Thursday, October 27, 2005

Where do I begin?

Let's see if I can make this interesting because it will be long...

I work with people that I don't like. Correction I work with 2 people I don't like. I don't think I can complain enough about them for me to feel good. They make my job so unplesant that I want to leave. It's gotten to a point where I try to defy them every chance I get, which of course, since one of these persons is my superior, can't be good. The other one I don't care about because if I don't stand up for myself and tell her off she'll just try to run all over me. I don't bother to look either one of them in their faces, which may seem like a timid thing to do but I was raised that it's just a sign of disrespect. I can tell one of them doesn't like it *insert evil laugh* she must have been raised the same way I was.

I don't think I should be bothered by either one on my days off but, for some reason, I am. Lardass (I made sure it was a word - and by the way she really deserves this name) is one of the laziest nurses I've ever seen. I usually don't wish harm to patients, as a matter of fact I don't wish harm to any patients, no matter how evil they are, but the last night I worked I was wishing that this one patient fell. It got to a point that I wanted to place her gently on the floor and throw something to make it sound as if this person fell. I must have told her a gazillion times "your patient is half off the bed and seems to be in pain" and a gazillion times she told me "I just came from in there and she looked just fine." A gazillion times I thought to myself "Bullshit I've been sitting next to you all this time and not once have you gotten up!" This patient was destined to fall with what was wrong with her, I felt so bad that I even put her back to bed myself. She never did any rounds, or does for that fact, on her patients. Then in the morning she goes to the doctor, "Oh I was so worried about (insert name) last night." Huh?!?!?! The only thing she was worried about was that message board she always go to while she's there.

Hospital's, I know, aren't the cleanest places. But I swear I've never seen a nasty nurse in my life before. Maybe I'm just not seasoned enough and they have them out there, but with all of your knowledge on germs and stuff, why would you be nasty? Well, Lardass is just gross. She smells, but I contribute that to her size, I swear she weighs like 400+ lbs (no offense to those that are big and don't smell) but even her breath smells like she doesn't brush her teeth. The other night I didn't even want to walk pass her or touch anything she had just finished touching. I wanted to wipe down everything that even looked like she had looked at, it's that bad. She was coughing, sneezing, and blowing her nose. I know there is nothing wrong with that. When I was sick I was doing the same thing but the difference between us is that I would blow my nose in the bathroom and wash my hands right after, and if I didn't go to the bathroom to do this I would definitely still wash my hands right after. My hands got to a point that they hurt from so much washing, but I know this is the way to do it and so do others. How do I know? A co-worker of mine called me to the nurses station and made me stand back and look at her work station. Can I tell you that we were both grossed out. Everytime she would blow her nose it seemed that she was just throwing the tissue on the floor, she didn't even bother to aim at the trash can! Then with her chair she was rolling all on the tissue's so it looked like they were decopagged to the floor. She never covered her mouth when she coughed and while she was on the phone she coughed right into it. That was it for me I took the long way everytime I went to see my patients or went into the nurses station, just so I wouldn't have to pass to close to her. I held my breath everytime I had to get near her and even washed my hands a few times. I even stood up to do my work so I didn't have to sit any where near her and believe me when I say that every chance a nurse gets to sit she takes it, so I was sacrificing ALOT. Maybe I'm just over-reacting? I almost yelled out NOOOOOOOO! when a doctor picked up her phone to use. But when the "Queen of Everything Evil" picked it up I just laughed.

Both of them make everything a project, things that I could find a solution to with no problem they have to make a big fiasco about, always commenting negative about situations. I'm telling you if I was a doctor I wouldn't want my patient on the floor for the simple fact that the way the "Queen of Everything Evil" speaks she may offend one of them.

Exihbit A: Patient "it's too hot in here and I'm signing myself out if something doesn't get fixed" was complaining that his room was hot. I don't know what was wrong but half of the unit was hot the other half cold and in the middle it was ok. Well, I was told that when patient "I'm going home tonight" leaves to move patient "it's too hot" into his room. I think to myself great he'll be happy to know he's getting a new room. I go into the new room to check the temp and OMG had anyone realized that it's the same in that room?!?!? There was a room down the hall that was closed due to it being cold. Why not put the patient in that room I asked. Lardass says, "I was told not to put anyone in that room because it's cold and I just went into that room and it's like 40 degrees in there." In my head I'm like when did you go in there, when they were re-doing the room and hadn't put in the windows yet?!? But it came out as, "I just went in there and it was not 40 but 65 and this guy keeps his apt at 65." She still tells me the same bullshit. I take the patient to look at the room and he loves the temp, so I tell him I'll call the supervisor, tell her about the problem, and most likely she'll open the room up for you. He must have thanked me a gazillion times as well as his visitors. Since I went over her head, Lardass didn't like this and made the move into a huge project. She kept asking me questions about him that I didn't know, and I don't think she liked that I wouldn't find out the answer for her but kept telling her, since he's moved he's not in my district hence not my patient anymore. It felt good telling her these things. Well I digress, this was suppose to be about the "Queen of Everything Evil" so I'll get back to that.

Lardass has to give report to the Queen, when she tells her about the move, the Queen starts to yell things like, "Pt. "it's too hot in here" didn't want to move out of the room because it was too hot, he wanted to move because his pain of a mother started complaining that she didn't like the room." HUH?!?!? Is this how we talk about people as a superior?!? Does she know that the station is full of doctors and that this patient's doctor is standing right behind her??????? Does she know because of the location of the hospital we, as healthcare professional's, must bend over backwards to make our patient's happy? And screw the location, we want our patients to come back, we want them to go to friends and say "Hey that hospital was good and the staff was great - two thumbs up" no matter where the hospital is located. They are the reason we're in business and get paid every two weeks. My old nursing supervisor would have NEVER made a comment like that - EVER! I was truly mortified that she said something like that, for everyone to hear! She just doesn't know how to talk. I swear I've never heard her not complain and even when she's talking to someone it's in an evil voice.

I can't take it. The thought that I can't leave until after I complete a year is killing me, they make me feel like I want to give up any experience I can legitimately take with me to another hospital so I can get paid more and just leave. The floor itself is not bad, most of the people that work there are cool but these two just make it impossible. I never wanted to work on a specialty unit unless it was PEDS or Labor & Delivery but I'm seriously thinking of going to either a) the ER *shudder* or b) CCU. Well if you've gotten this far thanks for taking the time out to read. I'm going to get a well deserved mani/pedi and try to forget about the horror of people I work with and hope for your sake next time you have to be hospitalized you don't run into monsters like these two. TTFN :)


debbi said...

Oh Mercy. I read every word and I too have worked for Attilla the Hun (that's what we called her ... or Sybil because she was always acting sweet then evil - sweet/evil). It's really hard and I feel for you.

You are so right about the patients needing to be cared for professionally and I wish there was someone else you could talk to ... is there some way her supervisor could do a browse through and see with their own eyes how she is acting?

I wish you all the luck to hang in there. I have had the experience of having wonderful nurses and not so wonderful nurses and it makes all the difference in the world. I don't know how you do it. Patients can be difficult and it's a hard and often thankless job. Thank you for being one that cares.


Jersey Mom said...

Sounds like a real winner you got over there in your department. I hope things work out for you soon, keep up that attitude of yours, I think you are doing a wonderful job at not letting them walk all over you.


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