Saturday, December 18, 2004

Saturday Evening Blah's

This Saturday has been pretty blah. My mood has varied throughout the day. I've been stitching in front of my computer and feel that I should stop and do something else. What it is or why I feel this way is unknown. I have a birthday party to go to that I'm dreading. It's a party that my cousin is throwing for her kids. Why does a little kid party start at 7pm - I'll never know. I always thought they should be over by 4-5pm tops. I guess the stereotype because we're hispanic fits here LOL. I know when I have kids no parties will start at 7pm and they may be lucky if they get a party, I hate parties maybe I'll take them to Chucky Cheese or something. Who knows, I have no kids now and I hear things change once you have kids so we'll see.

I can't stand family functions. I'd like to stay home or do something else. It's like I never have anything to say to them and feel like I could be home bored stitching instead of there bored in a cranky mood. I also swear that everyone acts different when the entire family gets together. I really just don't want to go, but then everyone will talk if I don't go and they'll ask why am I so anti? I would like to say it's because I don't like half of you but that's not nice. Atleast that's what my mother says - me not like my family is an on-going arugument with us that only starts when these functions come around. My cousin's are cool and I like being with them but it's the rest of them that get on my nerves.

I've been listening to the new Ashanti CD - it's pure garbage what I call teeny bopper music. I only like 2 songs off of it and one I like only because it samples an old song that I like so I'm only listening to the beat and I'm already tired of Only U. When will someone make some real music???

Ana has been acting weird. She gets spayed this Monday and I hope they do it because I think she has an ear infection. I know for humans getting surgery they would postpone it until it clears up don't know what they do for animals. I have to take her to the doctor for that ear though. She has a scratch in it really deep and I don't know how she got it. It was bleeding last night. I felt like such a bad owner because I knew something was wrong with her ear since maybe last week while I cleaning it and I never took her to the doctor. I did reclean it yesterday and she didn't yelp.I also grinded her nails, and brushed her. I think I'll wash her tomorrow since I'll probably have to wait to wash her after the surgery for I don't know how long. She's eased off the "baby" thing. She leaves it for hours at a time but as soon as she sees it again it starts up again. I'll take it with her on Monday and hope that they let her keep it with her because I think she'll fall into major depression being away from us overnight. She loves everyone but is only fine while Kelly or I am around, sometimes when she's with my cousin Jay but that's really only sometimes - if we're gone she cries and cries and cries. She sometimes cries when it's just her and Kelly and I leave, my ANAmal loves me so much :)

My Yule Sampler is coming along great :) I think I may have it done by the end of this week - would say early this week but I have some floss coming in and one of them is for my Yule Sampler. I think next will be HIHs Christmas Medley, not too sure. I know I'm not going back to my gifts until next year - I just can't do it right now. I'm selfish, I need to stitch for me, if I stitch for others too much of the time then I get blocked I noticed. I ordered the new Lizze Kate 2005 Flip-Its - actually I got them off of Ebay for $12.49. I know not a bargin but if you think about it I'm only paying $0.49 shipping which is great because other sites will tack on that $3 s&h fee and that amounts to another chart or some floss! I need an LNS and can't wait to start working because first paycheck - NJ here I come!!! LOL I'll still support my INSs though :) I love Amy's service too much.

Well my mother just left to the party and I'm guessing I should start getting ready to leave so I'll end this here. I've noticed that I write long blogs and I promise one day to write a short one but for now I hope I haven't bored anyone too much!

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