, it cracked me up. Usually the smell of a drunk is nauseating but this drunk smelled like whatever my aunts season the turkey with.

Dunno if I'll go shopping on black friday. I have a doctor's appt that I've been putting off for a week. I know what he has to tell me and I don't know if I'm ready to deal with it. I was suppose to go today but alas I'm here blogging.

Besides the bad news the doctor is going to give me and me feeling like crap all the time (it's so bad I almost fainted at work I had to sit and eat a high sugar snack - that's the only part I like about this LOL) everything else is fine. Ana is acting crazy, my mother says it's because she's getting old but if that's the case I'd hate to see her when she's really old because Ana's going on 4 and that's not old in my book. She's just been barking alot at things she never barked at before. I now seriously think that she may be able to deter any break-ins. The other day the deliverymen came to take away our mattress' and put in the new ones and she had a fit! Same thing when the gas man came. She's still ok if I take her out, she's still wanting EVERYONE to pet her. She met a dog the other nights and she decided to socialize when she was sniffing the dog she was like "eh" and went crazy with the dogs owner. It was funny you just had to be there.

Ok well I'm gone. I'm going to share one of my fav pics of my Halloween party (a month later) it's of your truly (Ana) and my cousin. He dressed up as a wolf and I thought it be cute if they took a picture together. Well Ana was a little scared of the costume at one point I guess she was confused. My other cousin captioned the picture as "Are you my daddy?" It's not a good pic but good enough to share. TTFN!

Sunday, October 30, 2005

I'm off :)

The gave me the night off tonight. I actually realized that they started calling people and giving them the day/night off so I went to the office this morning after finishing my shift and requested it. It wasn't for sure if I'd get it off or not so I still had to sleep and get ready but once I got the call I went straight back to bed. I've been so sleepy lately, like really sleepy. I'm going to go to the doctor to see what is wrong with me because I don't feel right. Next time I go back to work is Thursday because I'm taking a personal day tomorrow. After that I don't think I can call out anymore though, I probably can but I won't chance it.

I'm throwing a Halloween party tomorrow for the little ones in my family. All togethere there are 5 of them. Five loud and energetic kids plus Ana. Gary will be here and when those 2 get together all you hear is thumping and jumping. I hope they have fun tomorrow, I know I'll be tired but with getting the day off it will help me out. I never knew throwing a party was so much work, but the nice thing is everyone we (my cousin is helping me) invited offered to bring something. The party is usually held at my grandmother's house, but because I have 2 aunts that are not so nice and don't want people visiting anymore it has moved to my house. It's a shame these 2 are so evil. I come from a pretty big family so there is always some drama going on but I've noticed these 2 are the primary trouble makers.

Well it's late, I'm going to watch some TV, make some treat bags and then I guess go to sleep. Bye now :)

Thursday, October 27, 2005

Where do I begin?

Let's see if I can make this interesting because it will be long...

I work with people that I don't like. Correction I work with 2 people I don't like. I don't think I can complain enough about them for me to feel good. They make my job so unplesant that I want to leave. It's gotten to a point where I try to defy them every chance I get, which of course, since one of these persons is my superior, can't be good. The other one I don't care about because if I don't stand up for myself and tell her off she'll just try to run all over me. I don't bother to look either one of them in their faces, which may seem like a timid thing to do but I was raised that it's just a sign of disrespect. I can tell one of them doesn't like it *insert evil laugh* she must have been raised the same way I was.

I don't think I should be bothered by either one on my days off but, for some reason, I am. Lardass (I made sure it was a word - and by the way she really deserves this name) is one of the laziest nurses I've ever seen. I usually don't wish harm to patients, as a matter of fact I don't wish harm to any patients, no matter how evil they are, but the last night I worked I was wishing that this one patient fell. It got to a point that I wanted to place her gently on the floor and throw something to make it sound as if this person fell. I must have told her a gazillion times "your patient is half off the bed and seems to be in pain" and a gazillion times she told me "I just came from in there and she looked just fine." A gazillion times I thought to myself "Bullshit I've been sitting next to you all this time and not once have you gotten up!" This patient was destined to fall with what was wrong with her, I felt so bad that I even put her back to bed myself. She never did any rounds, or does for that fact, on her patients. Then in the morning she goes to the doctor, "Oh I was so worried about (insert name) last night." Huh?!?!?! The only thing she was worried about was that message board she always go to while she's there.

