Wednesday, December 29, 2004

New WIP Picture

I know I said I was going to work on Heart In Hand's Christmas Medley but the threads for this came the same day the buttons came and I just had to start it. I'll get back to CM after this one hopefully. I thought I would be able to finish this tonight but now that plan looks like it's going to hell, I have a mild headache and I don't know what's causing it. At first I thought maybe I needed to loosen my hair, then I needed to eat something but nothing has worked so I'll probably take something for it - I hate taking medicine :(

Well anyway this is 3 days progress, last night I had "the halls" done and showed it to Kelly - he liked it. My response to him was not to like it too much since now I'd have to find someone who's last name was Hall so I could marry him LOL.

Like I said I'll go back to CM after this and then I think I want to stitch one more Christmasy thing before I stitch on my two winter projects and it's Shepherd's Bush A Merry Season. I'd really like to stitch more ornaments for the St. Jude's 2005 tree and hope to have 12 done before they are due (one for each month or days of Christmas!) I have 2 "future" ornaments printed out and sitting on my desk they just need to get kitted and stitched up.

Well I'm going to lay down and maybe stitch a little. I have a load in the washer machine so I can't sleep yet. I don't mind though, I love doing laundry! Hehe - crazy right?

Oh before I go - I ordered new buttons for Yule LOL. It's not that it's bothering me I just want to see if the small buttons would look nicer - wish they had a medium size. Kelly said he loves the way it looks with the buttons it has now but I just need to see! Hopefully when they come in I won't care how the other ones look. Like I keep on saying the ones it has now grow on me everyday - I hope I can get this framed when I start working because I really like looking at it. OK I'm gone!

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Leeny said...

LOL. do u know how funny it is for me to read that u dont like to take medicine? so do i actually, but once u start working, u'll probably have to coax people just like u and me to take their medicine, hee hee. i remember i was a real pain in the ass when i was younger ( i was sick a lot and was always in the hospital) and always gave the nurses grief *grin* anyways, 'deck the halls' is coming along real nicely, i'm sure u will be finishing this one soon, so will check back in a while!

eileen :)

Jersey Mom said...

He's a little old for you, but here's one:

I couldn't resist!

As for headaches, I have one today and personally I think it's the humidity we're having.