Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Random news

...Provisional ballots, new this election, also prompted disaster fears because they could delay any recount efforts. Any voter whose name does not appear on precinct rolls is entitled to cast a provisional - or paper - ballot. But elections officials must individually certify them as being cast by registered voters before they can be counted.
"To a certain extent, provisional ballots are second-class votes," said Spencer Overton, a law professor at George Washington University. "You can cast a provisional ballot but we don't know if officials will count it."

From: http://aolsvc.news.aol.com/elections/article.adp?id=20041102051509990002
Now that definitely makes me feel better!

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debbi said...

Mercy - being from upstate, we all sat the same thing ... does our vote count being that we're not in the city where the voice is heard. Ironic, huh? Sorry to hear that there was much confusion at the polls. doesn't give you much faith in the system does it? I do know that in NY you do need to vote or reregister every 4 years or else they take your name off the list. So if you missed 2000, that may be why you weren't on the list. being a little older than you, I've voted every presidential election since turning 18 in '76. I always felt my vote didn't really count, but I did feel it cancelled out at least one vote for a vote for the other side ... usually my husbands (LOL). Chin up, girl, life will definitely change in 4 more years.