Hospital's, I know, aren't the cleanest places. But I swear I've never seen a nasty nurse in my life before. Maybe I'm just not seasoned enough and they have them out there, but with all of your knowledge on germs and stuff, why would you be nasty? Well, Lardass is just gross. She smells, but I contribute that to her size, I swear she weighs like 400+ lbs (no offense to those that are big and don't smell) but even her breath smells like she doesn't brush her teeth. The other night I didn't even want to walk pass her or touch anything she had just finished touching. I wanted to wipe down everything that even looked like she had looked at, it's that bad. She was coughing, sneezing, and blowing her nose. I know there is nothing wrong with that. When I was sick I was doing the same thing but the difference between us is that I would blow my nose in the bathroom and wash my hands right after, and if I didn't go to the bathroom to do this I would definitely still wash my hands right after. My hands got to a point that they hurt from so much washing, but I know this is the way to do it and so do others. How do I know? A co-worker of mine called me to the nurses station and made me stand back and look at her work station. Can I tell you that we were both grossed out. Everytime she would blow her nose it seemed that she was just throwing the tissue on the floor, she didn't even bother to aim at the trash can! Then with her chair she was rolling all on the tissue's so it looked like they were decopagged to the floor. She never covered her mouth when she coughed and while she was on the phone she coughed right into it. That was it for me I took the long way everytime I went to see my patients or went into the nurses station, just so I wouldn't have to pass to close to her. I held my breath everytime I had to get near her and even washed my hands a few times. I even stood up to do my work so I didn't have to sit any where near her and believe me when I say that every chance a nurse gets to sit she takes it, so I was sacrificing ALOT. Maybe I'm just over-reacting? I almost yelled out NOOOOOOOO! when a doctor picked up her phone to use. But when the "Queen of Everything Evil" picked it up I just laughed.

Both of them make everything a project, things that I could find a solution to with no problem they have to make a big fiasco about, always commenting negative about situations. I'm telling you if I was a doctor I wouldn't want my patient on the floor for the simple fact that the way the "Queen of Everything Evil" speaks she may offend one of them.

Exihbit A: Patient "it's too hot in here and I'm signing myself out if something doesn't get fixed" was complaining that his room was hot. I don't know what was wrong but half of the unit was hot the other half cold and in the middle it was ok. Well, I was told that when patient "I'm going home tonight" leaves to move patient "it's too hot" into his room. I think to myself great he'll be happy to know he's getting a new room. I go into the new room to check the temp and OMG had anyone realized that it's the same in that room?!?!? There was a room down the hall that was closed due to it being cold. Why not put the patient in that room I asked. Lardass says, "I was told not to put anyone in that room because it's cold and I just went into that room and it's like 40 degrees in there." In my head I'm like when did you go in there, when they were re-doing the room and hadn't put in the windows yet?!? But it came out as, "I just went in there and it was not 40 but 65 and this guy keeps his apt at 65." She still tells me the same bullshit. I take the patient to look at the room and he loves the temp, so I tell him I'll call the supervisor, tell her about the problem, and most likely she'll open the room up for you. He must have thanked me a gazillion times as well as his visitors. Since I went over her head, Lardass didn't like this and made the move into a huge project. She kept asking me questions about him that I didn't know, and I don't think she liked that I wouldn't find out the answer for her but kept telling her, since he's moved he's not in my district hence not my patient anymore. It felt good telling her these things. Well I digress, this was suppose to be about the "Queen of Everything Evil" so I'll get back to that.

Lardass has to give report to the Queen, when she tells her about the move, the Queen starts to yell things like, "Pt. "it's too hot in here" didn't want to move out of the room because it was too hot, he wanted to move because his pain of a mother started complaining that she didn't like the room." HUH?!?!? Is this how we talk about people as a superior?!? Does she know that the station is full of doctors and that this patient's doctor is standing right behind her??????? Does she know because of the location of the hospital we, as healthcare professional's, must bend over backwards to make our patient's happy? And screw the location, we want our patients to come back, we want them to go to friends and say "Hey that hospital was good and the staff was great - two thumbs up" no matter where the hospital is located. They are the reason we're in business and get paid every two weeks. My old nursing supervisor would have NEVER made a comment like that - EVER! I was truly mortified that she said something like that, for everyone to hear! She just doesn't know how to talk. I swear I've never heard her not complain and even when she's talking to someone it's in an evil voice.

