Thursday, April 26, 2007

Happy Birthday Ana!

So I'm one of those weird pet parents that throws parties for their furbabies and since Ana turned 5 on the 24th and I worked that day I decided to throw her a party today! I don't think she knew what was going on - at first I can tell she did not appreciate any of the preperations since it included getting a bath and brushing her teeth, but she did enjoy the "party" part. She had 6 guests (mainly my cousins) and lots of belly rubs. I bought her a cake (mainly for us LOL) and I'm thinking that maybe next year I'll go to the doggie bakery and get her one made and maybe invite Kyle to celebrate, since as he's gotten older he's less animal and more calm. Here are a few pictures of her party...just to let you know she's not actually allowed to sit on the dining room chairs. I just put her there to take a picture of her with the cake - if you knew Ana then you'd know she has her scared face on and is probably afraid my mother is going to come downstairs any second LOL.

Summer Snapperland Update!

I finished one of my squares *yea*
Here's a picture...
I have plans for today. Ana's birthday was on the 24th so I'm cutting her a cake! (Yes I'm one of those weird pet parents, thank you very much!) I also have to buy some jeans for my concert on Saturday, I don't know what happened but it's like all of my jeans disappeared. Well I'm off, I'm going to try and stitch some more tonight. I work tomorrow so if I don't stitch tonight I probably won't stitch until I'm on vacation (just 4 more work days!!!) TTFN

Saturday, April 21, 2007


Here's an update on Summer Snapperland...not much really, just another square. Maybe tomorrow I'll get more done. The stitching that goes inside the square doesn't seem to be much so maybe this will go fast. You can see the color of the fabric a little better in this picture, this is the first time I've changed fabric color without getting a second opinion (ie Kelly) so I'm a bit nervous as to how this will come out. So far I like how the grey (GAST Barn Grey) looks on it so let's keep our fingers crossed.

I'm off this weekend, which is great because the weather is nice. I haven't enjoyed it yet since this morning I went to get my hair done and then came back home to bum around, but just the fact that it's nice outside and I don't have to be at work is great.
Talking about work...I think I like it LOL. I had this patient that is a #1 PIA but really I noticed he just wanted company, after spending time with him, making him laugh and combing his hair he stopped ringing the call light every 2 seconds. Another one was certified crazy the night before (like we need a psych consult on her at 2am) but same thing - wanted someone to sit with her and talk. Thankfully I had time last night to do this because if I didn't I'd hate to imagine how'd they behave.

Wanted to ask for a favor from my blog readers. I have a co-worker (funniest, kindest, and anything else nice you can think of type of nurse) that has lost the battle against the big "C." I just wanted to ask to keep her in your thoughts. I saw her today and while she's unresponsive she did look comfortable and I'd love for her to go that way. Her family is at her bedside and everything was taken cared of before she became unresponsive, I feel bad that I didn't go see her last week when she was still around. I honestly thought that she'd be here longer, goes to show you that nothing is ever promised and that things change from one day to the next. Anyhoo, please think of her and her family, maybe say a little prayer if you pray.

And btw - thanks for the comments on my last finish, you wouldn't believe how much I appreciate them! TTFN

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

A finish :)

My stitching date was today and it was really nice! I was able to finish Bluebird Message while there and now I can't wait to pick it up once it's framed.
Now onto my new project...Summer Snapperland. I love my fabric so far, I just hope it looks nice once I'm done.
Well tomorrow is a work day and I have to wake up early to drop off the rental car and run some other errands plus I'm dead tired! TTYL

Saturday, April 14, 2007

Update Time :)

I've been up since 6am so I may be back on a somewhat normal sleep schedule for the next 3 days that I'm off *yea* I work tonight so actually we'll see about it, but since it's only one night I may be able to be normal for a while. That first night that I was off I slept all day for 12 hours straight and stayed up from 11pm until yesterday at 9pm. Anyway I woke up this morning and started stitching right away and I can see that light at the end of the tunnel again :-) Once I finish the end branch and the eyelets I can move on to another project because I'll stitch the border on the train to work or at work. It's mindless so it should go quick. *fingers crossed* I'm dying to get back to Dollhouse after seeing Cheryl's progress and I need to stitch Summer Snapperland and hopefully get it done before the summer is over and let's not mention the 2 Elizabeth Design's that I have kitted up waiting for me also LOL. Well I just wanted to share this picture and now I will go back to stitching until it's time for me to nap (I need lots of sleep it seems...) TTFN!

