Saturday, May 07, 2005


From now on I will look at my schedule faithfully. Wednesday I'm at the mall and my mom calls telling me the hospital called and did I forget I was suppose to work tonight. I look at my schedule and yup it's me 4 day week *sigh* I get to work 2 hours late but I get there. I'm not the first person it has happened to and I'm pretty sure I won't be the last. I now carry my schedule with me and have another copy posted up in my room. Wed-Fri at work wasn't bad considering I was off to a bad start. Plus since I wasn't dreading working 3 days in row I didn't get as tired :-) My knee is hurting me bad and almost gave out yesterday. I felt so old, I think I'm gonna go to the doctor and see what's up with it.

Went to the my not so LNS and picked up my first professionally framed piece *yea* I think I'm gonna go out and buy a digital camera so I can take pictures instead of borrowing my cousin's. This is something that I'm pretty sure I'll change my mind on by the morning though so I'll try to post a picture of soon. My camera phone is crappy so it would do it no justice at all! I took Ladybug Cottage and In The Garden of My Heart to be framed *ouch* is what my pockets said. The frames are so pretty though - I'm giving Ladybug Cottage to my cousin and I think it may be hard to part with it. I chose a green frame with a little gold in it. So freaking pretty! Once he brought it out nothing could change my mind from it. The other one I just got the frame that's pictured in the picture, but I think it's prettier in person because in the picture it has some gold flecks in it and this one doesn't - maybe it's the same frame different color? They had the Jeanette Douglas trunk show out too and I just bought all of the "Take Time To" series. Pictures of cross stitched pieces do them no justice because had I gone by the picture on the front of the pattern alone I'd never buy them but stitched up they are all BEAUTIFUL! So delicate...I'm thinking of which one to stitch once I'm done with Little Buddings and on that note I'm gone to stitch. I only have today and tomorrow off so I must make the most of my pretty much one day off.

Oh cute Gary story before I leave. I thought him how to play pick-up sticks. He got the just of it but is no master LOL. Well anyway I came from home from work at 4pm-ish and after playing with him I told him to watch TV while I layed down with him. He did but I think once I fell asleep he decided to make little books because all of my staples are gone and so are my post it notes. I know he made little books because last time he was here that's what he did and of course he's not the quietest little boy and he never woke me up. I wonder what else he did while I was sleeping since I see the scissors out as well *sigh* little boys and their mischeif!

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