Sunday, December 19, 2004

Ok so let's get to the non stitching business. I couldn't come up with a snazzy blog title so I think this one will be title-less.

I went to the party last night, wasn't that bad. I hung out with my cousins and left early so I was happy. I don't know if I mentioned it but we planned a ski trip 2 get togethers ago which was cancelled at the last get together (my grandmother's dinner party) and is now back on. I hope we do go, I haven't gone anywhere since I started nursing school I think. We even have a cousin who hardly does anything coming with us. I think he's starting to come out of his shell because he said that he'd come with me to the city to see this band play. Could be because it's an all girl band night and he's a guy? :-P But it's all good because he was suppose to be my hang out buddy when we were younger and because he was so shy we never properly hanged, but we can make up for lost years especially since now I'll actually have money to hang out.

Kelly is going to start looking for a new job. He hates the job he's at now and I don't think I blame him. He's under payed and over worked, but then again who isn't? I'd like for him to go back to school and become an electrical engineer or something, he's not too sure about that plan and it's never too late to return to school so we'll see what the future holds for him. He'd actually like to become a car mechanic which is fine with me, but when I did my oncology rotation there was this car mechanic on the floor who's cancer was contributed to him working on cars and smelling car fumes, so I worry about that. But then I think if it's destined for him to get cancer and die he'll get it from whatever, the fact that male african-american's are at high risk for almost everything just doesn't put me at rest though. Maybe I'm just paranoid or something, I don't know, let's change the subject.

Ana goes for surgery tomorrow and it's suppose to snow tonight. I'll have so much fun driving into the city in the morning, if it sticks. I also have my job interview tomorrow which I'm excited about. I just won't know what to do if they do offer me a job. I mean how do I tell the other hospital I won't be working for you afterall. *Sigh*

On a happy note, I'm going out to eat at my favorite not so fast food restaurant today :)
It's called Rolling Roaster and it's goooooooooooood. It's a burger and fries place and to my knowledge there are only 2 so if you're ever in Brooklyn go check it out - it's in Sheapshead Bay on Emmonds Avenue I think. I know it's on the corner of Nostrand. The other one is in the city and it's new and it's on 11th and 2nd. It's really tasty, they make everything on the spot so you have to wait for a little while and you'll probably spend more than McDonald's but it's worth it trust me!!!!!!! Well now that I have the motivation to get from in front of this thing and get dressed I will. I love to eat there I really do - listen to me sounding like a greedy but really this is 2nd on my list of what I LUV to eat (steak is number 1)
Bye-bye blog readers!!!! *mwah*

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