I can't take it. The thought that I can't leave until after I complete a year is killing me, they make me feel like I want to give up any experience I can legitimately take with me to another hospital so I can get paid more and just leave. The floor itself is not bad, most of the people that work there are cool but these two just make it impossible. I never wanted to work on a specialty unit unless it was PEDS or Labor & Delivery but I'm seriously thinking of going to either a) the ER *shudder* or b) CCU. Well if you've gotten this far thanks for taking the time out to read. I'm going to get a well deserved mani/pedi and try to forget about the horror of people I work with and hope for your sake next time you have to be hospitalized you don't run into monsters like these two. TTFN :)

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Here it is :)

I made it into a magnet since I won't wear a pin. Plus I think it will jazz up the fridge a bit. It's called Pumpkin Eater and it does look halloweeny but it's really more autumnie. :)

I worked for the last 3 days and am still tired. I didn't want to sleep too much today though. I always feel like I've wasted a day off if I spend the day sleeping. I started decorating the house today for halloween *yea* I've decided I'm not decorating for Christmas, although I probably should. Let's see let's see what else can I tell you...hmmm...guess there is nothing really to say.

I hate my job even though the last 2 weeks I was there were pleasant. I think the problem is the nurse manager, she was on vacation when I got back from vacation and returned today. The way she talks really stresses me out, she doesn't say much to me but it's like she's a drill sargent, I'm use to people being nice, I'm just glad I don't work days and only have to see her in the mornings which is still crappy because then I come home in a foul mood. I told my mother about this and she said she understood and to just try and ignore her. It's really upsetting though I can't believe I'm this sensitive over it. Ok I guess that's all of my nothing hehe. I'm going to sleep. I want to take Ana to the dog park tmr, after being locked up in the house for the entire week thanks to the rain I'm pretty sure she'll appreciate it. I was going to take her today but by the time I was ready she had already eaten dinner and I wasn't about to clean up doggie puke (she get's car sick). Buenas Noches!

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

How it went

So here it is - I think I did well, no? I actually did as Petra suggested - small and different. I took it to work with me too, was ok until I had to spill out all of the beads and they went everywhere. Didn't stitch last night, was sleepy so I slept.

My job called me and asked if I wanted to work OT. I did but I couldn't. I have a 3 day weekend this week and if I worked tonight I would only have 1 day off between 2 consecutive 3 day work days! Plus it's raining meows and woofs (hehe - I'm so corny sometimes)

I can't believe I have all this energy, it must be because I know I don't have to go to work today. Oh something happened to give me a big head last night at work. They had me orienting someone! I was like you want moi to orient a newbie??? COOL!!! I liked it but at the same time didn't. I can't sit still for too long and well since I had no pts there was nothing to do and I didn't want to breath down this newbie's back, although I did make more rounds then I usually have time to. She did well *yea* everyone woke up alive. I had the opportunity to meet someone that lived until 105 last night. I say lived because she passed on a few hours after I was actually talking to her. Death is weird, it's really like *poof* you're gone. Well I'm off to spend some well earned cash on a well needed shredder. The one my dad has just shreds the paper one way and I want a criss cut one. Thanks for visiting me and the comments :)

Monday, October 10, 2005

I want to stitch

I haven't stitched in what seems like forever. I would have never thought that there would be a day in my life that I wouldn't stitch since I started stitching. This is so upsetting to me because I miss it but I can't seem to get back into it. SO - as soon as I get off this computer I am going to take a shower and stitch in front of the television. I have to work tonight but hopefully I can put in a stitch or two before it's time for me to leave. Ok I'm off - wish me luck!

Wednesday, September 28, 2005

I'm on vacation :)

Been on vacation since last week Thursday - haven't done much but sleep and hang out with Kelly :) I go back to work next week Thursday and while it seems so far away it still feels like it will go by super fast.

