Monday, February 28, 2005

Just a quick hello :)

Hey there blog readers!
I'm in a good mood right now, don't know why. Umm I worked today and have off until Friday. Weird that other people's Monday was my Friday, for a while I actually thought it was Friday. I go to my orientation on Wednesday and work a 3 day weekend. I'll be MIA for a while I believe since this coming week is HECTIC! I think I may end up working 4-5 days instead of my usual 3! Maybe that 5th day will be time and half who knows. I got stash in the mail today, now I feel like ordering more hehe. If it wasn't snowing I would consider taking a trip tomorrow to Jersey to buy but it is snowing so most likely I'll stay home *sob*
Well I'm off to stitch before I get too sleepy to stitch. Nighty Night!!! *mwaaaaaah*

Saturday, February 26, 2005

In the Garden of My Heart Posted by Hello

It's the weekend!!!!

Well it's finally here. I kinda enjoy my weekends off but at the same time I don't. It's like they go by so fast and you try to cram them with actitvities or things that you have to do that you don't really rest or feel rested when it's time to go back to work on Monday. I have nominated tomorrow to be "bum around" day. Tonight I have my cousin's show to go to and in a little while I'm going shopping with my younger cousin. It was snowing earlier and it made me want to stay home but I really have to get out of the house. Sometimes I feel so unaccomplished when I just stay home all day.

I haven't stitched much again this week. Needless to say it's sad. I am going to take my stitching to work. I started to take breaks and the other day I found a spot where they have a table and it's sort of quiet and nice so I can stitch. Oh I discovered that we have a solarium where in the summer time you can sit. Isn't that nice? Too bad I'll work nights so I'm not sure if I'll be able to enjoy it. I'm also switching to nights starting next week (not this week that is coming) it will be hard because I'm only going to have one day off between my day and night schedule so I'm not sure if I'll survive. PLUS that weekend I work 3 days in a row which is HARD on me. I'm going to try not to think about it because the more I do the more tired I'll make myself.

Well I'm off - the bills are all paid and I have an entire check to dedicate to myself! I was going to pay one bill super early but that would mean I'm responsible and I still don't want to admit that I'm growing up yet LOL. TTFN! Oh I'm scanning a picture of my WIP so you can see the pitiful amount of stitch that I got done hehe.

Wednesday, February 23, 2005


I've almost decided to take on a second job. I went to an agency today to get some info on it. Wednesday is orientation and after that I'll get to tell the agency which day(s) I want to work. I'll be a school nurse and hopefully my one day of working won't be too busy since how many kids can get sick in one day? (Please if someone knows the answer DO NOT tell me LOL) The person who interviewed me told me I'd be placed in a school super close to home (which is good) and to bring a book when I work because it can be slow. I won't be making much I figure if I work one day a week I can bring in a few hundred dollars which I will dedicate to paying off my school loans which is why I want this job in the first place. I'm greedy when it comes to money and the more I can get the happier I'll be. Plus then I can save my check from my full time job and do more things. I don't know though I'm also greedy when it comes to sleep so I'm not sure which one will win. Plus I can do it one day a month if I wanted to but I'd like to do it 3 days a month really. We'll see.

Nashville market...ahhh the goodies that came out of that. I've been wanting to order some things but haven't had the guts to press the submit order button. Don't know why again. I think it's because I want to go to Jersey to get my stash rather than waiting for it to be delivered. But when you think of it - it's the same thing I have to wait to go to Jersey just like I have to wait to get my stash delivered.

We've added a new member to the Kelly/Mercy family. The puppy Kelly was "fostering" has become one of our own. Kelly wanted to call her Nakita, I wanted Abby so her name is Niki. I like it, Kobe likes her and so does Ana. But they both pretend not to like her which is funny because when they think no one is looking they play with her. She may not stay though but so far she is.

