Thursday, March 31, 2005

Almost done with most of the stitching then on to the backstitching... Posted by Hello

Just dropping by :)

I have to wash my hair and since I've left to the absolute last minute I can't stay long. I've updated my WIP with a new pic - to be seen soon and I'm sorry to say that I may not be able to stitch on it tonight because my hair must be done but now at this instant I have changed my mind - I will wake up early tomorrow and wash and straighten it. Funny how the mind changes when you really want to stitch.

Well my mother has her patch off and it's weird how if I had a patient who was recovering from eye surgery I'd be able to look them in the eye no problemo but with her I don't even want to see it since I get skeevish - the bottom of it is bloodshot and it just gives me the willies.

Bought Ana some new toys today - again. I swear my computer room and bedroom are filled with toys. She's cute so I don't mind and sometimes I arrange them all on her bed which makes it even cuter. She likes to lay on her back with her toy in her mouth and pulls on it with her paws - it makes me laugh.

Okies...I'm off to stitch, maybe I'll change my mind again and wash my hair tonight I don't know I'm so confused!!!

This and that

Oh why oh why did I decide to drink coffee?!?!? You're probably thinking hmm I bet she's wired now but I'm not. Coffee makes me extremely sleepy and I'm trying to fight it the best I can. I wanted to stay up tonight and watch some Roseanne and stitch but don't know if I can now. This is what I get for drinking that disgusting black liquid!

Working by myself actually went well. I didn't mess up and I was actually done on time, early I even think. My only fear is that I'm forgetting to do something, which is unlikely since no one has mentioned anything to me. I think I'm done on time because my district is light. Anyhoo - patients remained alive and happy. I just hope I'm not forgetting to do something. I work Fri-Sun which will be my first 3 days in a row on nights. I don't know if I can manage it. As much as I like nursing and my job after the second day of taking care of people I kinda need a break but I think it's only when I have a demanding patient. Two days of catering to someone's every need is enough I think. I don't like my patients to wait for the aide when they ring the call bell so I usually answer it and if I can help them out then I do and not wait for the aide. I guess from a patients perspective I am their only nurse but I would like to know if they REALLY know that they are not my only patient, I mean of course they know but do they understand it? I don't like for them to feel like I'm rushed so I usually take my time with them and most of them tell me I'm so patient but today it got to a point where I had to tell this patient to call me when she was sure she was done because the mornings can get busy - I wanted to add and I can't stand here waiting for you but knew I couldn't - I mean I wouldn't want anyone telling me that. Then I felt bad for saying what I said but I knew if I didn't I would keep getting called when the pt felt "I think I'm done" instead of "I'm done." I don't know, I guess I'm not one for telling people "I'm not able to help you all the time" so I feel bad when I do. Especially since I feel however I treat my patient is the same way I'll get treated or my family will get treated whenever we are hospitalized.

Today my mum had surgery, she told me that the nurse held her hand and rubbed it. It made me happy because I would hold someone's hand and actually like to hold my patient's hand whenever I can. It's nice, makes me emotional when I think of it though and I want to cry. I don't think I'd hold someone's hand if they were in labor though LOL. Ok now I feel better about the entire "I can't stand here forever" situation.

Funny thing about my mother - I don't know why but everytime she has surgery she buys me a gift. I do not know why. It isn't a big luxurious gift but she buys me something small. Last time she bought me a $10 watch with a smiley face and the smiley face went round and round as the seconds ticked. She's bought me 2 expensive watches and this one out of the 3 is my favorite :) Today I bought her a gift - nothing exquisite but something she wanted and I was too cheap to buy last week - a new garbage can! hehe She's happy with it but now I have to go out and spend more money (remember I'm trying to save) for freaking polish since my cousin tells me (we bought her a garbage can when she got married this May) it's prone to fingerprint stains and I KNOW ours will have little doggie nose prints all over it. Ahh but like I said she's happy with it and we can finally get rid of our cheap garbage can.

Well coffee has worn off *yea* I will now go and stitch but before I leave I must mention that I have begun to stitch on my break rather than sleep. I'm starting to hate sleep. I feel that I sleep too much. I didn't sleep when I work days so don't think I need sleep while on nights. We'll see how long that last's though, I may need a nap on Sunday. Okies TTYL!!!

