Wednesday, December 31, 2008

I'm a car owner :) (long and boring probably)

Wow that was fast! I've been looking for a car since November but became serious about it on Saturday. Sunday the dealerships I wanted to go to were closed and since I worked Monday night (or was suppose to more on that "tragic" night later) I thought I wouldn't have time until after the new year to look. I start school on the 5th and would have liked to have my car before then so I wasn't too happy about it. Late Sunday night I made the decision to wake up early Monday and go look.

With my little list in hand of all the cars I was interested in (within my price range and used because on Saturday I realized a brand new car was out of the picture for least the kind I wanted) I went to the dealer and met the NICEST car sales man client adviser. I know they're suppose to be nice to you but I've met a few that were "eh." The first one I dealt with at the VW dealer was nice but wasn't so encouraging and once he saw that I was hesitant wasn't so to him! Anyway while looking at the cars on the lot I saw one that was not on my list and not in my price range, of course I don't need to tell you that was the one I wanted LOL. I still asked to look at it and of course that was a mistake because I did not want to look at any other cars on the lot. We went upstairs and "crunched" some numbers and after the breakdown I noted that maybe I could afford it, I would just have to eat tuna fish and sardines for a while LOL. I didn't leave any money down on the car but did do the paper work to see if I was going to be approved for everything. I didn't think I was going to get approved but once I got home he called and told me I was *happy dance jig* I didn't leave anything down on the car but told him I'd be back on Tuesday and if the car was still there then it was meant to be (I didn't think the car would be there btw) I spoke to my mother who was in love with the 0.9% financing and the fact that they would make the first 2 car payments on the car. She was not too happy with the price though. I told my cousin about the car and whether he'd be able to come with me on Tuesday to look at it to make sure it was ok, it should be because it's a CPO but I wanted to make sure. My only worry was car insurance and whether I would be able to afford it.

I've gotten quotes in the past when I wasn't too serious about car buying and the insurance companies wanted to charge me (hold on to your seat) around $6K a year for full coverage. I've never had car insurance before so that was the reason for such a high price. I went to Allstate to see what they could do for me and because I never had car insurance they said they couldn't give me a policy and it would be hard for me to get a policy any where else. It made me a little sad and frustrated because it made no sense to me. If they wouldn't give me car insurance and no one else wanted to give it to me then how was I suppose to get it so that I could get car insurance in the first place?!?!? Right away I thought well I guess I won't be getting this car since I saw it as a "bad" sign. Well I went home to talk to my father about this disturbing discovery and to see if he could insure it under his name and it seems that I do have car insurance and have had car insurance since I started driving 11 years ago under his policy (this is a good sign btw I'm happy again!) He tells me to call his insurance company and see what they would charge me. I did and the people there tell me that it would be (hold on to your seats again) $2788 a year for full coverage! Can you tell that it's another good sign??? *more happy dancing*

Now I'm the type of person that does not like to get so much good news in one day because I always feel something bad was going to happen, like my the car would be sold by the time I got there Tuesday. Well instead of that happening when I was going to work that night some stupid a**hole tried to rob me on the train. I was running late to work so I was in a rush and not paying attention and when I was about to get on the train I felt someone pushing me and when I stepped aside to let whoever was pushing me get on the train this stupid guy tried to take either my bag or my phone. We struggled for a bit, he pushed me to the ground, and kept yanking at my bag. There was another guy on the platform and could you believe he did not help me?!?!?!? I yelled at him while I was fighting with the one robbing me if instead of standing there he could help me. I swear that guy was such an SOB and I hope if anything like that happens to his family member a real man is around to help not some sorry excuse like him. Thanks to me coming from a family where the guys are a bit rough with the girls (and the fact that this kid was like a twig) I was able to defend myself. I grabbed and twisted his "sensitive" parts which made him not so happy and let go of me. While he was about to run away another guy grabbed him and the cops were called. I swear to you I could not look at this kid in the face because I seriously wanted to punch him for 1. Making me even later than I was to work 2. Dirtying my white nursing pants and 3. Trying to take my stuff. He tried to act tough but once my cousin showed up (I called home right away for my mother to send someone) he was quiet as a mouse. It was funny because apparently my cousin was on the way to my house to return a wrench that my father had lent him so once he gets there he has this HUGE wrench in his hand and is waving it around and banging it on the train fence. In my head I'm like who the hell brings a wrench? It reminded me of Anchorman when the news stations have a brawl and someone had a stick with scissors taped to it. I ended up not going to work that night because the police officers wanted to take me to the precint for my statement. I lost a nights pay which is no bueno since I was about to buy a car. A few good things came out of this situation besides me not getting hurt (I am sore from fighting) and him not taking my stuff and that was I could now go to the dealer early in the morning instead of the afternoon and since I only had 3 hours of sleep since Sunday and didn't know how I was going to last through a night's work I was able to get that much needed rest :-) I work again tonight and my father wants me to drive to work but I don't think I am. I know most people would have a problem with what happened but I'm a resilient person and am fine with getting back on the train.