Well that is all! I'm going to stitch or take a nap. I work tomorrow so I need to get as much rest as possible. Standing on your feet for almost 12 hours isn't fun but atleast I've lost about 4 lbs since working so that's a plus :-D TTFN

Monday, February 21, 2005

And lastly - the WIP I've been talking about. Not much done but so far so good. BTW this is Elizabeth's Designs "In the Heart of My Garden." Posted by Hello

This is the citation I received. I had to cover up some parts due to patient confidentiallity. My resume now looks a little better though :-D  Posted by Hello

These are my Zecca Needlework Magnets - I may go back this week to get another pair that I also liked.  Posted by Hello

Long time no blog...

I've been busy with work. This last week was a real killer. I worked 4 days instead of my usual 3 - and 3 of those days were back to back. I'm off until Wednesday and don't even think I'll recover - ahhh the complaints of a working person LOL.

Umm got my first citation which can be seen in a little while. It was pretty nice to receive it, makes working more rewarding when someone thinks your good to them. I had to cover some parts so the pic isn't that fantastical but I had to protect my patient's confidentiality. I have some patient's which can overwhelm me with requests but so far I think I'm doing a good job at keeping them happy. I've had visitors come up to me and thank me for the wonderful job I'm doing at taking care of their loved ones. Of course I wouldn't be able to do it without my preceptor - like I've mentioned before she's sooooooo nice, if I had some mean nurse precepting me then maybe I wouldn't have all these people thanking me. I was actually thinking that once I get switched over to nights then I'd probably lose and miss the chance to interact with pts family members - isn't that funny how I'm super shy and rather not socialize but at work I actually like it?

I failed to mention in my last post that when I went stash shopping I also took something in to get professionally framed. I can't wait to get it back and hang it somewhere. I don't care if it doesn't match anything in the house (the fabric is purple and the frame I chose is red!) it's going up for everyone to see. I just hope it looks nice. I've been stitching it's going slow but I'm stitching. I think I'm getting use to the fact that I'm not going to finish things in the time that I use to since I don't have much time to dedicate to stitching. I'll show a WIP pic soon as well. I love what I'm working on, I hope I just finish it. It's bigger than what I'm use to but like I said so far I'm loving it. I don't take it to work because so far I'm not comfortable stitching there and there's no real place to hide from everyone. Have found that the ICU waiting room is almost always empty so I can hide out there but I get so sleepy once it's time to go back to work that I don't really take long breaks.

Kelly bought me some cool needlework magnets. The Mill Hill one that I had broke -compliments of my cousin who was playing with it. I'll post pics of these soon too. They are really nice and come from Zecca ( I got them from the needlepoint shop around my job. I don't know but needlepoint is starting to look like something I'd like to do. One day if I have time and it's not crowded I'll ask the lady who works there about it.

I bought 2 new spring jackets. One is so cute - it's yellow and it's a rain coat actually. Makes me feel like a kid again. The other one is really for work/hanging out that was 50% off which was great because I didn't really want to spend $170 on it but was going to force myself to LOL - gotta love Macy's on a Wednesday! Shopping is definitely more fun when you have money to spend. :-)

Well that's all for now I guess - I'm going to upload my pics, get dressed, and get back to stitching until it's time to go out for dinner. I'm hanging out with my cousin's tonight. I wanted Kelly to come but he has to work tonight. It sucks that our schedules don't really mesh because I miss hanging out with him :( TTYL!

Sunday, February 13, 2005

Sunday night...

The weekend went by too quick. I don't even feel rested for the upcoming work week. I'd love to be working nights already, then I'd still have sort of another half day to rest but I don't. Saturday I went stash shopping, it was fun. I'm already stitching on something that I bought. I had to frog twice already and I hardly have anything done but I'm enjoying it. I'm stitching Elizabeth's Designs "In The Heart Of My Garden." Like I said I have not much done so I won't even bother with a WIP picture. I bought other ED's charts and like 3 Shepherd's Bush. I went with a mental list so I'm proud to say I didn't stray from it.

