Monday, December 13, 2004


I want to stitch. I've been wanting to stitch. I'm craving to stitch BUT I can't :( I think I may be going through a stitching block. It's horrible. I have 2 things to stitch that I don't want to stitch on right now and have lots of new things but no fabric, then the things I can stitch on and want to stitch on I don't have the motivation to start it in fear that I'll have too many things started and won't finish anything soon. *sigh* I think I need an LNS close to home. Usually looking at finished stitched pieces in person helps me get out of these moods, buying what I need is great too. I love the internet but sometimes you just want to go out and buy one thing and need it like NOW but you can't do that with online stores. I miss the LNS that was in LI, it wasn't close to me but it was where I would buy all of my fabric and if I needed any floss I'd go there too. Plus her walls were full of things that were stitched - I love it! Too bad it closed down in January. :(

Why can't someone in the city open a cross stitch specialty store. I'd visit and pay an arm and a leg for stuff - as long as it's convenient to get to. I want to buy some overdyed floss and did call around to see if anyone carried it. I found one needlepoint store on 79th that had GAST but no WDW and what do I need right now??? Yep, you guessed it - WDW *more sighing* I also found a place within the 5 boroughs that does have WDW BUT (always a but) it's in Staten Island which means that I might as well go into Jersey to the wonderful cross stitch store "Where Victoria's Angels Stitch" to buy my floss and other goodies that they may have. I may go visit this store in SI one day since it's close to a comic book store that Kelly wants to visit. But I'm not too keen on spending $8 on tolls when I'm not familiar with the store to know whether it's worth it and I definitely know the comic book store will be worth it for Kelly so when he's ready to go we'll go.

Well I'm going to search around to see if there's something I want to stitch. Once I have a job I don't think not having will be an issue - well hopefully it won't. I still have my student loans to pay and want to help around the house with bills and stuff, it only the responsible thing to do. I want a nice backyard to retreat to also so I may pay to get the parts that I want cemented and the rest I want some nice flowers and stuff :) We have a teeny backyard but that doesn't mean that it can't look nice. Plus when it's nice outside it will be my stitching haven. :)

Oh let me give an Ana update before I leave my blog: I thought this "baby" thing would be over by now but it's not. Every night she gives me hope that she'll leave this mouse alone since she'll leave it on the bedroom floor to go under the comforter to sleep. Every morning I hope to see this mouse still on the floor and every morning I see that she has brought it to the bed and is snuggled up with it. She isn't even greeting people the way she use to anymore since she must get back to this mouse. Yesterday she dragged part of the comforter on the floor BEHIND the bed and laid there with it. Right now she's on the bed curled up with it and only came downstairs when it was time to go out. I kinda miss my shadow but at the same time I like it that I can walk without having to watch my step - she's known for tripping people that's how close she walks to you. Oh well I just wonder if after we get her spayed she'll forget about this baby thing. I sure would like my weird, but normal for Ana back.

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My Life In Stitches said...

I just wanted to say that you and I are in the same boat. I also really want to stitch, just not on the two things I need to finish. So I haven't been stitching much lately. If I just start stitching it isn't so bad tho it is slow is just getting myself started. BTW, this doesn't include at least two other UFOs I have that I would like to work on but won't because I just have a little more to do other the others. :( Now if I just finish the first two I could stitch on the UFO's and start something new....goodness knows I have enough to start. LOL Anyways, I hope you are over your stitcher's block soon.
Hugs & Happy Stitching,