Sunday, December 12, 2004

My Crazed Ana

Well I know I've shared many Ana stories but I think this one is number one in the top ten. I bought this little mouse dressed up in red mittens, hat, and green scarf for one of my exchanges. When you squeeze it it plays a little song sort of like one of those singing cards. Well I was showing my cousin and when I was done just threw it back in the bag and went back to what I was doing. My cousin asked me what was wrong with Ana because she was frantically digging through the bag. I just observed her and realized she was trying to "save" this singing mouse. I took it out of the bag and put it up - I'm pretty sure no one would like to receive a doggie chewed toy. Well we left the room and Ana stayed panting and crying. She would occassionally come to us crying - I'm guessing so we can follow her back in the room. I was dreading that I would have to go to Petco to buy her a dog safe stuffed animal when I realized that she really wanted this mouse. I realized this when I gave her other stuffed animals and even tried to make her play with her toys. Blah Blah Blah I gave her the mouse (sorry exchange partner your exchange is now minus one singing stuffed mouse.)

Well I sort of wished I never let her see this freaking mouse because she is treating it just like she treated her puppies when she had them. She will not leave it and if I take her out for a walk she rushes me back in so she can go to this mouse. She's "digged" it a little bed in the comforter that we sleep with and if you take it away from her she looks all worried and follows you without taking her eyes off this mouse. She tries to keep it warm and licks it as if she were cleaning it. I've even noticed that when she tries to move it she puts no pressure on it as a dog would do when he's playing with one of its toys. I thought this would wear off when we woke up this morning since last night she put it on the bed and went to the other side and just left it but when I woke up this morning she was curled up with it.

*Sigh* Kelly says it's normal for females dogs to do this and I've even read it myself but it's frustrating hearing her cry when this mouse it out of her sight. I guess this will just be another story to add to the Ana Chronicles one day. Right now it's bothersome since all she does is lay with this mouse and cry when it's not with her. I think the pitch of the song it plays may be the same as crying puppies. Kobe isn't here to try and take it away from her. Last time he took a toy away from her when she was pregnant and claimed a toy as her practice puppy she scared him away which was such an out of the ordinary thing for her, wonder if she'd do it now?

Well besides Ana acting like a crazed mental patient the weekend has been good. Friday went to my cousin's basketball game and they won - GO COUGARS!!! Hmmm why is it that every team is called Cougars? LOL Friday night went to see my cousin's band LEECH! They did way better without their lead singer - they let him go due to something. So now they are looking for a new lead singer, just hope the new one doesn't suck like the old one. Saturday went on a search for the new PS2 - sold out everywhere. And today I'm off to my grandmother's 81st or 82nd birthday dinner. :) I was suppose to wash my hair but have no time now so I'll be dirty haired girl until tonight when I come home to wash it. Wish it weren't cold then I could just wash and go. Well off to check on Ana and her "baby" Check you blog readers later!!!!

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Leeny said...

hey mercy,

just wanna say that i love ur ana story. i know it's probably driving u nuts right now, but i think it's kinda cute :) hopefully it wears off after a while! i'll share a funny story about banzai too. this dog, he's the weirdest dog ever, if u give him a bone or a treat, it literally has to be bite-sized, otherwise, he will not eat it, so we always have to break it up or cut it up for him. if it's too big, he just holds it in his mouth, starts whining and look for a spot to bury it, LOL. there was once, i bought a huge beef marrow bone, thought he would have fun with it, but no, all he did was whine until we let him out into the garden to dig a hole and bury it, hee hee. the funniest thing is to see him try to bury something on CARPET. we had given him those doggie biscuits thingys, and of course, not bite-sized, so he wont eat it, and he was running around the house looking for a spot. finally decided on a corner, and he was pawing at the carpet, and using his nose to move imaginary soil to cover the biscuit. he will stop once in a while to look at it (WHY IS IT STILL THERE?!), and then he keeps going at it, repeatedly. it was REALLY FUNNY. after a while, he gave up, and just lied down and stared at the biscuit, until i broke it up for him, and he ate it, LOL. anyways, just wanted to share another doggie story, we love our babies! :)