Monday, March 28, 2005


I like laughing when things go wrong. Makes me feel like I'm uplifting the mood or something. People are funny and it's funny to see that one minute everyone is happy with eachother calling eachother family members and then something happens and *poof* a big divide occurs. Just needed to write that because honestly most of the time I don't know what's going on thanks to my delete button but whenever I get bits and pieces it just makes me chuckle...

Small update on me - feels like I've just posting my WIP progress pics. Work today, first day alone, and I'm nervous as shit. I'm pretty sure I'll be ok but there's always that chance that something may go wrong. This week is my long week so you may not hear anything from me until next week since I'll be sleeping all week probably. I hate nights for that reason, you spend all of your time sleeping. If the world was 24 hours then it wouldn't be so bad but when I'm up all the normal people are sleeping and everything is closed. I think I want to go back to days - I miss sleeping when it's dark out.

Well I must go eat dinner and get dressed for work. It's raining pretty hard here and I have to leave early so I have enough time to change. TTFN!! And enjoy my new WIP pic :)

Ok so after I scanned it last night I continued to work on it until the wee hours of the morning and by 5am this is what I got done. Good right? Off to eat dinner and get ready for work :-)  Posted by Hello

Sunday, March 27, 2005

In The Garden of My Heart

Yet another WIP pic - Besides the sheep (or rather sheep eyes and feet) this is my weekend work. Not bad I think - I'm going to work on the border for the box and then maybe move on the the bottom instead of the upper right square. We'll see another busy work week coming up (my 4 day week) so not much stitching for me - oh pooh!
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Saturday, March 26, 2005

Thanks :)

Just wanted to say thank you for the comments on my Garden Of My Heart WIP. Haven't stitched on it in a while and won't for a while I have RRs here and I really need to get them out of my house. Hopefully I can post a finish soon :)
Talk to everyone later!!!

Tuesday, March 22, 2005

This is my progress pic for the day. I have the sheep done in the upper square but didn't feel like re-scanning it - maybe tonight after I get a little more done. Posted by Hello

Saturday, March 19, 2005

Work again!

So I have to go to work again and I'm my body is just feeling so lazy. I went out last night and I just feel thrashed, imagine if I had drank I don't think I'd be able to get out of bed today - is this an indication that I'm getting old??? LOL.

Well I'm trying to post a picture of my latest "In the Garden of My Heart" update but for some reason it's taking forever, hopefully it will be done before I go to work so those who check in can see. It's coming along nicely and if I wasn't so tired I'd stitch on it today.

Went stash shopping yesterday - sort of a last minute decision. Didn't buy much but did notice that my taste in patterns is changing slightly. Still like the cutesy things but my collection of more hmmm serious (?) is starting to increase. My FOTM and IOTM from Dyeing 4 U came in and I am so happy with it!!! I was greedy and joined 2 of their FOTM (so I'm in 3 inc Silkweaver) the fabrics they sent are Cashel Linen Ocean Fog and Cameo Peach and Opalescent Jazlyn Solitude, Butter Cream, and Winter Blues. For my threads I got 6 of the new WDWs and Creasant Colours. I'm in stash heaven right now LOL. I also recently ordered the Elizabeth Designs Cottages which I'm waiting for them to come in. Think I'll put a halt on stash for a while though (I know I say this all the time) I'll just stick to my FOTMs and IOTM and I want to get the silks and charms for a few of my ED patterns and JDs My Stitching Treasure - I may start it after I'm done with what I'm stitcing on now or I may start JDs Time to Quilt (Autumn) the colors for that one are so pretty and autumn-ish, I just love it!

Well time to go and maybe get in an hour nap! My cousin is coming over so i doubt it but atleast maybe I'll get to lay down for a while. TTYL!!!