Anyhoo back to the car. I'll make it short now I feel as if I wrote too much hehe. We went on Tuesday, the car was still there, I test drove it, I loved it, my cousin said it was a good car and haggled with the guy, he brought down the price and threw in a "free" alarm. I left the deposit to hold the car and signed papers. Thanks to my cousin I do not have to eat tuna fish and sardines and on Friday I go pick up my Certified Pre-Owned 2006 Jet Black with black leather interior BMW 330xi with all the bells and whistles. I'm a car owner and it doesn't feel as scary as I thought it would be. It is definitely an upgrade from my mother's old Ford. I kept telling my father I have 4 working power locks and windows and AM/FM stereo hehe the radio, rear driver's side window, and driver's power lock in my mother's car doesn't work. I'm so happy and can't wait until Friday :-) When I first went to the BMW dealership I was so intimidated, it's HUGE! Don't believe me check it out for yourself I almost didn't go in but I'm glad I did :-) Have a great day!!!

Saturday, December 27, 2008

It's been a while...

This is my token "OMG, I can't believe it's been a month since my last post" post LOL. I've been busy with school and the holidays, plus I haven't been stitching so I didn't have much to write about since this is suppose to be a stitching blog. I finished with school over a week ago and since the holidays are done I have a few minutes to spare to blog.

First let me start off by sending some *happy* holiday wishes! Christmas is over and I hope everyone had a great one and I think this is the last day of Hanukkah so hopefully it's a great one for those that are of that faith...I made up my own little holiday committee at work so I got to put up a Christmas tree on our floor (that got knocked over by a gazillion stretchers) and got to light the menorah on the first 2 nights. So *exciting* I just hope I did it right the one night I needed a Jewish patient to ask there was not one around. This year was a good one, I was done with all of my shopping by the 6th and everything was wrapped and under the tree by the 22nd. I asked for two things and ended up getting them both :) Kelly got me my Dodo charm necklace and my cousin got me rechargable battery station for my Wii Controllers - I also got a suprise gift from my cousin's gf which I loved! She got me The Office DVD I just need to find some Office fanatics to play with me.

I've lost my stitching mojo and it doesn't seem like it's coming back any time soon :( It's so bad that I don't even want to buy stash *sigh* But I did see those Halloweeny L*Ks and I must purchase them as soon as I have the feeling to spend some money...which may be no time soon because after being a 1 car family I'm being forced sort of to buy my own car :( I should be happy but I'm not. I'm weird...big "adult" purchases make me sad - I'd like to stay young forever and it doesn't seem like God agrees with that plan. Next thing you'll know I'll be "forced" to move out *shudder* hehe. I'm actually not being forced but I feel bad that my mother has to take the bus home from work because I need the car to go to school. It takes her sometimes over an hour to get home and usually it's 15 minutes by car. So I now must take my measly savings and buy a car.

School wise; I'm happy it's over! I ended getting an A+, B+, and a B. I go back on Jan 5th for winter session to take Chemistry. I hope I do ok in it. My brain is tired from the Fall and my body is tired from work. It's hard working and going to school full time. The outrageous thing about it all is that I'm considering looking for a part time job...I'm laughing out loud even as I type it. I hear school nursing is easy and since I did the orientation for it last year I feel like I can do it twice a week until I start the Spring semester. I could always quit if it proves to be too much right? Plus it all depends where they send me...some children can be evil and I don't want to go too far from home. There are 3 schools within walking distance of my house but what are the chances that they send me there. I'll call them Monday to see.

Well that's all from me...sorry there are no pictures to show :( Until next time!