Ana got her costumes in the mail this weekend and they only sent 2 out of the 3 I ordered - the other one was discontinued :( Well out of the 2 I REALLY like the butterfly one. The dinosaur costume fits her too small eventhough it is a large.

I'll just post these pics quickly and go on my way - not much to blog about. I sort of miss going to work but I'm pretty sure once my vacation is over I'll miss staying at home. Oh there is one thing to blog about. I hate my job I hate my job I hate my job! I remember the days when I use to love my job *sigh* here's what happened:

I don't know if I mentioned but they closed down my unit temporarily to do some renovations - let me backtrack. Before I was hired to work my unit was on another floor (the unit's permanent home). When I was hired the unit was moved maybe a few months before I started working to the floor that I worked on - it was moved because they tore down the entire unit to make it new again. Ok well in maybe July they closed down the floor we were on because they had to work between the ceiling and floor so we were all floating for a while (filling in the empty spots for other floors that needed the nurses) that lasted about 2 weeks maybe. We were set up on a temporary floor which was horrible since we were getting up to 9 patients. After a while they didn't give us 9 patients (we complained to the union) and we were getting less. Well the new floor was suppose to open in late Sept - early Oct and we were suppose to go back "home" then but rumor was going around that they had to close one medical floor in the hospital (apparently the hospital is near bankruptcy or something) but it wasn't suppose to be our floor. I'm pretty sure you can figure out what happened. They closed my medical unit and it was the worst thing that could have happened. They broke us all up and it was pretty sad and shitty.

They had openings for us on other floors and since I have no senority what so ever I got stuck working on the worst floor EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I knew I didn't like the floor because I've floated to it 2x and both times it was just sad. The floor is so depressing looking, the nurse manager doesn't smile and one of the day nurses has such an attitude it's just amazing how bad of an attitude she has. I use to like going to work and now I dread it :( The people I've worked with on nights so far have not been bad. The second day I was there was cool - I thought I would be able to stay there and be happy but come morning time I was wrong. I know I'm there to work not to make friends but really who doesn't want to try to have a decent time at work? I'm telling you it's horrible. The patients are different - I've been trying to read up while I'm home because while this is a medical-surgical unit I'm on it's also the neurology floor so it's more neuro then anything else. I could go work at another hospital but who's to say that it will be better? I just can't help to feel sad when I think of it, so I'm off to find something to do to keep my mind off of it. TTYL and here are some pics for you to look at.

We all know who that cute and loveable dog is so I'll skip explaining all of those. The guy in the masks is Kelly when we were in Target. This one lady brought her son up to him and told him if he didn't behave she was going to have Kelly take him away. It was funny because the little boy kept staring at Kelly saying "I don't want to look at him anymore Mommy" but could not stop looking at him at the same time. In pictures they aren't that scary but in real life looking at a 6'3 monster is LOL

Sunday, September 11, 2005

Evil Pet Mom

I took a liking in dressing Ana up. I don't think she fancy's it too much though. I want to get her a pink tutu but I'm afraid she'll be able to get out of it and rip it up or something. She's pretending to be a character out of my FAVORITE all time storyline - I'll let you guys guess who :)

Talking about my favorite books- I so want the Harry Potter edition iPod. Of course I don't think you can buy it without buying the digital books and I'm not about to pay $250 for the books and then $300 for the iPod. *boo hoo* because I really would like that iPod and it would have made a perfect Happy Birthday to me present. It has the Hogwarts Crest etched in the back - it's so beautiful. It would probably be a bitch transfering all of my now iPod crap into a new iPod though.

My birthday was the 7th of this month and I am now 25. Do I feel different? Hell yeah I do! I actually feel like an adult, don't know why but I do. 25 sounds so old maybe that's the difference hehe. Well I'm off - don't feel like writing much, plus the earlier I get in the shower the earlier I can start my day. I did absolutely nothing yesterday but sleep. TTFN and stay tuned for more Ana dress up pics, I went online costume shopping for her :-)

Sunday, August 28, 2005

Diva Dog

Can you tell I was bored? Everyone around told me she looked upset but I think she likes dressing up hehe.