Friday, April 13, 2007

I'm in Heaven!

Bloc Party Heaven :-)

I just found 9 songs that are new to me - that's like an entire album!

I'm off to stitch. I'm finally off from work for 2 consecutive days! Not a big thing to celebrate, but I just worked 5 days with only 1 day to rest in between. Not hard when you work an 8hr shift but a 12hr shift, IMO, is another story. I'm on vacation for 2 weeks in May so I'm counting the days :-)

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

I'm so confused...

It's April shouldn't it be a bit warmer? I'm walking around with a sweater in my house and the heat comes on once in a while. I would complain about the rain but that's expected of April so atleast that's one thing that's right. Ana is curled up and covered - she gets hot really easily so I know it's cold. Her tiny blanket is the cutest, IMO. I bought it at Petco a while ago. I swear you could sell me anything that had the word "doggie" in it. She's lucky she doesn't have long hair or is a tiny dog because then I'd be able to get her a tiny tiara and little clothes LOL.

Last night we watched The Good Shepherd on DVD - good movie but I think I'm still confused. I was stitching during the movie so I could blame it on that, but Kelly gave it his undivided attention and was a bit confused also so I know it's not that. ********SPOILER ALERT************Did Matt Damon's character have something to do with killing his son's bride to be or what?

I put a real dent into Bluebird Message last night - it's like I could finally see the light at the end of the tunnel but then I looked at the chart and saw that I'm like only half done and the light went out LOL. I go back to work tomorrow (was off for a while) so my stitching time will be reduced. I've already decided that I'll stitch the border on the train - it's not something I have to really concentrate on.

Something I just have to say - I love my new phone! I have the Treo 700wx and it's just like "OMG How did I live without this??" If I could play Sims on it I would have no need for my laptop LOL. I still have my Nextel until the end of the month but I don't use it anymore...I sort of miss my Direct Connect it was much quicker when I wanted to tell my cousin to come outside instead of waiting for the phone to ring and him picking up, but since he switched over too there's no one to DC.

Sunday, April 01, 2007

I thought I'd have some stitchy news to blog about but I don't. I woke up and said I would spend the entire day stitching but then looked around and decided to clean. Once that got done my cousin was next door with the "new" baby so I went to go see her. Then I decided I wanted to start something new, so instead of going through the closet for my DMC threads I went out and bought some new floss. Then I got on this computer and the rest my dear is history! I did have plans on starting Summer Snapperland tonight but I pulled out Bluebird Message and the colors are so beautiful that I think I want to keep on stitching on it. Here's an update pic.

Bloc Party was on Friday and it was AWESOME! It was held at The United Palace Theater which turned out to be a church known as The United Church. Kele invited everyone to the front and since we weren't too far from the front my cousin and I(left my other cousins) and went to the front. It was a really great concert - even the opening bands were good. The beer was expensive, even when you compared it to MSG, if you can imagine! Our Modest Mouse concert is at the same venue and I already scoped out our seats (which aren't bad) and if they also invite to the front well my cousin and I will definitely be there. Of course I have pics to enjoy!

Here's some video...
Hunting For Witches

Positive Tension

and a snippet of the end of a song they played

I also have another slide show to share with you...everytime I go to this train station I stare at these little people in awe...they always make me smile so I thought since I had the camera on me I'd take secret (because it's illegal to take pics in the train station/train) for my personal picture collection. I only got a picture of four of them but there are more of them throughout the entire station.