Friday, December 03, 2004

Finally a finish!

As the title says I finally have a cross stitch finish. Don't know what took me so long to stitch something and finish it. I am still working on my sheep folkart doll and I also have other things that I need to stitch up before I can stitch something for myself. The Lizzie Kate below is my latest finish. It's cute right??

I wanted to blog about my wonderful Kelly and add a picture of him but the best picture I had was lost with the rest of my things. Today I realized that he is the greatest. I know everyone thinks they have the greatest BF in the world and while they may be thinking the truth, Kelly is my most wonderful BF in the world. He didn't do anything specialbut just being with him today made me realize that I'm lucky. He's a cool guy. I think my cousin may have the picture on his computer so I'll have him send it to me and maybe one day I'll still blog about him. I think he deserves it :)

Umm I think instead of stitching I may play Sims tonight. My cousin and best friend have been playing it non-stop and they have such soap opera sims! It's so interesting hearing them talk about what's going on in their sim world. Hmmm is what I just wrote sad?? LOL It's like we have no lives but we do and we're happy in it and I guess that's all that counts. Although my friend would like a better job, my cousin a better school to go to in the Fall semester and me I'd like a job period but besides that we're happy and healthy :)

Ana has been itchy lately. She doesn't have fleas but I think she may have winter itch. I wish they had lotion for dogs. I don't want to wash her because it will just dry her out even more. But all of her itching is driving me crazy!!! She doesn't do it constantly but when she does it's just omg can you stop!!! I like her though because you can make her stop - Kobe will just keep on but I'm happy he doesn't have the itchy's that's how I know it's not fleas. Plus they don't go out to really get fleas and they're protected. I walked her off her leash today - I actually do it everyday (I'm such a law breaker) everyone is so amazed at how she's so well behaved when they see her but today was a different story she had so much energy I thought she would bounce off the gates and into the street. You could tell she was trying to control it but couldn't. Ana loves people and today everyone that she knows was out. I think it was an overload for her, she kept running up and down the block. I had to call her back a few times. I took some pictures of her sleeping that I'd like to share with you but I'm still waiting for my cousin to find the cord to the camera so he can upload them so we may be waiting for a while! *sigh*

I was bothering her today LOL. I think I might have been too loud for her because when I went to lay down with her she truly pushed me away and made that noise that she makes when she's complaining. It sounds like a eeeeeeeeeh sort of like a growl but it's not - it's funny she started doing it when she was pregnant and it's never left. Kelly's cousin's dog is pregnant now and she's starting to do it so it must be a pregnancy thing because Kobe doesn't do it.

Well I'm off to play sims - it's still early enough for me to play sims and stitch :) Hopefully my eyes won't too tired when I get off this thing and I can continue stitching on my Bent Creek RR. It's really cute - I'm stitching the dog in the Anima Arches pattern and this dog reminds me of Kobe - if it were mine I'd change the black to gray. I have this pattern to stitch for myself so maybe if I do stitch it I'll do it. Oh one more thing!!! Kelly stitched yesterday. We went to wash my comforter (it doesn't fit in my washing machine at home) and I went to check on it and when I came back he was stitching - he did a pretty good job but he got bored and gave it back to me. Ok will blog later or tomorrow!!

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Jersey Mom said...

What threads did you use for the Oct LK, the colors are so vibrant!