Tuesday, March 15, 2005

This is what I have done so far. I'm going to try stitching on it before I head off to work. After today I'm not sure when I'll get to stitch on it again. TTFN :-)  Posted by Hello

It's over

My 5 day vacation has officially ended. In a few hours I'll start getting dressed to go off to work. I'm showered and my hair is done so I still have like 2.5 hours to bum around before I actually start putting my uniform on. I work tomorrow and the weekend so I'm not sure how long it will be before I get some "me" time again. Strange thing is that with all these days off I'm still tired. Maybe it's just the thought of having to work that makes me want to sleep instead. I'll get a nap on my break so it's not that bad. It just feels weird to come home from work, sleep, and then go back to work that very same day. I'll get use to it I hope because so far I don't think I like working nights, it's just too weird for me.

Well I'm going to upload a picture of my progress on EDs "In the Garden of My Heart." I'm surprised I'm still stitching on this and haven't gotten bored. I'm also happy that I am still stitching on this and haven't gotten bored, maybe I'll finish it :)

Monday, March 14, 2005

A little spring cleaning

This weekend I have been cleaning. It's really scary how paper and other crap just piles up. I guess when you're busy with work you attempt to read something, don't have the time, and just put is aside in an ever growing pile or crap. I must had shredded tons of paper, thrown away tons of boxes, and just gotten rid of alot of stuff today. I'm in the process of doing spring cleaning I guess. No matter how much I cleaned, my shelves still look a mess. Everything is in order but I just can't bare to look at them. My solution to the problem is to ask my dad to put doors on the bookcases or buy those canvas boxes and put my books/stash in them so they look somewhat neat. So far Target didn't have the canvas type just "wood" in red and blue - not sure how I feel about that. Bed, Bath, and Beyond had the canvas type but I didn't like the way they were constructed - they looked cheap. Crate and Barrel didn't have any I like and Pottery Barn hmm I think they only had the oatmeal color and I want something bright. I'm going to check Ikea tomorrow, on the website it looked like they had what I want. If not my search for canvas boxes continues...

I bought a DVD "book"case this weekend. I've been looking for one since forever. Everyone that I find is either too big or too small. I finally found one that was just right but will have to go out and buy another one since I underestimated the amount of DVDs that I owned. I think I'm obsessed with DVDs now because they look so pretty in the case and I'm trying to con Kelly into letting me bring some of his over so my other case won't look too empty. He's not budging unfortunately since he actually watches DVDs whereas I just have them just in case I get bored to death one day and actually have the motivation to watch a DVD. Another thing I bought this weekend is this comfy desk chair. OMG is it comfy - well compared to my last one it is atleast. I was debating for weeks on whether I should buy a new one. The one I originally wanted was $200. Too much for a chair if you ask me, but while I was going to window shop for one the other chair literally broke - so my decision was made. They didn't have the one I wanted though so I ended up getting a better one (IMO) for a cheaper price.

Note to self: Do NOT let anyone feed tripe to Ana ever again!!!! My dad made this yummy soup and gave Ana some with her kibble. Well guess who won't be sleeping in my room tonight? She has pretty bad doggie gas right now. Of course I don't really mean she won't be sleeping with me tonight because if she doesn't sleep with me then I can't sleep, so I guess I'll suffer tonight *sigh*

I wish I stitched this weekend but I didn't. My 5 day vacation is gone. I think it went by too fast. I thought I'd get tons of rest but I don't think I did. I feel tired still. Oh and I seriously think I have some sort of circulation problem. When I sit my left leg feels funny, not a hurting funny but somewhat weird and painful and my toes fall asleep. I'm going to see a doctor about it unless it stops and I forget about it.

Well I'm off to sleep - I have to go to the Post Office tomorrow and spend a small fortune. I have piles of stuff to mail out. Good Night!!!

Friday, March 11, 2005

I haven't stitched on it I think over a week. Last night I picked it up only to frog some of the border and just stitch some of those little bushes. Maybe I'll stitch for 15 minutes before getting dressed?  Posted by Hello

Partial Ana post and some other stuff...