Tuesday, July 26, 2005

It's hot out!

Just wanted to share my progress. Today is a great day to stay in, with the AC on, and stitch since it's sooooooooooooooooooo hot outside! I went out for about an hour and ran back inside and literally stripped on my way to the bathroom to shower. I can't stand the summer when it gets hot like this. Makes me seriously miss the winter. Well I'm off to stitch some more. This room has no AC and I'm starting to get a headache. TTFN :)

Saturday, July 23, 2005

Forgot One!

I've started stitching again. That JD piece Time to Garden took a backseat since I really hated it, so I started ED Old Green Gardens. I don't get to stitch much so I have no idea when this will get done. But so far I like it. I have the little yellow flowers done in the right bottom corner now but am too lazy to rescan it. We'll see how far I get the next time I take a picture of it.

Pictures Pictures :)

Here go some pictures that I took with my camera phone - I really need to invest in a digital camera because the ones taken of my cross stitch are really fuzzy. Anywho, I picked up the two framed pieces last weekend, the ladybug cottage one I gave to my cousin as a gift. I miss it already and plan on stitching one for myself. And the other one is hanging at the foot of the staircase in my house. And of course the doggie in the pictures is Ana. I felt as if I haven't taken any picutes of her in a while so decided to take those two. Off to shower I have to work this weekend!

Tuesday, July 12, 2005

It's been a while!

Wonder if anyone still comes to visit me? Hmmm well I haven't been busy just lazy. Or maybe I have been busy who knows. Ummm dunno what to update on so I'll try to write whatever comes to mind. I haven't stitched in like months *boo hoo* but that's usually a norm in the summer time. I've been working like a dog it seems. My schedule got all screwy and I've had 2 back to back 4 day weeks the another one 2 weeks later. It's all over now though and I'm looking forward to my 3 day weekend that's coming up.

New thing is that I have now become a professional bowler - NOT LOL. No but really my game has gotten ALOT better. I've gone from a 50 average to like a 130 average. The bowling alley around here has $1.00 games and rentals and since I've owned my own shoes and ball for years it's really cheap for me. If my car wasn't acting up I'd be getting dressed to go bowling right now - I'm obsessed. I even bought another ball last week she's such a beauty I'll try and share a pic, I've named her Rebecca LOL. I have this weird thing where I name everything.

Kobe had surgery yesterday. He had to get his tail amputated. We pick him up today. He's had tail problems for like ever and this time it just didn't get better. It cost a pretty penny so we're not to happy about it, but anything for the kids right?

Well I'm going to get dressed I need to pick Kobe up from the vet. TTYL or whenever I get a chance to sit at this computer and blog. Ciao!

Friday, June 10, 2005

Guess I'm living in the right place :)

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You're an energetic, ambitious woman.

And only NYC is fast enough for you.

Maybe you'll set yourself up with a killer career

Or simply take in all the city has to offer

What City Do You Belong in? Take This Quiz :-)

Thursday, May 26, 2005

Not sure how I feel about this. It's becoming such a chore to stitch on this since I'm not liking how it's coming out. I'll keep on stitching though and we'll see if I like the end result. Posted by Hello
I knew this was coming and tried my best to ward it off but failed :( I get in these funks sometimes. I don't know why but I do. It's not so bad but it just takes all of my energy and makes me feel eh - but a bad I don't want to feel this was eh. It effects all aspects of my life, I'm getting better at dealing with these moods but still wish they wouldn't happen. I'm not happy right now. I could probably win 10 million dollars right now and find something wrong with it.

I hate my job right now - the other days a fellow co-worker said she felt as if she was working in a nursing home. I couldn't help but agree with her, except I feel like I'm working in a psych nursing home, which are two places that I NEVER wanted to work in while in school. I've already got it in my mind that I have to go back to school. I probably could but at this moment don't want to be a staff nurse for the rest of my life and right now I feel that I'm stuck where I'm at and if I don't do anything about it my situation will never change.

Well I'm going to get some zzzz's that's pretty much all I can do right now anyway. I'm hoping that tomorrow I'll feel better but something tells me I'll be feeling this way for a few more days.
Until then....