I bought Ana this dog pillow and it's so cute, it looks great in my room too. The color compliments the paint on my wall. She likes it, which is shocking since she's allowed on the bed and prefers it to anything else. Last night I'm assuming that she waited for me to go to sleep and spent the entire night afterwards on her pillow because when I woke up that's where she was. I'm glad she likes it, I'm trying to ween her off my bed because I'd like to buy some white-ish sheets and since she sheds like crazy it really wouldn't be a good idea to get them if she's going to hop on the bed.

I dread going to work tomorrow. Not because I don't like going but because I'd like just one day to sleep in and bum around. I only have 2 days off this week and it sucks when you compare it to the other weeks I've been working. I'm getting tired just thinking about it so I guess I'll try to stop thinking about it.

I celebrated V-Day early with my cousins. I love them so much, it's funny how we all got so close when we all moved away from eachother LOL. We all use to live in one building and hung out but not as much and then our parent's all bought houses and *poof* we're instant best friends. Kelly and I never celebrate V-Day, don't know why but we never do. We've going through problems lately which suck. No arguements, it's just that since I started working it's like we hardly have any together time. My off days don't coincide with his off days and when they do I have to work the next day and really can't hang out. It's sad but hopefully we'll get use to it.

Well that's all from me, I have to wash my hair and do some other preparations for tomorrow. Good night!

Wednesday, February 09, 2005


I swear I had something to write about and *poof* it has left my head. This sucks! Ummm tomorrow is work. For some reason I'm dreading it. It feels like the butterflies that I had in my stomach for the first day of work are back and I don't know why :(

Well I've updated the iPod with some new tunes. I rode the train today and I must say these are definitely train jams. I bought a bunch of DVDs at Circuit City today well not a bunch but 7, they were having a $7.49 and 2/$20 sale that I couldn't resist. It was funny because I just went there for gift certificate for my cousin and next thing I know I have 7 DVDs in my hand. I just put them in the stack of unwatched DVDs so I'm not sure when I'll watch them. I know soon I'll watch The Notebook - I read the book and cried so I'm pretty sure I'll cry during the movie and even if I didn't cry while reading the book, I'd still cry during the movie - I'm such a wuss, I cry at everything even commercials LOL.

I may have a new stitching finish soon. I have something small enough that I can stitch on while riding the train but I'm also reading a book so don't know what I'll do. The book is ok - it's hard for me to read because the way it's written it's like the character is talking to you but she talks very sarcastically which I can't get into BUT last night I was reading and it started to get good. Once I'm done I'll see if I recommend it. But if your curious the book is called "The Thin Pink Line" and it's about this girl who fakes her pregnancy by drawing in the pink line with a magic marker so she can get her live in BF to marry her.

Well I'm off to pack my bag for tomorrow. I had a metrocard around here with money on it but lost it. Leave it to me to put it down and say I'm leaving it here because I don't want to lose it and end up losing it! So now I need to find all of my metrocards to take with me tomorrow morning to test out. I will be one of those token confused metrocard people that I hate LOL. Well good night - talk to you on Saturday when I'm able to sit down and bum out again - until then!!!

Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Productive Crafty Morning

I woke up around my usual time - 10:30ish. I felt that yesterday was so unorganized and such a waste of a day off that today I'd schedule some activities for myself, that way I'd feel like I've done something. My schedule, of course, has been thrown out of the window since I'm sitting here in front of the computer blogging.

Umm so far I've finished one quilt block and got to stitch on this freebie I'm stitching on. I know I've been complaining about not being able to stitch but I now know the reason why I wasn't stitching now. I am no longer going to commit myself to stitch things for other people. I just can't do it. It's put me in a stitching funk. RR's are ok since they are fun and the theme I chose to do is something that interests me but other things I'll no longer do. I just hope I can stitck to this. I really miss stitching so much and stitching on something that I like makes me happy. I'm going to stitch one more thing for someone else and drop one commitment, which makes me feel horrible but I just have to do it. Oh but I will continue my ornaments - I like doing those :-D

Well today The Notebook comes out and I plan to go buy it as well as Vanity Fair - been meaning to buy it but I can only find the Fullscreen version *ewww* and I want the Widescreen version - wish DVDs were like the old ones that brought both. I also need to go to the PO for my sister, her grandmother passed away 2 days ago and she had to fly to Ecuador last minute and has trusted me to mail out her bills. Well ta-ta for now, I'm going to shower and get out of here :-)

Monday, February 07, 2005

Magnet for CSE January Magnet Exchange Posted by Hello

I can't sew...