Ana loves to eat. I know some of you are saying what dog doesn't love to eat?!?! But Kobe is one of those dogs that doesn't love to eat and so far this Niki is finicky as well. But Ana put a plate in front of her and she'll eat. She has this look on her face when she's eating something new. Sort of like "ewww what this I'm eating? Am I suppose to be eating this? Hmm I don't know if I like it - let me try some more." It's really funny. She follows me around the house but when I'm not here she stays upstairs in her cage which is weird because she doesn't go in there otherwise unless she's tired and can't get to my bed. My parents tell me the only way she comes out is when they say "dinner time." Then she comes running downstairs to the plate and once she's done back upstairs she goes. Since being here (I think she came last year in the summer) she has gained a total of maybe 8lbs. She's fat in my eyes - she can still do her normal running activities and since it's still cold out, I'll allow her the extra weight. She goes to the vet soon for her rabies shot, so if he says she's ok then I'll keep her this way - if not guess who just found a new jogging buddy?

Today is my cousin's birthday - she is 19. She is my best friend although I don't want to admit it. I still remember being mean to her when we were younger. I still remember her when she was 16 and we started to become friends. I think that was when she moved away, we now realized that as long as we don't live together we can be friends hehe. We are all going out to eat to celebrate. We once got free dessert when we pretended that it was her birthday at restaurant and they sang to her - now we won't feel so bad when they do it because today is her birthday.

I've asked Kelly to shave again, is it alright that I do these things? We didn't argue about it this time like last time when it was either me or the beard. It was more like:
Me: Kelly can you shave?
Kelly: Umm I'll think about it
Me: Ok, it's Cristy's birthday and we're all going out to eat - ALL OF US (which means party of 9)
Kelly: Oh, well I'll stay home then
Me: I'm not telling you to shave it off, just trim it a little.
Kelly: Oh, I guess I'll think about it, I left my cellphone at work.
What his cellphone has to do with shaving I really don't know but I took it as he wanted to change the subject and since I'm in such a good mood I left it alone. Hopefully he shave's.

Work is work. I had an embaressing moment the other nights when a patient asked me if "I wanted some of this." I felt my face go red. I just ignored him and gave him is 2 injections as fast as I could so I could get out of there ASAP. What was so "great" about it was that his 2 injections had to be given in his abdomen so I pretty much knew/saw what he was talking about. I hate psych patients. Well I don't hate them sometimes they can be nice but when they get in their crazy moods, it's just so *ugh* I wanted to try and ignore him for the rest of the night but of course I couldn't because what if he falls or something. Thankfully when I did my rounds he was sleeping but one time I went back to check on him and he asked me if I was sure? LOL I'm pretty sure work will get more interesting as time goes on.

Well this is where I end - again I have spent the most part of my day on this thing so I need to get off and do something constructive like shower and get dressed. TTYL!!!

Tuesday, March 08, 2005

It's Snowing

It seems that everytime it snows really bad I have to go to work. There was only one time where the meteorologist predicted this big bad storm (which of course never happened) and I had off. As I look out of my window all you can see is this big white blur. I think I'll wear regular clothes to work tonight and then change because I hate wearing white and wearing white in the snow only means that the bottom of my pants are going to get dirty which will make me hate my white scrub pants even more.

I've spent the first 1.5 hours of the day on this computer and feel like a total loser. I hate spending so much time on the computer. It's like all that time wasted could be put towards more important things. Like showering, doing my hair, getting my things ready for tonight, and maybe stitching and relaxing so I don't have to feel rushed for tonight.

Got the Pocket PC updated with tons of nursy stuff, still debating whether to get the IV Drugs Manual on there, I feel like I don't really need it but at the same time I do, my regular drug guide has IV drugs but some of the info that the IV Drugs Manual has is not in my regular drug guide.. I'll have to think about it, I mean these things are tax deductible so why not? I've also ordered some nursing monthly journals (also tax deductible) so I can keep up with what's new, just hope I read them. Sometimes things just sound like blah blah blah when I read them and it puts me to sleep. Some things I do find interesting though so not all is at a lost.

I also broke down and joined this thread of the month thing. Found an ok price for it ($20) and I'll get 6 Cresant Colours and 6 Week Dye Works every month. Also joined another FOTM club - I did say I'll think about it once I get the drug guide for my pocket pc LOL. Of course I can't wait for my stuff to come in. Well I'm off to make up for the time I lost this morning. Maybe I can have everything ready by 5ish and still have some time to relax before I have to run off to work. Later gators :)

Monday, March 07, 2005

My new sandals :) I figured they'd be great for just hanging out when I don't have to be all fancy shmansy. I promised myself to get myself a black "grown-up" pair soon hehe. Posted by Hello

I survived!!!

