Sunday, November 14, 2004

I went out tonight. I always say that I don't like being around crowds but today made me realize that I do like to go out, as long as it's somewhere I like to go. I went to go see my cousin's band play at this bar. I enjoyed myself sooo much. I went to see them maybe a month ago but didn't enjoy myself so much since we left right after. Tonight we stayed long enough for me to have a few drinks and mingle. I can't wait until the next show. I love his band. It's a rock band called Leech and his guitarist kicks ass! He's also funny. The band after (Section 8 Cartel) was good too. I bought their CD - I always like to support good starving artists - plus their bass player reminded me of Kelly a little :)
I haven't stitched in a while - didn't get a chance to stitch last night because I played Sims 2 instead. I'm starting to think that I'm not stitching because I don't want to stitch what I'm stitching as much as I thought I did. I might put it up and stitch a quick ornament and then go back to it. I guess we'll see...

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