Sunday, December 19, 2004

Buttons on Order, Floss on the way...

...this is what I have to show you on this fine day :) LOL can you believe I came up with that in 2 minutes last night! I'm such a geek sometimes. Well it's almost done, there's nothing else I can do until my floss comes in and I actually order the buttons which should be on Monday/Tuesday, but I won't be able to order them until Wednesday night :( I really like it - I wish I would have used the DMC it called for the stars but instead I used WDW Whiskey - doesn't look too bad right? After getting this done at 2am I immediately started on HIHs Christmas Medley, another cutie IMO. I don't have much done because I wanted to do a little reading before falling asleep. I have like a 1/3 of the tree done.

Bent Creek Yule WIP pic 2 Posted by Hello

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