Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Quickie Post - I hope...

I'm so tired! Yesterday and today have been so hectic compared to my do nothing days which will soon be in the past *tear*

I took Ana to get spayed yesterday and missed her alllllll night! I picked her up today and I swear she was upset with me. She did wag her tail but she wasn't her usual happy self. At one point she looked so pissed that she looked like she wanted to push or bite me LOL. I guess she's in alot of pain right now because she went inside her cage when we got home and hasn't come out. If it's not pain then she must be really sensitive to the anesthesia. She does wag her tail when you bend down to look at her so she's coming back to normal slowly. I won't be able to sleep with her tonight again or probably tomorrow night also because she can't really hop onto the bed. She hasn't eaten since Sunday night and won't eat until tomorrow because she's been throwing up :( Good news is I gave her some water at 6pm and it's 8:30 now and she's been able to keep it down so I'll keep her water out so she can drink and tomorrow I'll give her the first meal since Sunday. She smells very mediciney and I hate it. I know it's the antiseptic that they probably cleaned her with. They shaved her belly and I know it's going to itch like crazy when it grows back. Oh she did have an ear infection and they gave me meds for that, just a cream and an ear wash, which is great because I don't feel like putting pills down her throat, I hope she's comfy now I put lots and lots of blankets in her cage. My poor baby - I wish she would know that I did this for her own good and loved her. I hope I'm not coming off as some crazed dog owner and I'm pretty sure if whoever is reading this has pets then they understand.

I've woken up both mornings at 6am. I'm so not use to these "normal" people hours. I'm going to bed soon and won't be stitching tonight. Yesterday was my interview and I was told that I would get a 2nd call from a nurse manager to interview with her. As much as I'd love to work at this 2nd hospital I doubt I will because if I don't get called in time for the Jan 10th orientation date then I have to start working for my first hospital. I went to fill out a massive amount of paperwork and give massive amounts of blood for my physical today. Could be why I'm so tired.

Well I'm off. This didn't come out as short as I wanted it to be but maybe it's shorter than my past blogs :) Buenas Noches Blog Readers!!!

Oh quick comment today I saw my first choodle and it was the cutest little dog on the face of this earth! The guy who adopted it was so happy with her and kept on talking to me about Zizi (the choodle) and it made me so happy and of course now I want a teeny dog :) Ok now I'm really gone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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