Monday, May 09, 2005

My Opinions

I saw this movie last night and IMO it was well worth the $9.25 (yup that's how much movies are in NYC.) I'd like to go see it again, that's how good it was. Two parts were pretty predictable but still a really good movie. My cousin and I are somewhat insensitive at times and of course were the only 2 people laughing. I cried in one part really hard, it was just too touching. So if you haven't seen the movie yet - go out and see it. Shows you how f-ed up racism is. I thought I wasn't a movie person. I might have even mentioned before that I hate watching movies but I think the reason I hated the movies was because I didn't have money to go to the movies. Now I love it. Next movie I'm going to see is Kingdom of Heaven and of course Episode III.

I've been reading alot too, I love not sitting in front of the computer all day hehe. The last 2 books I've read were good as well. I bought the same books for my mother in spanish and she agrees. I wish the book I am reading now (My Sister's Keeper by Judy Picoult) came in spanish. My mother reads english but it would take her months to read this in english, so spanish books work better for her. We've read When I Was Puerto Rican and Almost a Woman together and they were so beautiful. The first one made me almost cry on the train since Esmeralda really loves her mom to pieces and it reminded me of my mom. They are both biography's on Esmeralda Santiago. I've put off reading them for a long time (since high-school) since I'm not really into biography's, but I've enjoyed both of them. Right now my mom is reading Maria by Jorge Isaacs and I'm wondering if this book comes in english. I'm like her - I can read in spanish but it would take me months to read that. I've read the reviews and apparently it's a good read.

Well I'm off. I have to work tonight and have to start getting ready. TTYL!!!


debbi said...

Am I blonde? What movie did you go see?


Mercy said...

defintely not debbi! i think i'm the blond one lol - I saw Crash - good movie going to see Kingdom of Hearts tonight.