Wish I had a dig cam to take a picture of my quilt block to show you how bad I sew but I don't so just take my word for it. It bothers me sometimes but I do this for fun so I'm not that phased by it. I think if I were to make a shirt it would be equivalent to the one Denise made for Theo on The Cosby Show hehe. Actually my block isn't that bad, my only problem is making everything squared.

I'm in desperate need of friends right now. It's not fun having money and no one to spend it with. The only friend that I have that can shop till we drop with is in Georgia, and even if he were still here in NYC, shopping wouldn't be as fun because his wallet can out run mine on any given day.

I'm going to make this short, I'd like to stitch for the rest of the night and still have to post the long anticipated scan (hehe) of the magnet I stitched. It didn't come out as nice as I would have liked for it to come out but the lady at the craft store did say it was nice. Hopefully she wasn't just saying that to be nice. Well good night!!!

Sunday, February 06, 2005

Interesting Day

My preceptor thinks I'm ready to be on my own. She told me last night and it pretty much scared me, since it's like I'd have my own set of patients to do EVERYTHING to. She did leave me alone for the morning and let me tell you one patient can throw your entire routine off but or course with my luck it was 3 paitents that threw me off *sigh* My preceptor did come to the rescue and I can't tell you how nice she is. I'm always scared that I'll get stuck with a total bitch but she is so sweet, if I were a patient in a hospital I'd want her to be my nurse. Actually thanks to her our patients think I'm pretty great too :-)

Anyway, today was interesting. Whenever there is something to be done that I've never done before, I'm always the first one to volunteer. I had one instructor who would pick on me for that - not in a bad way of course. She would go before I ask anyone, Mercy would you like to do fill in the blank, or she'd go eventhough Mercy will get upset I'm going to have to ask so and so to do this. I really like working, don't know why. I'm a pretty lazy person except when it comes to work. So far I love nursing because there's always something to do, I'm pretty sure those words will come back to bite me in the ass but as of now I love it, I get bored easily and as long as I'm busy I'm happy.

Oh well back to what I was going to say - sorry about the tangent. Today a patient on my floor died. Not to sound cruel or morbid but I've been waiting for this patient to die and was worried she'd die on the night shift or right before I got to work, I really wanted to get the experience of handling an expired patient - I've always hated it when they say expired, but that's the technical word that they use. Well I got to help wrap, tag, and bag. It was really cool. I told my mother and she sort of yelled at me because I was happy about what I was able to do but then she laughed. I guess she half understood because from the outside world, I guess I can see where someone would see it as weird maybe even disrespectful that I'd be happy that someone died but if you look at it from my eyes then her dying was a lesson for me. It was a bit creepy when I first was told that the patient had died because I swear like 2 mintues before I had helped the nurse pull her higher in bed. When I was told I caught a chill up my back.

Well that was my interesting day - I'm tired and am off to bed. I have the next 3 days off *yea* and plan to sleep and veg out. Nighty night :-)

Friday, February 04, 2005

A new stitching finish :)

Yep - it's true, I finished something. This is what number 3? Very sad when compared to last year LOL. It's a magnet that I'll post a pic of later. I still have to back it and off in the mail it goes *yea* this magnet is way overdue! Well next project I start is not for me :( The next few projects I stitch on will not be for me. Maybe that's why I get in stitching blocks? Well hopefully they will all go quick since they are all small. I have the day off today and I'm going to the city - TTYL!!!