Wednesday, May 28, 2008

I did it!

I just bought a new camera!!! *woot woot* I can't wait until it comes in. I've been contemplating buying a DSLR for a while now...since my first Bloc Party concert in 2006 to be exact. I talked myself out of it because I didn't want something to happen to it at a concert or for it to get lost. Then about a year ago my cousin bought one and again I entertained the idea of getting one once I saw his pictures. I was trying to get out of debt so I couldn't do it last year. Now lately I've been noticing the quality of pictures some people post on their blogs and I've become totally obsessed with getting a new camera. I mean it's so bad that I dream about it LOL. After talking to my cousin on Monday (he's one of my go to guys) I decided to buy it and this morning after taking it in and out of my cart and wondering if I should dip into my car savings to buy it I thought of all the really nice pictures I can take of my cross stitch loved ones and bought it. I'm really happy about this buy :-) Of course I will now have to buy accessories for it *and* actually learn how to use it but for the sake of taking quality pictures of my cross stitch loved ones I can do it! Until next time!

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Look at what I've been up to

There's a third but it's for my HoE freebie exchange so I can't show it until I mail it out and it arrives to its destination! I even managed to play GTA IV, go to my LNS, and get a mani/pedi! Oh and I have a finish to share as well now that I remember...the 5th block to my BC Red Thread Snappers :-)
I do have 2 other soon to be pinkeeps to show you soon *but* the ribbon that I bought today matched the pinkeeps PERFECTLY in the store but once I took it out the bag and started working on them all of a sudden it didn't go anymore...I blame the lighting!

Has anyone seen the new HIHs?? Apparently I love them! I didn't at first but when I saw them at my LNS I scooped them up. The plan is to stitch them over one because I really don't need all of these long things to frame or hang up. I'm off to kit something up to stitch on the train tomorrow (most likely my F&S square.) I took a mental health day today because when I woke up I was tired and my patience felt non-existent. I'm hoping they come back tomorrow because I can't call out again, plus tomorrow night is time and a half pay! Happy Stitching!!!

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Dilemma Dilemma...

I want to stitch, I want to do the finishing for my HoE Freebie Exchange, I want to play Grand Theft Auto IV, I want to shower, get dressed, and go get a mani/pedi, I want to go pick up Kelly from work, I want to go to either JoAnns or The City Quilter to peruse the fabric, I want to go to one of my not so LNS' and I want to do all of this RIGHT NOW! The only good thing about this list is that I'm already too late to go pick up Kelly from work since I'm not showered yet. *sigh* I guess if I blog later on about my recent finished finishes or new fabric/stash conquests we'll see what I decided to do since I obviously can't blog about the latest beatings I've given to the poor innocent citizens of Liberty City ;-) LOL TTFN!

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Freebie Month Continues!

Here are two freebies that I finished this month. Both were my train projects and one of them is for an exchange. I know my partner doesn't read my blog but just in case she stumbles across it I won't say which one :-) Sorry if the pictures are dark...I want a new camera and haven't been feeling like "playing" with my "old" camera.
Barbara Ana's Designs
Home is Where the Heart Is
Stitched on 32 ct Lt Sand Belfast Linen
Stitched with DMC Threads
Brightneedle Designs
Blue Moon (from the Small Samplings Book)
Stitched on 28ct Jazlyn (Unknown Color) Dyeing 4 U fabric
Stitched with DMC and WDW

Side note: I miss Dyeing 4 U...they made some awesome fabric and their FOTM and TOTM clubs were great. If anyone personally knows the people who ran the company tell them I miss them LOL.

Well that's all for now...I'm stitching on another Brightneedle piece. It seems like they're my new favorite designer :-) I've been stitching on it off and on now for a while. It seems like every time I pick it up to stitch on something happens between Kelly and me and since it's for him I can't stitch on far this time nothing has happened so I may be able to finish it this time around. TTYL and thanks for visiting!!!!

Saturday, May 03, 2008

A Gift, a finish, and a WIP

A few days ago my dear friend Barb texted me and told me to expect a package from me. Thursday when I was on my way to work a yellow envelope was waiting for me on the table, I didn't get a chance to open it until today though and look what was inside!
It's one of the freebies that I wanted to stitch :-) I haven't thanked her for it yet but I love it! I'm going to finish it up *hopefully* this weekend. A little story about Barb...she's one of the *very* first stitchy friends I ever made! I love her to reece's pieces! One day I wrote in a group that we were in that I wanted lemon cookies and a few days later I received a box full of homemade lemon cookies and she included the recipe that she used (I still have it.) I've met a lot of people online but Barb is one of the very first...she even stitched me an EMS baby for my graduation quilt that a group of friends made for me :-)

Now here's a finish...HIH Birds This was my train project but I was so close to finishing it that I stitched on it last night at home. There was an error in the chart that I didn't catch until I sewed the button on. The orange is suppose to be blue but the DMC (I stitched it in all DMC) conversion to the WDW was wrong. It looks good with the orange though...right?

I realized that I have not stitched a Shepherd's Bush since the year started and had to do something about it. I received an order from DSL last week and decided to start SBs My Mother's Garden. It's going to be my home project and this is what I have stitched so far...It's a really pretty piece. I love the color of the fabric. Hopefully I'll finish it and my mom will appreciate it. I'm having a hard time choosing what initials to put on it. My sister and I have the same middle initial (as a matter of fact we have the same middle name LOL) so I was thinking I'd use our first and last initials and then share our middle initial.

Well I'm off to stitch. I'm off the weekend and the weather is dreary outside so it's a perfect day to stitch :-) One last thing! I went to my LNS today and picked up my JN Hop Tin and Needlebook fob (along with other goodies) and it's so cute! TTFN