Tuesday, December 07, 2004

Good Things Happen on Rainy Days

Rainy days can only mean one thing if you're not able to stay home and that thing can be translated into a bad day. This may be true for others but I've noticed that a rainy day is a good day, atleast for me. I took my road test in the pouring rain and passed, I took my NCLEX-RN on a rainy day and passed, and today I went on my first real job interview and got the job! It hasn't hit me yet so I'm not bouncing off the walls, but I'm happy. Actually I'm more than happy - I'm excited. I feel like I have a job and I no longer have to want for things and have to wait to get them. I feel like I no longer have to depend on anyone (which is so not true I really feel like I'll always need my mom LOL.) And lastly I feel like I'm doing something with myself.

Ok here are the details:

While it's not my dream job it is the beginning to getting to my dream job. The only down side is that I'll be making like $2k less than other hospitals start you with and for the first 6 months I'll actually get paid $4k less but I get the difference at the end of the year so it's not that bad. The nurse recruiter said the difference is like $1800 so that's a nice let's go somewhere for the weekend check or money to put towards the mini cooper fund :) I'll be working 7.5 hours/5 nights a week as opposed to the lovely 12hours/3 nights a week and I'll be working every other weekend (I expected that) but instead of going to the yucky med-surg floor I'll be going to the Labor & Delivery/Post-Partum unit!!!! (Ok the excitement has hit me - I'm happy like real happy!!!)

Most hospitals won't hire new grads for any other position except Med-Surg and you usually need a year of med-surg to go to any other unit so I'm pretty lucky that I got this position. I start in January so I still have 3 more weeks of bumming before I enter the real world. Oh I get 4 weeks vacation that I'm eligible to take after 6 months so maybe just maybe I'll be able to attend CATS this September. The only sucky part that I didn't like is that tuition reimbursement was only $3k unlike other hospitals that will reimburse you 100% - oh well I just hope that I can afford to go back to school which chances are that I will. I also hope that I'll be able to go to school since I'll be working 5 days a week. I don't want to be too tired.

I like this hospital too. Like I mentioned before it's probably one of the least paying hospitals BUT I've heard from many (my cousin included) that the orientation is great and really prepares you and that's something that I'm looking for. I've been out of school for 5 months and I feel I need a refresher course and since they are one of the few that give it I decided to apply to work there. I'm really happy that I have a job LOL. I no longer feel like I'm taking up space in the world - I'm actually doing something! I bet you in a few months I'll desperately miss my bumming days and wish that I were able to not do anything all day hehe.

Well that's all from me for now. Another good thing that happened today was that since it was raining I thought it would be a bad hair day but it wasn't LOL. I'm off to stitch - I'm working on something that needs to be stitched in daylight or else I can't see it - I'm getting old... *tear*


Jersey Mom said...

CONGRATULATIONS MERCY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

debbi said...

Oh Mercy, I'm happy for you. Best of luck to you. Enjoy the labor and delivery floor. I swear they are the best nurses anywhere! Hugs!