Ok can I tell you that I made it last night without passing out from lack of sleep. Reason being: I got to take a 2 hour nap during my break LOL, I laugh because my cousin made me realize that I was paid to sleep last night. It wasn't a comfy nap, I woke up cold with my arm numb and a watch imprint on my face but I got to take a nap. I still haven't been to bed yet and am yawning and my body feels like it's telling me it's time to lay down but I didn't want to be up all night so I didn't go to bed as soon as I got home. I'll go to bed in a few and then do this night thing all over again since I work Tues/Wed and then I'm off until next Tues :-D *yea* 5 days off for me!!!! Had I known earlier (I just found this out Friday) I'd go somewhere. I think I might like days better than nights but it's too early to make that decision. It doesn't matter though because I'm stuck for the meantime on nights.

I think my mail is going somewhere that's not here. So far all of my bills have not come in and I'm worried, since it's basically school loans that I don't want to screw up with, I'd like to own something one day. The Macy's bill never came in either and when I went to check the bill online it said it was due today! Of course the online bill payment was giving me problems so I had to take an emergency trip to the mall to pay it. I'm glad I went because they had the jewelry on sale and I bought myself 2 pairs of earrings for work that were 75% off. They weren't expensive to begin with but with my 75% off I ended up just paying just $58 *go me* I also bought today a pair of the cutest sandals. They were actually made for little kids and are pink and have little hearts on them but I loved them and they fit my feet so I bought them. I'll post a pic soon - just don't laugh hehe. They weren't expensive either so I guess you could say today was my shopping day. Only one thing, I wanted new sneakers and everywhere I went they were sold out and the one place that had them didn't have my size. I guess I'll find them somewhere or atleast find another pair that I like. I wish I weren't so picky when I shopped, it's not all the time I like things.

Well the sleep is getting to me and I will give in to it since well I have to sleep. TTYL and Debbi just looking at Ana makes her smile :-) and thanks for reminding me that I have to flush her ears before bed *ugh* hehe.

Sunday, March 06, 2005


Tonight is the big night! I work almost alone and it will be my first night shift. I should be taking a nap or something but thanks to youth being on my side I think I'll manage without a nap. Plus I slept all night last night so I should be ok.

I think I've created a fabric monster! I am now searching all fabric sites to see which ones offer a FOTM so I can sign up for. So far I've seen 2 that I want to join but don't know if it's a wise choice at this time. I still haven't managed to budget my money yet and don't want to go overboard you know? I told myself I'd splurge until I start nights and then I'll get more serious, well nights are here so I guess the next step is to get serious. I know before I commit to more fabric I have to re-purchase and re-load my drug guide to my pocket pc. When I reformatted my computer and then didn't charge my pocket pc everything went to hell and I lost my drug guide *sigh* what a lesson learned.

Ana has an ear infection, thanks to my mom. She "helped" me wash her and ended up wetting her head and *poof* ear infection. I swear I had predicted it before it happened. When my mom went to put water on her head I heard me saying Noooooooo but in a slow motion type of way - the way you only see/hear in movies. I haven't had the time to take her to the vet but luckily I had some medication left over from the last ear infection and have been flushing her ear out and putting the drops in and it seems to look better. Of course I'll take her to the vet to get it looked at just in case it isn't getting better. Plus she needs to go for her shots so I have to take her. I never look forward to trips to the vet especially since "shots" time means we have to take both of them at the same time and now that Nikki is here we have to take 3 dogs this time. Not a fun trip! But I think in this case I would rather take 10 Kobe's to the vet before I take 1 Ana. Ana has a way of wiggling out of everything which makes it hard to pull/push her into the office and then the exam room.

Well I'm updating the iPod right now. Funny how hundreds of songs can not keep up with a 45 minute train ride. TTYL!!