Sunday, May 22, 2005

My New WIP

Posted by Hello
This is Take Time To Garden by Jeanette Douglas Designs. The future me must have known that the past me would find that birdhouse a PITA to stitch so I'm guessing that's the reason it took me 2-3 days to finally stitch it. I finished the border a week ago and just sort of put it away. Anyhoo - it's done. Now off to square 2. Don't expect much progress on this though, I'm feeling lazy.

Saturday, May 21, 2005


I feel as if I have not blogged in a while! Or maybe it's that I haven't been up this early in a while so I feel like I haven't done much in a while. Who knows...

Well, not much has been happening with me. This morning I discovered these old albums I use to listen to with my old BF. I think because of him I love music of all times. I guess he came along when I was still finding out who/what I was and helped out a little. I hate him now though LOL. Well maybe hate is the wrong word to use, he was a pretty ok guy just wasn't for me. I don't think I could see myself with him now, couldn't be the real me with him like I can with Kelly. I feel so free with him, like I don't have to hide anything. I love that guy I tell you.

Work is work - home life is home life - like I said nothing new so I'm off to find something to eat. I haven't ate anything in like a day. Well I've eaten (chocolate and grapes for instance) just nothing real and I'm close to passing out that's how hungry I am. I plan on cleaning the yard today and then going to see Star Wars. I'm thinking I should buy my tickets now online for the midnight show but are there really lots of Star War fans in East New York that I have to worry about it being sold out?!?! We'll see I guess...

Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Have fun...

Just don't get caught if you're at work hehe :)

Thursday, May 12, 2005

Budding Littles Is Done

This is the last square. I still have to buy 2 charms for it to be officially done but all the stitching is complete. When my other 2 pieces return from the framers I'll have this one framed. Posted by Hello

The entire piece. Posted by Hello

Monday, May 09, 2005

My Opinions

I saw this movie last night and IMO it was well worth the $9.25 (yup that's how much movies are in NYC.) I'd like to go see it again, that's how good it was. Two parts were pretty predictable but still a really good movie. My cousin and I are somewhat insensitive at times and of course were the only 2 people laughing. I cried in one part really hard, it was just too touching. So if you haven't seen the movie yet - go out and see it. Shows you how f-ed up racism is. I thought I wasn't a movie person. I might have even mentioned before that I hate watching movies but I think the reason I hated the movies was because I didn't have money to go to the movies. Now I love it. Next movie I'm going to see is Kingdom of Heaven and of course Episode III.

I've been reading alot too, I love not sitting in front of the computer all day hehe. The last 2 books I've read were good as well. I bought the same books for my mother in spanish and she agrees. I wish the book I am reading now (My Sister's Keeper by Judy Picoult) came in spanish. My mother reads english but it would take her months to read this in english, so spanish books work better for her. We've read When I Was Puerto Rican and Almost a Woman together and they were so beautiful. The first one made me almost cry on the train since Esmeralda really loves her mom to pieces and it reminded me of my mom. They are both biography's on Esmeralda Santiago. I've put off reading them for a long time (since high-school) since I'm not really into biography's, but I've enjoyed both of them. Right now my mom is reading Maria by Jorge Isaacs and I'm wondering if this book comes in english. I'm like her - I can read in spanish but it would take me months to read that. I've read the reviews and apparently it's a good read.

Well I'm off. I have to work tonight and have to start getting ready. TTYL!!!

Sunday, May 08, 2005

Picture Time

Here are some pics that I'd like to share.

This is Bent Creek's Love Sampler framed. The picture isn't the greatest, I took it with my camera phone. It's a bit distorted but right now it's the best I can do.Posted by Hello

My cousin came today to drop off a little gift that she bought me. It's the little Hello Kitty charm for my phone :) It's so cute I love it.
Posted by Hello

This is square 3 from my Budding Littles piece that I'm working on. I hope to finish it tomorrow but that could be just a dream depending on what pops up. Isn't the tail cute?
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This is the entire piece so far. I may stitch the 4th square in Maple Syrup to give a matching look. I just realized that I didn't stitch the outline in the 3rd square *oops* will get that done tonight. Right now I have to jump in the shower and get dressed.
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Saturday, May 07, 2005


From now on I will look at my schedule faithfully. Wednesday I'm at the mall and my mom calls telling me the hospital called and did I forget I was suppose to work tonight. I look at my schedule and yup it's me 4 day week *sigh* I get to work 2 hours late but I get there. I'm not the first person it has happened to and I'm pretty sure I won't be the last. I now carry my schedule with me and have another copy posted up in my room. Wed-Fri at work wasn't bad considering I was off to a bad start. Plus since I wasn't dreading working 3 days in row I didn't get as tired :-) My knee is hurting me bad and almost gave out yesterday. I felt so old, I think I'm gonna go to the doctor and see what's up with it.

