Tuesday, December 28, 2004

Here's something petty...

I never sweat the small stuff. I don't care most of the times, whatever someone says about me is "whatever." Today something happened that I can't brush off and I'm hating it right now. I have a friend, we've been friends for a long time. I've known her since first grade, so I think that's 17 years, give or take a year. When it comes to guys my friend isn't the sharpest pencil in the pencil case. Usually I just tell her what she wants to hear, but on a few occassions I've told her what I really thought, that she needs to smarten up and stop dumbing out. I never bring up any of her problems since it's the same old bullshit with her and it's usually little kid stuff that I rather not be bothered with. Well today she IMed me and asked me for my opinion on things, then she goes behind my back and tells the guy she's messing with that "people" are nosey and when he asks who, she tells him me and a mutual friend of ours, that we give our dumb f-ing opinions to her like she cares - HUH?!?!? WAIT A MINUTE!!! Didn't YOU ask US if we saw what you wrote and what we thought about it. I really couldn't believe that she told him that.

What's even funnier is that she sent me the entire conversation that she had with him. I mean did she forget to edit it?!?! I know she can be shady, but honestly I never thought she would be like that with me, especially not when it comes to guys. Whatever though, she'll just keep getting treated like a doormat and I'll just watch because next time she asks me anything I'm not sugarcoating anything for her. Maybe if I start hurting her feelings she'll treat me like someone who knows how to treat a friend.

I know I say I hate my family, but whenever something like this happens I'm so glad that I'm close to my cousins and that they're my friends. Sometimes it makes me feel weird that I have no friends that aren't related to me but atleast they don't act shady, so I guess that's all that matters, plus I have Kelly who's a great friend when it comes to the friend portion of our relationship and I have a few online friends. I just think it's messed up you know?

I thought Ana was doing better but of course something had to happen today. I called the vet and he seemed not to worry but I think I'll get a second opinion. She started spotting and I don't think it's normal. The vet said to just watch her but I think it's getting heavier which sucks since my uniform money will go to vet bills. It's ok, Kelly always helps out.

Well Roseanne is about to start and I need to stitch since I haven't stitched like I'd like to in a while so I'm gone - until the next time I have something to blog about.


Leeny said...

hey mercy,

it's me again, sick of me yet? LOL. anyways, i feel for u. i have a couple of friends who are like that, and it completely pisses me off. i just cant stand such two-faced behaviour, and i dont put up with it. my friends know me as someone who will tell it as it is, when u want my honest opinion, u're getting it. i'm not gonna tell u what u want to hear, so that u can make urself feel better, even if it's the harsh truth, that's what u're gonna get. some friends have learnt to come to me when they need to bring themselves back to reality, and some others, well, let's just say if they're looking for some sugarcoating, they know to stay away, LOL. i think u should give ur friend a wake-up call and knock some sense into her, hopefully she will appreciate what u have done, and learn to appreciate YOU more. good luck!

eileen :)

debbi said...

I wish I could give you advice about your friend, but I am dumb when it comes to friends. I have had similar things happen to me and I wish I got mad! I just sulk so at least you are mad and that's good! Good luck. I hate to see your friendship suffer but I also hate to see people use their friends like that. the more it happens, the more she will think it's okay to treat you that way. You don't deserve to be a doormat. hugs, debbi