Thursday, March 03, 2005

Me again :-)

Well good mail day today! My order from San Man Originals Secret Shop came in today, plenty of good things came in, well not plenty but 3 nice things. Shipping takes a while but when your things finally get here you get a "thank you" gift which isn't something cheezy either so it's sooooo worth the wait.

Another thing - my favorite online needlework shop just notified me that something I requested is in, which of course meant that I had to place an order because I'm not just going to order one thing so dilemma over, I'm getting some stash in the mail next week sometime! And best of all what I ordered is for my cousin who always complains how come I never stitch anything for her when she sees me stitching :)

Off to wash my hair - so far things have been getting in the way!! Hehe

Another WIP pic - I think showing my progress helps me stitch. Seeing that I'm actually getting somewhere motivates to stitch even if it is like 15 minutes a day. Posted by Hello

Stash Bliss

Don't know why I titled this Stash Bliss to tell you the truth. I'm not extremely happy with my stash right now. There are some things that I'd like to buy but am just too cheap to do it right now. Well not cheap it's the same "don't feel like waiting for it/I rather go to Jersey" dilemma again. I did however do something that will make me happy soon. I joined Silkweaver's FOTM so once a month I'll get a wonderful package of fabric *yea* was thinking of joining Sugar Maple Fabrics treat of the month as well but I don't know about that one yet. What will I do with all of that fabric?? I may join a floss of the month club soon. Fabric and floss is something that's always good to have around.

Well well well well well...besides my fotm I don't have much to write about. I bought Ana a new stuff animal which she's in love with now. This one is actually for pets and it's really cute. It's like a patch bear with jean, cordouroy, and blue plaid fabric. Once I gave it to her she ran with it upstairs to put it on her bed. She really has made herself a corner in my room where the bed I bought her lays. I'll see if I can get a picture of it one day.

I'm off to stitch and wash my hair for work *ugh* I'm so tired (that time of the month again) and working 3 days in a row is not going to help me out. TTYL

Tuesday, March 01, 2005

My latest WIP pic - so far I think I've managed to stitch a considerable amount :)  Posted by Hello

Am I Cold Hearted?

It seems that whenever I want to stay at home and lounge something comes up that forces me out of my house? I'm not complaining about today, just want to know why I can never stay home. Today my cousin was jumped by a group of 15 at the train station. Why? No one knows, he's really a quiet kid who I can not imagine bothering anyone. He was with his girlfriend and friend and all of a sudden these kids hit them. He's ok just a little shaken up. I feel bad about it and wish it didn't happen to him, maybe if it happened to another cousin of mine it wouldn't be ok but it would be better because he's not the type to fall and get back up. Anyway the question am I cold hearted entered my mind today after talking to another cousin of mine. I told him what happened and he got upset. I felt weird because when I found out I didn't have this rage that everyone else had. I mean I was concerned, I wanted to comfort him, I tried to get him to smile and laugh, but no rage. I felt like oh well what's done is done what's getting upset going to do about it. Even my ever so passive father was upset.

Whenever things like this happen and I don't react like others I swear I feel like I have no feelings and am some sort of f*cked up individual. I mean if this happened to my child will I get upset or would I act the same way I did with my cousin? I love my cousin with all of my heart but no matter how hard I try I can't get upset about it. I would like to know why people just pick on other people. I mean they didn't even take anything from him so it wasn't like they tried to rob him. They just beat all 3 of them up for nothing. Maybe I would be upset if he had gotten seriously hurt. But he's just bruised up and ok from what I can see, his spirits are just down. Maybe it's because I see the good in everything that I don't get upset. Give me a shitty situation and I can always come up with an "oh well atleast..." Maybe this attitude will allow me to live until a thousand! hehe - unlikely I know but it's always nice to imagine.

Tomorrow I go to my school nursing orientation. I don't want to go, I much rather sleep late but I'm going. Never know when I'll have another chance to go and I can always sleep in on Thursday. Even though I wasn't able to stay home all day I did get a chance to stitch for most of the morning and of course a WIP pic is coming up. I'm going to stitch for some more then fall asleep for tomorrow. I hope I find parking ok because I don't plan on leaving early. Talk to you all later!!!