Wednesday, December 22, 2004

I bought a gift today!!!

This makes me so happy :) I was all gloomy because I couldn't afford to buy any one gifts this year and while waiting on line for my mother today someone left this BIG thing of jelly beans on the side and I was staring at them and then I remembered that Kelly had sent me on a hunt for jelly beans like 2 weeks ago and I bought them for him :) I was so happy, I atleast wanted to get him a gift and if I buy small gifts I want them to be meaningful and this was perfect. I still have a snowman to stitch for him but don't have the fabric or fuzzy thread yet. As long as I give it to him before February I'm good. I think he's bringing my gift tomorrow, not too sure. We are going shopping so he can buy my cousins some little things. He told me to order some things for myself which was nice but I'd still like something that's a surprise, you know? I can understand why he tells me to get my own gifts, I hard to shop for. One year he bought me this pretty watch and I complained that although I liked it, it had no numbers and how was I suppose to tell time on it, the next watch he bought me was wonderful but no second hand so I can't put it to everyday use. I don't know what I'll get for myself, probably some stash or this quilt kit that I was looking at on Ebay, we'll see...

Ana is doing much better today. I think it hurts when she poops and I feel so bad about it but there's really nothing I can do. We took 2 super slow walks but when I took her off the leash she sped up a little. I left her for about an hour today, I thought since she was sick she'd just stay in my room and not miss me but when I came home she was downstairs with my dad. He told me she came down crying and the only way she stopped was when she climbed on the couch next to him. He did say she had a hard time but she did all on her own so that's good. She ate today too, it was funny because at first she sort of just layed there with her head in the bowl. Yesterday it took her a long time to get up the stairs and today she's climbing them much faster, going down is another story though.

I went to sleep last night at 9pm and didn't wake up until 1pm this afternoon. I slept gooooooood. I was so tired last night it was unbelievable. Tomorrow is another early day *sigh* I just looked at the letter I received from the hospital that has my schedule and stuff and I'll be working 7:15-3:30 for the first 3 weeks which means that I'll probably have to wake up at 5:15am every morning for 3 weeks! That's unheard of in Mercyland. I know for the first few days it will be hard but I'll get use to it, then I'll have to get use to being a night owl again but that definitely shouldn't be hard to do.

Well I'll stop here - I have to dye my hair tonight and straighten it for tomorrow's ID picture taking. I get my ID tomorrow, maybe I'll post it maybe I won't. It all depends if I pull a Chandler LOL. I'm so not photogenic!

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