Went to the my not so LNS and picked up my first professionally framed piece *yea* I think I'm gonna go out and buy a digital camera so I can take pictures instead of borrowing my cousin's. This is something that I'm pretty sure I'll change my mind on by the morning though so I'll try to post a picture of soon. My camera phone is crappy so it would do it no justice at all! I took Ladybug Cottage and In The Garden of My Heart to be framed *ouch* is what my pockets said. The frames are so pretty though - I'm giving Ladybug Cottage to my cousin and I think it may be hard to part with it. I chose a green frame with a little gold in it. So freaking pretty! Once he brought it out nothing could change my mind from it. The other one I just got the frame that's pictured in the picture, but I think it's prettier in person because in the picture it has some gold flecks in it and this one doesn't - maybe it's the same frame different color? They had the Jeanette Douglas trunk show out too and I just bought all of the "Take Time To" series. Pictures of cross stitched pieces do them no justice because had I gone by the picture on the front of the pattern alone I'd never buy them but stitched up they are all BEAUTIFUL! So delicate...I'm thinking of which one to stitch once I'm done with Little Buddings and on that note I'm gone to stitch. I only have today and tomorrow off so I must make the most of my pretty much one day off.

Oh cute Gary story before I leave. I thought him how to play pick-up sticks. He got the just of it but is no master LOL. Well anyway I came from home from work at 4pm-ish and after playing with him I told him to watch TV while I layed down with him. He did but I think once I fell asleep he decided to make little books because all of my staples are gone and so are my post it notes. I know he made little books because last time he was here that's what he did and of course he's not the quietest little boy and he never woke me up. I wonder what else he did while I was sleeping since I see the scissors out as well *sigh* little boys and their mischeif!

Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Budding Littles

Square number 2 - 2 more to go :) Posted by Hello

Both squares together. As mentioned previously I ran out of Cocoa for the border. Apparently Sable was too dark for a match but Maple Syrup was sort of ok so I went with it. Some areas are a bit darker but since it's an overdyed thread I didn't feel it mattered since the next Cocoa I would buy would probable have variations it as well. My "Colonial Knots" came out ok - 2 of the purple ones didn't though but I'm not doing them over they'll just have to blend in. Thanks Petra for the comment :) Posted by Hello

Tuesday, May 03, 2005

4 little squares and this is the first one I finish. It's called Budding Littles by Hollis Designs or Homespun Elegance I'm confused over the entire thing. I underestimated how much WDW Cocoa I had when I went shopping and now have none *sigh* guess I'll pick some up on Saturday after work or I might substitute it with GAST Sable - I think it may be a match. Anyway I've been enjoying being able to lay around and stitch like I use to so I'm off of this computer and off to look for something to replace my Cocoa so I won't have to stop stitching! TTFN Posted by Hello

SAL Progress

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I worked on it all day and am now done with Assignment 1 of my SAL :) This will now get put away until next month when I get the next assignment. I already know what I'll work on until then. It's small but cute. BTW this is The Drawn Thread's Cloister Garden and the fabric is a rosy color that doesn't show up. I'm off to sleep - until tomorrow. Good Night!

Friday, April 29, 2005

Drumroll Please!!!

Ta-Da - it's done :) I had plans on finishing it yesterday but Kelly called and the plan went to hell. I guess I'll drop it off next week to be framed, since I work the weekend. I'm going to start working on a SAL I joined. I think it will last 6 months of so, if I'm able to I'll stitch in between but I'm a slow stitcher now so maybe not. Oh well off to take a shower TTYL and thanks for looking!!! Posted by Hello