Tuesday, December 14, 2004

So I stitched!

Yep - got over it, I think. I started Bent Creek's Yule last night
(see here: http://www.bentcreek.com/Yule.htm)
It's coming along nicely. I found some Lambswool in my stash that was meant for L&L's In the Arms of an Angel but I figured I wouldn't stitch that anytime soon so I cut it in half and now I even have some fabric for Lizze Kate's Official Snow Guide *happy* I kitted up three projects last night including Yule and need to buy some WDWs for them. I'm not missing alot just like 2 from each project and 1 from Yule. I have everything in my shopping cart but I just can't get myself to press the "PLACE ORDER NOW" button. There's many things that I want that I can't just place an order for floss but right now all I have is money for floss. Wish I could learn that some is better than none *Sigh* dilemma dilemma LOL.

I haven't done much today. Just bummed around and watched TV. I woke up laughing this morning when I found Ana gone but her "baby" right on my pillow almost on my face. Guess that was her way of asking me to babysit . I did put the mouse up for a while today and she did pretty good without for about 15 minutes, then she came to me crying looking up to where all the stuff animals were. I can't take her crying so I just gave it to her. She's acting a little normal - she came downstairs when it was dinner time (ours not hers) and sat around. She even tripped me when I got up from my chair. She's also walking around now. I laugh because she's a better mom with this mouse then she was with her litter. I guess a mouse is easier to take care of when compared to a litter of 8.

I think I might have been bamboozled on Ebay for the first time which sucks. I won a chart last week and I usually send payment ASAP and I haven't heard from the person yet. I've always had good experiences with Ebay so this is all new to me. I'll give it a few more days before emailing.

Ahhh I have made the decision to just order my floss. With my floss I'll have plenty to stitch until the next time I get some money and am able to order the rest. I saw the new Lizzie Kate's today and they are to die for. I hope I can take a quilting class in 2005 because certain monthly's are just the perfect size to make into quilt blocks.

Well I'm off. I feel as if I have bored myself with this post so I'm pretty sure I've bored you, my blog readers, and I'm sorry about that. I still have to finish curling the ends of my hair and then I'll stitch until I go to sleep.

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