Saturday, January 01, 2005

Happy New Year!!!!

Well the new year is upon us and with it comes the resolutions. This year my cousin and I were thinking of doing one that's easy so we won't be total failures and one that's not so easy. So this year we will stop smoking which is pretty easy considering we don't smoke and we'll do the classic lose weight resolution.

Yesterday was a fun stress-filled day! A day for the scrapbook/journal as my cousin and I like to say. My cousin is going to start college next Fall and I've been helping him with his applications. Mainly just sitting with him while he fills them out and driving him to and from Staples to make copies and finally the post office to drop these suckers off. I swear I didn't have that much work when I was applying for college, He has to write like 3 essays and all this other crap - I think I would have given up LOL. Well anyway we were suppose to be out of the house at 10am to get a move on things (Staples - PO - shopping for clothes) and we didn't wake up until 1pm and out of the house by 3pm. While making copies I notice that he brought his mother's 2002 W2 forms instead of the 2003 so we waste time and a trip. We come back home and make the copies here and head over the the HOT, CROWDED post office where they ran out of return receipts. We get into this big discussion how he should be the one to go ask for some more since they are his applications, he disagrees and wants to stay to write the certified slips. Fine I go, I wait, I get them, and when I come back he giggles and asks me "What are you suppose to do?" Huh?!?! You mean to tell me that discussing who would stay and write was a waste of time! LOL Well thankfully we had a third cousin with us that was able to make the line for us so not alot of time was wasted.

Next scenario, we go to the mall which closes at 6pm - we didn't get there until 5:40pm. Well atleast we were able to get shirts but we weren't able to get shoes. On the way out of the mall parking lot everything turns into just that - a parking lot. I guess everyone was trying to use the same exit but no one was exiting. My cousin swears he's a know it all and tells me to get out of my lane which was moving and go into another lane to bypass the traffic I was in. Well that ended up in me putting the car on park because that lane was worse. I never ever listen to him and he always tells me I never ever listen to him and the one time I listen to him this happens. Well maybe atleast this will shut him up for a while. Ok well after sitting there for an hour we notice that if we turn around and use the up ramp to go down we may be able to get out a little quicker. Well a little quicker turned into a lot quicker and in like 2.5 minutes we were on the highway heading home. All three of us were stunned and just said WOW in a stunned way of course. An hour of the last day of 2004 wasted LOL.

Oh and it doesn't stop there. We were out of gas when we first got into the car at 3pm but being the rebel that I am I refused to get gas until the gas light came on (let me mention that the gas light came on at the PO) Well of course I thought the gas would carry us to the mall and on the way back we'd be able to stop off for gas. Thanks to the traffic my gauge was below E and I swear prayer carried us home. Lesson to learn: Get gas before the light comes on.

Icing to our crappy cake was the car accident that I end up getting in because we were in a rush to get home because I still had to wash my hair, my cousin still had to clean his room, and my third cousin's mother was at my grandmother's house planning her funeral because she was suppose to be there an hour ago to go home, get dressed (she was suppose to buy shoes but everything was closed so she was shoeless) and then come back to Brooklyn for a party. Thankfully nothing happened to either car, eventhough the guy complained of whiplash funny comedian that he was, so we weren't delayed too much. Once at the gas station to get gas things finally begin to look cheery and my hair wasn't a mess for the party, my cousin found shoes to wear, and we managed to stay alive for the remainer of our day. Oh and let me mention that this is pretty much a norm for us on a holiday - it never fails, we always seem to get in some sort of trouble.

We are going out again tonight. This time the car has a full tank so we should be safe and no one (aka my little cousin) is on a curfew and there are no deadlines to make so we shouldn't be too stressed out. Have a great New Year blog readers!!!! I'm taking my stitching with me since I still have to add some buttons and may start something new (since it is the new year:) )


debbi said...

Ha ha. This was a riot! Especially the part about almost running out of gas. I've got my gauge set so it tells me how many miles I can drive til I run out ... I've been known to let it get down to about 15 - which is like 1/16 of a tank ... not a good idea! My light comes on at 50. Keep writing. Love reading! hugs, debbi

Jersey Mom said...

Must be the area because I broke down in Hackencrack (Hackensack) because I thought hey I can make it and no I hit all sort of traffic and ended up broke down. Lesson learned, my truck now tells me how much I have left (in miles), but driving 80 miles a day I'm getting gas now every other day anyhow.
Love your stories Mercy and the getting stuck at the mall - could have read from my brain - happened to me in Jersey City at Newport Mall, nothing moved. It's almost a Seinfeld episode.
Happy New Year!